The Book of Boba Fett – First 3 Ep Impressions

– Boba’s new Biker gang arm-for-hire.

The sole reason why I’m making this article is specifically for the first image dealing with Boba’s new Swoopers for hire. Nothing against the episode, not even hate. I rate the third episode an 4/5 with how neat it is, simply fell short while hitting weird vibes thanks to the ‘American Graffiti’ reference. It’s fine and all, could have been far better executed.

As for ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ show? It’s a great series. I’m actually enjoying it thanks to how we’re seeing the progression from ‘The Mandalorian’ into ‘The Book of Boba Fett’. How Fett regains his stance, his power, and even grows his territory.

Also, a word of warning: My thoughts may run all over the place as I try to skim through things quickly as possible. Try to keep up.

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The Bikers of Mos Espa:

Not sure what to really call them. The ‘Swoopers’, or ‘Bikers’; They’re however cybernetically enhanced individuals seeking payment while stealing water for survival. They pride themselves of their bikes while each one has their own coloured bike. Yellow, blue, red, and green. People joked they’re the Power Rangers of the Star Wars universe. I mean, they’re not wrong.

– “Go Go Boba Rangers!” – Twitter Jokes & memes.

I find it a fair argument how they upkeep their bikes to display their pride and passion towards their vehicle. That’s fair. What people keep overlooking is how Tatooine is a dry, hot, and sandy place. Everything (so far) in the Star Wars universe which took place on Tatooine is gloomy, chipped, dusty, and rough around the edges. It’s a hostile planet running short on supply of water. If the bikers are going to have a mono-coloured bike then they can at least learn from classic retro cars on how to add trim on their cars. Like the old Chevy cars, even the Chevy Impala from the 60’s (image further down the blog posting).

Think of it as people living paycheck to paycheck. Farmers getting mugged by Swooper gangs, crime gangs, etc. Not even wealthy organizations (nor the Imperials) flashed their chrome on Tatooine. Everything on Tatooine is battered, beaten, and bruised. There is a reason why you don’t see Naboo fighter clones screaming and zooming through Tatooine’s atmosphere. Maybe that once with Jedi, that was an exception. It wasn’t native to the planet. If you’re going to go colourful then at least learn from Sabine from ‘Star Wars Rebels’ by knowing how to add trim, stickers, decals, etc.

– Slow speed chase through Mos Espa.

To add to that, we had some of the slowest speed chase on bikes (probably scooters) in the Star Wars universe chasing one of the “Villains” through various pathways through the city. Tricks and stunts were awesome, it was the speed. People noted it was in reference to the 1980’s ‘American Graffiti’ styled speed, which is fair, however came off fairly weird. Has a weird effect for what you’re trying to show in this universe.

Don’t get me wrong, nor twist my words here. I don’t hate episode 3, it has this noticable weird vibe similar to walking the streets with your pants down. It’s similar to walking public streets in your underwear as you flash your shiny recently washed underwear with your pants still clinging to your feet. It’s that off beat. I don’t hate the episode, it’s “weird”.

I gave this gang a chance because Coruscant and other planets are vast with all sorts of people. Even the Knights of Ren, among other people. You can only suspend belief only so far until things come crashing down in a Star Wars universe. People in the KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) had designs far more believable and tied to Star Wars making things far more appealing. Gangs are gangs, and gangs do anything to survive and to profit.

Not even the Pykes flashed their wealth as these bikers had with their bright mono-coloured vehicles themed for each person.

– Pyke Train – White, Grey, and black colour scheme with blue exhaust from engines. Nothing shiny. Nothing boasting their pride in their wealth or business. (Episode 2)

Also, the following tweets I find to be gaslighting and red herring tactics missing the whole point of Tattooine being a desert planet. What does it have? Sand. It’s a hot planet, harsh, and uncaring. Everything becomes bleached by the sun. Paint chipping, sand clogging up various parts of the machinery.

– Pyke transport vehicles. Nothing colourful about them, though they do have that charm to them.
– Pykes and their formal, yet Tatooine styled ways. Everything here is crude. Respectful, themed to Tatooine.

