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– Loving VR & VRchat while using Scathach (F/GO) as my avatar in that game.

Welcome to my blog! I shall introduce myself and my blog to you. Welcome to my blog about myself, Anime, Ottawa, Games, my travels, and anything else I find of interest. VR & VRchat have become a great part in my hobby circle to the point I’m heavily sharing that since December 2017 onward. I’ve also been sharing my Busou Shinki hobby since 2019, with special thanks to ‘Persocom’, a person who has both introduced, and influenced me into the Busou Shinki line.

About Me:

I’m Canadian born (in Ottawa) trying to do my own thing in life. People may be happy or upset with me, I simply try to do things of my own interests.

– Me in Japan’s Yokohama ‘Moving Gundam’ display on March 27, 2023.


My name is Tim, and a Canadian. Born in Canada (Ottawa), though I have a Slovakian background from my parents. Yes, I’m also able to loosely speak Slovak while understanding it more than I can speak it. I’m also trying to learn Japanese through Anime and similar media. Any other languages is a bonus, such as Cuban Spanish, or even Canadian-French, something I know little. I’m supposed to know more Canadian-French by Canadian educational rules, sadly it never stuck in my mind.

My English grammar may be bad at times, for having traveled to Europe on multiple occassions. Mainly Slovakia. My Ottawa teachers have also been egoistical at times (even narcistic) to the point I had to learn the basics through them, and everything else through my friend’s corrections, and what I see online. Canadian teachers would much rather see you fail (be fake political) instead of teaching your subjects, hence why one even boasted about driving a BMW aqua-blue convertible, yet told us not to tell anyone. With the amount of abuse I had received both student and teacher side I genuinely needed an escapism.

I love traveling around, having traveled to Europe on many occasions, and even Cuba. I even have visted Japan in March 20th, to April 22nd, in the year of 2023. I finally visited Japan after 20+ years of having desired to do so. Even bullied by various internet folks, others even boasting having gone prior to my visit. I have traveled through a decent amount of places across Canada. I went to Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, and many other places I can’t remember seeing as how I was overly young then. I’ve mostly been around Bratislava, Modra, Pezinok, and Stupava in Slovakia; Vienna and nearby in Austria; Tucepi in Croatia; Varadero and Havana in Cuba. You can basically say I’ve been to half of Europe, or ‘most’ of it.

I love photography, aviation, technology (planes, buses & etc from a simulation side), and anything people may take for granted because of the alien-like beauty of it. The planes and buses people see daily is what I enjoy due to the technology and beauty behind them.

OC Transpo - 9003

I also used to, very briefly, play the trumpet back in grade 7 to grade 9. Even found myself in band for all those 2 & 1/2 years until all the idiocy, berating, and bullying drained me of my energy. I was proud that I could play the trumpet, and I do take pride that I did, yet irritated I was not able to go as far as I desired. I’m still a novice while forgetting most of what I’ve learned.  Even had a few nightmares forgetting how to play the trumpet in dream for how long it has been. I also have three Anime shows that I hold quite close thanks to my interest – 1) Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) – 2) K-On! – 3) Hibike! Euphonium.


I consider myself to be a proud Canadian. I love sharing it in my images. Even so, I shall also show my family background of Slovakia with the festivities and anything else of interest. I stumbled across a few Canadians who berate and insult Slovakia for that quick 15 seconds of fame (fake journalists for CBC, CTV, etc) while still happy (or even proud; Even if Slovaks may or may not be asses) to share Slovakian traditions on my blog. Though, it’s gradually fading with time, it’s interesting to note on occasions. It’s all fun in that nice creative manner. I still look back admiring the “grittier” and more traditional side of my upbringing; Of Slovakia’s various older traditions having been carried over, exposing me to it during my youth.

I love taking pictures because I get to record lovely moments in history because it helps me remember past moments & memories. I can relive those moments through images. I’m not trying to be one of those arrogant “pro” photographers, just one who enjoys taking images for the actual fun of it and to record things in time. I love taking images so I can look back at them like memories while even sharing them. It’s fun taking images in the Anime area in that creative manner to brightened both our days up.

