[SWG] Galaxies – An Empire Remembered Guidebook

The nostalgia is real here with Star Wars. Quite belated in sharing, yet finally able to share this with you all, to share the Star Wars love, and the heavy nostalgia from the Star Wars side of things.

– Galaxies – An Empire Divided guide to Star Wars: Galaxies MMO

Star Wars Galaxies has always been a big part of my life, a big influence, and a great game. For me, SWG reached its peak during the whole ‘Jump to Lightspeed’ fun before the NGE update, and other nonsense killed it. I always compare other games to Star Wars Galaxies with how detailed and awesome it was. Star Wars: The Old Republic just doesn’t cut it, not even close. It has fun elements, just not the way Star Wars Galaxies does it. Nobody wants to make a game like Star Wars Galaxies, and that’s a shame. Even struggling to make a proper full-fledged VR game for VR devices. 

Nobody wants to do what is necessary when it comes to the Star Wars license, but we can admire the ‘Golden Age’ of Star Wars with this awesome guide book. Remember what made Star Wars awesome in a more survival & “wild” manner. 

Galaxies: An Empire Divided:

[PC Nostalgia] Star Wars Galaxies – Collectors Edition:

– Special acknowledgement to all these people. You’re welcome ūüôā
– Star Wars Galaxies – Collectors Edition

This guide book is insanely detailed covering all parts of Star Wars Galaxies; Beginning to death. It covers everything, places it all out, and it’s highly detailed. The graphics are nicely designed in that nice Star Wars theme. Awesome job!

There’s insane amounts of detailing, some of which I haven’t even encountered myself in the game. If you miss Star Wars Galaxies then this guide book is the best gift you can give yourself, something even showing what Electronic Arts can’t do with their Star Wars games as they continue to kill and butcher the Star Wars license. Star Wars Galaxies reigns supreme, even though there have been people handicapping it, killing it from all angles when it was still breathing. It even notes this in the guide book saying how people treated SWG horribly, ‘as a laughing stock”, constantly bullying it unnecessarily. It did not help people jumped ship onto World of Warcraft, further ruining the whole fun which was Star Wars Galaxies. From my point of view, what actually killed SWG, was the whole NGE update. It jumped around way too much doing weird things making with nothing connecting properly. Jedi was made easier, ruining the balance. Balance of the Force was tipped over too painfully it never recovered.¬†

¬†I’m also honestly thankful and grateful to my parents back in the day for allowing me to purchase SWG as a kid, to support the monthly payments, and such. I even had to use trial codes to constantly play the game, to scout out locations of my settlements, and such; To allow me to experience SWG before it was killed. I briefly experienced NGE ruining my main account… I lost access to my tamed creatures. NGE update ruined everything, thus placing the final nail in the coffin.¬†

– The Golden Age of Star Wars! Naboo, Tatooine, Corellia, Dantooine… My favourite places. The servers. SWG was the best, and still does stay the best from both a survival & ‘Jump to Light Speed’ manner.
– The numerous races of Star Wars and Star Wars Galaxies. 
– Wasn’t a smuggler, yet do enjoy myself a good droid. A shame droids where the weak part of the game. Wish droids & NPCs had a bigger (stronger) role in the game. They felt like paper.
– Dantooine was my home in SWG, before I made an experimental settlement in another planet, something which was taken advantage of and expanded by someone else when I went MIA. 

I honestly wish vehicles played a bigger part in the game; In SWG, or any other free-roaming Star Wars game. I wish vehicles were more durable, far more common, and more weighted. NPC AT-AT’s would topple with ease from players, AT-ST’s would do the same…. It did not feel right. Same with droids of all types. I wish we could have piloted AT-AT/AT-ST’s in a weighted manner, similar to the original Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 games before EA took over. That’s neither here, nor there. Just nostalgia, thus what this book drives up. Nostalgia is what this game allows you to look at, and I love it. It’s a detailed tourist guide book.  Unrelated to the book, there’s a video of people trying to add in combat walkers in a “weighted” manner

– AT-AT being able to be piloted, walked, and fired from. This video was shared with me because of the book.
– The biggest part of SWG was being able to live & craft things. You were able to live in whatever home you wanted, design them, among other things. Would have loved to live in a broken AT-AT home. This game was awesome for that, something we need a free-roaming Star Wars game to do so. Shame Electronic Arts are a bunch of greedy jackasses.

Star Wars Galaxies was the best. SWTOR just does not compare. Not even close! Alrighty, maybe in certain ways it does in a more “theme-park” manner. I played it, I miss the companion feature. It’s just not my game. I’m more of a survival game player. Sure, SWTOR has various elements, it just takes many things for granted. It had no proper space combat, your ship was basically an overly glorified shuttle (even though I said I accepted that, it’s false). and it didn’t even have Pazaak at launch. It’s more arcade over survival, and that in itself appeals to other sorts of gamers. Each to their own.¬† If people properly played SWG they would gain various nostalgic elements on a more “survival” manner with this guide book helping to show that. It’s like a tourist guide, and I thank you guys for sending this copy in. Sorry it took so long, but finally did share it. I took occasional peaks at it, constantly loving the attention to detailing.¬†

