Sunny Stormy Cycling & Drone

– Weather was looking a bit sketchy, glad I still went regardless to do three-four things.

With the weather being awesome I’ve decided to venture out to fly my drone out on a summer-like day. Well, any day and this day simply lined up for that thought. Went cycling around to fly my drone, to visit a home I’ve been displaced from because 2020 took my father from me (liver disease), and just trying to get my thoughts together. Its to simply admire the weather as I take images, recall the past in sugar-coated viewpoints, and etc. I also have to keep myself fit while also having Pokemon GO in mind.

In the following images you can see a brewing thunderstorm, something which passed with only a strong breeze for a good 10 minutes, or so. Those close to me (helping me out from 2020’s madness) assume I was either panicking or going crazy because I noted this storm. I myself brought up the hallucination part because it felt like I was talking to a brick wall. I can’t connect with people as I used to. 2020 screwed shit up. I was simply curious about the weather having been glad I went out regardless. Simply curious if it was a proper thunderstorm or not, that is all. (Clarity: I asked if there is a storm, only confusion on both vocal and Discord.)

(Note: All the following images are taken with my smartphone; Other images shall be noted as a DJI Tello under the image.)

– Taking ‘bad’ pictures around Iris Bus area for a friend. It now bends in a ‘U’ instead of a ‘+’ pattern.
– I was basically following other cyclists to see where to go.
– Finger scuff – LRT stuff. (Sign located here is located further down the blog posting for weird reasons. The sign noting a detour). If the images also seem random, I was also sending them to a friend in Vancouver. Also sharing them on the blog because they’re nice.
– With the cycling detour you could jokingly make a short race track, if desired with all the yellow wavy fences on either end. Also, where I am at the bridge is going to pass through, eh?
– Interesting. It actually looks awesome.

I grew up around this area so everything feels nostalgic, yet different. Well, at least having gone to and from school here and other areas. There is a lot of change to the point I feel I simply do not belong here anymore in a disconnected manner. Nothing to call my own. Granted, I do have my memories of higher grade highschool girls trying to tease, calling a friend’s sister ‘chubby’ by mistake, and all the typical highschool drama weirdness at the bridge area. Even walking through dense morning fog. Cycling with school mates, and the last memory of having my dad drive me up to this bridge to play Pokemon GO back in 2019, or so. It was for a Porygon raid.

I now have a new memory of a woman cyclist pointing where she wanted to go as I was a bit confused by the change. Nothing major, just something I would later realize with bike paths being loaded with people taking advantage of the warm weather on a Sunday. It was a hot day and all.

– Snapping images of LRT stuff.
– Snapping images of LRT stuff – I wanted to go further into the middle, the ice cream I ate however messed with my stomach and fear of heights forcing me to go back. I was legit getting panicky from heights.
– They STILL haven’t fixed the right part of Lincoln Fields bus station, though altered it to LRT standards. How the f*** does it not have an overpass bridge yet to the bike path section.

I still don’t understand those behind the planning for the area. They could have easily made a user friendly bridge in the area, yet made a cross walk instead. Yeah, that works in short, more so when saving money (Sarcastic). People will still J-walk, and all sorts of stuff. Then OC Transpo will keep complaining about fining people for still J-walking regardless. That’s just me and my friends opinion. I don’t live there anymore so they can set up whatever they want. *laughs*.

Everything is “better late than ever” with Ottawa. With the jokes aside I’m still curious how the final product shall appear when its done. How will this LRT & bus station appear at the end of things.
(FYI: The Ottawa parkway and bus stations were supposed to be a tramway. It was half implemented that way.)

– I have to laugh because I accidentally captured an illusion of an limo. Pano mode!

I have to say that they really expanded into the whole plot of land. Crazy.

– I don’t care about Doxing myself at my old place because I used to live there, not anymore. I used to live at this apartment building.

I lived here for over (or up to) 20 years. All the crazy times I’ve been through, even my own stupidity and those sugar coated lens times. Anime stuff, stuff, Danny Choo, getting into Nagzz21’s VRChat in 2017 after being betrayed by a Dutch friend (and other hobbiests). Great times. Even did my anime hobby stuff around this neighborhood. Even how my friend threw a snowball at my window, climbed a balcony to get to my apartment, and just various nonsense. Hearing drunk girls whine about their fake love live causing a scene, college folks drinking into the night, and the various stuff. My friend’s green bike being stolen, Ottawa Senators (hockey/NHL) game & Gran Turismo 3, 5, & 5 (PS3 being enjoyed), and tons of others. Cans of Arizona being consumed, others thrown out and two trips to Europe and Cuba. Thunderstorms and snowstorms. It’ll be missed. How time flies. Its insane.

