Busou Shinki – Ach – Type High Speed Taike

Hello fellow Busou Shinki fans! As you can tell by the title I obtained Ach from Mandarake roughly for $130 CAD. It’s one of those impulsive purchases that I’m slightly regretting due to the price. She arrived nicely on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 (Kitsune Wednesdays) at my door which I’m pleased about.

Lovely Ach box art.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens; A few taken from Battle Rondo and Battle Masters MK. II.)

Busou Shinki – Ach – Type High Speed Taike was designed by CHOCO who also conceptualized and drew art for other Shinkis. Yda, Ach‘s wave-sister is of course drawn. Sharatang also has a lovely image drawn of her, not to forget Baby Razz as Sharatang’s wave sister. Ach and Yda both came out November 27th, 2007; White being their limited edition form.

On a side-note: I would of loved to have the white limited edition to go with the blog theme, ah well.

Ach is a “Full set”, or Heavy Armor meaning that she equip her whole body and have a wide selection of weapons. She on par with Benio – Type Samurai and with Sharatang – Type violin. They may be treated as a model kit with the number of parts she comes with.

If it hasn’t clicked already then I shall mention that Ach is based on a racer. Simply imagine a Formula 1 car mixed with a racing motorbike, you got Ach armed for combat as a result. Unlike a Formula 1 car though, you can sit Yda on the back, or any other Shinki.


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Ach’s Seiyuu:

Ach is voiced by Yui Horie – http://myanimelist.net/people/28/Yui_Horie

The Characters I can remember and liked shall be listed:

Holy crap! That is a lot, even when trying to keep it short. She just surprised me a hell of a lot just now once I found out my favorite characters were voiced by her.ร‚ย  She has a lovely voice – both singing and speaking – and has numerous nice OP, ED’s and performances to make note of. I have to make note of Milhiore’s musical concert moments, those were the most memorable for me when watching. I’ll leave that for you to discover though because I listed more than enough.


Box Art:

When I received the delivery box I thought I was getting something more than I asked for due to the size. The box that contained Ach and her box was filled with those Styrofoam which could easily

– Loads of Styrofoam to play with! Could of squeezed in another figure for moi. ๐Ÿ˜›

– Racer and figure battle mode – Up for a race or a normal Shinki fight?

– Battle Rondo advertisement – An MMO that should of been simply improved and enhanced. Great concept.
– I actually like this box type, you get to see both the poses and the figure itself.

– What you see is what you get, figure wise.
– Also comes with necessary instructions as well as a useless code to use in Battle Rondo.
– Two-sided instructions for two battle modes or forms – Racer and fighting mode.


Figure Review Section:

I know I shouldn’t be jumping around but the first thing I noticed was the amount of detail placed on every armor piece of hers. Everything she wears in her figure-fighter mode (Not official name) shows off some form of English lettering that it becomes troublesome to pose her without wearing it off. Lovely eye-candy, yet a pain in the ass for posing. Careful! be as careful as you would with Sharatang and Benio, and any other Shinki basically.

– Pro-tip: Do not load Jelly Cans into gun! I chuckled when I first read it.
– Right! Allow me to activate Ach from her long slumber.
– Name?….Good question. Didn’t give you one in BM MK2 ๐Ÿ™ I’ll get back to you on that Ach.
– Note the detailing on her wing.

Ach’s hair moves around and may be taken off if desired. Her hair piece is also detailed (note Sharatang’s hair-piece when you’ll go there to check out review); All three Jelly Cans have detailing on them with all three meant for consumption by Ach & Yda.

Her face comes on and off the Figma way, not swapping the Benio way. Just remove the hair-piece at the front and swap the faces. Wish there were more face options for her with various emotions.

– Ach’s main weapon means business. Find the right Ach in the Battlemasters game and you’ll be dancing around the field trying to dodge her attacks.

If she ever ran out of ammo on her main rifle she could simply extend that knife into a lance-like pocket knife. All she would need to do is speed past something to cut it up. The knife’s length on the extension can also be adjusted or even used alone.

Ach’s chest armor pops-in similar to Benio’s way – pull one breast-piece off and place in another with a wide hook. My Benio one fell apart, with this one still being in one piece. The newer Shinkis can be swapped simply by removing the head and placing it on their body in a vest-like manner.

The nice part about her rifle is the ability to add a grip – left or right direction – for her to grab onto. The problem is obvious – the weight is unbalanced allowing for specific poses to be pulled off while others are just hard to do.

– Three backs of ammo disc for your Ach to chew through in combat. Remember! Don’t load it with Jelly cans!
– Yes, both me and Ach are aware that we didn’t attach the black barrel piece. She is still threatening heh.

– She got a bit heavy with the more parts I attached causing me to have her “sit” like so.

– The suspension on Ach’s unit works! Not fully, but it does work.
– This launcher unit could be used in a similar manner to Wing Zero (Custom) from the Gundam Wing anime.
– Fully equipped in figure fighting mode but can’t stand up on her own. She needs assistance or needs a body full of life to move around.

Well, her figure form didn’t like that so might as well switch her to her racer form. At least this was easier to do and less of a pain to keep attached.Yes, if you want her in specific poses with all that accessories on her you’ll have to fight as you would with Benio’s armor. Maybe not as much, just enough to make you want to vent if you’re the very impatient type.

If you are the impatient type I would recommend Light Armor type Shinkis for you. Here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busou_Shinki – Scroll down to the figure list and look for “Light Armor Set” then check Mandarake or similar sites.

– You attach Ach’s wheel pieces to the back piece while having it still attached to the thigh armor piece. The black piece you see next to Ach’s knees are for other Shinki’s to place their feet on, or from what I could guess anyways.
– You simply attach the middle bar to the front part by sliding it in at a specific angle. Had to tilt the ‘peg’ until it slid into the other bar.

