Google Wave – Test article

Someone on my MSN list sent me an invite on Tuesday and I acquired it today.  I’m going to experiment on how useful it is in it’s current form and if I should use it on my blog or not. If you have Google wave and are blogger then feel free to add me @ “”. Happy waving :).

(Link – MySite)
(For copyright purposes – This image was found on Google images and belongs to Google itself.)

(Edit: Hmm, seems like you need to have a Google Wave account to see it on WordPress. Well…….Seems like its a similar story to the Playstation 3 Home Application. Going to be a lengthy period of time before it does what it was meant to do. If you have a wave account then you might be able to see the below, so until then I’m sticking with the old fashioned way for now :(. )

[wave id=”!w+gCOL16LYg”]

If it doesn’t work then don’t sweat it, just ignore it and move onto someone else’s blog to on the right ->

If not then feel free to use the shoutbox and hope I might type up another Anime related article :).