MG – Tallgeese (Endless Waltz) Model Kit

– MG – Tallgeese Endless Waltz model kit. Not Tallgeese III, the original.

This Tallgeese model kit from Gundam Wing is something I’ve wanted to obtain for quite awhile. Similar to the DJI Tello, I’ve constantly eyed both in a window-shopping manner because of my various situations, now obtaining it because certain conditions were allowed. I could have obtained both at any time, now was the best time than any. Well, June 13th, 2021.

I’ve always admired the Tallgeese, especially when I’ve seen it fresh on TV during the 1999’s YTV Anime days. Gundam Wing was the best thing on TV at the time while lemming classmates admired Dragonball Z not wanting to be unique, nor enjoy it for themselves. Everything for other people, never for themselves. While silly classmates pretended to admire DBZ in a lemming manner I had fun watching and admiring Gundam Wing for its awesomeness. The best thing on TV, even outperforming North American media even at that point. The music, the artistic style. Detailing. Everything. Tallgeese stood out with special thanks to Zech’s, his voice actor, and how special Tallgeese felt in that traditional ‘Christmas’ vibes. During the time it aired Tallgeese was wrapped in the aura of traditional European Christmas values. The pure Christmas pride with snow, colourful Christmas trees, and etc. Its hard to explain it in words, this is the best I can word it currently.

Again, Tallgeese echos the past while showing how superior morals and values are. Traditionalism, while also showing how powerful it can be. More powerful than any human pilot can handle. Its a beast. Raw power, row speed. Everything is raw. So much respect has to be given to the Tallgeese, hence why it commands respect.

[Disclaimer: The cats are not mine; I’ve done my best to polish off the stubs, & etc. I took extra care. I however haven’t painted the kit, I however stickered it in a basic manner. Considering Gundam pens for later. I know the title says ‘Endless Waltz’, simply going by what is on the box.]

When it comes to Tallgeese all I can hear is:

FOOOOOOLS!” – Zechs.

I’ve built a fair number of gunpla kits, though had to scale back for numerous reasons. Some more obvious than others, and one simply being at my grasp needing to be acquired before it was too late. I had to put many away in boxes while sorting my situation out. Tallgeese however couldn’t wait.

– Cats are overly curious creatures. Always came to inspect what I was doing.
– I love this. I love how we have Zechs sitting in his cockpit.
– The beginning of why I love Master Grade kits, and why I love Tallgeese.
– The technical curiousity coming out. If we can do this with model kits why can’t we create a ‘replica’ 1:1 scale in real life. Even if it doesn’t function in combat, still shall be neat.
– The neck pieces (I forgot to add that)
– Admiring the armour pieces shelling covering the body, the cockpit door, and the ‘ mechanical technicalities’.
– Master Grade beauty. Seeing Zechs in his Tallgeese.
– Back portion.

I’m sure someone is going to point out why I haven’t been cutting off the remains of the stubs. I have. I’ve been using a knife to even out the stubs. I may not have nippers, I however spent a while shaving and polishing parts. Camera may be sensitive in what it sees.

Also, I haven’t painted the Tallgeese, I simply applied stickers and decals. Was considering adding little touches with Gundam pen markers when the time comes. Everything takes time. Situational stuff.

– I absolutely love the attention to detailing, even in its basic form. I can recall the scene in the anime this was shown. How the Leo mobile suits were inspired by the Tallgeese.
– Slowly coming together. I’m loving this.
– That Tallgeese head gimmick. I love this. This design is what inspired the Leo, and possibly even the Virgo mobile suit Dolls.
– Admiring the mechanical beauty of the arms. Piston type functions, gimmicks, etc. Articulation.
– Amused by these shoulder ball joints. Reminded me of mini Death Stars, or something from Star Wars. This is genuinely a nice and amusing 1990’s design.
– Still admiring the arms. This time with shoulder guards, attachments, and etc.
– Tallgeese, as I left it. Ran out of time. I wanted to piece it all together at the end for a more ‘magical’ experience. It doesn’t feel right to piece it together in an incomplete form. I wanted to place these parts on toy trucks for that added effect.

Ran out of time to build it. Onto Part 2 below.

