Azur Lane Amusements, Mirror Involution, And Memes

– America’s ‘Black Dragon’ being the focus here.

Heyo! Thought I would go on another Azur Lane rambling spree because that is what makes me the happiest. Even if Azur Lane may have its rare frustrating moments I genuinely love where Azur Lane is going, hence why I’m typing up another blog posting sharing my hype and love for it. With all the political nonsense going on in the world we simply need more positive things so let us share those happy thoughts. The 1000 Days Commemoration, the Mirror Involution, the pain RNG caused and then the redemption. Even the fun memes to have fun with which caught my attention to share.

– 1000 Day Commemoration. I spent a small portion of that on the Chinese server, half of that on the JP and other half on the EN version, what I’m on now. I wish I could carry my Neptunia characters from those versions into my EN account.

Even though people I know tend to struggle playing Azur Lane I’m still going strong with it. I’m addicted. I LOVE Azur Lane because it fills in various voids other game developers purposely tend to ignore. Same with Kantai Collection, even though that was a quality spark for this game. The developers for Kantai Collection became too bloated in pride not knowing what makes a game fun and entertaining anymore. I still love and admire Kantai Collection, it just isn’t what it needs to be. It needs to break free from it’s shell needing to find a proper place on the Valve Steam PC Gaming market. But because I’m just a Canadian they won’t view what I say seriously.

Fuck ’em. I’ll side with Azur Lane until the developers for Kantai Collection grow a brain to release their game on PC Steam as a proper free-roaming game not tied to any online servers. I’m speaking with my wallet, on Twitter, and on my blog yet they (Kantai Collection developers) refuse to listen to myself and others. Fuck ’em. Azur Lane may not be perfect, at least they know how to make their game fun and to fill in various gaming sided voids.

Mirror Involution:

Unleash the ‘Black Dragon’! The mighty Iowa-Class New Jersey! Oh, and Helena META, Yorktown META, and a wild Souryuu META boss.

– San Fransico get! Batter’s up!
– Boise get! She noted she prefers her mask because she is the shy type. She can also briefly submerge, just not for long. Boise is a great singer, if an overly shy shipgirl.
– Archerfish – What a tease.
– Context: Morrison has a gadget themed to Bearguy from the Gundam’s Gunpla universe. This Bearguy is a customization of ‘Acguy’.
– O.O
– My new favourite meme template because people do note some cringe-worthy stuff in ignorance. Sometimes its just not their fault.
– Shirokuma Plushie 🙂
– The ‘Star’ of the show herself, New Jersey 🙂
– Helena META aligning herself with the commander as she is loyal to the commander. She is still herself while others not so much. That beauty, that elegance.
– Wisdom Cubes’s true form being ‘ships’ in various forms. Ships, shipgirls, META, among others.

It goes without saying I shall be going after Helena META full force because she’s just too adorable in her META form. She may be corrupted in absolute despair, she however still has her form of sanity about her. She is still loyal to the ‘Commander’, even if its lore based.

– Black Dragon’s Commemoration get!
– Everyone makes mistakes. Its how you react to dealing mistakes that matters.
– Morrison get! She is quite ‘Moe’ (skirt), and she has a Bearguy from the Gundam’s Gunpla universe. This Bearguy is her trusty navigator and anti-air radar. A swiss-army knife gadget, basically.
– META are the Ashes of Kansen (shipgirls) who have fallen to emotional despair, tainted by vast amounts of grief, gradually fading away into nothing but Ash. As powerful as they may appear, they are simply glass canons breathing their final breaths.

If I understood the lore of from this event about the META/Ashes, that is quite depressing. These META/Ashes shipgirls who have lost something, themselves, turned into pure emotional distress until they turn into nothingness. They’ve lost their home, their commander, their ‘everything’. Its like watching a Star War’s Sith gain vast power before they gradually rot away into nothingness as they’re dissolved by the acidic power and nature of the dark side. Sith may be powerful, they’re also close to being glass canons as they rot away from the acidic nature of the dark side, as we’ve seen with Souryuu META going on a brutal mindless assault against the rest.

I love how adorably kind Helena META is, if in a more serious state with her state of despair. She’s so lovable and adorable. She needs respectful hugs. Not pity hugs, just comforting hugs.

– Souryuu META on a brutal assault.
– At last! New Jersey get! RNG never rewarded me forcing me to obtain her from the Pity system with 202/200 summoned. I had no cubes, no coins. I whaled a bit, reluctantly.

