Figma Merry Christmas!

What is white and cold, dark and illuminated, silent and cheerful, fluffy and pointy, grinchy and generous? A cold winter night with bright illuminations hanging off tree’s and balconies with people sharing gifts as people forgive others for their sins. Its the time for sharing and giving and to celebrate Jesus’s birth! Hope you guys are having a nice fun jolly Christmas Celebration!

Oh, and the Figma’s as well :).

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Petroglyph Madness! Part 2

The chaos continues and they’re still being bold via comics. For those who missed out then here is the previous link.  Also got impulsive and started a Moddb entry for the PF Mod Comics where you “might” be able to experience the crazyness of Petroglyph forums.

PF Comics Mod – Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption joke mod

For the comics then venture in and read more!

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Sub’s 22nd Birthday

Wow, where have the months, weeks and days gone? Last time I checked it was March 9ths, then 15th, 20th, and now 28th. Twenty two already, wow.

Thanks to Valdez for this “Post-card” lol.

(Link – MySite and Petroglyph Gallery)

Youtube – CaramelldansenI’ll edit in any new events into this blog entry (if any) and shall get a banner made tonight or tomorrow for those who asked for it :). If you don’t see anything past this mark then nothing interesting worth blogging about happened.

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Petroglyph’s 5th anniversary

Since I helped keep Petroglyph’s forum clean and trying to keep the community creative, as well as active, I got access to a nice new shirt.

For those who don’t know who or what Petroglyph is then check, here. They created the games

1) Star Wars: Empire at War (PC)
2) Star Wars: Forces of Corruption Expansion (PC)
3) Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC and 360)
4) Mytheon MMO (PC) – Still in the making and free to play (with the option to buy cosmetic typed material online).

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

If you want to know what Mytheon is, then check out this site: Game Sector Network. Not much to say except let your creativity loose and see how you could support other companies, friends, buddies, co-workers, or other solo/groups of people I’m unaware/forgetful of when typing this entry in.

Petroglyph Madness!

Wow, I’m bad at maintaining blogs. Well whatever, one can do as they wish with one :). This entry will be random and should be in a positive light (compared to that rant I had previously). Whats this madness I speak of? Well Petroglyph comics as well as randomly drawn alter egos in their forum character style being shown in comics in a comical way. Mine as a sprinkle of Anime-ness on it and I view these comics in a Lucky Star kind of comical way :p.

Also look forward a blog entry of Figma Shana and my Figma group shot photoshoot. Since its spring I can finally do proper photoshoots with my lacking picture taking skills.

An example of my online alter ego – A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card created from the PF Comics.

Any cards and pictures in these posts are property of Valdez.

(Want this card? Here is the, link. For more you can go to the original source, Petroglyph Game’s Forum)

For the comics, click to view the article and a brief explanation of the Fox avatar, as with my new music track I made.

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Shadow Invasion: Gundam mod

Edit:  Since the modding community died for the game so did the mod. I had to kill it since nobody wanted to assist, only ask.  If anybody wants to revive it I can give you some of the models as long as you plan to use it in a mod  and  to give credit to the modeler himself. I tried but nobody took me seriously enough as it was based on “Gundam” so the support was extremely lacking.  Sorry for the hype and hope to see someone else either take it over or to see Bandai-Namco finally making a RTS or Open World game dealing with Gundam.

After 2-3 years of dorment snoozing, I finally brought this Gundam mod back into a brighter light. This mod will take place in the Universal Century era from the Mobile Suit Gundam show up to the War in The Pocket. You will be able to fight it out as the Earth Federation Forces and the Zeons versus each other or the original Star Wars faction in a Galactic Conquest and/or Skirmish.

Moddb entry:

To show that I’m not joking here are some screens:

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Mytheon Update – 1

Well, with it being recently announced (Previous blog entry) it was kind of a shock to find a European hosted Mytheon site with slightly more content then the North American side.  Petroglyph games is located in America, in the Las Vegas area and normally you would assume you would get more content from your home base then something across the globe. Here is the European site that I happened to find on Google search, but never heard about. , choose a language and have a surf. For the lurkers here is the North America site,

(Its current and announced logo [when this entry was posted])

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Happy Holiday! – Figma Lily Saber and Figma Miku Hatsune

Well its the day before Christmas (but Japan and European time it is the 24th) so after waiting 4 months and a few more days, I found it time to open up the Figma boxes to take pictures! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

My Christmas loot! Just so you guys/gals should know, this will be a long blog post because of the Christmas holiday so might want to make sure you have lots of time on your hands. I’ll go on Figma Saber first and then Miku Hatsune will get her time, enjoy the read/skimming.

(To view bigger images, click on the link under the images – Will open up in a new window/tab)

(Link – MySite)

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October 7th, 2008 – Petroloot

Well I see I was tardy with this blog, but I had catching up to do since I was in Europe. For starters I won a Petroglyph Mousepad which I’ll be adding to my collection. I collect Anime, Ferrari, and Petroglyph object so it goes into my collection well.

I gained the below item by entering myself into a Petroglyph Cave contest drawing. I drew this map. (Warning: Your eyes may bleed.)

Here is the mentioned item:

(Link – Photobucket)

And here are some of the things I have from before that are from Petroglyph (excluding the Death Star toy that makes noise, pre-order item with EaW) <— For more Petroglyph goodies. If requested I will take a picture of the sound making Death Star.


Edit: July 05, 2010 – You can view more Petroglyph related material here –