– I love these technical drawings because you can see more of its beauty from here. The slim nature, the raw power and beauty. Its a beast that anybody could pilot, only the “chosen”.
– Day 2 with Jojo the cat observing what I’m doing. She actually ate up the foot. Had to lightly slap her head to have her spit out the foot. Silly cats. Azur Lane on the side.
– I love showing my progress. Jojo ate one of the foot, thankfully spitting it out. Arms, torso, head, and two feet are now complete, or mostly complete.
– The raw power and articulation of the leg. Has piston-like attachments.
– That’s another leg ‘complete’. Nice. I was more on guard to prevent the cat from eating the Tallgeese.
– Now we have two gorgeous mecha legs. We’re getting there.
– Nice! Similar to the anime, this is what I recall the most out of the Tallgeese. One of the major features of Tallgeese with its hip thrusters. It has insane amounts of thrusters, though elegantly placed, unlike Mechwarrior mechas.

On that Mech Warrior note I would love to pilot my Tallgeese to fight the Mech Warrior universe mechas. I want to see if I’m worthy enough to first pilot the Tallgeese while secondly able to brutalize their universe’s mechas.

When it comes to mecha aesthetics I prefer Japanese mechas over the fake “realism” of North American sci-fi stuff. Americans tend to worry too much about “realism” that they tend to bend too far backwards, blinding themselves in the process. Tallgeese has this crude elegance to it being a first-gen mobile suit from the Gundam Wing era. Its a Gundam without the ‘V’ on its head.

Sin of the Solaris (the game) does a bit better when it comes to ship designs, same with Star Wars and Star Trek. Everything else, not so much. I’m not counting the fake-woke new-gen Star Trek, though the new gen fake-woke Star Wars still has neat designs.

– That rocket-boosting beauty. That was all you could see in the Gundam Wing show. That power, that strenth. That raw lethal power able to kill a pilot as a raw Formula 1 car would. Even Formula 1 is fake and plastic to me.

Ever since Formula 1 starting placing regulations against Ferrari it became so boring. I enjoyed Kobayashi’s crazy ‘raw’ racing style. He raced to win, then he left. I have a Figma of him. I’m mentioning this because I wanted to note that I view Tallgeese as I would of Ferrari before they were sabotaged in Formula 1 and elsewhere. Ferrari is not what it used to be, though its power is what I’m trying to compare. That raw potential able to kill on a whim. That is Tallgeese.

If not Ferrari, then maybe the best BMW there is, or the best Japanese sports car, or the best ‘anything’.

– “Unlimited POWAH!!” – Palpatine. (Boosters for days)
Hips, legs, feet, arms, torso, and head. Getting there.
– The side booster skirts. Now we’re getting to the classy part of Tallgeese. Excellent.
– Articulated Boosters. There is a part where they peg into the legs for stability. Too much POWAH!
– one of my most favourite part of Tallgeese are the back twin boosters. Its like a vessel of its own.

Even on the figure form I absolutely admired the boosters from Tallgeese. The back boosters and the shield holding the sabers. Absolutely love how it folds out to reveal the thrusters in a very elegant and actual realistic manner, not what the fake Sci-fi American realism shows. There is a proper way to balance clunky realism and aesthetics, this is it.

Tallgeese is your actual clunky, visually pleasing sci-fi mecha which actually commands ACTUAL respect. I love it. Even the Christmas vibes thanks to its white paintjob. Regal and traditional Christmas vibes. Classy

– Almost there. Another pause before I work on Tallgeese after a quick dinner break.
– Booster admiration. (The stickers were a big pain to put on. I spent 5 minutes cursing at them with roommate agreeing.)
– Ah! Such beauty! One of the best parts of Tallgeese <3 This is like viewing lewds. Almost. Well, actually, this is like seeing WW2 vehicle beauty done right.
– I agree these shots may be excessive, however noting progress. Now, with boosters.
– Another lovely MG Grade gimmick. Spring-loaded gun amusements. Note the red mark near the top right, that’s my blood. 1/2. I cut both thumbs. Thin piece on right is what gave me trouble, and no nippers. Second time I cut myself was with the beam saber handles. So tiny cutting deep into my thumb. Thankfully that was the final piece to cut.
– The base of the ‘Dobbergun’. Nice! Spring took a little fight to get in. I even had the piece backwards. I was exhausted I kept pushing screwing up many pieces I had to rectify quickly.
– Done! A bit of a struggle placing the front portion in to properly trigger the Dobber Gun’s gimmick of ‘revolver action’. This gun behaves like a revolver by pulling back the end to then load a shot and fire. Pew! pew!~
– Slight alternate angle viewing the scope.
– The result of Day 2. Time for Day 3 progress.
– Focus is on Zechs below, for scale. Note the scale.

