[VRchat] Shinki Renge – Type Ninetailed Fox Avatar

Busou Shinki still isn’t dead on my side, even if it may be dormant and in hibernation. I went through so much, yet gradually trying to make my way back into the hobby after falling so much, so hard, and so harshly as I have. Wanted to cover my precious Shinki Renge, now in VRchat avatar form. 

– Shinki Renge holding a massive wine bottle while being her silly pranking foxy self. Fix spirits are the pranking type, after all.

Been meaning to post this for a long while, and finally have, focusing mainly on my love (more like admiration; Not romantic) of Shinki Renge and her foxy appearance. Renge is 15 cm tall battle robot themed to a ninetailed fox, thus her older speaking style and various references to 9 tailed foxes. She has fox hears, fox tails, 9 blades, 1 pony tail with 9 points, and etc. Her full armour is themed to foxes and torii gates, something you can see in the main image above. 

I was introduced to Busou Shinki through Renge (by an ex-blogger named Persocom) with my love of fox girls back in 2010 (roughly around there). My buddy wanted me to see the beauty of Busou Shinkis that I turned Renge into my proxy-mascot until Varakitsu could see form, something Vara struggled to take form in various games, and such. I’m thankful Persocom introduced me to Busou Shinki because they turned out to be a far superior figure line than Figmas. Far more customizable, more posable, and more free to take images however you desired. Even though I crossed people, and they ended up hating me, I loved Busou Shinki in the end and that shall still be true even now. 

– Yoshitsune Izuna designed her for Konami’s Busou Shinki line before the whole Konami pulling the plug on the game & toy line. I participated in two Doujinshi, one of which I shared. Other one I still have yet to share. This letter thanks me for my participation & loving Renge. Thanks again!

The VRchat avatar wasn’t made by me, but by a Russian who most likely wants to stay anonymous. He told me he took an model of Arnval found on bowlroll to then convert that into Renge, something which “we” took heavy advantage of to make it more customized to me. I had 3 mini Renges made in three variations, and later 1 Hoppu sized chibi Renge because of the VRchat camera. I also had one on Scathach’s head for when I wanted to be 1:1 scale in VRchat, and for the fun of it. I even altered the eye & flame glow later on, further personalizing Renge as my own.

Β I also went this Renge route for 2 reasons:

  1. People asking for MMD Scathach so I wanted to stay unique.Β Renge is mine, and mine alone (even if people who helped me to add her & customize her have a copy of her). I’m not claiming full ownership, just wanting to be “unique” in a world full of public avatar clones. People who helped make her into a model want to stay on the “down low”, and she may become a public avatar later.
  2. I wanted to mainly keep Busou Shinki alive in whatever form, thus Renge in VRchat. That has been my goal since Battle Rondo MMO died, and it shall forever be my goal until it is achieved in some manner or another.Β 
  3. Goes without saying I love (not lewd) Renge for how foxy she is. Her fox spirit, olden way of speaking, her fear of the paranormal, and etc. She is my main Busou Shinki in figure form.

Disclaimer of Models: If anybody asks me for either Scathach & Renge models… Well, they’re really not up for grabs. I can’t guide you towards the Scathach MMD because the author dislikes the VRchat swarm, thus me purposely hiding it. Those on the Renge model side want to stay “down low”, so I can’t guide you there either. There’s also that case of being “unique”. I can’t share Renge model either. Whatever you get on Bowlroll is whatever you get.Β 

– Full combat gear Renge with claws at the ready.
– Slight shift of perspective; Those 8 blades can come out to be held in her hand. The main blue one as her tail can also be used as a blade…. All 9 blades for sword combat. If necessary, she could lend her blades out to other Busou Shinki. Her claw holders can become projectile shooters when attached to her rear, hip (proper image can be seen later below).
– Renge smoking on the night of when I freed her in the VRchat world. I had to hold off on playing with Renge until her release anniversary in the below video.
– Shinki Renge avatar talking about Renge & showing her off with some Twitch clips.
– This image is transparent if you ever want to place this image over any other image. That’s what I love about VRchat because I can go into a pose & snap it for various uses needed. 
– Shooting off fireworks while finding her adorable. Gained a few comments saying how adorable she is. Thanks!
– Renge in her natural habitat (Japanese Shrine).
– In figure form I took Renge almost wherever I went with her becoming quite a traveler thanks to me, something I’m trying to unknowingly show here also. 
– Renge loves partying. Maybe not hardcore as others, just more “hang out” manner. She feels most at home just being a party fox in a more “down to earth” manner. 