My blog itself is about Anime because I LOVE Anime. Anime is my escapism, even on an overly creative level. The whole freedom of speech, freedom of creativity, and how mostly unfiltered it is, something Western medias tend to lack (now more so than ever). Anime isn’t afraid to express itself, hence why I love and favour Anime so highly, even if Western mediums, social groups, and political lunatics enjoy censoring it for their own gain. I also strongly dislike the fandom and the industry for censoring bits and pieces of Anime removing everything great about it, even wishing Americans could regain their former glory from the 1980’s and 1990’s movies, shows, etc.

I was introduced to Anime back in the 90’s. This is why I’m always praising Anime and am highly bias towards it. The art, the music, and the whole depth in story is what I love about Anime. Everything has proper depth to it and is highly creative and artistic. Highly philosophical in various tones, even if morally corrupted individuals noted otherwise. People would view older (original; Star Trek NGE & Enterprise) Star Trek before it was modernized and butchered for 2020 fans (Star Trek Discovery onwards). Anime tends to poke at topics causing any North American to cringe, meanwhile any European would use as “food for thought“. Traditional minded Europeans, and proper Asians tend to score 80-90’s in tests and exams for a reason, yet North Americans and modernized European residence are as corrupted as can be, even scoring less than 80% on tests & exams.

I also try to be open-minded to a point where I may seem naïve, or even idiotic. I at least want to try considering ideas to see if possible, or if people are bashing on it to make themselves seem smarter than they seem. I’m open to new ideas and welcome them. I’m always observing and studying various thoughts and theories to a point where I constantly space out.

Consider this Tweet by a real or fake Nathon Fillion:

You know how some people will shit all over a good idea so it won’t work because they don’t like it? Those people suck. –

I want to also note that I am aware that my English grammar skills may not be the best. I do try to keep it understandable when I can, even if English is my first main language. I was taught Slovak second-hand while even learning English in Slovakia as a teacher-student with a silly amount of imagination. I know I don’t have an excuse to give for my English skills, it’s just that being exposed to other languages tends to affect it in various ways, same with not being able to speak to others that stunts the grasp of English language.

English as my main, Slovak as my secondary, Canadian-French as my third, and Japanese as my fourth language. The Japanese language is rapidly closing in on my Slovak proficiency.

Busou Shinki:

My admiration for Busou Shinki came from a user named Persocom/Perso/Kama. He introduced me to Renge for being a fox spirit in the Konami Figure line, so I bit. I obtained Benio, Kohiru, and others before officially obtaining Renge, I however made Renge my “main girl” (Proxy mascot) of my blog since 2010, or whenever Busou Shinki was introduced to me. I’ve been going strong ever since having tried Battle Rondo MMO, Battle Masters MK 1 & 2, and even tried to keep them alive as ideas in Minecraft (failed), in VRChat (it worked), and waiting on Rising World to obtain modding support. I’ve stuck with Busou Shinki through-and-through, even gaining hate from a user on MyFigureCollection when defending Vic Viper Girls. People love being fake, I love being true to myself, and I’ve stuck with Busou Shinki since 2010(ish) till roughly 2023, and onward.

Busou Shinki in VRChat (A Shrine):

I’m genuinely thankful to the Japanese folks who attempted to connect with me, even if they may have parted ways with me. They tried, we conversed, we partook in activities, even if things always end up as my fault in one manner or another (everything always has to be my fault).

I’m thankful to the Japanese Busou Shinki community (both back then, and even now) for even having ‘Yoshitsune Izuna’ gift me a special drawing of Renge. I still admire Renge, even to this day. Both my Renge’s have seen better days, yet they’re still with me. I need a Kotobukiya x Megami Device version of Renge.


Being given a doujinshi of Busou Shinki, Renge, and a portait out of respect. Sadly, my depression got in the way, I still however strongly admire Busou Shinki. I’ve seen people unfollow me on Twitter, it makes me feel more sad. I however still admire Renge through-and-through to (Present) day.

My depression always sadly gets in the way, yet Anime and Busou Shinki are my shining light. Even if people part ways with me, ghost me, unfollow me, or view me as trash (both Westerners & Japanese folks), I shall always view Japan, Anime, and Busou Shinki in high regard. Without them I would have taken my own life; I would be dead, I wouldn’t be here to see another day.


I mean, I use Renge as my main avatar in VRChat. I haven’t gotten rid of her, nor side-lined her. I’m even grateful I even have her in VRChat, something which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for other people’s kindness. I still have her. She is still my “proxy mascot”. She however deserves a bit of rest time in her figure form. She was always with me in figure forms, and digital.


