Japanese Summer Festival + Doll Meet 2014

Heyo! What an awesome Saturday this was. A nice Japanese summer festivals for the JETAA members by them at Ottawa’s city hall. Also had a Doll meet swiftly changed up once we were made away of the Japanese festivities to go there instead. Both of these events being highly entertaining and interesting.

– Sumos to the left, main info tent in the middle, and festivities to the right. Was actually quite worth it.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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[Movie] Modra

This movie took me a couple years just to get my hands on it. I ended up having to set it to record on Bell Fibe’s PVR recording overnight to allow for me to watch it during the afternoon. I’ve been curious and wanting to see how this movie played out. I was curious to see what I would recognize from my many visits there and to see Modra from a fellow Canadian’s perspective.

– Teen romance set in Modra Slovakia.

(All images taken from the official site; Would like to apologize for any nostalgic ramblings, but do hope you enjoy them.)

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