Busou Shinki – Ach – Type High Speed Taike

Hello fellow Busou Shinki fans! As you can tell by the title I obtained Ach from Mandarake roughly for $130 CAD. It’s one of those impulsive purchases that I’m slightly regretting due to the price. She arrived nicely on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 (Kitsune Wednesdays) at my door which I’m pleased about.

Lovely Ach box art.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens; A few taken from Battle Rondo and Battle Masters MK. II.)

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Busou Shinki TV – Episode 01

Hello fellow Busou Shinki fans! As you may have already guessed or seen, Busou Shinki TV Anime started airing on October 04, 2012. For those that watched it were impressed, while those that didn’t….well, I shall spoil you with images and my review.

(Link – MySite) – Each Master has a 15 cm tall battle robot.

(Warning! Contains Spoilers! All images taken from a raw in decent quality using fraps to take images on Windows Media Player; Article is image heavy)

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Dragon’s Dogma [PS3]

Hello folks! I’m aware most gamers finished playing it ages ago, numerous times even yet wanted to review it. Wanted to review it now that I reached the “fake” ending and because it is surprisingly a very fun and highly addictive game.

(LInk – MySite) – Sneliska camping out at a bandit fort.

(All images taken from Dragnn’s Dogma photo option. Images are viewable; Righ-click and open in new window.)

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