Flight Sim 2020 – Heading West (P3)

– Taking off from Prince Rupert, Canada.

I’m actually loving Flight Sim’s take on Canada’s west coast showing the ruggedness of the scenery. More wild, rough, yet beautiful if you know how and where to look. It’s the last bit of proper scenic rough charm which still calls out to us in this overly urbanized world. The old hunter-gather nature style allowing humans to sync back up to a more natural rhythm.

Continuing on from where we last off we’re now at Prince Rupert following the ‘Ring of fire’ up into Alaska itself still heading further west.

Previous trip was as follows:

Ottawa(CYND & CYRP) > North Bay(CYYB) > Elliot Lake Municipal Airport’ (CYEL) > Sault Ste Marie (CYAM) > Thunder Bay (CYQT) > Kenora (CYQK) > Winnipeg Int’ (CYWG) > Regina Int’ (CYQR) > Saskatoon (CYXE) > Edmonton Int’ (CYEG) > >Edmonton Int’ (CYEG) > Kelowna (CYLW) > Vancouver (Boundary Bay CZBB) > Kelowna (CYLW) > Vancouver Airport (CYVR) >Port Hardy (CYZT) > Bella Bella (CBBC) > Prince Rupert (CYPR)

It’s amazing how far I have traveling in real time and within a flight simulator. All forced, yet equally admiring the beauty. Some with my friend, some without.

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Prince Rupert (CYPR) > Yukutat (PAYA):

From here, I ventured from Prince Rupert (Canada) to Yukutat (Alaska).

– And off we go from Prince Rupert!
– Flying over to get a better grasp of the city layout. Someone also flying past above in their Cessna Citation.
– An interesting place.
– Now to make my way towards Yukutat.
– Skimming the clouds.
– Still as cloudy as ever.
– Few people in the area.
– Interesting cloud patterns and formations. Very ominous.
– Canadian pride
– A dip.
– Another TBM9 user.
– Interesting. A person flying in an Airbus A320.
– Friend joining me.
– My friend gradually over-taking me.
– Absolutely gorgeous.
– Those mountains would be awesome to fly through.
– Loving this scenic outlet.
– Friend further overtaking me, passing me up as I descend far too early.
– Few people roaming behind us.
– Gorgeous.
– Indeed. I’ve descended far too quickly.
– Admiring the beauty.

Weird thing happened as I was on final approach. My dinner was ready forcing me to pause my flight in the below image. Rushed, came back, and landed.

– Finally descending after much delay.

Yukutat (PAYA) > Anchorage Int (PANC):

Once regrouped, we plotted our next destination being Anchorage, Alaska. We followed basic regulations as we took off.

– Friend waiting.
– That interesting transition.
– Gaining altitude while looping around.
– That interesting contrast.
– Breaking through the various cloud covers.
– Sea of clouds.
– Friend catching up.
– AI Chatter with Canadian 609.

Friend would eventually over take me taking the higher, faster, and more efficient route. Probably even at 100% throttle, something I don’t do. I simply cruise at 80% power, though now prefer higher altitudes. Saw the same clouds, same scenery, until we reached Anchorage where all the fun and excitement was at.

– Gradually seeing more and more folks as we near Anchorage. Even someone using the new SU-47 plane at very high altitude.
– “Heavy” traffic.
– Friend already landed.
– Sunsetting in Alaska.
– On final, and landing.
– Landed!

Someone was impatient landing during the same time I’ve landed. They were painfully impatient I even saw them crash on the runway, and possibly even me. They came in hot at high speed to then vanish shortly after. I “may” have accidentally took their spot during landing, I however saw a clean opening pinning the blame on other pilots. Placing the blame on them.

I have to say that the west coast and Alaska are awesome. The scenery is raw and fresh (even in Flight Sim) desiring to come back for more bush flying, if and when given the chance.

– Admiring the boat traffic. Wish there was more of these.
– Went to visit the local wildlife finding them fairly scuffed. Walking backwards.
– They were there, they however walked backwards. Weird.