Figma Lily Saber Box – recheck

Thanks to a user named Dani who commented in this blog post, I took pictures of the part I forgot. I also took the time to take images that were blurry and make them slightly better.

Here are the images:

The Bottom flaps with Dark Saber and another character I never seen. I haven’t played the PS2/PC game of it. New Figmas? :p

(Link – MySite)

And then the image I decided to take a re-shot of just in case theres some important messages on there…..doubt there are but who knows.

(Link – MySite)

And the image that was blurry before in my previous blog post, with Figma Saber and Rin that are already out.

(Link – MySite)

There you go :). Here I thought I checked every corner and I left a stone unturned. So there’ll be 3 Sabers? I don’t know who that other person is. Lastly I want a Figma Horo (Spice and Wolf) and Tenko Kugen (Wagaya no Oinari-sama). That’ll be the day…….