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The internet is amusingly hilarious. Why? When you search for something in a quick manner you never find what you need. However, when you casually surf the net you have a 80% chance of finding things you normally would not.  Stick around as I’m also going to link you to other sites containing my content near the end as well.

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In Ottawa we have a spider of our own (like that within the above image) just hanging around in-front of the art gallery.  Though some might give it a blind eye I did find out that it is cooler then seeing only one within the whole world. The Ottawa version contains the spider you see below in the two images.

Art Gallery to the left, Basilica in the center, and the Art Spider to the right.

(Link – MySite)

And the spider up close.

(Link – MySite)

You could see more of downtown Ottawa, here.

For anybody who has images of theses spiders can feel free to link me to ones they came across as I’m curious as to what kind of background/atmosphere you guys and gals will give the spider.  Theres ones in Tokyo (Japan), Havana (Cuba), New York (New York) and others that I’m aware of. There are others that may have been excluded from the list (i.e Russia and Spain) and haven’t seen yet.  I’m currently skimming through the spider images found on on flickr (Link). There was a main Flickr page but it has now been lost. I also have an article from CBC itself where they talk about one form New York being replicated in Ottawa.

And on a side-note: I’ve also noticed people getting sick around the globe all around the same week. Is the government up to something or is the weather changing so fast that our bodies can’t keep up with our own actions? Either way I hope for those who are sick get well soon before we turn into zombies.


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