New Star Wars movie/series – unintentional audio replacement

Well was listening to my friends jam below and was recording the sound from above (better sound above then below) when I saw Star Wars playing on CNN. I took the camera and put it on the new Star Wars commercial before my friends would start playing another tune and when they did it fit the gun clik sound playing exactly to beat. I still can’t get over how perfectly timed this unintentional music playing over the commercial played out.

You probably might not be interested as you weren’t there but if you were you would understand why I’m so up-beat about this.


Edit: July 05, 2010 – Youtube embedded.

Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam & Zaku 2 Outdoors – Part 1

Like I did with the three Sabers I took out both my Gundams outsides but to a quieter part (and closer near me) where nobody would give me odd faces or see me. I took Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam (being my favourite Feddie mobile suit) and the Zaku 2 to do some simple fight scenes in a quiet corner near water. I find that grass and water give the pictures a more unique look then simple backyard shots (unless you have a great garden). This was a quicker photo shoot then the previous one so I took being some simple and rushed shots which made me label this Part 1 where I’m going to do it in a park this time so look forward to that.

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