DJI Tello Spring Flying & Azur Lane Italian Daedalian Hymn Event

– Found a lovely spot along the bike path to fly my Tello.

It has been awhile since I last flew my drone. The first time being when I flew it back in January 19th, then again a few times during better winter days. Now with it being warmer my drone can fly properly without the cold air sapping the battery life. Granted, it still has to deal with wifi interference and wind gusts. After all the rainy days we had (and my work) I happily flew it properly this time with its full 10 minutes of battery life. It feels good seeing things you otherwise normally wouldn’t.

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I assumed I had posted more Tello images between the review and this one. I guess not. A lot has changed since winter and now. We’ll start off with the panorama image below while showing the pieces following the panorama.

– Panorama of Ottawa.

I’m aware the image resolution is not up at ‘pro’ level, I still however admire the detailing regardless. Barely anybody does any aerial shots in my city, let alone drone ones. They are out there, though highly scarce. People being dramatic on Youtube about being stopped by police, or similar.

Also, comparing the panorama shot to Google Maps, and what I’m aware of I do find these visuals interesting. I can see roughly where I used to live, where I hung out, where I’ve been during the winter, and etc. Even the building next to the school having been seemingly demolished. Interesting stuff.

– Pano 1 – View of a neat bike path bend. This is one of the more interesting areas with both open and clustered areas making it visually interesting from a drone perspective.
– Pano 2 – Trees. As urban as Ottawa is, I love how ‘wild’ it is. In this neighborhood there are tons of squirrels, racoons, rabbits, and even a sighting of a lone Turkey.
– Pano 3 – With the camera resolution it appears this is a Flight Sim game, or something.

For those who missed my previous blog posting I’ll re-note that I purposely went for a budget drone. After much researching I purposely went for a DJI Tello because of my 2020 situation nearly causing me to become homeless, thus I purchased a decent budget drone to fill in a drone void I’ve been having. It quenches my drone thirst nicely. It lasts roughly 10 minutes in flight, though gets the job done. If I bought a $500+ (Canadian) drone I would have been hung on the very trees you see in the above and below image by the kind folks helping me out. I still love my DJI Tello, even with its awkward numerous flaws.

– Pano 4 – one of my favourite shots bringing out the triangle section showing it leading outward to some city crews doing their thing.

With how whiny Ottawa tends to be, and how we’re in a Covid-19 lockdown, I was bracing myself for a Karen to come whining I wasn’t allowed to fly my drone. I saw the sign noting I could walk, but not do certain activities also assuming it was dated because Ford (Ontario Premier) reversed their decision on parks. People protested to allow others to go in parks, and I’m happy that was reverse. Because of that, and Covid, I was just waiting for an typical Ottawa Karen to give me needless hell. Thankfully, people simply stared at my drone up at 17m in the air doing its thing. My poor Tello still bravely struggled in 9 km/h winds and some wi-fi interference, though did its job almost flawlessly. There is a reason why its a high rated drone. It refused to go higher than 17m, probably for the best. I unlocked the height limit with a third party Tello app allowing it to go to 30 meters, though in this weather it was for the best it didn’t go any higher than that today. Would have blown away on me.

– Pano 5 – Another one of my favourite shots loving the left side of the image more than the right side.

I wish the DJI Tello supported landscape (widescreen) images, though as noted above its because I had to go with a budget drone. I’m still fine with the quality finding it interesting seeing what I normally wouldn’t see.

– Pano 6 – Using the third party app the Tello turned towards this section showing there is no longer a building there. Its been long gone, even before I was aware something was here.
– Pano 7 – RIP building. Now in view of a nearby school. This area is actually pretty cool. Its also awesome I can see something I haven’t seen in 8-9 months. A place I used to frequent a lot in the background.
– Pano 8 – Panorama nearly complete. Gradually seeing the better side of the Tello again here. It seems to handle ‘brighter’ colours better, such as green. Summer colours, basically.
– Pano 9 – Sadly this is the last image preventing a full panorama to happen. 9/10 ain’t bad though. I had wifi interference messing with my Tello suddenly at the 9th image which was strange. Maybe someone zapped my Tello, or something.

