Winterlude 2010 – Rideau Canal

The final article about Winterlude 2010. This time I went to check out the Rideau Canal as I forgot to do so on my first visit. I of course missed out on the most important part of Winterlude – skating on the longest skating rink in the world, the Rideau Canal. Up for some Beaver tails or a simple skate?

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I consider this a lucky shot ^. I love it how Canada can keep some form of historical value to its modern image.

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Winterlude 2010 – Gatineau

This is a part two of the Winterlude 2010 article viewing the Gatineau region – “Ville de Gatineau”, the French half of the Ottawa region. I was in Confederation park on the first Winterlude event (5-7th) and forgot to check out the Rideau Canal and GAnime 2010. Jacques-Cartier Park is located, Here. For the Winterlude event in Confederation park do check out this image heavy article: .

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Winterlude 2010 – Ottawa

Winterlude, an event celebrated every winter during the month of February. Sculptures from around the world gather within Canada, Ottawa to show off their ice carving skills.  One of the many locations dealing with Winterlude is Confederation Park in Downtown Ottawa. This will be part 1 as I didn’t get my Beaver tail and because there are more places with Winterlude related material.

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