Busou Shinki TV – Episode 03

Hello fellow Busou Shinki fans! We finally get some action within this episode mixed in with some comedy and fan-service. Episode 3 contains a nice fight between Strarf vs Yda & Ach. Ann, Ines, and lene also pitch in as well, of course.

Armored Angel Cup

(All images taken from Zero Raw ep 03 using Fraps.)

This episode was quite enjoyable with the mix of comedy and action. All the Shinkis we have seen before had a chance to fight in one way or another within this episode against Yda and Ach, all because of a thieving individual stirring up trouble. This whole episode was focused on Eukrante rallying up Shinkis to catch the thief who stole busou shinki parts.

The battle withing this episode is what the Shinki fans wanted, hopefully with larger and more epic scaled battles happening later.


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– Hina doesn’t like being called Hina by others.

The whole tea gag was awkwardly amusing and I bet his school mate poked fun at him. Actually, I bet people on the subway kept staring. Would of been nice to see both the end result of the tea gag and Rihito being an actual Master. He should participate and leash up his Shinkis in certain places!

– Hina and friends watching the tournament highlights.

– She challenges Hina to a fight only to back out. Ann and Lines call her out on such.

Hina’s nun-chuck moment was both cute and amusing; I died from laughter. That scene reminded me of Bruce Lee’s nun-chuck moments as well. Has to be my most favorite scene XD

What?! Oh boy….This whole onsen scene with Ann and Lene was highly awkward. Got to keep in mind that they’re 15 cm battle robots yet they’re doing ecchi things. Too much humanness programmed into them? Ann moaned a lot making it very awkward.

I’m going to go ahead and assume MaoChao and Howling set up a trap for Rihito’s 4 Shinkis as payback. Rihito was then mistaken as a thief due to he whole Shinki part thievery.

– On the hunt for a thief Eukrante and Hina tail a suspicious individual, a perverted one at that, only to discover he wanted to purchase “Love Books” from a “love Machine”. Nice try, try again! After you finish being embarrassed that is.

Thanks to the Biker-thief’s clumsiness he had to resort to activating two Shinkis – Ach and Yda – to do his bidding. Time for some trouble! Awesome looking boxes I might add. *points below left image*. From the way I watched this episode he activated Ach and Yda as distraction for Hina and Eukrante.

I hated how Yda looked, this anime changed my opinion of her with when seeing both her appearance and personality. I found her programmed personality to be stuck-up; arrogant, this one being more tolerable.

Tracking Hina to get to Master? This scene itself just made me think a lot of how free Shinkis are in society. No rules or regulations; treated as humans, and find you with ease. Handy map is handy. *Images Renge flying in air using an R/C vehicle*. Trying to find Master via Strarf I assume?

The combat scenes in this episode are note-worthy. It can get worse, but for now this will do with an awesome 2 vs 1 – Yda & Ach vs Hina. Nice seeing Ach and Yda taking turns in combat, screen-wise.

Ann joins the fray only for her to be mistaken as a thief, poor Arnval. Time to let Ann’s fighting spirit loose!

“You aren’t my enemy, however! I have to do this to return to Master!” – Ann (My rough translation).

“Wait! Strarf!” – Ach to Hina – “Stop this! This battle has no meaning.”

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a UFO! No….spinning Maochao and Howling?! Ach and Yda sent them flying – Kon!~

– Ecchi repaint! Got your bookmarks nearby?

The whole episode has my approval, especially with the battles. Seeing Eukrante hopping like a rabbit yet ignored by the gang at the balcony window was actually amusing, I chuckled. Seeing her back out of a fight she picked, I just about face-palmed with a weak chuckle…Should of accepted you silly Eukrante! Seeing Mao and howling being up to no good again was nice, just brief to make room for the whole store-combat which was slightly disappointing. Because of them Rihito got arrested and mistaken as a Shinki equipment thief. Was still hilarious.

That whole Onsen portion was nice, just the fan-service in it was….too much? Shinki fan-service with Ann’s moaning from Lene playing with her body. Basically 15 cm battle bot fan-service that doesn’t suit my taste. Did love the Line ‘fan’-service scene after her dip in the virtual onsen.

That park with Eukrante and Strarf in it, do want that park with the fountain! That waterfall would be awesome for photo-shoots. Strarf’s Bruce Lee impersonation was absolutely priceless, I died from laughter.

Shinkis tailing suspects? Would work, considering how tiny they are with GPS navigation built in. They just have to know who they’re tailing, as we seen them stalking a horny suspicious individual purchasing a “love book“. Eukrante’s embarrassed face when she saw an ecchi book while Hina showed no expression. Hina doesn’t mind them “love books”?

As for the whole store conflict it was quite entertaining to watch them battle it out. Nice detailed scenes in specific areas showing a transparent helmet showing the face detail behind, the sword strikes, and the gun attacks. I also don’t mind the CGI, if greatly noticeable.
Nice lengthy battles giving off that nice Busou Shinki vibe. Arnval getting serious where it counts, Hina holding her own, while Lene and Ines follow the thief. Nice seeing Yda and Ach being civil enough to stop the battle while Eukrante intervenes here and there. Sadly no real fight with her probably because she already had some air time already. We’ll also assume the thief was caught with Lene and Ines’s intervention.

Strarf gets her nice reward by getting her butt repainted from combat causing Ann, Lene, and Ines to fantasies. Lene’s expression at the end for the win. Pleased with the whole episode. Watch out for the UFO Mao & Howling!

Episode 04 – Preview:

We’ll be having a Shinki race for episode 04 from the looks of it. Lene will be all maid-like, Ann parachutting with a mini-umbrella, along with Ines being a tomboyish racer. Two new characters join the fun – Laneira (Type Mermaid) and Maryceles (Type Tentacles) as your race commentators.

Jealous! Maryceles (someone on BSW’s favorite) appears in the Anime yet my Renge still hasn’t :(. At least I got Ach, Fubuki, and Tsugaru in the anime.


See you next time for episode 04!