Busou Shinki – Kohiru – Type Chopsticks

Another Shinki? Yes, another Shinki. This time I obtained Shinki Kohiru due to her high level of almost chibi (shrunk + deformed) like cuteness and because she would make for a great snacking partner due to her Chopstick affiliation. She also came with a “free” parts storage container.

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Montreal’s Otakuthon – Palais des congres de Montreal

I went to Montreal’s Otakuthon which is hosted in Canada, Montreal - Palais des congres de Montreal. The event runs from the 13th till the 15th of August. I went on Saturday, August the 14th, 2010 to experience my first Anime convention and I believe it was well worth the trip taken.

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken by a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens. 74 images and one video.)

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Made it to Tokyo, Japan

Ya, I made it to Tokyo, Japan after getting the tickets as a secret birthday present. I didn’t want to ruin my chances of the flight being canceled or getting sick so I didn’t blog about it, until now ^_^. The air smells so nice, the breeze….nice and chilly. Narita airport, so damn huge 0_o. The flight, boring and long.

(Link – MySite)

(Update: April 2, 2010 – April fools – Tagged so you guys/gals know that this was my poor attempt at an April Fools joke.)

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Figma Saber – Late get

Hello again, This time I shall be quick reviewing Figma Saber this time around. I know many of you already have her within your collection(s) while others may have not obtained her. I have been attempting to obtain her even before I have bought Figma Haruhi but haven’t had much luck until late last month. I finally managed to find her on Hobbysearch and get her from there, nicely wrapped in paper, though a semi-slow process in arriving here.

(Link – MySite)

For those who don’t know who Saber is might want to pick up my favourite Anime called “Fate/Stay Night” which got me into Anime (Gundam introduced me while Fate welcomed me with open arms). In short, Saber is one of the 7 servants within that show who fights within a secretive Holy Grail war as she is partnered with a passive main character, Emiya Shirou.

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Art Spider – Maman

The internet is amusingly hilarious. Why? When you search for something in a quick manner you never find what you need. However, when you casually surf the net you have a 80% chance of finding things you normally would not.  Stick around as I’m also going to link you to other sites containing my content near the end as well.

(Link – [Click above image] or tripadvisor.com)

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New loot – Figma Signum and Di-Saber

Some might be uninterested but I managed obtain Figma Signum and Diformate Saber. What? I’m a Saber fan and I like the Diformate Saber ^_^. I think I wanted this figure since I saw it in the Anime store for $100 CAD. I’m not that rich so I waited and patience seemed to have rewarded me with a $30 CAD one from playasia. Sorry for the trouble and thanks Playasia.

(Link – MySite)

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Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie ver

This time I obtained a Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie version from my Anime store. Too my shock this anime store had tons too choose from which made buying something harder to choose. I wasn’t sure what to obtain as they had new figmas, a Haruhi pillow case, and nendos (I don’t have nendos). From all the choices I had I tried to take my chances with this Revoltech Yoko version and see how special this figure really is. I know other people already have this figure but I only just acquired it on Sunday (August 23, 2009).

(Link – MySite)

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Rain, rain, SUN! Shana!

Hello again, time to dust this off again and dry up any wet spots after the constant downpour in my area. I decided to get a bike again and see what I could snap images of this time around.

Not much happened except for me obtaining two wall scrolls, playing games, and sitting out the rain a few times. Still have yet to do a photoshoot for my two new figmas that I obtained a few weeks back. The constant rain killed my interest in anything figure related.

(To view the images in full size then click the link under the image.)

Below image is of the Ottawa River from the bike path inbetween Britannia Beach and Andrew Haydon park. For a river it looks more like a lake the more I seem to eye it.

(Link – MySite)

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Canada Day + Japan Emperor visits Canada

Hello again, thought I’d update this again. Tardy, I know, but I was playing infamous and welcoming a guest from Europe.

So todays topic is Canada Day and the Emperor of Japan visiting Canada, especially Ottawa. First up, Canada Day! For those looking for Figma images there will be none in this one. Was too busy biking around with a friend, lol.

(Link – MySite)

Above image shows that Canada day could of been rainy but instead decided to go in everybody’s favor. You can still see the darkness of the clouds over the War Museum in Ottawa.

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