My Figma Favorites and Miku’s eggs

Hello again. Thought I’d go back through my blog articles and image gallery to find the best images I could find and place them in a timeline fashion. I did something similar on as my first post and thought I’d expand on it here just to see how much I improved in both the photography skill taking and Figma posing wise. Just wanted an article to look back on to compare past, present, and future content. Also, thanks for the comments on, I appreciate it ^^.

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– August 11, 2008 on a Korg Keyboard. Probably the first real pose I got my Figma in. I had her act as my own cheerleader when me and my friend would play UEFA 2008 while playing as Slovakia vs any other nation, fun times.

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Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens

After a much needed “upgrade” to a low light sensitive camera along side with a few public taunts and teases I finally obtained a Lumix GF1. I’ve been waiting for months to acquire any sort of low-light friendly camera; last few weeks for the GF1 choice. Now I won’t have to struggle with night time or indoor shots as much under the picture and video mode, I hope ^^.

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(Figures, Ferrari models and Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa within this article.)

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Figma/Grail War – Winter Malice

Thought I’d bring back the “Figma/Grail War” in another “experiment” to see if I can take this slightly further. With winter quickly turning into Spring posing figures outdoors should be much easier as fingers won’t numb out as quickly, heh. I also dislike posing figures indoors and would rather use the natural scenery outdoors then fake ones.

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Ecchi warning – Unavoidable Pantsu scenes.

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