Flight Sim 2020 – Heading West (P5)


It’s that time again where I share my blog posting about flight sim, something which happened many months ago, though still something noteworthily fun. I’m a bit tardy with these, yes. I finally managed to gain time to upload the final part of this before I continue my flight through Japan, and wherever else it wants to take me. This blog posting contains my flight from Adak Airport heading towards Yelizovo (UHPP) airport. You could even possibly consider this a 5-part conclusion of finally reaching Japan! I still have yet to make it to other Points of interests, I’ll however get there.

Previous trips as follows:

Ottawa(CYND & CYRP) > North Bay(CYYB) > Elliot Lake Municipal Airport’ (CYEL) > Sault Ste Marie (CYAM) > Thunder Bay (CYQT) > Kenora (CYQK) > Winnipeg Int’ (CYWG) > Regina Int’ (CYQR) > Saskatoon (CYXE) > Edmonton Int’ (CYEG) > >Edmonton Int’ (CYEG) > Kelowna (CYLW) > Vancouver (Boundary Bay CZBB) > Kelowna (CYLW) > Vancouver Airport (CYVR) >Port Hardy (CYZT) > Bella Bella (CBBC) > Prince Rupert (CYPR) > Prince Rupert (CYPR) > Yukutat (PAYA) > Anchorage (PANC) -> Unknown vintage airstrip -> Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PAIL) > King Salmon (PAKN) -> Cold Bay (PACD) -> Dutch Harbor (PADU) -> Adak Airport (PADK)

Now to continue on.

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Adak Airport () -> Yelizovo (UHPP):

– Overly weird airport to spawn from with hanger trapping you in. Had to re-respawn my aircraft in an alternate spot to free myself.
– And off we go!
– Interesting scenery. Nice snowy mountains, reddish satellite map.
– As simplistic as this scenery is, it’s very gorgeous.
– Pinkish scenery from satellite imagery.
– Cruising up high.
– An open patch of clouds from one front to the other. Almost surreal.
– Spotted someone in their A20N flying by the opposite way.
– Gradually passing one another by.
– Entering a heavy cloud front.
– Yelizovo now gradually getting closer. This exact climate is why I chose the TBM9 over any other aircraft.
– Dense air cover.
– Now that’s glorious! Seeing mountains peaking out of the cloud cover.
– Absolutely gorgeous. That raw beauty.
– Gorgeous. I’m also skirting the mountains fairly closely. Dangerously close.
– Way too close.
– Dangerously close, though a very gorgeous scenery. Well worth the route I took.
– Low cloud ceiling.
– The final towards landing, absolutely stunning.
– Yelizovo now fully in sight as I try to swiftly correct my mistake.
– Wing views are my favourite during take off and landings.
– Finally landed! Nearly 4 hours in flight. Painful, though necessary; Highly rewarding.
– Safely landed at Yelizovo airport. An AI landed perfectly, taxiing to gate.

Yelizovo (UHPP) -> Iturup Airport (UHSI)

– A few days later I finally went off on my way, this time heading towards Iturupt airport.
– Off we go!
– Gorgeous. Tried to frame everything (the streets) as I’ve seen it on Google maps in street view.
– Quite a nice scenic place.
– Few people roaming around here and there; B748 aircraft.
– Tracking severe weather.
– The “few” people flying around, such as this person in their Boeing 737 Max aircraft.
– Going almost parallel to one another.
– Puffy.
– Approaching Iturup Airport.
– Manual decent, gradually discovering how incomplete the runway is.