The funny thing is how people’s first thoughts was saying how she appears to look similar to another anime character named ‘Kos-Mos’. Sure, I can kind of see it. I can also see ‘Baselard’ from Frame Arms Girl, or even her equipment/rigging echoing ‘Stargazer Gundam’s’ appearance with the ‘O’ Ring at the back. I feel we have a heavy tribal mentality which doesn’t allow people to freely think, something I find overly depressing about the Azur Lane community. Only a few people have any fresh thoughts while others hijack the Azur Lane community for their own gain (As Zoey, in below blog noting; Fame baiter). That’s just my observation to note.

– The Sweetest Picnic: Saratoga’s skin obtained.

A bit off topic/On a Side-note:
No disrespect to the first artist who drew Saratoga for Azur Lane. No disrespect to ‘Saru‘, I simply dislike her because she does not give the actual Saratoga proper justice. Kantai Collection’s version is far better, as is Warspite, and a few other shipgirls. I sadly can’t reunite myself with Kantai Collection’s Saratoga and Warspite. I’m however thankful these artists are beautifying Saratoga to a more moe point of view. A point where I can admire her more and tolerable state.

– Kantai Collection’s Saratoga. I miss her and her 1920-1930 Mobster style serious appearance.

If I’m ever to deal with Saratoga in her Azur Lane lore world I would avoid the standard Saratoga like the plague. Girls are annoying in the anime realm as they are in the real world. I’ve been there, I’ve called fake ones out. I would only deal with Saratoga if she was of the Kantai Collection kind, or the image below. I would however deal with Kantai Collection version of Saratoga, or the Essex type seriousness, and etc. Saru, you may hate me for this. Its simply my personal taste. I’ve simply been spoiled by Kantai Collection, I’m sorry.

– Saratoga’s ‘Hibiscus-Scented Idol’ is the only Saratoga I can handle in this game because of how soft and cute she appears.

I simply wish to see a more elegant and serious Saratoga aligning to her name in the way Saratoga from KanColle appears. Maybe her META mode shall pull this off, maybe her Muse form shall do this, or maybe an alternate universe corrupted by the Sirens shall allow this. It may never happen because I alone (& few others) desire this, I however simply wish Saratoga to have more dignity equal to her name. To ‘Ticonderoga’, or any of those sorts. Shangri-La style.

– Obtained New Jersey’s ‘Triple 406mm MK7 Main Gun’. A bit later than usual because of a weird start and point deviations attempting to summon New Jersey.
– Pretty.
– Little Enterprise get!
– Hiei-chan get! Hilariously enough, I attempted to summon her pre-event to fail to only obtain her shortly after setting her in the Wishing Well. Only took two days, 6 summons. At last! Welcome 🙂

This event was an overly fun event showing how everything Yostar does ties in one way or another. Loved how they tied their event to past lore with the shipgirl research, two researchers, META, Siren, Ashes, and the Russian event. Even how Wisdom Cubes still play into this spawning a ship. Its all coming together, including Helena META, Yorktown META, Souryuu META, and the ‘Signal – Beverly’ music track played in instrumental form for the A3 event node.

I’m curious if Yostar/Manjuu can insert Canadians, or if we’re indeed just a pile of trash to them. I’m still curious about the ‘Maple Monarchy’ side of things, or if we Canadians are just foreign trash to them and every other WW2 game developer out there.

Noteable Azur Lane Memes:

While trying to summon for New Jersey I came across some noteworthy Azur Lane memes which genuinely made me laugh out loud so I’m noting them here.

– RNG: You want New Jersey? Go to hell you poor bastard! *Evil Laughter* (I obtained mine through the Pity System. Stupid RNG)
– Me the first two days. Obtained her on the third after whaling a bit. I still feel like trash for whaling for nothing.
– Your cubes, now gib me New Jerbsy pweese. .
– Expressive New Jersey.
– Gorgeous stern.
>’Signal – Beverly’ BGM plays<
– Shots fired. Roasted and toasted.
– *snickers* Poor Yamato.
– All your hard earned gems and coins go to this overly gorgeous lass, the lovely CEO of Azur Lane & Yostar. Western SJWs are also angry she allows lewd shipgirls in her game. o7

I find it absolutely hilarious western SJWs constantly whine about misoginy when we have female CEOs, female doujinshi artists, Pixiv artists, among others drawning anime characters freely and in a fun way. These female CEOs, artists & others know how to have fun, how to be creative, and find power in lewdness. Its also a win-win for everybody else as they draw for both themselves (female side) and the male side of things. Its only natural, yet SJW Americans are like the plague ruining everything needing to be told off by everybody, including Play-Asia, among others. Ruining things, hijacking things, breaking things, sterilizing things to the point they’re labeled both ‘SJWs’ and ‘Puritans’. I actually respect the female CEO, even if she gives off this devious evil vibes in her pictures. She gave me a great game called Azur Lane, and I respect that.

