May 4th – Star Wars Clone Wars (Part 2)

– Star Wars – Biomes (Hoth) (20 min environmental Short Video)

Thanks to Star War’s May 4th (May the ‘Force’ Be with you) day, I found myself watching the final Season (7) of Star Wars Clone Wars. I’m, in a way, happy I reluctantly delayed watching it for a year allowing me to rekindle some lost love for Star Wars. I struggled to find a place to properly watch it (to access it). Belated, though well deserved viewing after being kicked in the balls and betrayed by those over in Disney & Lucasfilms over pointless political nonsense. They openly want to destroy Star Wars while 100% expecting people to consume ‘The High Republic’. If you don’t you’re various forms of “evil names” and terms. We however desire proper quality content such as Rogue One, Mandalorian, Clone Wars, Bad Batch, and such. The ACTUAL good stuff.

Even with that noted, I wanted to specifically note the awesomeness that is The Clone Wars Season 7, even if I’m 1 year late on that note. I won’t go into the specifics, though will notes how much I LOVE the Clone Wars final. Season 7 showed how Star Wars should be done with how serious it was. It went straight to the point. Dave Filoni knows how to get things done, to the dismay of Kathleen Kennedy and her CEO. They want to genuinely destroy Star Wars, and I’m not even joking. I’m not speaking lightly of this.

For Mothers Day: I’m thankful to my mom for supporting my love for Star Wars, even if it was heavier in Pokemon for them. Episode 3 [Revenge of the Sith] of the prequels hits differently for me because she gifted me the movie for my birthday. I found it actually awesome when people hated on it, probably the SJW folks we have reigning hatred from Disney & whining on Twitter over fake matters. When I watched it I loved it while asking why people are morons. People wanted to sabotage everything great, as we see now. Much love to my mother who supported me with my interests, hobbies, and life. She sadly passed away a few years back making this far more special.

(Note: I shall watch ‘The Bad Batch’ after this so it may gain my praise, and the last final Star Wars paradise before we plunge into the corrupted side of Star Wars nonsense fully.)

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– Star Wars Biomes – Sorgan – Fishing

Had to share two screens from the ‘Biomes’ short shown on May 4th. Its cool seeing the Star Wars regions in a similar light as to how Star Wars Galaxies played out. If only that magic could be recreated in a proper open world sandboxy game on par with SWG, not SWTOR.

Star Wars – Clone Wars – Season 7 Hype:

I’m honestly still blown away by what I’ve seen, even if I’m a year late doing so. I loved how cinematic, how serious, how true, and honest these episodes were not only to its past series, but also concluding and setting things up for its future lore; For Rogue One, Bad Batch, among others. Dave Filoni is our saviour. What these Star Wars shows does is both encourage and inspire. It provokes the mind while not preaching any political nonsense. It simply tells a story, not mind control people into a certain mindset.

I simply want to see the same Star Wars magic as I’ve seen as a kid growing up. The same one from the original trilogy, prequels, Clone Wars (both), Rogue One, and then Mandalorian. Solo was alright, it hit differently. Rebels was also good, something I tried interesting people with. Clone Wars Season 7 is however where its at currently, something I want to focus specifically for this blog posting. Some certain points however have to be said.

– Clone Wars Season 7 – The greatness that is the Clone Wars and Clone supremacy.

Now, honestly tell me why the ‘New Trilogy’ can’t compare to the original lore of Star Wars. It just doesn’t compare to this Clone Wars, even if it tried with Resistance. It has an opening, Disney and Lucasfilms however are too inexperienced in exploiting the proper opening for maximum profit. Dave Filoni knows how. Why does the New Trilogy fail so much? Even though it as so much power, support, and finances backing it behind it? Its been diseased by social and American politics. Think to yourself as to why Lucasfilms and Disney both failed to produce three films on the same caliber and quality as the original trilogy, the prequels, or even Rogue One and The Mandalorian level of entertainment. Why is Clone Wars, and even Season 7 so awesome? Pure passion and love.

Yes, the New Trilogy does have its moments where it could have easily been expended on in a more nitty-gritty manner. There were numerous opportunities to see the New Order’s ranks treated far more seriously, far more memorable, among others. Basically look at ‘The Mandalorian’ with how Mando and how Cara Dune dealt with their situation. The show respected the lore, even adding onto it. There is that trust, that respect. The Clone Wars has it.