About Arctic Kitsune (Arcticu Kitsu):

Arctic Kitsune used to be my first handle before switching it over to Arcticu Kitsu. Why? It was too generic, yet ‘Arcticu Kitsu’ has that merged Japan-Slovak vibe to it, at least for me. Thanks to my poor blogging skills I ended up grabbing Varakitsu’s first place-holder name which belongs to her, not me. I’m however now stuck with it as it is my net handle. I don’t mind being called “A’K” though.

Link to Varakitsu’s About Page

Arcticu Kitsu basically being a combination of “Arcticu” for a main city in my Minecraft world & Kitsu as a farming-mining village, also in Minecraft. Arcticu Kitsu being my attempt at giving the name a ‘Slovak-Japanese’ twist to it, and to just be a blogging name I can be happy with. People may view it as Japanese, and that’s fine. I tried to spin it more into a Slavic thing, something I hope people see both Slavic and Japanese to it.


Why I started this blog:

No real reason, except to just vent back in February 14th, 2006 how much I disliked Ottawa, how much it has bullied me, and to just find an avenue to let loose. My blog is an medium to share what I love while pointing out things which frustrate me. I could have easily used Tumblr back in 2006 to vent how much I hated Ottawa for all the bullying, arrogance, and frustrations when dealing with my fellow Ottawaians. Thanks to that, this blog was spawned because I kept receiving hatred, jealousy, and envy from people from kindergarten, till almost the end of highschool. I’m well aware Ottawa also has it’s kind folks, I simply happened to encounter may garbage individuals of Ottawa so my hate of those people unnecessarily stuck with me now, thus me venting on here and other places. The feelings are now instinctual, constantly reinforced on a daily basis, now more than ever thanks to a high amounts of injection of fake politics (2017 onwards). Negative emotions are far more memorable thanks to chemical impressions in your body. I then shifted it to Anime because of reasons stated above. I desired a form of escapism thanks to the amount of abuse Ottawa has given me. I went from Anime to Figma, Game, Revoltech, Nendoroid, Busou Shinki, and then Dollfie because of Varakitsu, my blog mascot.

KanColle now being a recent addition to my blog thanks to Konami’s purposely poor and evil greed killing the Busou Shinki line. After such, it shifted to Azur Lane, among other fun games and hobbies. Even picking up drones, and everything else of curiousity.

Jump into VR:

The jump into VR was a big step, and one causing shockwaves all around. I bought myself an Oculus Rift in December 2017, started playing right around New Years, and had a blast into 2018. The start of 2019 I made even more gaming friends with many folks coming and going. People being both honest and dishonest at the very same time. Everything been a blast learning about where VR came from, had a blast hiding in VRchat meeting new people, and making in impact there. You can see my recent late 2018 to 2019 articles focusing mainly on VR.

It’s also thanks to having been betrayed early 2017 causing me to be more invested in VRChat in late 2017, with special thanks to Nagzz21. After having been betrayed, gaslit, and thrown like trash by other people I unknowingly used VRChat as my therapy tool to become human again. Coworkers even noted how I was once overly depressed (more than usual), to being more active and human bringing VRChat into the workplace, and vice-versa. Nagzz21, VRChat, and the folks I befriended turned me human again.

If anybody tells you VR is dead they’re just parroting dooms day articles not knowing what they’re talking about. You can void their thoughts noting how they may not have a VR headset, only reading articles always spewing out lies and slander. This is not denying facts, just being realist. VR is the future. There’s a reason I keep hiding in VR (VRchat) hours on end for up to 5-8 hours at a time. Maybe not as much since 2022-2023 (maybe even further), I simply admire VR for how dream-like and proper it is, with special thanks to everything Japanese. The Japanese community has kept VRChat afloat while the American side butchers everything it touches with fake Trans Pride crap, and poor support. I love VR, and I believe people should play it. Everything changes in VR, especially when you play Beat Saber, Blade & Soul, among other games. Even Furious Seas. Shame people are afraid saying “it’s not for them”, but that’s just fear with how I found them to speak. I’ve met cool people, gone to cool places, had so much fun that playing desktop mode games become weird. If people actually tried VR they would love it.

I went from an Oculus Rift before being forced to purchase a Valve Index. The many flaws and nonsense surrounding Oculus has me favouring the Valve Index so much more.

