Tentative Travel Plans

– Tokyo, Japan – Odaiba/Daiba – Diver City – Gundam Unicorn.

This page is a public “template” to allow me to form future thoughts, desires, and places I would love to travel to, or even revisit. This may also help coordinate future plans and desires, or align something, if necessary. Also, as an open-ended notepad to make sure I do not lose track of certain Points of interests. Maybe it’s wise, maybe it’s not. I’m still putting it out there.


(No active plans, nor active desires. Null.)

(I wouldn’t mind revisiting Modra, Bratislava, Pezinok, among other areas AS LONG as I DO NOT become severely ill. I always become severely ill on EVERY trip to the point it feels like death.)


(No active plans, nor desires. Null.)

Canada – (Various cities):

Whatever I’m basically allowed to do at the time. If, and when, Dictator Trudeau is dethroned I may be able to knock this all off in one year, not a decade. Everything, including Vancouver being my place travel to and to potentially live there, if allowed. IF I’m ever allowed to live there. Was rejected previously on numerous occasions (trying to go with a coworker), all except for one area. Shall have to keep trying. I still have various places to visit relating to Canada’s history, even Kantai Collection & Azur Lane interests.

– Viewing Mount Judge Howey in British Columbia.
  • HMCS Haida: I desire to revisit HMCS Haida, now with a 360 camera. Even a video, better selfies, etc. Would need a revisit to Hamilton, Ontario.
  • HMCS Sackville: I have yet to capture any media of HMCS Sackville in Halifax, Canada.
    • Maritime Museum of The Atlantic: Located in Halifax dealing with Titanic, among other exhibits.
  • HMCS Ojibwa: A submarine south of Hamilton, Ontario in Port Burwell.
  • Vancouver (as a whole): To both travel to, and to potentially live at. I need to be closer to Japanese influences while being able to “touch grass” for mental health and positivity with all those nearby mountains and parks to go to. Need to be closer to Daiso, Japanese restaurants, and “Japanese influences”, even if I’m a creep (maji kimoi) to people and the Japanese folks. Mount Baker is awesome.
  • Vancouver – Pattlewheeler Riverboat Tours, Steam Clock, among other forgotten areas.
  • Calgary (Or Alberta, as a whole): Calgary was noted to live there instead of Vancouver, or B.C as a secondary option. I just might consider such.
– Viewing Vancouver from a lookout point. (DJI Mini SE)
– HMCS Haida in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Japan – (As a whole):

To both either travel to, or to live. Whatever comes first, or whatever I’m allowed to do. I may simply be forced to stay as a tourist, or not even allowed to go at all thanks to Justin Trudeau’s Dictator tactics destroying Canada, among other issues (intentional homelessness & starving of population) preventing me from financially visiting Japan again. I however do still plan to re-visit Japan (when given the opportunity) to continue what I’ve started, and to see how far and what else I’m able to accomplish. I’m not planning to accomplish all of this in one go, it’s however what I DESIRE to do; Plan to accomplish one way, or another. Whatever I’m allowed to do.

(Living in Japan may be an impossible task for me, I however shall explore that avenue until fully rejected. I may have to revisit as a dead spirit floating in the supernatural realm.)

– Arnval at Hibiya Park.
  • Tokyo: A hub to revisit and to travel to and from, as previously had done. Various areas to explore in and around Tokyo itself. I left too many stones unturned and untouched. I even need to find Busou Shinki Arcade, among other neat stuff. Need to revisit Shibuya & Shinjuku properly this time, not as a luggage-dragging tourist nutcase, but as a proper tourist.
    • Tokyo Sky Tree: I need to properly visit the area around it next time around. Going up the tower may be another thing to consider later.
    • Hibiya Park: I need to return to this park to visit the rest of it. I need to further explore my favourite park. There are areas I have yet to visit.
  • Yokohama: Need a revisit to capture specific landmarks I failed to capture on my previous visit, such as an indoor train, among others. I even need to go up ‘Yokohama Marine Tower’, even revisit my favourite ‘Ikkakuya’ ramen place (even if it’s rated somewhat poorly). I desired to visit a building with a train in it, I need to revisit that area for that landmark, among other hidden gems. Harbor View Park Observatory.
  • Kure, Hiroshima: I need to revisit Kure (if socially accepted/allowed) to go up to the observatory mountain, and to capture the rest of the city within my memory (pictures/videos/360). Kantai Collection related, among other areas needing to be recaptured for having been added or changed after my visit.
  • Maizuru: I failed to capture this place in a 360 view, I need to go back to do just that. Simple.
  • Yura/Tango-Yura: Need to come back here to pay proper respects to the town itself, to capture the place properly. 360 camera, to say “hi” again, and to also capture the train shots out on the bridge. That’s my one regret, not able to capture the trains on the bridge.
  • Kamakura/Fujisawa/Enoshima Island: I have high amounts of regret not capturing things on camera when I had the chance and opportunity. I NEED to go back to capture various train stations, other locations, and even to visit various attractions. I failed to do what I initially desired to do capturing other areas. I need at least a solid week in Kamakura/Fujisawa/Enoshima Island area to feel fully at peace. Maybe. (Heavily influences by ‘Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Anime taking place here, and surrounding areas.)
  • Curry Architecture (Tokyo – Kanda area): I saw people tweeting about this, I even SAW IT! Driven past it when with Ken_Works night prior before leaving Japan. I need to visit this place. (Livid; High regret not visiting on final day when in Akihabara). Kantai Collection related.
  • Yoshino-Kumano National Park: Visited Nara, may need to visit south of Nara for this glorious vast area. (Side-note: May need to visit Kumano near that also. Recommended by Windows 10 wallpaper.)
  • Oshima (Island): Just for the experience. Google maps & Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) recommended.
  • Kushiro (Hokkaido): Microsoft Flight SImulator (2020) recommended, hence why I traveled to Sapporo. Plans fell flat, needs a revisit in plans to observe a historical train, the scenery, among other areas.
    • Nanao/Takaoka area: Only because of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Senzoku Station & Area (Tokyo – Meguro City): Heavily influenced by ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ Anime needing to visit this station, and the surrounding area, as I had with Kamakura.
    • Akita town (South of Aomori): This is also because of ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’.
    • Aomori: Because of a Hololive member, and it also keeps popping back up on my radar to visit.
  • Fujikawaguchiko: I need to visit the town to capture a proper Mount Fuji image. My plans were foiled when I desired to go there. Cloudy weather at the time needing sunny weather.
    • Narusawa Ice Cave & Fugaku Wind Cave
  • Fukuoka: Not a high priority, though has a Gundam statue in this area.
  • Sasebo: Kantai Collection related.
  • Okinawa: A recommended destination area.
  • Himeji: I need to revisit this area after having gone by it in a train. A Japanese lady prevented me from seeing it, and my own mix-up as well. I need to visit proper after having been in ‘awe’ by Himeji Castle’s appearance via the train.
  • Tokorozawa Aviation Museum: Various planes on display, even a place I loosely desired to visit prior to Japan.
  • Jingu-dori Park: Next to Shibuya having a neat tram-viewing area.
  • YS-11 (Aircraft museum): For the YS-11 aircraft.
– Mount Fuji – Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020).