Iturup Airport (UHSI) -> Kushiro (RJCK)

– Now onto the final leg of the journey!
– Circling around to observe scenery.
– Note the incomplete runway.
– Passing by a few airports Googling them as I go.
– Going parallel in same direction seeing this person in a Cessna Citation CJ4.
– Volcanic islands.
– Came across the most scenic scenery between Russia and Japan. This is insanely gorgeous!
– Stunningly gorgeous!
– Mesmerizing.
– As I gradually close in on Japan more people pop up, this time Ocha Japan in their CubCrafter aircraft.
– Now in Japanese airspace! Achievement unlocked!
– Passed a few airports aiming for Kushiro. It felt more natural. Loving the Japanese scenery.
– Kushiro now in sight with Hololive’s ‘Yuubi’ marker welcoming me in. Yuubi! Yuubi! Thank you Korone from Hololive o7.
– Possible mining cliff area, or similar. Looks fairly odd. Land slide?
– Touch down! Finally made it to Kushiro airport & Japan! WOOOOO!
– Someone flying around in their Dreamliner while I taxi to parking.
– An hour flight, not bad.

Achievement unlocked! Reached Japan!

My personal goal has been achieved, if digitally, having flown from Ottawa Canada to Japan. It’s something I wish I could do in reality, have to settle with digital. I’m not going to get any fan-fare for doing this, nor have I on Twitter, I’m however proud having done so on my end. All in both the King Air & the TBM9. From November 2021 till March 2022 I’ve digitally called Kushiro my “home”, now I place I have to visit IRL for when we’re finally able to do so without this Covid nonsense.

I’ve been testing various aircraft at Kushiro airport, even often times ghosting and stalking various people test-flying their own aircrafts.

– Flying the Airbus Helicopter (H135) around Kushiro Airport’s detailed scenery. I genuinely want to be here, in person.
– Seeing the airport set-up reminds me of those slice-of-life emotional anime of characters flying from these airports. It’s partially nostalgic, if better-sweet constantly yearning to be there in person with constant anime vibes of moments long past.
– It’s sceneries like these which get my emotions going. It’s why I flight sim, it’s why I love exploring. It however provokes the mind too much to which I sometimes have to shut the flight sim off as to not get emotionally overwhelmed. Nobody respects the digital as much as they do the physical.
– Moo!~ Typical Japanese scenery. This also loosely reminds me of the ‘Milka’ chocolate from Europe. And those various clips I’ve seen in Anime, and Japanese Vloggers, etc.
– Test driving school course?
– One of those guiding pylons loading in fairly late on my end. AN741 (Tokyo > Kushiro)
– It’s actually landing?!
– It actually landed?! AI had a bad habit of doing dangerous go-arounds.
– Strolling through the terminal.
– Observing the plane which had recently arrived.
– At least I’ve been there “in spirit”.

This blog posting now allows me to freely venture through Japan as I observe various settlements, scenery, and ponder about what my next destination is after Japan. Maybe both Korea’s, China, and then venture into Australia. Who knows. Between November 2021 and now the Twin Otter has finally released, as with the CF-18, among other beauties. As of March 31st, 2022 I’ll even have the Concorde to fly around! Nice! I lack time with the Concorde allowing me to go various places swiftly. I don’t like jumping around the world, it spoils the fun. I’d rather fly there and explore.

I’m happy I traveled to Japan in real-time, if in digital manner. Half on my own, half with a friend, and partially with my roommate venting how I’m accidentally hogging all the internet hearing the loud “FUUUUUCK!”. Been itching to fly some more. Again, even if I’m not there physically I still take pride in having ventured there digitally in real time. People don’t praise that (nor anything else I do), I’m however still happy regardless. Twitter has become one of the worst places to converse with people with how much shaming and guilt tripping has been going on since 2017. It’s only been getting worse. I’ve also been screwed visiting Japan in real life, constantly getting blamed and shamed for things far too much to the point of annoyance, frustration, and some depression. I’ve even been a bit suicidal resorting to Anime keeping me alive, and now Flight Sim.

Being able to have Flight Sim eases up some of that pressure, though spawns new ones of yearning to be somewhere which you’re unable to go. I don’t want stuff up my nose, etc. Everything has to be done digitally.

Now to continue to admire the Japanese scenery.