Mytheon Update – 1

Well, with it being recently announced (Previous blog entry) it was kind of a shock to find a European hosted Mytheon site with slightly more content then the North American side.  Petroglyph games is located in America, in the Las Vegas area and normally you would assume you would get more content from your home base then something across the globe. Here is the European site that I happened to find on Google search, but never heard about. , choose a language and have a surf. For the lurkers here is the North America site,

(Its current and announced logo [when this entry was posted])

Before I go on about the content, and while I still have you here, you can vote on a new logo (Survey hosted on Thursday, January 08, 2009 so if your in the future [Spring 09+], you lucked out,). The link to vote to the new survey is here:

So now onto the content – Do not hotlink to the images for the doubled fear of having them not seen by traffic. All images are found on the 2 official sites mentioned above so no linking to bigger images this time.

(These images are a recap and probably ones that are new to your eyes. There are a few images below these that are new so keep skimming)

….And the new concept art that hasn’t been seen before, even by me (Moderator on the forums for Petroglyphgames).

A Greek Elementalist:

Orc unarmored, and armored concept.

And this could be a ghost horse, if not just a corrupted demon horse.

And then the two obelisks, which needed special permission to be shown so be glad your viewing such things :).

And thats the first update for Mytheon thanks to the European community site. Hope your looking forward to this free download and play game.

Oh and for them people who talk negatively about new announced games sure need to learn patience, or be taught how to speak in a neutral fashion. I laugh at the idiocy when it comes to flaming games you know nothing about :).


A quick youtube video of the above with 4 more images from the logo survey.