May The 4th Be With You

– On Tatooine with R2-D2.

May The 4th Be with you, always. Its May 4th, meaning its Star Wars day, something I can always get behind because I grew up with Star Wars. I grew up watching Star Wars with ‘A New Hope’, had all sorts of toys and Legos, some of which I still have today from roughly back in 1990’s. Some of which I’ll share those with you at the bottom of the blog posting. I LOVE (or loved) Star Wars up until perverted and overly abusive political narratives were being pushed into Star Wars pushing it from entertainment and escapism to guilt tripping and abuse. Absolute corruption of Star Wars. It went from enjoyment to a stressful medium forcing me to hide over in Anime and Hololive. I can still however admire Star Wars at its core, hence why I’m making this blog posting, its just becoming more and more difficult to enjoy Star Wars as the years go by thanks to Disney & Lucasfilms. Its all the fault of Kathleen Kennedy and her CEO watching over her. They’re both to blame.

(Note: My grammar may be all over the place because I had to rush this blog posting out. I’ll fix my errors when I am able to, and if people point them out. With how vocal I’m going to be in my frustration with Star Wars I’m certain I’ll be fighting those aligning themselves with the SJW side; Those of whom want to destroy Star Wars while throwing original fans under the bus.)

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I genuinely love Star Wars, it is however a shame I now feel like I just don’t belong, nor can enjoy it at its fullest. All these nonsense Lucasfilms & Disney fake SJW nonsense making myself and actual Star Wars fans feel like we amount to nothing while genuine bullies take over our hobbies and interests. They’ve murdered Marvel, DC, Comicbooks, D&D, among other North American interests. They’ve tried hijacking Anime time and again with no or little success. I want to celebrate Star Wars at its core; What made me love Star Wars before its been hijacked, corrupted, and turned into vomit. How I loved it as a kid and as an obnoxious teen.

I’ve genuinely went from suggesting and praising Star Wars to simply not adding onto any praise when people bring up Star Wars because of the various damages that have been done to the IP. I have coworkers who would talk about Star Wars, even Mandalorian, to the point where I would have been found pressing them to watch Mandalorian to now not doing so. If they brought up Mandalorian I wouldn’t attach any praise or suggestions. I’d stay silent, something I wouldn’t have done a year prior. Ever since Disney/Lucasfilms openly bullied and harassed Gina Carano (something which is disturbingly encouraged) Star Wars became something I barely love anymore. They covertly fired Gina Carano not having any courage telling it to her face. A raging vile hate mob constantly forced Gina Carano to leave while twisting her words into a form of blackmail. Such cowardly and abusive behaviour. Then you have rumours of Disney/Lucasfilms now begging her to come back, something which she may say “no” to because of the amount of abuse. If she does come back she’ll be abused from both sides once again. We’ll wait out the results.

Either way, every time I saw Star Wars worlds in VRChat I would always check them out. Some are obviously better than others, its the fun and attempt that counts. The love of the lore.

– Land Speeder. These are not the droids you are looking for.

Funny enough, Renge is supposed to be a 15 cm tall battle robot so that line in Star Wars is amusing, if used on her. She is not the droid you are looking for 🙂

Also, I’m sure I have more images pre-2018, these are the ones which stand out, and are easily accessed from my computer. Seeing Star Wars in VR (in VRChat) changes everything. We genuinely need Star Wars in a proper VR setting. Not just demos, actual full-fledged VR games. They have the budget, they’re too stingy to get it done.

– Mini Death Star.
– Tie Fighters – With actual Tie Fighters flying in formation every so often. You can actually fly this.
– Darth Scathach
– I love how Scathach appears in these images. Same with Renge on her head.

I genuinely love Star Wars. I feel hurt, I feel in pain….. That’s the point of these abuser’s tactics. They want to hijack it to destroy it while also using it as a political preaching platform because they can’t create a successful show themselves. They’ve done this to Star Trek, to Flintstones, and etc. I feel genuinely betrayed.

Like with Star Trek, old Star Wars and Old Star Trek are the best. Everything modern is trash, except for Rogue One and The Mnadalorian. Maybe even Solo movie. I genuinely feel betrayed. We, as a Star Wars community feel betrayed. I no longer go searching for music tracks, any scenes, or anything. I just don’t have the hype, nor enthusiasm. The only thing allowing me to celebrate May 4th is my past love of Star Wars, May 4th hype, and the floppy rumours of Gina Carano being bagged back into The Mandalorian. My past and my hobby mates hyping up May 4th is what is allowing me to slightly enjoy Star Wars. If she comes back then Star Wars shall genuinely be saved. If not, RIP Star Wars.

