DJI Tello – Trio-Pano Scenery Admiration

– Exploring my surroundings while trying to fly a drone. Sign notes of caution; Vehicles prohibited.

Weird titles aside, I had something to do today after gaining my motivation to go drone flying. I still wanted to go flying my drone, even if it was up to +30 Celcius, and maybe slightly higher with the humidity.

(Note: Title notes three original panorama shots, not the other three variations I’ve added after. Pop out the panorama in a new tab to view the scenery, or any other preferred method.)

Before I share the drones, I have to share some Pokemon cards from McDonald’s. Its a curiousity thing with a pack of 4 costing $4 Canadian. It also comes with a few stickers and a drawing backing.

– Got a pack of two out of curiousity.
– Pika Pika!~
– Shiny Piplup and Litten. Happy I obtained a Fennekin, sadly not holo.

I don’t frequent this area, if at all. Carlington Park area is a place I haven’t really been to. I’ve go by the bike path route, never detoured to enjoy the parks. It simply caught me off guard finding how overly neat the park is in its various layers. The first impression neatness. I feel like a tourist in my own city finding hidden neat spots. Seeing a nice elevated cool spot like this is actually something special, or at least for me, because it brings out some nice hidden characters of the city I was born, grew up, and live in.

Even with this hidden beauty I’m most likely in an overly sketchy neighborhood, having seen two potheads and later neighborhood community law enforcements. *shrugs*. The nature is still however awesome.

– (Not Tello) – View of Ottawa near Experimental Farm.
– (Not Tello) – Still admiring the view. Shame my camera, nor my drone can capture the full visual beauty. Maybe around the 70% mark.
– Smartphone Pano – Slightly better capture of what I was visually seeing. Nothing beats seeing elevated views in person. Cameras can’t do what you see personally justice.

I have to laugh at the thought of how this landscape view appears like a Minecraft server with structures still being built. If not Minecraft, maybe ‘Rising World’, Craftopia, or whatever structure-building game is out there. It appears to be a server of any crafting game mid-creation. Skyscrapers and everything coming in time.

Again, this may be a normal view to various folks, I love these elevated scenery views. I’m simply used to Ottawa being flat as a carrier’s flight deck, ironing board, or various anime memes and jokes.

DJI Tello Time!

– DJI Tello – First actual attempt from on top of the ‘Carlington Bike Park’. Well, the next step down from the actual top.

I think I may have also accidentally annoyed a mother and her kids with my drone. I’m assuming she took a picture, texted, called, and then left. First was testing out the winds, then the guy you see in the image came to talk to me in my confused-distracted state, and etc. Good luck training and keeping in shape. Funny how you can also see him in two spots in the panorama. I also wanted to take my drone higher, the wind wouldn’t allow my drone to do so. Wibbly-wobby panorama (note the horizon).

– DJI Tello – Mini-panorama of bike park.

As weird as this is going to sound seeing how elevated the hill was, and how hot it was, I wasn’t feeling all too comfortable with heights there. I had to focus on multiple things causing me to feel off-beat, maybe a bit more than usual. It also went into how I spoke noting how I kept repeating myself like a parrot to the dude in the above shot in the bottom right corner noting how big and small drones differ; Only big drones need to be registered. The social awkwardness as we tried to have a good conversation, I failed that. He also tried helping me out by telling me to go to the bottom of the hill to fly, something I’ve done.

– DJI Tello – Bottom of Hill – Version 1
– DJI Tello – Bottom of Hill – Version 2: Tried to tell Bimostitch to focus the hills on the left side, not the center. Pick your favourite, or pop it in a VR program of any sort.

Recalling back I may have also accidentally blocked his route down. He was following a line down, something the bike I was using was lined up with. I should have gone a bit further back to where there is a line in the grass.

After fiddling with Bimostitch some more I found a neat way to nudge it to show more interesting scenery positions. For PC and non-VR users I want to line up my scenery properly to balance out the images I take; To stitch them in visually pleasing manners. I’ll be playing with Bimostitch and other stitching programs to bring out the drone’s images out that much more.

– DJI Tello – Piece of a panorama puzzle. Note the two people (third is off image).

With how hot it was I nearly died going up that hill. Wearing a sweater for pockets, dragging the bike up, and all. The hill was a furnace causing my throat to breath out fire, breathing heavily. I had to chill under some trees as I stitched two panoramas together (the two above; Not Version 2).

I’m sure someone is going to scold me for wearing a sweater, and they would be right. I can’t go into detail, though one reasoning is for pockets. When I cycled I was able to keep myself cool enough. Being stationary I began to roast. I needed to be air-cooled.

– DJI Tello – Carlington Park area. I’ve also spotted something interesting I otherwise wasn’t aware of. Two community neighborhood law enforcements and a black vehicle.

Was amused (in a curious manner) about their presence. Once I spotted them on my phone we briefly stared at one another to then going back to do our thing. Flying my drone seems to be fine, something I kept fiddling with. Cool.

– DJI Tello – Mini Panorama focusing on the elevation.
– DJI Tello – Neighborhood security watch. Eventually saw police cyclists roaming the area with some kid cyclists partially in tow.

– Random image aimed at a friend. There is a path circling the elevated part which I find interesting.

Simple fun DJI Tello blog posting sharing the fun of photography. Enjoying both the nature and photography side of things while also seeing things I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. I love these sort of blog postings wishing the world could simply forget about political baiting and just enjoy themselves to some Anime, comics, media, and etc without injecting politics into everything. I want to go fly my drone some more so we shall see where and when I can fly my DJI Tello next. I have an area so we’ll see how that fairs.

Not tagging any bonus images. Azur Lane is on the slow side, Pokemon Snap is for later, and Pokemon GO is pissing me off with raid-bias Pokemon. I want to research capture Pokemon instead. Games are on quiet side, even if I do have recently caught Pokemon GO shinies. I’ll share them in another blog posting.

I’ll keep fiddling with these images as time goes by. Time willing.

Stay safe and have fun. Hopefully Canadian weather shall be kind to us this year allowing for more fun and amusement to be had. o7