This is why I love my anime because its pure and entertaining on a natural level. Freedom of creativity and expression. o7

– Forcing your boss to take over because nature had an urgent call. The hilarity XD
– I’m not much of a stats person, I chose my favourite while wiggling my way up the stats sheet when I need to. I’m not really a spreadsheet gamer, I play to have fun on a more natural level. Hop in and have fun while doing what you desire.
– Relatable. I’ve done this time and again on auto-battle. RIP oil.
– Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~
– Shall always share this because Drachinifel had a glorious take on this with his narration. Samuel B. Roberts was awesome spreading fear in the Japanese. o7

Zoey NiSeishin – Meme Problems:

Well, I’ve genuinely enjoyed their channel viewing a few amusements here and there until I hit a few snags on their channel. They had a decent track record until she started talking about Ark Royal META noting their dissatisfaction with her, and then making a click-baity style of a pool ball hitting Boise’s breasts with a very weird title to the video. The video itself may be fine, the title wasn’t, and it still isn’t. Its very… Meme, though in a ‘whiny’ or negative tone. No self awareness.

The only reason I’m noting Zoey NiSeishin is because she appeared in a meme video I was watching the other day, and I am sharing memes, hence why she appeared here. Might as well let some 2 cents loose while the iron is still hot before we move on.

– Twilight Raven highlighted Zoey’s crazy trigger nonsense in a Meme review noting how Boise was hit by a pool ball, something which Zoey later hid by privating the video. I can’t view the video so I have to take Raven’s word for this. I’ve also seen the stream, after the fact.
– The Context: Boise was hit by a pool ball and Zoey made a whole video about it. A 11 minute long video, similar to whining about Ark Royal META not being any better than the original.

I agree with Raven because there are other issues you could potential worry about, and Zoey ends up focusing on a pool ball hitting Boise in a very weird way. The title, no disclaimer. The video “may” be fine on its own, its the way Zoey went on about it with how they titled the video in a very “sjw-esque” manner. Just a pure click-baity type video any nasty SJW can use to slam Yostar and Manjuu in protest. I genuinely understand why Zoey made that video, and it does have “some” humour, but then again 31+ people downvoted it showing it was in bad taste with some negative ratio to it. More tasteful ways to go about sharing memes. This was in very poor taste.

If we’re going to get vocal then let us see Swedish Kansen, Canadian, Australian, Romanian, and others. Use your voice for good, not weird memes then whining how people hate it; How Raven made note of the video and how I also also see it in bad taste. Its however good to have your opinion noting why you’re dissatisfied about Ark Royal. That part is fine, I however found it whiny and then feelings were hurt. Thin skin.

Finding how you lashed back out at me showed how dishonest you were then, and then again about the pool ball with Raven to where you then go on about Nazi’s, Capitalism, and other nonsense. I was also finding her Stream about Raven highly cringe as it focused on trying to justify her tone-deaf nature, one caused by her anger and frustration failing to put obvious points together. She wasn’t able to see her own errors, missing very obvious points to then make very weird counterpoints. Anger clouds your judgement.

You’re on the radar now. I had no beef with you, now I do. I’m disappointed this is how the Azur Lane community has devolved into because of the need for views, or weird ego boosts. Granted, content creating is very hard. The self awareness isn’t there, and I’m also aware I fuck up just as easily when desiring Canadians (Maple Monarchy) for Canadians. I’ve made just as much of an ass as you have, Zoey. I watched the stream noting Raven and I had to heavily reword what I said here. Other people will blindly support Zoey without realizing the actual damage that has been done. Don’t blindly support content creators, you can get easily burnt that way. Zoey needs to learn what being a content creator is, just like myself, Nagzz21, Danny Choo, and etc. We all have to learn. We fail to learn because we dig our heels into the ground in awkward places. We become stupidly stubborn over stupid issues. Sadly, taking harassment is also a part of being a content creator.