Pardon my language, but FUCK Disney, and FUCK Lucasfilms. Fuck you guys for genuinely ruining my childhood, my nostalgia. The fucking semi-irony is how Pokemon is still strong and alive because it focuses on its lore. It hasn’t yet injected the politics Star Wars and various North American media has. Pokemon Snap is still fun, something I want to make a blog posting about. Fuck these American politics. I’m genuinely upset about these bullies hijacking everything pretending they’re Star Wars fans. Then you have people who are brainwashed into further abusing Gina Carano because they’ve read Polygon’s or other news outlets encouraging harassment and bullying while twisting her words in a form of blackmail and slander. Grow the fuck up. Then there are those people who just can’t grasp the severity of the issue. They assume everything is fine and the fans are the moronic ones. You’ve been played by the media. Well done. Now bring back the original proper Star Wars we love and enjoy; The Japanese enjoy also.

Now I’ll hold back any curse words to snap back to positivity.

– I have the high ground….
– Bespin!

As of this blog posting I’m behind by a season in Clone Wars (final season) and have yet to watch the ‘Bad Batch’. I need a proper sourcing that isn’t Disney+ while also finding my love for Star Wars again. I need my love and enthusiasm back. Its been corrupted.

– Seeing Bespin in VR sure is something. Any Star Wars in VR would be awesome. Even retro games, or retro-themed. It all works out in the end.
– A ship I’m not familiar with, unless its from EU and from the Shadow Empire game I fiddled with, yet never played.
– Bespin Cloud car is awesome. I have it as a Lego set, something I assume I still have intact. Probably the only few sets I now have left as I had to give my Lego set away during a move in summer 2020.
– Carbon freeze Renge? You could try. She would fight you for it.

– Mandalorian Cantina.
– Don’t mind us, we’re just passing through while admiring your Mando ways.
– Warp!
– That’s no Moon!
– I’ve always aligned myself to the Empire because of their technology. I’m not fully Imperial, only a technology admirer from Star Wars Galaxies, Battlegrounds, Empire at War, and etc.

– A vast Tatooine landscape.
– Sand Crawler, Tie Fighter wreck, and others hidden in the desert.
– Hey! My favourite fighter! The Tie Interceptor. Nice.
– Oi! Here! Over here!
– Hmm……..
– RIP X-Wing.
– Oh? Curious what happened to this Blockade Runner.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic was a decent game, just not to my liking. I’ve played a fair bit finding it decent, just not a proper replacement to Star Wars Galaxies. Regardless of what I’ve said in my ‘review’, SWTOR is a 50/100 game. Its too linear. My want my SWG fun. SWTOR had its moments though.
– VRChat is awesome allowing you to freely fly and fight against one another. Its the hype pre- Star Wars: Squadrons.
– X-Wing pew-pew match. Spawn and fight in an astroid field.
– There are various Star Wars knock-off and themed worlds in VRChat, one such being a Banana themed Tie Interceptor world. Hence, why the Tie Interceptors have yellow trim. We spent a good 5-10 min flying towards the planet and another 5-10 min back while in VR. The feeling is awesome. Its what you would get in Star Wars Squadron game. Granted, I haven’t played it though would assume such.

– Always amusing visiting various Star Wars themed worlds. Welcome to Hoth.

VRChat is awesome when it comes to visiting these Star Wars themed worlds. People in VRChat mostly tend to show off their passion, though there are times when they also get all politically corrupted. Its why people struggle to have fun in VRChat. When you can talk with friends and chill within VRChat, and these Star Wars worlds it becomes even better. The better experience comes when the worlds are like miniature games within a game, that is a far better experience. When VRChat’s worlds are interactive it becomes the best memorable experience.

Star Wars: Episode I Racer:

I used to own an N64 before I had to sell it off. I loved every moment of it from Goldeneye 64, Perfect Dark, and even Star Wars. I never owned a Star Wars N64 title, I however borrowed them and played them at a friend’s house. Sadly, we’ve lost contact though we played and played N64 every Saturday or Sunday. He took over my Playstation 2 & 3. Fun times. I’m genuinely happy these were ported over to the Steam platform.

I used to fiddle with Rogue Squadron, Pod Racing, Shadow of The Empire, and anything that is just Star Wars that my friend had owned. Again, they’re thankfully on Steam.