– Just like with a Ferrari you have to be careful that the terrain is as even as possible if you do consider playing with it as a kid would with cars. Stop-motion images of Ach sliding down a hill?

– Ach’s arms didn’t like the gun.

– Unsure how it happened (view previous image), one of Ach’s helmet wings came off having me super-glue it back on. For kids……riiiiight.

– The piece that goes under the wheel enjoys falling off at the slightest of touch. Maybe not slightest, but it does come off when nudged. It holds the front wheel up yet is a pain.


Battle Rondo Images:

Only have one image of Ach in Battle Rondo and it is only of her armor. Because Battle Rondo was pulled on October 31st, 2011 (Japan time) I can’t take take newer images of Ach. If you want to see it simply Google and you’ll come across something. Sorry! I really want to add more images but BR is dead :(.

– Hard to tell, left is Ach armor on another Shinki.


Busou Shinki Battle Masters MK. II (PSP):

I do have an Ach in Battlemasters but I didn’t name her, nor did I Love her enough. She is at Love 10 with half of her equipment obtained for her. If I Love her past 20 or so I’ll edit more images into this article. Ya, I do have a Vita; No, I don’t have BM for Vita. I should for the screen capture feature….I’ll look into it, and will for sure if save files carry over properly. I had bad luck.

….May edit more Battlemasters images here as she Love levels higher with more equipment along with story-mode images.


Busou Shinki TV Anime:

Ach appears in the animated Busou Shinki show as a foe for the main characters. She appears in the OP credits and in the third episode of the show. Her weapon also appears in the introduction portion when explaining what Shinkis are.

– Ach appearing in the OP in a motherly-like manner.
– Ach’s rifle being mass-produced.
– Yda and Ach in the preview for ep 3.

…May edit in more screens from the Anime as it airs.


Final Thoughts:

I consider this purchase well worth it, especially for the price I got it. Everything about the figure itself looked to be of top quality, especially being a nice match for my Benio and Sharatang in terms of Heavy-armor set-up. Choco’s designs impress me a lot.

Ach does have faults with her figure form, though some of those are from being a second-hand figure being bought from Mandarake. Her open-hand is a bit loose, some minor scratches on her armor on places (ignorable), the helmet piece improperly being attached to the head on the sides, and the bottom red-piece keeps falling off when nudged. The balance when fully equipped in figure-form needs a stand or loads of patience to get her standing on her own. Some creativity needs to be placed to have her stand without using the bulky Shinki display. As with any heavy-armor Shinki you can expect to spend hours fiddling with the armor. When you touch something another piece moves, some fall, some nudge others causing you to just pose and reposition stuff for a lengthy period of time.

Quite saddening I couldn’t grab images and videos of Ach in Battle Rondo from the death so you’ll have to deal with that one image. If you guys do have images from Rondo be my guest and leave them in the comments for others to see, I don’t want to “steal” other people’s images, unless it is of foxes.

The vehicle unit itself is awesome, especially with the wheels being able to move. The shocks actually works which is quite surprising, yet to be expected for the Shinki quality. Not sure what you can do with it, people are creative enough to do many things.

Lastly, I’ve been wanting Ach when I first got into the Busou Shinki, yet instead got Kohiru. There was also one image (can’t find it) that made me want Ach, even the preview images on the Busou Shinki figure site that got pulled.

I highly recommend this figure, but only to those that own figures and not anybody knew to the figure line. You can get her if you feel ready though. Make sure to purchase a storage box for her parts and a display case to keep her clean from dust.



– The detailing is outstanding on this; All the written details on her armor!
– Can change from figure armor to Taike mode.
– A passenger can sit on her armor unit when in Taike/Racer mode. Other Shinkis could do the assaulting while Ach aggressively races around.
– Armor and accessories are easy to attach and detach. All so simple.
– Her rifle has a “Do not place Jelly can” while the Jelly cans each have their own uses.
– Wheels actually move for you to position her around a track properly or to do some moving experiments with your camera.
– Shocks on her taike actually work. They can be compressed and take light shock. It had posing in mind when designed by having the shocks keep the wheel in certain areas.
– Love it how you can have Ach weild the long canon/rifle weapon in a left or right configuration.
-You can attach or remove Ach’s hair from her head and racer helmet as you desire. The black piece (forgot name) has her name on it before attaching onto the main head-piece.
– Ach’s face can be swapped with an angry face or a neutral-angry face by swapping the Figma way by removing the front hair-piece.
– The rifle could be attached to the “front unit” when in full figure-armor mode, using it similar to Wing Zero from Gundam Wing.
– Has a code for you to use with Battle Rondo (Now dead)
– Appears in Battle Masters for you to command and equip.


– Only two angry and neutral-angry face. Needs to express her happiness and angry-happy behavior, as in Battlemasters MK. II.
– Can’t stand on her own when equipped with all her armor, needs assistance of the bulky base which I dislike, thus me not using it in images. Her armor weighs her backwards making posing difficult without a stand.
– The hands I was given were loose from second-hand use.
– Slight wear on the armor; Scratches that can be seen when light shines upon it.
– The red piece that goes under the wheel in Taike mode keeps falling off.
– Ach’s helmet is quiet loose and won’t straighten out. It wants to position itself in one way or another. Had an incident with the winglet on her helmet having me reglue it back onto her helmet.
No parts container so buy your own.
Code no longer works for Battle Rondo and couldn’t show you her Rondo form; View comments for possible links if lucky or else search onร‚ย  Flickr.


Thanks for viewing and hope you liked this review. Shall do some minor edits here and there with Battle Masters and the Anime screens if interested. The images for the figure shall be done in photo-shoots in other articles of course.

Don’t get yourself a ticket, peace!