What is colourful in Coruscant and Naboo stays in their respective planet because of how sheltered those vehicles are. They’re designed for their respective planets. They’re not designed to deal with Tatooine. Maybe they can function on that desert planet. Not for long, though.

– Someone pretending to be “cute” on the internet. Way to miss the message by going “La! La! Laaaaa! I’m not listening!”

I find it amusing how his speeder is far visually pleasing than the bikes. Look at the brown trimming on the white. It’s like the image of the Chevy vehicles I’ve shared further below in this blog posting. I’ll watch Star Wars because I grew up on the original Trilogy. I’ve even admired the Prequel trilogy while idiots hated it for moronic reasons. Then those same morons wanted to save the vile New Trilogy nonsense while we had actual proper movies and shows then on. Rogue One, The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, Rebels, Star Wars Visions, among others.

I’m not just going to tune out because you’re too brainless to comprehend simple things, let alone Star Wars lore. Again, I GREW UP on Star Wars. I have Star Wars toys, games, and nostalgia. Even memorable Comicon images. Not going to let some moron pretend they own the same IP, nor Twitter clout chasing. I LOVE my Star Wars. If you want something to retain its quality you need to make sure it’s not butchered by brainless ignorant morons. You need to protect what you love and admire.

– Nothing says you can’t bring this to Tatooine. You can, just expect the paint to chip, look warn out, busted, and even melted from the Twin suns. Bring these colourful vehicles to Tatooine they’ll become bleached by the sun quicker than Jawa’s can steal your loot.
– One doesn’t equate to the other……. Again, missing the whole point of a desert planet vs Earth-like planets. Urban vs desert functions.

The whole point is not about other planets having shiny vehicles. This is a strawman voiding peoples’ valid criticism and feedback. It’s the same with the Naboo fighter, you can have it visit Tatooine all you want. Eventually the polish shall wear off to the point it’ll become a dull looking star fighter appearing like the Tie Fighters, X-Wing, among other ships.

– Hey, Geeky. Note the paint chips, defects, and the duller appearance on the pod racers. They may be colourful, you however failed to notice the duller colour palette. Again, look at how worn out those pod racers are. Sure, they have a fresh colour of paint being backed by corporations, sponsors, etc. Anakin’s pod racer was “new”; 2nd image is duller paint theme; 3rd shows pod racing wear-and-tear.

If it helps you realize the point better then think “battle of attrition” and “survival of the fittest”. That’s what Tatooine is about. A desert planet with people trying to survive on all sides. Even the Pykes doing business, crime lords, etc. Note their moody appearances. Pod Racers may allegedly appear to be “brightly coloured”, they still have actual wear and tear, paint chipping, and technical issues. They’re as rough as Soviet technology back in the day.

Or imagine how sports cars aren’t used in snow because they can’t function properly in those environments. Ferrari in snow? Nah. Maybe in certain controlled situations. Now flip it back to a desert planet where it is hot, sandy, and brutally.

If we’re going to play this strawmaning nonsense then I might as well play my own with Sabine’s painted Tie Fighter. How come she can proudly display her pride while the bikers can’t? Add some Star Wars themed stickers, decals, and call it a day with the shiny paint. Have some trim colours. Pimp it out as much as you could for ‘American Graffiti’ with the white Chevy Impala with the white, black, red, and brown theme.

– If we’re going to play this brainless strawman’ing game then I’ll note how the bikers should have gone the Sabine route of adding contrasting themes, detailing, and stickers/decals to their bikes. Mono-themed bike is fine, adding detailing would have been better. Also, this is on another planet, not Tatooine.

To which, I’ll transition back to the ‘American Graffiti’ part.

– A fair tweet making a fair point. A respect and nod to an old movie with love towards bikers, instead of cars. Again, note the trim seen in the first preview image with the white Chevy. White, black (or blue).
– American Graffiti – Note the various trim and detailings. The red and brown trimming. Red lights. If there is a will, there is a way to add detailing to the mono-coloured bikes.

I don’t expect Twitter morons and clout chasers to see things the way I point them out above. They’ll whine I’m being “too confusing” or continue along their gaslighting route. I’ll continue watching ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ as an Star Wars fan. I’ll continue respecting the various nods to the pit droids, Stormtroopers, or anything in the original trilogy. Respect is gained when respect is shown in the series you’re covering.