Social Media Ghosting:

I’m well aware of both Western and Japanese folks ghosting me on Social Media. Everything is always my fault,

Hobby Impact:

  • Petroglyph Games Forum Moderator I used to moderate for the PFF & official forum from before ‘Star Wars: Empire at War’ was released until the community got depressingly toxic at Mytheon stage. While being cyber-bullied I was demoted from all the drama & because I said to loosely mentioned I should be demoted. I was biasly (bullied; publicly humiliated) demoted on a whim because that is what they were seeking. No longer a part of Petroglyph games ever since, yet enjoyed my time being a part of the community while partaking in fan-fics, hosting game sessions, and just trying to have fun. [Proof being ‘Ghostly Substance’ in the ‘Universe at War: Earth Assault’ game credits.]
  • Tulip Festival Volunteer – May 2008: I volunteered for Highschool hours to keep the festival running. Kept people from drinking beer in non-beer areas, counted people, even making sure the right people were able to get in. I was of course cursed by faulty walkie-talkies making me look silly, even some miscommunications. Other than those, I happily took pictures and kept the festival running. Even if the volunteers may think ill of me, I had helped out there.
  • Busou Shinki (Fandom): Assisted in growing & spreading Busou Shinki admiration within the Anime community. I assisted spreading the gaming love thanks to an ex-blogger – Persocom – who used to have a blog. He left the hobby thanks to life and toxicity. Thanks to him I was able to make ‘Renge’ my main Shinki, even sharing my admiration of the series to others until Konami killed it outright from evil greed. Had fun sharing the Battle Rondo (MMO), Battle-Masters (PSP/Vita), Anime, and figure side of things. Whatever I could grasp, I’d happily share with others on here, and elsewhere. A great concept belonging to an evil, greedy, and outdated company. It’s however a shame people hijacked the hobby for their own clout, their own gain, and their own negativity. It genuinely is a great franchise, it however was sabotaged by the Western community, even those ironically highly praised by both Western and Japanese fanbase. It self-sabotaged itself. People kicked other people out of the hobby for their own greed.
  • Minecraft Videos: I appeared in two of ‘Haathgaming’ Minecraft videos – Mine of Worldcraft [1:27 as a guard; 2:25 as a farm bandit; 3:12 as one of the Elfs] – MineStaria [As the grunt being swarmed; Off-video spawning Silverfish between video takes] – Minefield [:20 One of the “mine” guys.]
  • Ottawa Doll Community: Even though I’m not into dolls I have Varakitsu to praise/blame for introducing me into the city’s doll realm. Even though I’m finding myself constantly irritated and agitated, I did have moments that brought out the “Ottawa Doll Show” to light. Sadly, my inexperience caused me to miss worthwhile moments to hoist others up also into a better spotlight. Ottawa’s Doll community is tiny, yet caring. The Ottawa doll community itself is still stuck on the European & American side of the Doll fun so I’m hoping they find the Anime side of things. I need more exposure to bring up to Busou Shinki level if I’m to make the most of it, which seems highly unlikely. (We parted ways after constant disagreements, some even unspoken relating to fake-political nonsense, and other nonsense.)
  • Under The Dog: I assisted in backing the game that I managed to gain an OST & a place in the “Thanks” page. Same similar assistance as with Petroglyph Studio UaW game found in credits.
  • Rising World (2015-202X): Helping this game grow however I can, if with a few missteps here and there. Red51 listens to his community to the point I suggested things to impact how the game behaves in certain parts. You’ll see some of my influences there for gameplay improvement, modding, and plugin API side of things.
  • Furious Seas (VR): Because of my jump into VR and supporting any developer I can I was shown respect in return. I helped post feedback on Steam forums, Canny, and first to say “Hi” on their forums I was gifted with a lovely Christmas card. I love Furious Seas for the content, thus supporting it highly.
  • (Looking forward to reviving my YouTube channel and to gain grown in the ‘Rising World’ community once I upgrade to a video-making computer.)

With that, I do hope you enjoy my blog from past to present. Thanks for dealing with my frustrations, my joyful moments, and my hyped moments. I hope you found my content to be entertaining and of use. I appreciate the kindness and closeness of the Anime community from figure.fm, Busou Shinki World, and even the Dollfie World group. I’m always looking forward to those that enjoy anything in the Japanese animation, aviation, gaming, and photography area.


Snow Renge

Figma Eila

Busou Shinki Cradles

CF-18's Canada Day

Wings Over Gatineau - 07

Masta food





– Tim