Renge is special to me, something I tried showing off during her anniversary with all the variations to her avatar. I just didn’t want one, I wanted all her forms because of how VRchat also works with animations, and such. 

I wish the developers at VRchat would give us a pointy laser to see where we’re pointing on the camera while also spawning the camera at eye level. It’s frustrating when I have to fish it out of the ground.

– Renge in her natural 15 cm size having fun with a frisbee. This was when a girl moaned, we met Isha, & just explored. I nearly stabbed a bird in a room….. A fun night. Wish I saved that stream for various proofs heh.
– Image taken by Hunt, I thank him for it. So gorgeous <3
– Hey! It’s R2-D2! You can see how tall my Chibi version is. Also note the tail doubles as a sword.
– Renge appearing adorable next to a miniature Death Star. I always viewed Palpatine as a creepy pedophile compensating for something he lacked by building a giant Death Star. Should have listened to Thrawn…….
– It’s interesting seeing two of my favourite interests colliding here; Star Wars & Busou Shinki. I honestly would love to own a Shinki droid in the Star Wars realm in 15 cm & Hoppu size (above). I miss Star Wars Galaxies. RIP.
– ‘V’ – You can always see me doing a single ‘V’ or double ‘V’ because it’s the easiest. Wanting to change that up. Also because it’s my Twitch emote.
– Renge’s reaction to the Canadian winter wilderness. She fears the paranormal, and she’s armed with only a red blade here. If she had her claws she may fair better. You can do it, Renge! πŸ™‚
– Can’t ignore my interest in the whole Japanese shipgirl thing going on with KanColle & Azur Lane. Thanks to those two games I enjoy seeing ship worlds in VRchat. I’ve always wanted Bismarck as my avatar to only let that slide. If I’m still VRchat’ing in the future maybe I shall aim for Bismarck with a more unique touch.
– Hmm? Look at those gorgeous guns. Them turrets sure are lit <3
– A mute random guiding me around the slums. She was helpful. Renge’s just caught up in the tour and view heh.
– Another Avatar seat moment. REEEEEEEEE!~ (Merry Christmas!)
You can insert all sorts of jokes into this image. HA!
– The day ArcticuKitsu died with Renge taking vengeance against Hawk’. >Battle Music<
– Renge loves her mecha games to the point she becomes highly unaware of her posture. Looking so into it haha! 
– V V! I love my mechas in VR! Gundam VR when?! I want my Gundam VR! 
– Blub!~ Blub!~ Even though she’s a 15 cm tall robotic battle bot she still shouldn’t enter water. That’s what water themed Busou Shinkis are designed to do. Renge would lose to them in a field disadvantage.
– 1:1 scale Renge – Double V towards the face heh. She is indeed a proud little foxy; Should not underestimage her smugness & proud nature πŸ™‚
– Renge on Scathach’s head whenever she pulls out the Gae Bolg. She joins me wherever I go, and I love that. Renge is always with me, even in the digital VRchat realm. 
– Giving little Ryan (Little Tomao) some Bunny ears. He’s more of a foxy now, being a bunny however seems quite appropriate. Why a bunny? Easiest with the gestures. Photoscape makes it easy also with overlaying images with bunny ears :P. Kobi also says “Hi” over there. V V! 
– Frame Arm Girls are easier to spot with how much newer they are. I’m most likely one of the rare Busou Shinki fans in the VRchat community with a Shinki avatar with a Stylet avatar (in blue) being the easiest to spot. Gourai was a special rare find, something we may see a rise in the more exposure this obtains within the community.  (Kobi also V V’ing with me. V! 
– Renge strolling through her her more native areas just examining the harvest. She may not be a real fox spirit (an AI of one) behaving as a real fox spirit. Her design points her towards being a messenger of Inari. Clarity is in the Wikipedia.
– On a quiet and crashy night we caught someone snoozing on the job. V! 
– Appears we’ve found the ‘King Crab’ of the area. 
– One of those rare times I could actually get the camera to behave as a little Shinki avatar. [Synthwave
– Renge gone to school? Hmm……
– Perfect scale with the sharp claws and a V’ing Hunt. V! 
– This is a perfect fit! With how high spirited Renge is this is just perfect with how she cuts the grass. *dies laughing*
– I believe we’ve mastered cutting the grass + the V’Ving pose. Kon!
– Renge would LOVE that energy sword. I noted this, and it fits. Both Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girls were designed with the intention to swap parts between one another, thus allowing high customization. Seeing how this fits Renge is quite awesome, especially with the vibe. Also, I feel this world was inspired by Nier Automata in general, and the Flower Cave.
– If my Renge had a working AI and able to keep data she would tell you how many snow storms, ice storms, and such she’s been through. She would tell you how beautiful snow always appears when falling, yet how brutal and messy it is once accumulated. Renge would love to take advantage of the fatiguing effect of snow during combat as a snow variation of a ‘Type Ninetailed Fox’. Wear your enemy down through attrition :P.
– Ooo!~ Humu!~ Pretty lights. A shame this world crashed Renge’s visual software processes. 
– Renge, once again, in her natural habitat. Note the glowy eyes & flame clip on her hair. 
– V – Enjoying your night’s stroll? Careful, you may come across paranormal activity when you least expect it. 
– The ‘Humu!~” pose I’m trying to replicate here. Appears adorable to me πŸ™‚
– With how tiny Renge is in scale funny and adorable things tend to happen.

