Happy Canada Day – 147th Birthday!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! Kept things to a minimum this time around due to no plans and the weather. Wanted to instead take images of Varakitsu’s Canadian pride and within Minecraft. I do you enjoy the images.

– Varakitsu wrapped in some Canadian pride <3

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens; Minecraft images from Minecraft PC.)

Canada happily ended up celebrating its 147th birthday this year on a weird note. It was +30 celcius – 40 with the humidity – though thankfully cooler in the morning and in the evening thanks to a stormy cool breeze. Ottawa was under a heat warning, severe thunderstorm warning, and even a brief tornado warning due to how brutal the weather was being. It even rained for a quick few minutes in that stormy manner before passing through.

Feel free to call me a wimp, I however had trouble finding a suitable place to try and take images of Varakitsu due to the 40 degree Celsius humidity. I was sweating a tad bit too much that I tried to take it easy. That in itself has me annoyed at my quick-shots. I’m still however mostly pleased that I even did bother to take images of Varakitsu. Half of that time even spent in Minecraft.

Like mentioned, I was trying quick-shots of Varakitsu to make note of Canada Day this year without having it slip away. I wanted to make use of her recent loot as well, even holding Canadian flags to have fun with our Canadian pride.

– Canadian Arctic Foxy wrapped up like Batman heh.

– Proudly Canadian!

I was getting a bit frustrated with constantly taking indoor images that I tried to take it outdoors, even knowing that there was still strong enough winds in the area. Strong enough that Varakitsu’s Canadian flag might as well be a kite.

I also feel regretful for snapping in that light manner at some kids with parents going by. The mention of “Barbie” made me snap so I tried to politely correct them with “Dollfie” (Doll) and such but noticed how harsh it sounded so I tried to cover it up with “Thanks” type response. Thinking about it makes me feel down, especially with the little girl with her parents and other siblings unaware of the detailed world out there.

And for the record – No matter how many times I groom her hair it always ends up messy. The wind….I shake my fist at the bloody wind.

– Even with the wind Varakitsu is still a tough foxy. XD
– That’s the wrong way, wind! Bloody hell *with a light chuckle*. Actually looks neat as if she’s waving it.

– After noticing how pesky the wind was Vara tried aiming the flag the other way to allow it to flap appropriately.

Looking at the following kneeling shots is what I should have had her do from the beginning. Have her hide in that adorable fashion that makes me at a loss for words.

– Vara happily hiding behind a flapping Canadian flag in her cute foxy ways.
– Happy Canada Day!
– Foxy Canada Day!

– Vara feeling brave with that kite-of-a-flag. Lovely pose.
– Before the sun decided to fully set Vara let off a sparkler to have fun with. (I was too much of an idiot rushing again to fix the pose. Still enjoyable).
– Even if we didn’t go downtown we did enjoy Canada Day by making the most of it in our own manner, even if I am complaining a lot. Enjoyable.

Can’t leave this article hanging on just this. Nope! Here! Have an embedded Youtube video of the Canadian anthem performed by the Slovak Radio Orchestra which made me chuckle. The Slovaks giving the Canadian anthem a lovely peaceful, though proud touch. I love it!


Minecraft – Canada Day

There’s no hiding the fact that my Arcticu Empire’s colours are close to that of Canada’s. That, and Japan’s flag. Been trying to grow my Minecraft Empire into a glorious settlement area with the most pride-filled creations I could build. I sadly had to rebuild it a few times, though now it seems it’ll recover and go beyond. With such, I had to clear out some of the terrain to add a very simple Canadian flag in its simplist blocky form to mark what my map went through.

– Couldn’t get any fancier in that tiny place.
– Lovely Renge statue in view in a garden behind the city hall.
– Renge statue happily joining in on some fireworks fun.
– A rare view one shall have of Vara, Canadian Tower, and Renge before the city hall gets built up into a tower. Enjoying it while it lasts <3

– Canadian Tower, Renge, and the Canadian flag at night.
– Fireworks being shot off in front of the Renge statue.
– And of course the Varakitsu statue getting her rounds of firework showers.
– A bit more tricky due to the red blending in with red, the Canadian tower getting its own version of simple fireworks.
– Wasn’t much, though did try to make the most of it.

– And that’s a wrap.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed both the Varakitsu & Minecraft portions of this Canada Day festivities. Hope yours was a blast.

– Happy 147th Canada Day!