You also have Lucasfilm employees going out attacking various fans for even supporting Star Wars. The original ones, or at all. Get too emotional, or share your true thoughts and they’ll come out to attack you. Too unprofessional.

– Clone Wars – Season 7 – Cinematic explosion of the CIS after setting of a trap for a trap.

I’ve grown up with Star Wars, as have countless others, so we have this certain expectation of quality and dignity. Not elitists type, just the certain qualities we’ve seen in Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, and even Rogue One. There may obviously be those ‘bad apples’ constantly hijacking hobbies and entertainment to justify their harassment, such as the hate against the prequels because that is just how stupid they are. Now most likely those same people have hijacked Star Wars to be a shell of its former self, ironically when Clone Wars related content outshines their content. The High Republic failed.

Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Season 7 – ‘Shattered’

– Haunting music of Star Wars pre-Order 66 tense moments.

Ahsoka leaves Mandalore.

What makes Star Wars memorable is the awesome music, something ‘The New Trilogy’ has actually done well. That is one of the few flaws it has done fairly well. For Clone Wars this tense music shaped Star Wars allowing for a figurative torch to be passed onto the new Galactic Empire. Out with the Clone Wars, in with the Galactic Empire.

Shattered hits Star Wars hard while also musically expressing the harsh, if silent, transition from one era to the next.

– Shattered – From a Republic stance to a Galactic Imperial stance.
– Star Wars cinematic magic – Ahsoka and Maul negotiating a future. Setting speaks for itself.

All lore, non nonsense story telling. The music (Shattered) from the conclusion on Mandalore was overly haunting showing the transition from the Republic to the Empire. The quiet, yet open haunting transition. Shattered, the music and the scenery, visually and musically showed this transition, something which I find awesome. This is because Dave Faloni knows how to respect Star Wars lore all-the-while Kathleen Kennedy assumes a false high ground seeking her podium and her ‘fade in’ nonsense. You don’t see visual cues from ‘New Trilogy’ as you do with Dave Filoni’s content.

The scenery speaks, hints, and foreshadows.

Out of curiousity, a part of me wanted to see how the future would have changed if Ahsoka and Maul would have teamed up. No trickery, just pure pledge on fighting Sidius to save Anakin. The Empire could still form, if in a new twisted way. If we do get alternate universes from Dave Faloni (and those who care about the lore) I want to see where that would have led. Ahsoka had one good long chance, and one on the ship, to change the future in a slight manner. It does make you wonder.

– Shattered – Where the future leads.
– Fighting for your future as you leave the past behind, respectfully.
– Remembering the honour, the sacrifices. Even if they’ve turned enemy, still respect them in the end.

The problem I find with Disney & Lucasfilms is how they’ve hired individuals who want to interject their own social politics into a fictional world such as Star Wars. Yes, various factions may have been “inspired” by real world politics, it however is NOT a direct mirror of our world. Again, these factions are not a 1:1 scale representation of our current world. Inspiration is far different than actually having a replica or an original in a fictional world.

Ironically enough, Electronic Arts is far better at telling a Star Wars story than Disney. They at the very least pay their respects to the lore, even if it may be to profit like Spice traders. They world build, they pull you in, if at a 95% success-rate.

Another form of disrespect was how Kathleen pushed for ‘The Force is Female’ because Star Wars is trash. Its only a marketing tool to them. No love, no soul….. Star Wars is Star Wars, not ‘America, Fuck yeah!’, or any other nation. Star Wars is its own entity. It deserves its own form of respect, something people over in Disney, Lucasfilms, Tumblr, and various hijacked journalistic sites refuse to do so. Social politics is more important than a proper plot and story in a story.

– From the ashes and remains rises an evil………

This probably may be where Star Wars officially dies, with the Clone Wars, Mandalorian, and The Bad Batch. Unless Disney and Lucasfilms regain their dignity in mental and physical form, this just may be the formal death of Star Wars by the hands of Dave Filoni as we clash between corporation politics also corrupted by American politics in various forms.

We may just have to rely on Japanese interests in keeping Star Wars alive thanks to their freedom of creativity and entertainment when it comes to Anime. They themselves have to become overly assertive. They’re far too shy.

