Petroglyph’s Epic Fan-Fic: My concepts

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With every fan-fic there comes tons of brainstorming and creation. Heres is what I had to add to the fan-fic.


Concept art:

(Unknown – Helicopter/mech)

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I drew this up for the fan-fic because it ended up in one of my dream. It entered and battled in an epic anime way similar to that of Macross Frontier/Plus/Zero or some Yukikaze plane. In my dream it entered as a helicopter and ended the Anime like cinematic as a transformed mech fighting the other planes.

For the fan-fic it could be a silent foe that is probably more dangerous and more silent then my nation would be. It has 4 Energy blades that push it/make it over and can fire lasers from it as well. It can fire missiles from the sides and front and even transform into a mech. Much else is pretty much unknown, since its based off my dream.


(Island Nation of Trianica – INT. Spec)

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Drawn up for the fan-fic, my Nation/Faction needed a place to be placed at. This island is an artificial one built using used up meteors, merging them together on land, and forming a earth like scenery on it. The city Santreal is the Nations capital, TRANCE-A1 City is the floating fortress city, and Der Sabel is a international capital where the world meets/greets each other.

There have been confusions about which moves and which doesn’t. Island Nation of Trianica stays in one place, since after all its a artificial island, and TRANCE-A1 floats around the world as a city boat.This island nation specializes in trade, secret/prototype weaponry, and fighter (planes) technology. It even turned a plane into a mech (Think Macross/Plus/Zero/Frontier/7) to give it that air and land advantage while other nations focus on one or the other.

To keep itself alive from any attackers it uses its quality to defeat quantity. If that isn’t enough, it uses its taunting/mocking habit to outright irritate any rookie on the field and discourage them. It has worked before and it still works today, though doesn’t work all the time.


(TRANCE-A1 City)

(Link – Photobucket)

The floating city, Trance-A1 City, built by the European Union and taken back by Trianica’s Special Forces (including Ghostly Substance himself, gotta love nicknames). It then floated from Rochelle France to New York America. It was warmly greeted and then departed again to travel the globe freely, until the 10 year war.

The city is a sphere in shape with its bow and stern hidden neatly underwater. When scene by a average civilian it will look like a floating dome, but when seen by a military personal it might resemble a snail.

This floating city moves around the globe, Trianica doesn’t.


(Trianica’s SA-01 Submarine)

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A specialized assault submarine that can carry a few aircraft and even assault land targets with ease. This is one of the few submarines in the world that can afford to be found and survive another day without turning into an Iron coffin. It has 2 heavy deck guns (which can be stored) and tons of hidden anti-aircraft on the sides that can pop out. Even though its heavily defended and armed, it can still escape and travel silently.

Its been used a lot during the 10 year war and even during the reign of “The Empire of Earth“.


That is all the concepts I have now. Any questions about anything on my blog?� Please ask and I’ll elaborate in the next blog entry. Don’t be shy now you lurkers!