Again, to be absolutely clear. I. DO. NOT. HATE. EPISODE. 3! I simply find it weird and poorly executed. It can do so much better. The ball slipped harshly within this episode, that is all.

Lawrence of Arabia Reference – Pyke Train Scene:

I genuinely respect this reference because it was genuinely done well. Everything fit episode 2 perfectly showing the Tuskens how to ride Swoop bikes, raid it, and take it over. Tuskens obtained what they came for while at the same the the more intellectual folks noticed the striking similarities to a certain something special in history. This whole train portion was in reference to ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. The name may have escaped me, I however loosely knew of the reference.

– I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to have seen the similarities, I’ll however be alone in acknowledging it as people constantly clout-chase on the internet.

I genuinely respect and admire this respectful tribute to the past, and to an actual cultural point of view.

– Boba’s serious nature. Wearing his Tusken-gifted attire while riding the Bantha gifted to him.
– The 80’s hitting Star Wars in a very “pants down” manner. Hard to see this being Star Wars, though can suspend belief knowing the underworld of Coruscant. These people belong more over in Coruscant, Naboo, Corellia, or a more urbanized area.
– One hired Mercenary fighting a group for hire. Who would win?

I have to agree with other people with how Boba Fett is being thrown around like a puppet. No real satisfaction to his fight. He isn’t a “bad-ass” as he used to be, especially in ‘The Mandalorian’. Even Krrsantan thrashes him around with no real satisfaction to the fight. Boba puts on a bath rope and calls it a day. There is no actual weight and reward to this.

– Boba’s prize, ‘The Twins’, Boba & Fennec, and Krrsantan.
– Highly amused by the call-back to Episode 2-3 (5-6 in modern trilogy) with Jabba the Hutt and Boba in the picture.
– Stormtroopers and a WW2/Vietnam soldier. When looking at his military uniform all I could think of is actual real life uniforms, not Rebel uniforms, or anything. Low budget?

Danny Trejo – Rancor Trainer:

Hey! It’s Danny Trejo! I know him! I’ve seen a good amount of his movies as a kid making him fairly recognizable here. A real shocker and a surprise.

– “Don’t worry, he’ll be back”
– I wish we could. I blame Twitter for ruining everything. For something that should have stayed a 5 minute discussion has been drawn out by highschool drama mentality. Twitter ruins everything while refusing to have a civil conversation. Everybody wants a piece of the conversation pie, and clout.
– I’m also curious about her. She wasn’t shown, and I was waiting for her body to be shown. I’m speculating a group has escaped, or captured, now probably even needing to be saved from slavers. Either that, or just lazy-writing “dead”.
– Gaslighting. I guess we’re just going to conveniently ignore the part where Star Wars fans simply want to enjoy proper Star Wars and how people are allows to speak their minds.

It honestly seems like Twitter simply doesn’t understand the part with how Star Wars fans want to simply enjoy proper Star Wars. Disney screwed up the New Trilogy, fired Gina Carano over moronic reasons, and even encouraged people to troll, bully, and harass other people for the sake of hijacking Star Wars in her own manner. She’s like a crime boss in Star Wars, yet people allow her to destroy things. Hence, why Asian media is now outperforming western media ever since 2000 onward; 2017 showing a larger divide and growth than previous decade.

People are correct to voice their concerns over Boba Fett being weak. It may be growth, people however have a valid reason to worry. It’s like worrying about a sibling, friend, and others in similar situations of distress.

Boba Fett smiling? That seems like a red herring to me. He smiled in The Mandalorian, or so I recall.

As for “motorcycle too shiny”? Valid. Tatooine being sandy, dry, hot and brutal. It’s a war of attrition and “survival of the fittest” where even Pykes wouldn’t dare prance about with their bling.

As for not watching after episode 3? Ah, thanks for exposing your colours for trying to destroy Star Wars. First you gaslight/red herring by voiding people’s opinions, then you want people to bail from the IP to drop it allowing lower quality shows to surpass it. This is what you’re implying, even if you haven’t openly said it. I also find the last bit ironic seeing as how the whole tweet is phrased in a way to void other peoples’ valid concerns and thoughts. Get with the program.