– Always loved the vibes and feel of the game. The way damage accumulates and how you can fiddle with parts.
– The proper Star Wars vibes.
– Selecting a vehicle to race. Always seeing someone using it bumping them off so you yourself can use this terminal.
– Taking screenshots is difficult because F12 key doesn’t work. Still love how the tracks feel awesome, how fun racing is, and etc. The nostalgia and greatness is still there.

I remember growing up to seeing N64 demo stations in various stores showcasing Goldeneye, Podracing, and Star Fox. The good old days where you could play Star Wars, where the staff would also encourage you to see if you could beat the level when they couldn’t. There are things I miss in the past that I wish were still present in 202, such as common sense and proper passion for entertainment.

Star Wars Battlegrounds:

This game is something special to me because of how accessible it was. Back during my school years I would play this with my friends and classmates because of its LAN option. We would play the hell out of it. We would fool around, fight, and even light PVP stuff. Even now, I feel its overly special. The whole harvesting of resources, building walls, and just having a blast messing around. Good times.

– Gungan AI attacking the Trade Federation while I was being the Empire.
– When I’d play I would normally set up forts, generators and power supplies. I would try to inch my way, similar to Rise of Nations and other games.
– I play more for fun because that is how games should be. I failed to obtain my AT-AT because I forgot how to play. Its still a fun game.

Star Wars Toys:

As noted in the intro, I still have a few precious Star Wars toys left. I even have some Lego, they’re however a pain to get through on a whim. Instead, I’ll share my more precious ones and easily accessible ones. Keep in mind I was forced to move during summer 2020 because of 2020 and how my father passed away forcing me to move to a friend’s home. Everything is hidden away.

– The few, the Rebellion, that survived the wrath of 2020. The Millennium Falcon has seen better days. It wasn’t always that visually tainted.
– X-Wing, surprisingly with Luke and R2 still inside. I’m amazed. They’ve been through some crazy adventures with me as a kid.

The X-Wing you see above survived till now while also having been heavily played with on Moodie Drive, in Ottawa. There used to be a bus area on Moodie Drive under Laidlaw where I would just play with my Star Wars toys. One summer my parents cleaned the buses while we listened to ‘The Bear’ on the radio station back in the 1990’s. I would just flew my X-Wing in between buses. A kid doing kid things.

I’ve also driven a school bus before. Twice, and even three times… As a kid. I scared my parents for having took the keys, put the bus in gear, backed it up, and drove it to them. I knew what I was doing. The irony is I don’t have a drivers license currently, something I’m not proud of. I am however overly proud of having driven a yellow school bus within the yard heh.

– The more sentimental stuff I won’t get rid of.

Star Wars: Empire At War:

Even though I don’t play it much, or at all, it still means a lot to me. I used to be a big part of the community, if on the highly naïve and obnoxious side. I met some colourful characters both in the developer side of things, as well as the community itself. There were a lot of abusive people, even a Canadian one having been in prison telling me to “fuck off” one time. I can see why they were in prison. I have lots of good and bad memories to go along with this game. I have the collectors editon, the Death Star which no longer makes sound, among others. Even a Gundam Legacy mod using one of my very old Youtube videos.

– Tartan Cruiser

I love the space battles a lot having good memories of taking over income spots and defense points. Even how I used land units, how I had a penguin mod influenced by me. Empire at War is a big thing, whether people like me being a part of it or not. We used to mod the hell out of this game. It even had a decent multiplayer mode where you could do skirmish, do PVP or co-op style, and a campaign mode to take over planets and the galaxy.

As for ‘Eckharts Ladder’ (a youtuber), he may go “meh” assuming I mean nothing in the community, among others. I’ve had other people assume I was still angry back in 2018, or so. Wording is hard. He’s a Youtuber and a Streamer heavy in the Star Wars realm, though there are parts where I just don’t agree with him. We’re both Canadian, and I wouldn’t mind hanging with him, though feel we may just headbutt a few times over situations. Petroglyph has done well with Star Wars here. As for other folks I was openly bullied and even let go by Petroglyph themselves because of how abusive they were to me. Granted, I was a naive kid being a bit obnoxious, I was however bullied on both fronts I nearly had a mental break down, something they refused to acknowledge, or consider. I hung around for ‘Universe at War’ to then fade out after. I briefly stuck around for ‘Goo’ to then never look back. Petroglyph wanted nothing to do with me.

On the flipside to my issues:
Its however a shame Petroglyph is too shy to take them where they should go because they worry too much. Legal problems, and etc. We could have easily had a cool EaW 2 with proper navy battles and such. There are things Star Wars Battlegrounds has done over Empire at War. A shame.