Yeah, I could have also done better life choices, and I’ve been scolded time and again for various social fears leading to certain life choices. Ottawa really messed with my self esteem to the point I was practically a shut in, though not to the fullest extend. People messed my emotions and esteem so badly it had to take VRChat to get me to be normal again, or close to normal as possible. Schools kept bulling me both teacher & student side, Ottawa residents are evil, and people (some even tone deaf themselves) are trying to justify me having been bullied. Insane. It is what it is, and I now have to live with it. I still believe I can’t fully trust Canadians because of political reasons. Canadians are polite, just not fully trustworthy. Canadians are a gullible bunch to where I have to keep my guard up or get socially burned by their naiveness, as with my own. You are your surroundings…… I still have to keep my guard up. Its annoying.

– Lincoln Fields shopping center. It sure has changed in a year. New route, new buildings. Lots of construction.
– Honestly, I guess I should be crying having come back here after a year. Any potential tears probably dried up any potential tears. Emotions are probably locked away. Also, buses now drive through the Pizza Pizza parking lot. Being in that parking lot is like a surreal state of a dream where buses go where they shouldn’t. Times change.

I haven’t actually cried because I was forced to hold it in. I had tears for my Sparky, my mother and father, just never bawled it out. I had no proper opportunity to really let out a cry, even though I wanted to. I nearly cried at work of my dad passing away, yet stayed there at work to do the thing. So many phone calls. A coworker asked if I was alright while being in a 50/50 emotional state back a year ago (May 2020) when I obtained that call he was passing. My emotions were hidden away in the year ever since, most likely.

I just don’t have any proper people to emotionally unload onto. I’ve been scolded for various things, or simply unable to emotionally connect in a way families can. Granted, my constant frustration could be a sign I still haven’t cleared away my grief. I don’t want to be rude to people, its just adapting to your surroundings for reasons noted above. My sadness probably turned into constant day-in and day-out frustration and anger to where I may accidentally snap at people. Having gone back I simply feel “lost in time” and “disconnected” with reality.

– Future changes for future generations. I’m not meant to be in this area. It was trippy how the buses went through this area in the parking lot.

With my moment done at the area I went back through my nostalgic route (ones I take for figure photography) to head my way towards Regina school area, Britannia Beach, and such. With all the people on the bike path I was constantly second guessing myself if I should detour or go elsewhere. The bikepath was legit packed with people going past one another like lunatics. I’m still an introvert at heart, this was madness. I get it! Summer.

I wish I took pictures. The bikepath was loaded, as was the corner ice cream spot. I missed some potentially awesome screenshots. Simply picture in your mind a bikepath loaded with cyclists of all sorts (fast and slow types), baby strolleres, pedestrians walking, and all sorts of people both following and not following proper bike path etiquette. Crazy Ottawa.

As for the corner store ice cream shop, people hogged it by swarming around the store and the bikepath area. Warm weather = lots of people, I’m well aware of this. Its is however simply insane when in person. I nearly ran a few pedestrians over. Granted, I should have also rang the bell on my bike. People are not the listening type in this neighborhood. I’ve rang it before to woman who refused to move off the bike path. Then you wonder why I’m frustrated with people in this city.

– Google Maps for perspective. The hill to the right, the store, and even the other side of the curb to the right (off picture) was loaded with people. Britannia Beach was loaded with people also.

DJI Tello time!

After scanning Britannia Beach for a drone location I decided against it. Too many people, the wind was picking up a bit and I was desiring to head to Andrew Haydon Park after finally digesting my Hagen-daz ice cream. I was heading my way towards Andrew Haydon to eventually decide against it because of the insane amount of people. I was taking a side path having all these people giving me weird looks. I wanted nothing to do with it….. I double backed a semi-long way towards Regina School to see if I can get any drone shots.

– Damn! This area changed. The shack is no longer there, now with a replaced smaller one. At this moment a “storm” passed through the area with rain and a bit of a wind gust.

People kept giving me these weird looks and stares, it annoyed me. I was annoyed with the amount of people hogging the bike path. You couldn’t even cycle on it. The peace of this park was however bliss. The park-ish area behind the school and the kid’s playground. Even there I obtained a few odd stares because I was flying my drone instead of doing what they were doing. I’m just noting this for a blog, that is all 🙂

– DJI Tello – Mini-panorama because of wifi interference. I’m assuming it has to do with the wind tilting the drone. Note the wibbly-wobbly horizon. Cool shot regardless. Only 3-4 images taken of 10.

First image is a solo image and the one after it is a piece of the panorama before the wifi interference messed with the drone.

– DJI Tello – For 14 m high this is a nice view. Note the storm clouds.
– DJI Tello – Interesting pano angle of the stormy clouds, the playground, and the new shack.

