World of Warships – HMCS Yukon

– HMCS Yukon (King George V-Class Battleship)

World of Warships has once again came out to both celebrate and acknowledged Canada’s presence for Canada Day, if with a bit of covert drama below decks. Firstly, Happy Canada Day! Previously they have added HMCS Haida with her Canadian skin in acknowledgement Canadians exist, this time with HMCS Yukon with her Canadian skin. BUT! At a cost of disrespecting two folks by not informing them on HOW to help them (Wargaming) out in feedbacking a Canadian ship together.

Even HMCS Yukon’s Class type is hard for me to remember seeing her listed as King George V-Class Battleship while also seeing her being listed as ‘Monarch Class Battleship’. May be a sign something amiss is afoot.

I don’t really play World of Warships, I however can play this if its easier to access. I would much prefer if Canadians could be added into a ‘Silent Hunter 3’ styled open world game instead of World of Warships for sandboxy reasons. Sandboxing and experimenting is the way to go, World of Warships seems highly restrictive and highly reliant on weird requirements that Silent Hunter 3 doesn’t require, one of which is always being online. I mainly play Azur Lane anyways. Can’t play games as I used to, though Azur Lane is far easier to play than any game out there.

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[RCN] HMCS Haida – Tribal-Class Destroyer:

– HMCS Yukon – Noted as ‘King George V-Class Battleship. She has been noted to be a ‘Monarch’ type Battleship. I also keep forgetting what class she really is supposed to be.
– HMCS Yukon – Full front
– HMCS Yukon – Full back
– HMCS Yukon – Detailed middle section.
– HMCS Yukon – Detailed front section; Beautiful guns.

This ship looks awesome, though is noted to behave poorly in World of Warships. It fills in voids, it however does not do what its supposed to do as a warship, let alone as a battleship. Canadians always wished and desired to have a battleship to the point we could have HMCS Yukon fill in the void. Well, that is if Wargaming & in general stats could be improved to actual proper military standards and not fake Wargaming World of Warships standards. People enjoy knocking on Canadians by always noting how we never had a battleship so we were never allowed to have Canadians in a WW2 game. We were technically supposed to have 3 Queen Elizabeths during pre-WW1, and this one now fills in that void. And keep in mind that my bias also leans in an Azur Lane manner hoping we would obtain a GENUINE HMCS Yukon in that game. Not this purposely butchered vessel, or so noted by the two “creators”, Whitemouse and Chobbitsu. I simply want to connect with my Canadian patriotisms, that is all.

Fictional, or not, I’m happy to have learned we were to have three Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships named HMCS Ontario, HMCS Quebec, and HMCS Acadia even before the whole Azur Lane and HMCS Yukon weirdness. Having HMCS Yukon would make this the 4th special battleship for the Canadians, if Yostar/Manjuu both can be motivated enough to insert her into Azur Lane properly. Actually respect the community’s wishes of having Maple Monarchy, etc.

Canadians also a decent number of aircraft carriers, a few which were co-crewed with the Royal Navy HMS Nabob, and others. HMCS Warrior, HMCS Magnificent, and HMCS Bonaventure being WW2-era aircraft carriers.

It has also been noted that ‘HMCS Yukon’s’ ability involved being a damage sponge by over-healing her damage, mainly upset about. Or ‘zombie-ship’….

Chobittsu-Studio’s Version of HMCS Yukon (Azur Lane Unofficial Conceptual art):

I have to that this looks awesome, if dated to pre-Yukon information. Maple Monarchy was however known since HMS Fortune’s line, and other information. Not everybody is on the same page so I’ll forgive. Now, if Azur Lane could implement HMCS Yukon (and any other Canadians), it could potentially appear as the fan-art image done by Cho’. Or maybe it could be something else, though with genuine respect.

– HMCS Yukon – Unofficial “what-if” art. (Source)

I’ve noted to Cho that the Royal Navy emblem should be replaced with a Beaver Maple Monarchy emblem, and certain other minor tweaks. Other than that, I find her design awesome and true to the Yukon name. Maybe a bit too on the nose. Native American influenced, gold rush, Husky, Fireweed, yellow background. Good respect on the ship name and emblem. They’ve done hard work on the actual ship while also pulling through on the conceptual unofficial Azur Lane take on HMCS Yukon. I want to note that I also love and admire the touch on the turret with the turret art. I approve.

No disrespect, that is just my opinions. I’m picky; I’m Canadian. I’m trying not to be a “beggars can’t be choosers” type thing. I just want Canadians to have standards, dignity, and etc. The art passes for me in an 90% manner. I would genuinely level her up in my fleet if she were genuinely added

(I’m not implying anything negative. There is no reading between the lines.)

– HMCS Haida with her ‘Maple Monarchy’ take on the factional emblem.

HMCS Yukon – Maple Monarchy P3 Video:

A quick video I had done to spread awareness and Canadian pride for Canada Day. Now we just need Yostar/Manjuu to follow through by acknowledging Canadians properly by giving them their true Canadian identity with their Canadian emblem/banner, their shipgirls, and even HMCS Yukon into the mix. Not doing so is equal to taking a foul dump on WW2 grave sites. Genuine disrespect when actual Canadians are patriotic to their nation.

This upcoming July 1st, 2021’s Canada Day would have been absolutely perfect for Canadians. Yostar and Manjuu seemed to have failed Canadians while World of Warships had to pick up on the slack. Since they both collab together this is an open potential and opportunity for them to use ‘HMCS Yukon’ in Azur Lane as a ‘Main’ Backline type vessel and character. Maybe Maple Monarchy could be inserted in a mis-aligned event, date wise. Better late than ever, I guess.

– HMCS Yukon – Monarch-Class Battleship’ (King George V-Class???)