Player housing¬†(before ‘Jump to Lightspeed’)¬† was the best part of this game, and I loved it. Either being a part, or trying to spawn a settlement. Collecting things and decorating your home was the best part by buying/looting things, then placing it in your home. It was awesome. It felt like you were genuinely there. Everything was slow paced in certain areas, faster paced in other areas, and “wild” feeling. You could do whatever you wanted, live however you wanted, and that’s the best feeling. I can still hear the ambiance of electronics “humming” on Tatooine, vehicles flying, and such. You could do randomly generated quests, be whoever you wanted to be. It was even far more impressive when you could fly in your own faction aligned vehicles. I loved my various Tie Fighter variations, yet love my Decimator the most. Decimator was my most favourite ship because of how it behaved like a player home, similar to the ‘Millennium Falcon’ for Han Solo & Chewie. If I was in the Star Wars universe you’d find me using a Decimator, either as an Imperial, ex-Imperial, or second hand.¬†

– Pilot – The best experience to have happened to SWG. Shame no other future Star Wars game comes close, parallel, nor surpasses it. SWG shall always have the best experience thanks to corporation gaming greed.

While Electronic Art continues to have their heads up the rear-end we’ll always remember SWG as the best Star Wars game out there, even with SWTOR active on the playing field. Thankfully we have SWGemu¬†keeping SWG alive. I’m however unaware of most of the things in front and behind the scenes, just aware they’re keeping SWG alive. Been meaning to, for the longest time, in jumping back into there just to see what’s new; To try out SWGemu properly. Time restraints tell me otherwise. I honestly want to play SWGemu side of things with what I’ve been shown.¬†

There was to be a free-roamy survival/RPG Star Wars game, but you guessed it. Electronic Arts killed it, Disney is complacent, and there’s too many SJW roaming around the scene trying to kill Star Wars in the way Star Wars Galaxies was killed by various levels of sabotage. Even internal sabotage. Star Wars: Rogue One, Solo, Clone Wars (both versions), and Star Wars Rebels however keeping the series alive, and we love it on the movie side of things. People hate SOLO, but that’s their loss. The ones I’ve listed, they need to be shown respect because of the level of detailing and love to them. They pay respect to one another. I loved those shows & movies, even the original trilogy.¬† It’s a shame however how we’ll always have the constant spoil sports ruining everything we hold dear and love. We live in a very whiny, loud, and arrogant generation making you wish people would simply enjoy what’s in front of them without throwing tantrums.¬† I loved Star Wars Galaxies to the point I blogged about it before wishing game companies would learn from it, building off of it, not downgrading it into SWTOR.¬†

– Piloting a standard Tie Fighter while shooting Pirate & Rebel Headhunters.

I’m now posting about this guide book to admire whenever I get the chance. Been meaning to post it for the longest time. I love Star Wars, I love Star Wars Galaxies, and I miss the ‘Golden Age’ of it. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had in the Star Wars circle, games, and even the worlds placed into VRchat. Again, neither here, nor there… Just thankful. I grew up with Star Wars, thus I feel I know what I’m talking about, how I view Star Wars, and such. I feel I have a solid footing in the Star Wars community, even though I’m not an “expert”, nor communicating with the “core” of the group. I’m just a part of Star Wars, and I love that in itself. I’m no expert, but I am aware of many things, just not as knowledable as other more serious Youtubers are explaining lore and such. I’m simply seeing people being self-entitled pricks, and it doesn’t help people are toxicly vocal on YouTube growing a lemming following with their hatred for things.¬† I grew up with Star Wars as a kid from the late 80’s, early 90s, and up into 2019 making me love the realm. I have Star Wars toys, desiring more. It’s just depressing with how Star Wars is degrading thanks to the Star Wars community, the fake Star Wars fans, the fake fans on YouTube claiming “Star Wars is dead”, and the soap opera over-reaction to ‘The Force Awakens’, ‘The Last Jedi’, and even the ‘Resistance’ cartoon. We’re in rought times, and we need positivity. Everybody hates everything, and it’s depressing how moody everything is. Thinking back to Star Wars Galaxies though, those were awesome nostalgic times. Looking at the images, they’re awesome; Whichever ones survived.

– Did you know I got to meet Han & Chewie as an Imperial pilot? This is more amusing once you’ve watched the ‘Solo’ movie noting how Solo became an Imperial pilot & trooper. *laughs*

Sorry for the depressive paragraph there. Neither here, nor there… Just noting where I stand while  loving Star Wars, and always shall. The new movies (Awakens & Last Jedi) weren’t the best, nor are they the worst. They’re just “decent”…. Nobody killed anything….People are over-dramatic. Once again, thankful we have this guide book to help inform us of the past, what made Star Wars Galaxies great, how future Star Wars game studios should push Star Wars, and what future Star Wars games should be. It’s a shame seeing people ruining Star Wars, just awesome recalling what made Star Wars awesome. This guide book is like a tourist book; A breath of fresh air among the toxicity in the Star Wars world. 

– Not to give too much away, here’s a few community sites to stay connected with SWG in various ways. 

– Decimator interior. Shall always love my Decimator <3

Thank you guys for connecting with the Star Wars Galaxies nostalgia, thanks for gifting me this (even if belated share), and thanks for rekindling the nostalgia for SWG further with this awesome guide book! If you haven’t, please do check this guide book out. There’s just so much in it with me trying not to spoil it all.

When it comes to Star Wars Please do stay positive. Let’s keep the negativity on the down low. I only noted it in neutral noting just to show where I stand with Star Wars. 

“May the Force be with you! Always.”