I’m actually satisfied with this, hence why I’m sharing it. That’s the nine of ten images for a panorama shot. Would have been neat if it had completed its 10/10 cycle. The wind was also gradually messing with my drone more and more causing me to hesitate a lot. I was weighing and judging what to do. Passerby’s giving me this curious look as they also stared at the drone.

When looking back at my images in-between flights and at home to upload I thought heavily about how I would love to transfer these properly into VR. I would love to get a proper 360 Panorama bubble to place in VRChat for people to examine; To move over onto Switch, or something. If I really wanted to I could have these ready on VRChat.

– Had fun free-flying the drone this time to fully use up the battery.
– Similar POV as above, without Photoscape filters.
– Actually loving this POV because of how the bike path is laid out. The triangle nature of it amuses me.

Something else caught my attention. The clouds. There was this island-type cloud above me which gave me quite a crazy feeling within. I tried taking various sorts of images to try and capture this. Going to share this standard image of it as my panorama view on phone camera failed me.

– I’m just in ‘awe’ and mesmerized by this cloud front. I find it amazing.

Gaming Stuff:

Gaming wise, I have Pokemon GO & Azur Lane stuff to share.

– Victini! One of my favourite pokemon! This awesome Pokemon helped me through the Pokemon X&Y game. Had to force the results on this to acquire him 🙂

As for Azur Lane, I’m simply loving the Italian event. Even though I completed it, I simply love how we can view something other than America (Eagle Union) over and over again; In your face, type point of view. I still do like the Eagle Union events, I love this Italian event more because it tends to be purposely overlooked and forgotten about. I loved ‘Silent Hunter 3’ for its unique POV on Germans fighting the war which allowed me to love KanColle for its POV on Japanese, and etc. Even Battlefield 1942, something EA & Dice embarrassingly can’t replicate the charm in 2021. They can’t replicate the awesomeness and charm that is, and was, Battlefield 1942. My interest in other nations also attracts me to Azur Lane (from KanColle) while also harassing WW2 naval developers to add in Canadians and other factions/nations. Seeing the point of view from other nations, Italians in this case, is what makes this awesome. They need to take notes from both KanColle & Azur Lane; Silent Hunter 3 for its open world fun nature.

– Oite get! Had to do daily logins to acquire.
– Vittorio Veneto get! The Italian star herself. 🙂
– Libeccio get! I keep thinking to the KanColle version with her tan skin. This one still has her cuteness and charm, something I also admire.
– Aquila! The pride and joy of the Italian navy in her regal Italian elegance. She is a bit of an airhead and scatterbrain, though a beautiful shipgirl either way. Can’t wait to level her up to her max.
– Labyrinth Sculpture get!
– Second floor party as Roon observes her well earned Trophy she helped obtain. Others are just doing “their thing”.
– Duca degli Abruzzi get! She makes me curious with her semi-closet Italian pride. She is a serious one. She comes off as half open and half of a closet person. Basically, a mix of introvert and extrovert. 🙂
– Torricelli get! Obtained enough points to obtain this seemingly ‘high’ submarine girl. Her scanner gives off Subnautica vibes. Her laughs are quite….. ‘interesting’. Devious, if highly observant of her scenery and environment.
– Maestrale get! At 5 am in the morning because I was struggling to sleep and restless. She’s a cute shipgirl.
– Nicoloso da Recco! At last! RNG was overly stingy with these Italians. I have them all, except Amagi-Chan.
– Amagi-chan has been obtained one day after Recco. Nice! Also, belatedly edited into this blog posting. Floofy~ ….. Kon! Kon!~ (Its awesome having them all)

With the way things are going both offline and online I tend to play this game [Azur Lane] the most. I’ve lost interest in VRChat, though it isn’t necessarily “good bye”. I’m just waiting to be pulled back in after having been “thrown under the bus” by people. Azur Lane is just an easy game to play. The Italian event amused me with how unchained Littorio is, how thirsty she is for other girls, how prideful the Italians are (to a fault), and how we’re seeing wider stretch in the Azur Lane world. I’ve been putting as many as I could in the dorm to level them up while personally sorting Maestrale to level her up. These are fairly beautiful and powerful ships. Same with the Russians, French, and etc.