(Disclaimer: Unless I’m close to certain points of interests, or in the area, I shall be ignoring any suggestions and locations, unless otherwise plausible to visit when actually on site. Everything has to be of my own desires/decisions first, and if possible, other people’s suggestion second. One foot after the other, basically. I’m also aware it may potentially be another few years, or 20 years, or even death till I’m even able to return to Japan. I may have to return as a spiritual entity, if such as thing is possible.)

– Flying past Asahi, Nyuzen, & Kurobe Japan in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020).

This page shall be fairly up to date as to what I do plan and desire to do; What my current train of thoughts are. If you want to know where I plan to go then this page is, again, a good way to coordinate, to see my mood, among other things.

United States of America:

Let’s just say that I genuinely do desire to venture to USA, yet with the state of the world and the nonsense happening in America I’m far too “scared” to venture there. I could have visited USA prior all these fake-political nonsense pre-2017 with Petroglyph Games (Las Vegas), yet was overlooked and rejected back in 2006, which isn’t new. Outcasted, even in USA. I however had visited USA via Washington Airport, and only there. I’ve seen USA through the air, even of Florida at night time when heading to Cuba (2008?).

  • New York City: I do genuinely desire to visit NYC, just not in the social state it currently is in currently. A stupid FOREX scammer from Tinder tried to scam me while based here. Idiots. Doubt I can visit Nagzz21 either after being thrown under the bus in various ways. (NYC also keeps doing stupid protests preventing it being an ideal travel spot.). Too much bad-blood.
  • USS Texas: I genuinely want to seek out USS Texas for my Kantai Collection & Azur Lane fix.
  • USS Iowa: I desire to visit Iowa, when able. She is far more plausible to visit than any other vessel.
  • Queen Mary (Museum ship): Genuinely do desire to visit Queen Mary located in Long Beach California, yet with the state of California it makes everything impossible.
  • Titanic Museum Attraction: Located in Tennessee as a partial replica of the Titanic. Desire to visit this whenever able to do so.
  • USS Yorktown (CV-10): For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS Battleship Missouri: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS Alabama: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS New Jersey: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • Battleship Carolina: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS Midway (CV-41): For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS Lexington: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS Wisconsin BB-64: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • USS Hornet: For Kantai Collection & Azur Lane reasonings.
  • Etc….. Anything, or any WW2 Warship related.

(Note: I’m genuinely afraid of traveling into USA with all the guns, political nonsense, and etc, even if I was constantly re-assured otherwise. I’m a Canadian, I’m used to a certain way of living. Basically how people live Canada, Europe, Cuba, & Japan. I however wouldn’t mind visiting just to see what everything is about. New York City, Las Vegas, or any scenic part of USA, and one of the many USS warships from WW1 and WW2. I’ll take whatever I can get. Not expecting to see them all, yet that also would be awesome.)

June 2023 Thoughts:

Only thing keeping me back is my lack of owning my own home/apartment while currently living in a friend’s home, and becoming gradually more depressed again after having become overly happy. It’s a horrible tug-of-war trying to be happy and healthy while also having to fight a severe case of depression caused by Ottawa, Canada, and Trudeau’s Dictatorship nonsense. I’m not allowed to be happy while in Canada (mainly Ottawa), yet was able to be mostly happy in Japan, and half-happy in Vancouver recovering from depression. I consider myself to be a “nomad” at this point able to live anywhere I’m allowed to do so (mostly Canada), yet could potentially even go Japan, or anywhere else, if formally invited, or whatever happens.

Addendum – August 2023 Thoughts:

Planning a trip to Sapporo, Japan for Winter 2024. I plan to visit Sapporo’s Winter Festival giving me just enough time to consider if I’m going, or if society shall shun me, as it always had. Planning to visit in the winter while in a winter mode.

Tokyo/Kamakura > Sapporo > Kure (somehow) > Himeji > Nagoya > Kamakura/Tokyo > (Home).

This is all tentative, yet a template for me to work off of. Keep in mind nothing is set in stone, this is only to plan things out to allow me to potentially visit something, or be forced on the street by Canada as I plan this.