Go For Sushi! Part 2

I had a massive craving for Sushi for a full week or two and wanted to satisfy it. Grocery store Sushi? Nah, doesn’t hit the spot and they tend to expire faaar too quickly. Just “Go for Sushi“  in Ottawa, located down  on Merivale Road. Sadly I don’t know of any good Sushi shops outside of Ottawa, except for those within Slovakia, Bratislava.

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Google Wave – Test article

Someone on my MSN list sent me an invite on Tuesday and I acquired it today.  I’m going to experiment on how useful it is in it’s current form and if I should use it on my blog or not. If you have Google wave and are blogger then feel free to add me @ “ghostlymodra@googlewave.com”. Happy waving :).

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(For copyright purposes – This image was found on Google images and belongs to Google itself.)

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Wacom Bamboo Tablet – Small

Thats right, I acquired a new tablet. I used to draw simplistic doodles, back in ’08 winter, on my sketchpad disliking how my pencils always snapped on me. I wouldn’t have obtained a tablet if I haven’t seen the art and Illust studio Denkikoiji showed me. Priorities when having a certain amount of funds to spend, heh.

(Link – MySite)

And hopefully this isn’t the weather I’ll be seeing all winter……

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Canada, Ottawa – Fall ’09 Image flood

Thats right, Canada Ottawa. I’m going to seperate my Figmas from my Ottawa scenery images as I noticed my Figma “first glance reviews” tend to be reviewed within an odd and incomplete manner. I may review them again in a proper manner this time around while linking back to the old ones.

I also noticed many comments, from here and on my MSN, saying how much people enjoy seeing Ottawa scenery. If you guys seem to like it that much I’ll post more of it for you guys to drool on. The below images are from beginning of September till today’s date on the article (Sunday, October 11, 2009), hope you enjoy it like you said you did ^_^.

This article is image heavy (49) – Enter at your own risk:

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Figma/Grail War – Intro

I keep acquiring Figma’s and only one seems to keep coming out at a time. I thought “maybe I should go back and replicate the Figma play I did when I first obtained Figma Lily Saber”. Time to experiment and see how exactly I can implement a “random story”, along with using the Figmas in the fashion I intended to do so from the beginning.

With that, will the “Figma/Grail War” be only an intro story or expand into more detailed story/image articles? Time to find out…….

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Somewhere within Canada, a new group of participants have been recruited to participate within another Holy Grail War. Unlike the previous Holy Grail Wars, this one calls upon well respected “heroines” upon various realms and dimensions. The Figma/Grail War! Reason? To obtain a mysterious prize when the victor remains victorious till the very end, beating the rest. Who shall survive and win till the end?

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Figma Saber – Late get

Hello again, This time I shall be quick reviewing Figma Saber this time around. I know many of you already have her within your collection(s) while others may have not obtained her. I have been attempting to obtain her even before I have bought Figma Haruhi but haven’t had much luck until late last month. I finally managed to find her on Hobbysearch and get her from there, nicely wrapped in paper, though a semi-slow process in arriving here.

(Link – MySite)

For those who don’t know who Saber is might want to pick up my favourite Anime called “Fate/Stay Night” which got me into Anime (Gundam introduced me while Fate welcomed me with open arms). In short, Saber is one of the 7 servants within that show who fights within a secretive Holy Grail war as she is partnered with a passive main character, Emiya Shirou.

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