For blogging purposes I have to note a developer harassed me when we played Soul Calibur for PS3 just because of latency issue. I still recall such a memory because of how much I was being taunted. Everything I said I was mocked for. I however had neutral or even positive dialogue with other Petroglyph staff, and still on my Steam friends if I ever wanted to talk to them.

I would play this game more if it didn’t mess with my monitor. Old games mess with monitor settings.

Star Wars Galaxies:

Lastly, I have to note the best MMO of all time for Star Wars. I’ll do it in brief. I still prefer this game over SWTOR because of how free it is in an open world sense. The worlds are vast, you can harvest and craft stuff, while also shaping Star Wars to your standards. Players dictated how things flowed.

– Star Wars Galaxies – Imperial Decimator

The height of Star Wars Galaxies was the Jump to Lightspeed Expack before the NGE update ruined it. Something stupid happened to where you had to redo your professions, where it was easy becoming a jedi ruining the whole difficulty of things. Everything became a chore. Everything was perfect before that.

I loved the free-roaming Star Wars where I would just roam around on my terms doing random quests, flying where I wanted, and etc. I wish we had this Star Wars in 2021 era, something EA refuses to do. Everything good has to be corrupted.

I miss my Decimator. I miss the open world nature. Granted, I could still play SWGEmu, I just need a proper hard drive, proper dedicated time, and maybe some good friends. Its going to be a long while before I play SWGEmu.

Ottawa Comiccon 2014:

I’m genuinely glad I went to Ottawa’s Comiccon to see various North America take on hobbies. The fun before SJWs ruined everything. 2017 onwards. I love all the Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Attack on Titan stuff, among others. The TRUE passion of our hobby.

– Mandalorians
– StormTroopers be troopin’
– Star Wars group shot.
– My happy moment being R2-D2 going up to everybody, including me. I still recall that awesome memory.

Even though I have my weird social moments, I still love the passion behind Star Wars. I love how people dress up and own various Star Wars assets. They show how much they love it while Disney and Lucasfilms throws turds at us.

I want to play SWG Emu, as well as Star Wars Squadrons. I need a new hard drive and the proper time to do so. I’ve also observed Electronic Arts fiddling with their Star Wars Squadrons in mischievous ways. I’ll make a blog posting if, and when I get Star Wars Squadrons. This will have to wait for my situation to settle, and for me to obtain that secondary hard drive.

I genuinely want to get back to enjoying Star Wars. I just can’t because everything is being ripped away from us. Its all the fault of SJWs, Disney, and Lucasfilms for corrupting Star Wars to the point corporations actually encouraging harassment campaigns against genuine fans. Slander & various forms of blackmail are encouraged to the point people supporting Gina Carano are guilt-tripped. I lost my love for Star Wars, and that is most likely the point of these SJW attacks. Its depressing. Like I said, I grew up with Star Wars but I’m not allowed to enjoy it. I’ll still show off where I stand, Star Wars however is not at a state it was.

I’m sure my blog mates in the Anime realm shall disagree with me supporting these horrendous harassment campaign against Gina Carano when its fine for Pedro to be all Anti-American. American politics ruining everything, including Star Wars. Actually, who knows what stance my blog-mates and anime hobbymates shall have. Star Wars has been tarnished. I’m however glad seeing other Star Wars fans picking up the slack Disney and Lucasfilms keeps dropping.

I want to enjoy Star Wars again. Please let me. I want to find myself Youtubing for Star Wars soundtracks, for Mandalorian soundtrack, and etc. I haven’t done that ever since Gina Carano was fired for genuinely abusive and evil corporation reasons. I guess Star Wars is dead to me now. I had a bit of a happy moment hearing rumours Gina Carano is coming back with Lucasfilms & Disney ‘begging’ her to come back. We shall see. They need to openly apologize to her and us, the fans. The Mandalorian was the best thing to happen and of course it was thrown into the trash bin. This is why we can’t have nice things, and why North Americans are always laughed at around the globe. Why I always have to hear how much North American sucks by genuine non-corrupted folks over in Japan and Europe. I’m not kidding.

I want to enjoy Star Wars again………. RIP. I’m partially sorry this had to be in a negative tone, I just feel betrayed with the rest of the Star Wars fanbase. Some obviously more than others. I’m finding myself watching more Anime, Hololive, and just playing games of other IPs. Even Azur Lane.

May The 4th be with you.