I wanted to finish up on the weapons to only end up finishing the Dobber gun. I wanted to fiddle with the beam sabers and any other small piece. That’s for Day 3.

Day 3!

The point I was waiting for, the ‘assembly’ of the parts! I don’t know, it feels more magical to me this way. It is as if I’m actually building a legit mobile suit this way. It feels better. 🙂

– The scale, the legs. I’ve noticed a few things I may have fumbled in my haste, I however love the scale. I’m no painter so Zech has to stay unpainted.
– There is a reason why you don’t see the boosters ‘flapping’ in the anime. They’re pegged into the legs.
– Now we can see the Tallgeese we now and love; That I admire and respect. Shaping up nicely. MG scale was a good call.
– The rear articulated boosters, the side boosters, Zech’s on top. The lovely beauty of seeing it come together.
– Torso added. Finger photobomb, whoops. Zechs standing proudly on his Tallgeese.
– Dobber gun & shield attached. They can be removed. Tallgeese guarding Zech’s from falling. Gorgeous.
– The shield. I love the classy style. Viewing back at this I may need to indeed invest in some Gundam markers to bring out Tallgeese’s traits on the head and elsewhere.
– A bit closer view.
– Dobber Gun throws the whole photoshoot part of things. Pushes away from Tallgeese itself, though shows the offensive power of the mighty machine.
– The boosters and the head may have been why they named it ‘Tallgeese’. Or another reason I may be unaware of. I absolutely LOVE the booster designs. As I loved it back in 1999, I still do in 2021.
– Can’t end the article without a Saber shot. It was a bit tricky, it however brings out the awesomeness in Tallgeese.

I’m aware I may not be bringing out the full justice of Tallgeese, I however love the amount of detailing already there. The articulation, the gimmicks to the head, cockpit, and gun. The hand pieces, the way it attaches the Dobbergun and shield. I love Tallgeese’s design with how it can grab the beam Sabers from the shield and how it is stored there. Simple elegance may at times be better than modern overexaggerated nonsense.

When it comes to mobile suits (or any design), it always is best to keeps things simple while having simplified complexities here and there. Ferrari had it, as with BMW, and various Busou Shinki kits. The older Gundam shows had this with their Zaku, Leo, Aries, and basic Gundams. Everything then turned into over-sized, overloaded, and bulky mecha designs. Absurd mobile armor designs, GP-02 being over-rated, and that usual madness. It is why I enjoy rogue-type characters in games, or Renge & Kohiru from Busou Shinki because because you only have what you need on you. Tallgeese comes with various boosters, two beam sabers, Dobber gun, and that is about it. You don’t need 50 million skirt armours, or what have you.

I love the Tallgeese design because I view it as World War 2 vehicles before things turned weird. I love how Tallgeese’s design spawned the Leo mobile suit, and others; How its raw power can compete with the 5 Gundam suits, and etc.

Regal, dignified, elegant, raw, powerful, classy…. This is a mobile suit fit for the proper Prince, or Warrior. A one with the most resolve and drive. Fit. It is a mobile suit able to kill its pilot with ease, as with any other overly raw machine.

There is however a few issues I have with this model kit. The articulation on the arms causes the pegs to fall out. Its a bit too short, doesn’t snap. It does allow for certain iconic poses, as seen in the show. There are just certain things you can’t do because its still a model kit. It’s mainly for posing and display, as any model kit is used for. The shin guards is something I’m going to have to glue in because they fall onto the feet. There are a few things I have to readjust.

– Gundam Wing anime – Tallgeese. However an error noted in the gif, no boosters active. Probably falling and shooting.
Tallgeese Render by Yuki.

As noted, both this and DJI Tello are the few things I wanted to obtain now that my situation allowed. Didn’t help we had COVID-19 lockdowns, though now I have and now I’m happy. Out with things I no longer need and in with things I do. Tallgeese is special to me, far more than anything. It is almost special by blood, something attached to my soul. Everybody is associated by something, Tallgeese is something similar to myself.

Something that should be easy is often made more difficult by various situations and elements in life. Some good ol’ gunpla never hurts. Now, if only I could use Tallgeese in an actual proper Gundam game I would be happy. Any Bandai made game, something that isn’t Musou, but an actual open world game.

Mission Accomplished! I’m happy. o7