I’ve been deplatformed time and again because people hate the way I do things. Its for every content creator.

– The cause of my issue with Zoey because they allegedly claim to be a Vtuber, get overly whiny about non-issues, and then we have a pointless fight in the comment section over a misunderstanding. She wanted to place blame on me not even reading what I noted. The argument we had was just so fucking stupid I view Zoey in a negative light after this. We all have our moments, I just feel bad how she whined about Ark Royal META not really seeing where they came from.

I’ve never had any issues with Zoey until we had a genuinely large misunderstanding in the comment section. I mistook their name as an Azur Lane hardcore fanboy, not the creator of these videos. I tried to rectify the issue to only be dealt with more hate and guilt tripping by them. Shame. Then you’ll cry about “trolls” attacking you when you yourself go on the offensive. I simply tried to make note of Euro Truck Sim, American Truck sim for a point about how people knocked on the ‘Renault’ truck brand because of Squirrel, also a Youtuber, how he would always bully the AI Renault brand. Renaults are a good brand, sadly tainted by Squirrel’s bias and influencing others form shying away in the way Zoey had done for Ark Royal Meta. Its good to voice your opinions, I simply found it whiny and that is just me. Don’t get offended in a way a drama queen would. Then I noted how I disliked the tribal mentality of how people hate on the Azur Lane Anime because other people do it. Zoey failed to register that point, only resorted to more hate towards me. If Zoey noted it was cool to jump off a bridge then people would do it, as they had done with eating Tide pods, or other stupid fads people do. Or the Cinnamon challenge. People are retarded when in a group because of peer pressure, tribal mentality and etc to fit in, something Zoey’s mind failed to comprehend something simple as tribal mentality. You say something and people will jump onto it, defending it with every fiber of their being. Can I blame them, or should I not blame them? Its a valid point though. Tribal mentality is dangerous. It prevents things from happening, or sabotages things when in existence.

I’m not into blindly hating on Ark Royal Meta, nor Azur Lane Anime, or even complain about Boise getting hit by a pool ball. Shit happens. Ark Royal Meta probably became a genuine glass canon in her time-line showing other priorities in her skill, or even became weakened in her ‘Ash’ state. Azur Lane anime sucks? Ha, ha, cool joke. Get original. Pool pall? That meme failed with 31+ downvotes.

As Yorktown META has said, we all make mistakes so lift up that chin and let us make the best and most of it. Let us not throw shit at one another, let us move forward doing the best we can. Don’t reverse blame shame me either, just move on and improve. You want to complain about how these figurative “trolls” are attacking you without trying to understand what a content creator is. Just make content. Know what your saying. I’m aware its ironic coming from me as I’ve made countless mistakes, its exactly why I’m saying it though so we don’t get burned over and over again. Live and learn.

Its things like this which tends to taint a good community because people become so full of themselves, stubbornly digging their heels in weird places, or just making weird memes for the views in a weird baiting way. It was awkwardly weird.

[Edit: I heavily edited the Zoey side after seeing her stream about Raven and how she can’t comprehend what memes and content creation is. She can’t comprehend feedback, viewing it as “trolling”. Ah well. I updated my blog posting to reflect that. The meme she made is a a decent 60% quality, could have been better with a disclaimer and a proper title instead of “Manjuu, why would you do this?!”…… Yeah.]

– “Look, Master! The east is burning red!” – Its a G-Gundam reference on top of a Gundam Gunpla reference. Gundam Build Fighters. Hilarious.

As for the Azur Lane meme above, this is why I love Azur Lane as much as I do. Azur Lane knows how to have fun with various memes that I just love its natural flow. It knows how to have fun. I’ve had fun with the latest event, with the memes people share, and even how the developers are freely having fun with the ingame lore and Juustagram. I’ll keep playing Azur Lane until it burns out, or something. Maybe when its time runs out, or mine in life. We’ll see what happens first. Rarely does a game allow you to focus on Italians, Russians, Chinese, or any other nation. I’m happy Azur Lane allows this. I even love how it does its lore, and how we’re gradually learning more as time goes on. I’ll keep supporting this game as long as it stays fun.

Here is to hoping I can eventually team up with my fellow Canadians under the ‘Maple Monarchy’ flag and the respective Canadian shipgirls.