Oh, I forgot….. Discussing things is akin to being Alt-Right and a terrorist. Not my words, Tumblr’s words. We’re not allowed to have discussions because it corrupts the mind to be converted into cults and gangs. You’re not allowed to discuss, as pressed and taught by Tumblr. No discussions allowed as it would turn you into a terrorist. I honestly wish I saved that picture……….

– You know what? You’re actually right, for once. Let’s all blame it on this moronic character named Majordomo for going under the speed limit giving us the lamest low budget speed chase in a Star Wars show to date. The tricks and gags were cool, though very typical of Hollywood to the point it comes off as generic. Let’s publicly whip Majordomo for being far too bumbly and timid for his own good.

Even in heavy sarcasm I’ll agree with Kyle Katarn here. Does make a point that you’re going as fast as your target in a chase. We can learn this from Grand Theft Auto 3-5, among other chase games. Follow the target. Still the slowest chase scene with generic stunts and moves. Typical Hollywood stuff.

And to end it off:

I’m genuinely disappointed to see the Tusken tribe wiped out. There is sadness, yes. Just no real anger or vengeance feeling as you normally would obtain from these scenes. Everything feels monotone, moot, and pointless. You find out who wiped them out, the emotions are however not provoked enough to care. There are no flashbacks, no attachments pointed out. Only poor Banthas constantly being killed like Stormtroopers, a tribe wiped out, poor Tuskens dead like insects, and a sign leading to the gang who had done it.

More could have been done with this scene to draw it out, make more more emotionally powerful, and actually push Boba Fett further to shape up as a character. Everything in episode 3 focused more on the Power Ranger biker squad than than the episode 1 & 2 of the build up of trust, respect, and initiation similar to a Jedi obtaining their first lightsaber. Episode 3 screwed up.

I however do have to wonder what happened to all the warriors. They may have survived to fight another day, kidnapped, or simply dead as Boba Fett burns all their bodies the traditional way.

Episode 1 started off slow, yet good. Episode 2 was great and solid. As for episode 3? It’s decent, yet weird. It screwed up on numerous things to which I’m betting episode 4 was written to damage control and retcon all the errors in episode 3. All the budgeting issues being noticed………

I want to say Kathleen Kennedy is a moron needing no praise or attention. Any and every praise belongs to actual people doing the actual hard work in the show. I’m enjoying these episodes, I’m now far more wary and cautious than ever thanks to all the moronic stunts Kennedy and Disney have done with Star Wars. The bigotry firing of Gina Carano in a hypocritical manner ruining Mandalorian, and the gaslighting of Star Wars fans.

– Message from Kathleen Kennedy: “Star Wars wasn’t made for the original fans”.

With that, let us hope episode 4 onward shall correct any weird mishaps. I don’t hate episode 3, I simply find it offbeat and poorly executed. It’s decent, just not the greatest. Tons of gaslighters on Twitter, yet great action otherwise outside of the bike squad grouping. The Black Wookie, Twins, Rancor, Danny Trejo, among other goodies. I just want pure Star Wars. I simply want to see Boba Fett’s character growth and for him to befriend the Rancor without getting double-crossed. Ride that Rancor like a Nightsister would!

I hate Twitter. Ever since 2017 everything simply went downhill. Can’t even enjoy Star Wars with some drugged up lunatic trying to allegedly claim that the ‘New Trilogy’ is better than in the world. We’re not going to acknowledge trash. If you want to eat from a dumpster gaining diseases and cancer then you do you. Other people shall keep our pants up eating proper food from safe food places keeping our standards up high.

I only made this blog posting to show my love and respect to Star Wars. I admired The Mandalorian, among other cool shows. I may have to go back praising ‘Star Wars Visions’, etc. Having grown up as a Star Wars fan I simply want proper Star Wars. This however shall be probably the one and only time I shall actually vent and take apart what I’ve watched to blog on a blog posting with how difficult it is to praise it as a whole. That is all, and I have spoken.

May the Force Be With You.