Busou Shinki TV – Episode 04

Hello again fellow Busou Shinki fans! Episode 04 gives us a slight tension between Lene and Ines during the cleaning festival and a race to distract us all. All is quite chaotic when placed within the Busou Shinki realm.

– Ines ordering other Shinkis around to clean the apartment on a rainy day.

(All images taken from Zero-Raw Episode 04 using Fraps.)

Episode 04 was quite comical and mostly lighthearted this time around. Ines being either jealous or irritated snapped at Lenes for being constantly clumsy which soured the mood all around. This eventually leads to the race portion where all hell breaks lose all thanks to the mischievous pair – Howling and MaoChao. The whole race ends up being a massive creatively-messy improvisation thanks to the two.

Arnval (Ann) and Strarf (Hina) both get left out, yet end up assisting and hindering the race in various ways.


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– Arnval keeping things sparkly clean. Man…I wish my Renge could be real so she could assist me with chores.

What I found quite odd was how Hina was cleaning up with Ann, Ines, and Lene. She wants to be praised more by her Master?

– Ines getting jealous that Lene got some affection from their Master which causes her to instantly snap at her in the Visualizer gadget stage.

– Rihito planning to take a vacation along with the Shinkis! Hint hint – One of those mandatory episodes.

I’m glad Rihito is getting more screen-time, but can he please do something other than guiding the Shinkis to the next scene? Just like Tsubasa did in Moon Angel, Rihito needs to be more active. Drone of society.

– Shinki gathering for a race – I spy my Benio (a few and customs) & Kohiru (right) in the crowd! Yay!

I love this idea of a secret Shinki gathering to win prizes in the park. I see no officials, just Shinkis gathering to have fun in a park to win prizes for their masters. I’m loving the parks in Busou Shinki more and more because even if Shinkis aren’t technically real you can still pull off some nice photoshoots there. In their realm however it makes perfect sense because it keeps them occupied thanks to their busy AI. I’d watch my Shinkis race, if they were real that is.

And the first poll for this show!

[polldaddy poll=6641135]

Something smells fishy…..

– Your prizes most likely sponsored by Konami themselves, or a generic MMS Shop. Go win your lootage!

– Shinki 1 Racing! That map looks so retro as if it is paying homage to one of its older Formula 1 games. Wouldn’t be surprised.

– Howling and MaoChao up to no good, as per usual. They both remind me of Wacky Races with Dick Dastardly and Muttley

Eukrante built a racer out of her armor ahead of time and spawned it in during the race? Clever! For a Shinki meant to be used as a slap-stick comedy type character she can be clever at times.

– Laneira – “Don’t worry~. It’s fine~, It’s fine~. It will makes things more entertaining.” – Mary “Really?…” *Gets all sadistically serious*

Nice dance pose with Yda and Ach heh. I’d expect such for a victory dance in Battlemasters.

– HOT! HOT! HOT!~ That moment when you eat a big chunk of wasabi on sushi. Funny how Yda knew while Ach went for the drink.

– Ann happily strolling through the park while everybody races around. Ann had her umbrella taken by Ach who wanted to use it as an “Air break”. What I found neat was how Ach had to tend to her vehicle’s breaks.

– Seeing Aines actually surf that leaf was actually quite amusing. Part of the race? Sure, why not. Laneira approved of it.

– The battle for first place heats up!

I actually had a nice laugh here seeing Yda dodge the apples while Howling and MaoChao set up and got caught up in. Yda is surprisingly agile and observant. I didn’t expect that much from Yda because as I said before I expected her to be more of a person full of herself, as with any “rich lady personality” archetype. Maybe I’ll adopt her in Battlemasters MK. II :P.

– Yda’s time came having Aines hijack her unite. She looks bad-ass here.

Because I was watching the subs I’m unsure why Hina attacked Aines and Lene. From what I can gather she saw other Shinkis attack one another, inserting herself into that fun in the form as a “mission”? She just enjoys fighting.

I found this battle nice, but forced. I know Hina loves fighting but this is just massively forced with an internal conflict between our trio. 8-Bit Studios, make them fight in the arcade area! Wasn’t bad so I’m not complaining in a negative way, just noting it.

Another funny thing is how Lene casually called out to Aines with Aines still in her poorly equipped disguise. They had a nice quick rebonding moment. Mary, the tentacle type announcer, shouted “KILL! KILL!” during the fight showing off her darker side.

– “I can’t do this without you!” – Aines to Lenes (Hopefully proper translation)

!!! ??? !!! – “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?!” – Aine & Lene in unison. – “This isn’t a race anymore!” – Maryceles

– Strawberry Jelly for Shinkis, most specifically for Aines. Who knew there were many different types for Shinkis. Lene wanted to get such for Aines.

– Reminiscing about the past and how they both could enjoy their strawberry flavored oil along with why she went to the race. How sweet 🙂


Thanks to Arnval helping out all the Shinkis during the race she ends up winning a lovely trip to Okinawa for the mandatory beach episode. Because Rihito was already planning a trip somewhere they’re heading off to Okinawa one way or another. The universe willed it so! Will Rihito hit up the Okinawa babes as well? He better!

Also, did you notice Asuka, Xiphos, and Juvisy during the quick explanation on how she obtained the grand prize? Now you did! Benio made it in there which makes me so happy. *Does the Book Man happy dance.*

– BENIO! Benio – Type Samurai infront of a tanuki hmm….Fitting in a traditional Japanese manner. Konami, make a repaint or a modern update of her!

All’s well that ends well! Or we hope……*imagines the destruction left at the race track*.

This was a nice entertaining episode that could of quickly and easily been the worst. Glad 8-Bit Studio executed this episode well enough for me to enjoy it all so much. I could easily bash this but I’m not someone seeking attention so I’ll leave that for those wanting to pretend they’re special :P. I loved this episode so no need to do so. I can bash Konami for Battle Rondo but eh…waste of time, and I already did many times.

You know, Konami has a missed opportunity right here. They could of patched in the Visualizer stages into Battle Rondo along with having a PSP version on the Battlemasters game. If they’re making a third game they should add such into there with Benio and Kohiru.


Episode 05 – Preview:

Get your swimsuits ready because we’re heading off to Okinawa during the Indian Summer period of autumn. Hina refused to wear a swimsuit yet she does so in the preview, a school type at that.

– “……Seriously?” – Aines.

– Zelnograd hunting down her new prey in Okinawa? Possibly the gang or some other. A battle! An actual battle in Okinawa? Looking forward to it.

With that, see you for episode 05!