I simply love how they dug into Crete and mythological side of things with a maze and minotaur. Azur Lane loves referencing and playing around with things, hence why I love playing this game. The references, the point of view, and the things you get out of it is why I love it. It even gives you access to ships you otherwise wouldn’t see because other World War 2 naval developers find things too “complicated” and “problematic” in various ways. They don’t love playing with things Japanese developers love playing with.

As for the Canadians… The broken record coming from me….Even if people keep telling me me time-and-again how I’m not allowed to see Canadians in Azur Lane it frustrates me. They’re gamers, not game developers. I’m genuinely frustrated and overly angry about this. I genuinely want to see Canadians in Azur Lane and any overly fun WW2 naval game (or standard WW2 games with Canadians). I want to see them interacting with the North Parliament (Russians), with the Italians (having a bit of a beef with Eagle Union), among others as their own nation. There were many good opportunities to do so. I’m simply curious about their lore, most specifically in Azur Lane. I’ve made numerous blog postings, Youtube videos, and forum posts to the point I’m simply not allowed to admire Canadians in a weird tug-of-war nonsense cause by people. Both allowed, yet not allowed to admire and be curious. They’re a ‘minor nation’, they’re a part of the ‘Royal Navy’, and they have “no noteworthy vessels”, and etc to the point you’re just not allowed to admire the Canadians in any meaningful way. Gaslighting, and various other tactics are used so you lose interest.

What you want me to do then? I would love it if Yostar & Manjuu would straight up either tell us, or tease us, if Canadians are even planned or if we’re just a pile of rotten trash to then cause us to become Abyssals in KanColle and Sirens in Azur Lane. We’re nearing Canada Day, a day Yostar loves timing events to. They love timing their events to real world happenings so that opens up a window to celebrate Canadians on Canada Day, or at least near that date.

I’m frustrated when it comes to not being able to connect with Canadians in Azur Lane to the point players (not developers) deny others and myself. Maybe these negative people are right. Maybe we shall not see Canadians. Fuck us useless and minor Canadians, I guess. WW2 naval game developers keep making excuses to the point you have to focus on their preferred factions, not as a whole. Because the developer said so, “No Canadians allowed” sign is up. RIP. Screw the Canadians, I guess.

Friedrich Der Grosse – Ringing:

After a long while of wanting to ring Friedrich in Azur Lane, I’ve finally done so on April 20th, 2021. Awesome! She follows behind Bismarck & Tirpitz. 🙂

– Certificate of Marriage
– German elegance 🙂
– At last! Better late than ever. I wanted her to reach level 120, I couldn’t miss the date of April 20th. Not for weed, more for a loose German reference. There are no full meanings here. Its all simply fun and games, that is all.
– *Laughs*
– Now, that’s spicy. Now now, behave.
– Ooooo~ Happy Promise Day furniture, and from Akashi. Nice!
– Kimono Hanger, proudly displayed in my dorm’s 2nd floor.

Like I said, Azur Lane makes me happy. I always share it because it always makes me happy. That, Pokemon GO, and various Youtubes. VRChat has faded, though not gone. I still want to play VRChat, just the people have decided I amount to nothing and how the weather has warmed causing my computer to howl. Different priorities and mindset. VRChat friends are a different story, they’re not implied here.

And to note:
Had another thunderstorm, this one being a quick one the other day. It came slowly, let off a bright flash, then left quickly. A friend of a friend noted another portion of my city had hail, so that’s fun. Weather has been all over the place. Summer, winter, autumn, and etc all in one week and a month.

– Racoon found in a shed.
– Racoon protecting her area, most likely with a baby racoons in a chair-nest.

– Snow from April 22nd.
– Honk honk! Quack quack!~ (April 23rd).

And that’s a wrap. Maybe I could have broken all these into their respective blog postings. Maybe, maybe not. I feel its currently easier to just put these all into one blog posting because of the situation I’m in. Hope you enjoyed the images, shall hopefully share more later.