I now want HMCS Yukon (as with the 3 QE Shipgirls) in Azur Lane. Its about time Canadians get their well deserved respect after being shunned, denied, and disrespected time and again by lazy game developers. Even with how Wargaming failed to properly communicate with the two people they walked up to in assistance to their Canadian warship contribution. Canadians want their well deserved representation and respect. They want to connect with their Canadian nationality, that is all.

Wargaming Disrespect:

I however have to note a bit of negativity with this, as noted above (something I had to revise my blog for). Wargaming failed to appropriately communicate with Chobittsu and Little White Mouse to the point we gained a Canadian vessel which wasn’t their own. They obtained a ship Wargaming wanted, not what Chobittsu & LWM were prompted to help with.

– Was told as to what happened. I re-read the forum posting to see this…….
– A USN Veteran of 20 years was upset by Wargaming’s take and the amount of disrespect. All that hardwork and stress all flushed down the toilet by wargaming. We obtained HMCS Yukon, a ship that is still somewhat neat, just not what was conceptualized by LWM & Cho’.
– Wargaming admits they’ve messed up and are formally investigating. Hopefully a proper outcome can be reached and not a bandaid fix.
– If we were to obtain a battleship people wanted one of the three Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleships instead.

As a Canadian I’m disappointed by how much I have to fight just to play as Canadians in a game. I always have to deal with overly skittish and abusive developers refusing to add in Canadians for being ‘Minor Nations’, or whatever nonsense they keep spilling out of their excuse jar. I also feel bad for LWM & Cho’, also feeling bad for stupidly replying to them in ignorance. I feel guilty….. Guilty for praising HMCS Yukon while oblivious of their situation with Wargaming. They’ve been pulled for a ride, abused, and thrown under a bus. Developers refuse to pay any respect to Canadians so we’re simply left frustrated and annoyed. Waiting, and waiting, until we turn into skeletons.

My only goal here was to share my Canadian pride while hoping HMCS Yukon would APPROPRIATELY reach Azur lane with ACTUAL stats, and not Wargaming’s take on HMCS Yukon. Give us Canadians and knock it off with the abuse.

– Yukon’s Husky and Fireweed background with golden background. Wargaming butchered this.

Little White Mouse and Chobittsu has my respect, just a shame Wargaming had to fumble like this causing me to become far more wary of them. Any compromises on my end can be done by giving me actual Canadian factions, full naval line-up of all the Canadian ships, and to see HMCS Yukon in Azur Lane. Doubt that shall happen so I guess we shall meet again as skeletons. Been nice knowing you, Wargaming and other WW2 naval game developers o7.

– I had to laugh at this because its true. The “fun-tax”. You’re just not allowed to have fun……. Welcome to the club.

If you want to read about Canadian flags during WW2 on the naval front:

I wanted to give my 2 cent son the flag. Just click the link and judge for yourself. Not trying to imply anything, just…. I’m second guessing myself on the flags, is all.

– HMCS Yukon – Ingame of World of Warships (Standard paint; Conceptual)
– HMCS Yukon – Canadian paintjob (conceptual).

Now its up to both Azur Lane developers and other World War 2 naval game developers to get with the program. Canadians exist, and it shouldn’t be a sin to experiment with “what-if’s” scenarios, among others. We should also be allowed to experiment with the three QE-Class Battleships aimed at Canada pre-World War 1.

Everything becomes more fun when you’re more genuine with your game, as ‘Silent Hunter 3’ was. And, in a way with ‘World of Warships’, though not really. It also appears there are people who agree with my sentiments of having a modern 2021+ take on warships done the Silent Hunter 3 way; The ‘Warship mod’ way. Make it so……..

– We need an actual open world game. Wargaming is stagnating the naval genre to the point of abuse and bias. Too much Canadian neglection, community abuse, and even people genuinely fed up with not being able to proudly represent Canadians they themselves are, or know of others being. Dutch folks getting the weird special treatment while Canadians are constantly shafted. This guy has a genuine point. When I make similar points I’m always thrown under the bus. Shame.
– Always need opposing thoughts. I view this as a good example of a troll, but also good as a yin-yang. The last point especially is a good case of gaslighting where you shame and guilt trip others. We simply want a proper WW2 game with full RCN line-up. Proper representation.
– Again, something for balance with opposing views. Maybe we all feel entitled needing to have our balloons popped every now and again. We need to keep ourselves grounded. Maybe I have been taken away by hype. Need to keep things neutral and formal here. Maybe they’re wrong, maybe they’re right.
– The first apology. There was heavy miscommunication, and he resigned.
– Secondary final apology. They’re re-staffing, and etc. Take it however you desire.
– The unforgiving frustration with a dishonest Wargaming & apology. Mouse is not happy. Second skin was done faster than the first one for Canada Day 2020. Mouse & friends are obviously furious. As am I.
– A Canadian RCN Vet with his take. He notes we never had any ships bigger than Light Cruisers, which may be technically true. We did have 3-5 Aircraft carriers from WW2 era.
– Mouse& Obs are both furious and unrelenting for obvious reasons. Along with abuse, throwing their own developers under the bus at Wargaming we even have a crime against Canadian pride. Too much nonsense.
– Some compromise of allowing HMCS Sackville’s skin and the commemorative flag to be earned for HMCS Yukon. Seems fair enough. They’re learning!

(Disclaimer: My only goal is to hype up the Canadians & Azur Lane attachments with World of Warships. It appears I’ve been dragged into negativity thanks to Wargaming’s neglect. I can’t admire my Canadians and I also feel guilty for hyping this up. I revised my blog posting to reflect this. I’m now conflicted, and can probably see as to why my HMCS Yukon hype was sabotaged on Azur lane’s subreddit. Wargaming is at fault for fucking it all up.)

Happy Canada Day!