Deschenes Rapids Lookout:

Another favourite spot of mine during my anime hobby days. Desired to go here for a more Pokemon GO relaxing side of things with its 4 Pokestops, and one gym. Would have been wonderful here when hunting for Pokemon during those community spotlight days. I now live too far for this spot. I was hoping to farm this place on this day for a special Dratini. Failed. I however had a nice view point of a Kayaker and the hydro ruins. From here I noticed the final bits of the “storm” with the wind gradually dying down from when I was over at Regina school’s field area. It was so windy I had to sneeze fearing people may yell ‘Covid’, or something. Damn. It eventually died down enough to the point I felt it was safe for my DJI Tello, after I tended to Pokemon GO stuff. That however felt like it was 40 minutes after. I gave up with Pokemon GO’s Pokestop lure halfway through to fly the Tello because nothing was spawning, or as frequently. That’s Niantic’s fault.

– Kayak & old hydro damn.
– Canadian Geese – Had to take some for the blog even though I took them before. Always nice 🙂
– Quack~

I’m socially awkward so I feel bad for the time I photobombed an asian couple when they were taking photos of themselves. I accidentally kept photobombing them because I was trying to look out for helicopters flying and etc. I assumed the helicopter was a plane, and such. My main focus was on my smartphone allowing me to take pictures, Pokemon GO, and even Azur Lane mobile game.

Deschenes Rapids Panorama:

– DJI Tello – Panorama – It was still fairly windy at 15 meters up. The drone held up like a champ capturing all the cool points of interest I’ve spotted on the ground. New building, teens at rocks (x2), older lady feeding Geese the wrong food, and etc. Even the bit of the “storm”.

It felt like I was at the spot for a good hour, or so. People came and went… I waited things out, chillin’. Relaxing and away from most of the people.

– DJI Tello – The bike I was using on left and the teens in the middle. People doing their thing, as am I.
– DJI Tello – 15 m high with teens looking at my drone. I was busy focusing on altitude climb to focus on other things.
– DJI Tello – Older woman feeding the Canada Geese and ducks the wrong sort of food, or so I’m assuming. Also, note a make shift pathway across water.
DJI Tello – Focus is more to the top left with the under construction tower. Though, this lookout is neat in its own way.

I used to take my Busou Shinki figures here for figure photography time and again. A keen eye of mine notices touristy information signs removed from the parking area and some other changes.

With that, I ran out of water from my water bottle so I decided to slowly make my way back ‘home’ to refuel. Detouring to various points of interests on the way back. At certain points I also openly played Pokemon GO as I cycled back ‘home’ seeking out a certain Dratini type.

– Richmond & Byron Ave – Phone Panorama – I was curious to see the state of the LRT construction.

Was going to take over a Pokemon GO Pokemon gym. Decided against it with the Pokemon duration being at 2 hours. I put my Pokemon in other gyms regardless so its all good. Doubled back onto the bikepath to head home, this time on a much calmer bike path. Wasn’t as crazy as before, probably because of the “storm”, or whatever it was.

– Heard a loud rumbling plane, as had other female cyclists. I looked up to find this plane high above making an Antonov level of noise.
– Alternate view of Woodroffe Highschool’s pedestrian crossing. Focus is the LRT and the crossing, and the funky clouds.

This is the part where I began to panic because I wanted to take one more picture of a point of interest. I wanted an alternate angle of the Lincoln Fields mall so I kept cursing. Patience is a virtue in this case because it eventually clicked in my mind to take the bike path route on the on-off ramp you see in this image.

– Panorama mode from Carling Avenue looking at Lincoln Fields Mall.
– Panorama Mode #2 because of a Dratini sighting in Pokemon GO.
– Playing Pokemon GO while walking my bike down this roadway onto the bikepath, spotting this. I spotted this “tree house”. Hilarious.
– Pinecrest Creek Detour – An image I should have taken sooner than later. Was Pokemon GO hunting still looking all awkward.

Well, that was a fun cycling trip. Crazy on the bike path closer to Britannia Beach. All those people, the “stormy” weather, the two drone sessions, and even Pokemon Hunting. I’m glad I revisited my old place after a year. Its going to be awhile for my frustration to subside. I still feel disconnected from many things, even unfairly displaced. That’s life, or so I’m going to be told. I’m aware of it. My focus is to enjoy things while also finding a place to settle so I can probably do hobby things, or other things. Who knows. I’m in a frustrating transition and disconnected phase right now, more so when you keep being “scolded” in two forms. With the way things have been going I’m simply glad I’m alive while having been left with a lot of stuff. I’m happy I had my fun in the warm weather.

Before I finish this blog posting I have a few more things to share from other days.


If you haven’t noticed I keep an eye out for vintage cars and other points of interest.

– Cuban Car! I know it as a Cuban car because of my trip to Cuba. I’m well aware its an 1950’s Chevy.
– Love these old Chevys. I’m glad I spotted this when trying to get my glasses repaired.
– Vintage Red car – I’ve spotted this car before. Certain the owner lives near this area I took the picture.
– Ford GT rounding the corner. Nice!

And, that’s a wrap for this blog posting. I tried to aim this into a not so venting blog posting. If things seem like I’m venting then that is not my intention.