Videos – Battle Rondo MMO Videos:

Just a few more video embeds from the Busou Shinki – Battle Rondo MMO era showing you how Renge actually behaves. Fun times were had with how I could praise her, pet her, poke her, and even get scolded to write up a brutally long apology letter explaining why I left Renge alone for so long. When you failed to log in to interact with your Busou Shinki they would tell you various thing; Renge scolded me for being a worthless master. 

These videos are just for reference.

– Renge First activation + the 3 cores needed to activate a Busou Shinki. Also, ‘Sneliska’ basically translates to ‘Snow Fox’…. I should have chose a better name. 
– Renge’s idling, petting, and sleeping animations.
– Renge scolding the hell out of me. 
– BattleMasters PSP game with Renge able to join via DLC.  It honestly is hard battling properly when recording.

– Basic Renge able to be cloned & used by other VRchat users if made public in avatar settings. Good feature πŸ™‚
– My shrine to both Renge & Yoshitsune Izuna for designing Renge. She’s still my precious Shinki, and shall always be. I’m going to renew my shrine into a proper world now I know what I’m doing in VRchat. I had all the sounds working, and etc until it all error’d out. I’m going to simplify this in my next world revision.

I’m going to expand Busou Shinki into ‘Rising World’, and any other game allowing models to be imported. I’m not done here! I’m going to do as much as I can, where I can, and when time allows. I’m even further customizing and tweaking the Renge’s I currently have to further match my preferences. I even had Renge in PSO2 as my little partner. She’ll always join me. 

It’s however a shame I’ll never have my foxy Varakitsu as my little companion with her being an arctic fox themed fox spirit in a Canadian influenced manner. She’s supposed to be this calm, witty, sassy, and serious foxy with your typical pranking side of things. Because of Vara’s absence Renge became the proxy-Mascot to my main blog with how much easier it was to get posed & etc in figure form, digital form ,and etc.

Renge is here to stay and you’ll be seeing more of her whenever we do cross paths. Thanks for finding her adorable. I love swapping to Renge when in VRchat, having Renge on my head. Thanks for reading, and see you in VRchat! πŸ™‚