1/100 Gundam Kyrios

As of Monday, May 26, 2008 I aquired Gundam Kyrios for $71. Well I feel that the price was a rip even before I bought it but since I wanted a new Gundam model I paid for it. At first I thought it was going to be as small as my Stargazer Gundam, however, it ended up as big as my other big Gundam models I got. Well I was hoping to get a big one so my mind kept shifting and getting paranoid I was going to get a small one again sine the effort for the smaller figure sized are half a wasted effort.

My last Gundam model was the Zaku II so having Kyrios in my collection gives my collection back to the modern times. While building the Gundam I noticed it has a slight reference to “Super Gundam” and “Wing Gundam” because of how it transforms and how the legs are shaped. Next time when you look at Kyrios think of the “Super Gundam” and the “Wing Gundam” and you’ll probably see where I’m coming from.

Going to show the box art and then images of when I was building it. The pictures were taken by a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P41

(Right click thumbnails and open in new tab/window)


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Saber’s Photoshoot (and a bit of sidetrackness)

Well since it was nice out I thought I should go out and see where I could go. I looked up at my desk thinking if I should take a figure to take pictures of during bike stop breaks. I saw that Mini-Saber and the new Revoltech Saber so I brought her along. Got on my bike, went on the bike path, headed towards Mud Lake to find people looking at the Canadian Geese with their baby Geese. I stopped, got off my bike and got sidetracked for a good 10-15 minutes while I saw another guy trying to go fishing with a fishing net.

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Tulip Festival

I added the Tulip Festival Gallery onto the site so if your visiting my blog all the pictures are above in that link ^. I stayed mostly in the Japanese area where I saw people playing the fishy game, making origami, trying out headbands and such. The Tulip Festival has are as follows: Russia, Romania, Japan, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, China, European Union, Thailand, Holland, Germany, Peru, and Mexico. I bet I forgot about 1-3 nations that were at the Tulip Festival in Major’s Hill Park in downtown Ottawa. I volunteered at the Tulip Festival as a Security guy so I get posted to various areas of the park. Today I got posted in the Mexico area for three hours in the sun with a one hour break to tour around and back to beer duty at the German boarder. The smells being put off by the international Pavilions drove me mad since I wanted to eat but had no cash.


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New Star Wars movie/series – unintentional audio replacement

Well was listening to my friends jam below and was recording the sound from above (better sound above then below) when I saw Star Wars playing on CNN. I took the camera and put it on the new Star Wars commercial before my friends would start playing another tune and when they did it fit the gun clik sound playing exactly to beat. I still can’t get over how perfectly timed this unintentional music playing over the commercial played out.

You probably might not be interested as you weren’t there but if you were you would understand why I’m so up-beat about this.


Edit: July 05, 2010 – Youtube embedded.

Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam & Zaku 2 Outdoors – Part 1

Like I did with the three Sabers I took out both my Gundams outsides but to a quieter part (and closer near me) where nobody would give me odd faces or see me. I took Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam (being my favourite Feddie mobile suit) and the Zaku 2 to do some simple fight scenes in a quiet corner near water. I find that grass and water give the pictures a more unique look then simple backyard shots (unless you have a great garden). This was a quicker photo shoot then the previous one so I took being some simple and rushed shots which made me label this Part 1 where I’m going to do it in a park this time so look forward to that.

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Saber – Fate/Stay Night figure

Sorry for the delayed message but I finally managed to get on a new server with bigger space and same with the blog. To get back on track I have Saber which I acquired on Thursday, April 17, 2008. She holds two swords in both hands which are removable and she has a black stand without the command symbol. On the packaging and on websites I seen pictures with Emiya’s hand command symbol but it is not on this. Well I got Saber because I thought she could pose but she can’t but that is not a problem since she still looks as good posing for the people and the camera. Since the posting was delayed I can also show you pictures of when I took my Saber figures out to take nature pictures of them to blend into reality.

Part 1 below shows me taking a picture of her in the store if I did not acquire her and the second picture is of her on my desk just looking towards my door. Part one is basically what my original post would of looked like but it has more added towards it. The second part is just my outing with the figures doing a photo shoot. The second part is the more ackward one where people looked at me if I’m hiding my stolen loot, doing porn, or just plain old crazy since I was just moving around behind some trees. I wanted a nice quiet area just to take good nature pictures all the while making the figures stand out beautifuly in the image. Part three is anything I forgot previously like the mini Saber and the Saber keychain. So I like Fate/Stay Night, its a great series.

Part 1:


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