On A Side Note Star Trek – “Resistance if Futile”:

Star Trek is facing the same disease on a far larger scale because of corrupted narratives. Its far easier to corrupt than Star Wars because of various social wedge points and ideological chokepoints about social norms, among other stuff. Found ‘Upper Decks’ far too cringe because the humour is far too low quality, similar to Ghostbusters 2016. Comedians need to know how to tell jokes to be funny, something they’ve obviously failed at. Timing and place…..

RIP Star Trek & RIP Star Wars.

– Entertainment should be entertainment, not a political senate preaching how you should be entertained. Entertainment should not guilt trip you, nor force you how to live. It should provoke the mind, not dictate what roads to take. Media shouldn’t be a manual, it should be a brainstorming medium.

Things are not what they used to be because of how everything has to be crudely interjected with political nonsense. Its not ‘stunning and brave’, its crude and naive. There are also a ton of prudes turning things into sterile and boring forms of mediums. There is a genuine reason as to why there is a pushback in seeing various nonsense in ‘Force is Female’, or whatever political nonsense Star Trek’s new gen is sharing. Of course you’re going to get yelled at if you’re going to light a match to burn a public building down. Common sense, respect, and decency. There is a reason why we have the police department, hospitals, and fire department…..

People shall go back to the original Trek, Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and even the prequel Enterprise. That is where the genuine fun is at. I tried my fun with Discovery, it was alright. Nothing to boast about. It had its moments, sadly corrupted by various forms of politics. Second season needs to be watched, though it is what it is. I’ll watch things when they’re fun again, and when I’m aware its actually entertaining and enjoyable. That’s the whole point.

This may be extreme, though an example has to be noted, that in the future it may be perfectly fine for kids in kindergarten to bring nether region playthings into class with how we tend to fight for obscure things. With the way things are going that is just where we may end up with little kids playing with +18 toys in kindergarten. Fighting for woman’s rights in the 1930’s is genuine, though fighting for childish and strange things in 2017+ is weird. Stealing and hijacking other people’s valour and honour seems to be a very cool thing as you call it your own. Various forms of dignity is being lost while standards in quality is also dropping. Various forms of media is being hijacked to the point we’ll lose out on the Clone War’s and Anime quality in the near future. The ‘escapism’ shall be lost. That may exactly be the point though. Destroy what people enjoy while shuttling political messages to the trash bin. (This may also explain why there is a rising infertility rate and shrinking genitals because of these political pushes, life choices, and drug-polluted water).

Its sad to note how Western ideals are infecting, corrupting, and destroying everything it touches. Its like a disease. Its dangerous, its vicious…. One such example is [Young Again in Another World], and even [Stars Align], A trans anime was canceled for preaching instead of focusing on entertainment. We live a stressful life, we don’t want to be watch more guilt-tripping nonsense. People are already suiciding and feeling horrible, yet everything has to be turned into further hell by these ‘SJW’s. People then wonder why Korra prematurely died as a show. It became diseased. What happened to Gina Carano only backfired while also being completely brainless. This is what happens when you interject political nonsense into various forms of mediums….

I hope Dave Faloni fights like hell to keep Star Wars true to its roots. I hope Gina Carano comes back (even if brief) allowing her to play her role to the fullest while showing how Star Wars SHOULD be done. We need more Clone War quality content. I’ll shortly be jumping onto ‘The Bad Batch’, then we’ll see where Star Wars shall go from there. I’ll pause these Star Wars postings to allow Pokemon Snap and other content to be posted in the near future. I’ve said what I needed to say.

– Lets see where the future of Star Wars leads. (Insert ‘Shattered’ BGM here)

Clone Wars Season 7 did great, hence why I made a blog posting about it. I admire it, the music, the directing. It had a slow portion when Ahsoka met the two girls, everything after that was intense, probably why things went the way they went. I genuinely love this original form of Star Wars, more so when it pays respect to the lore. I’m sure certain people shall try to label me negative terms as I simply desire proper dignity, respect, and quality from Star Wars and other content. People simply love being negative. I simply wanted to share my love for Clone Wars ep 7 while admiring the haunting nature of ‘Shattered’. The transition.

(Do yourself a favour and listen to the ‘Shattered’ BGM.)

May the Force Be With You, Always.