Azur Lane – Proxy Canadian Fleet Assembled

Mission Accomplished! Finally fully assembled, leveled, and retro-fitted the Proxy-Maple Monarchy fleet in Azur Lane. Not a genuine Canadian Fleet, though ones of which later were given to the Canadians.

– Azur Lane Anime – Proxy-Maple Monarchy Fleet

Having been born and raised in Canada I find it special when I find Canadian elements in Anime. I may have failed my Anime Pride article, though still praise anything Canadian highly. I want to simply connect and relate to anything Canadian because that is who I am, thus why I push heavily when seeing opportunities in Azur Lane. I still wish to strongly see Canadians in Azur Lane after being teased so hard and so much.

HMS Fortune teases her about the RCN being in their universe as ‘Maple Monarchy’ while also having Canadian-themed loading screens during July 1st, among others. Canadians weren’t being forgotten, more like being being acknowledged. I loved it! I love it! 

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Happy Canada Day! (2019):

Royal Canadian Navy / Maple Monarchy:

Now for the actual list of the proxy-Canadians until YoStar actually decides to finally add them into Azur Lane, not cheapy and insultingly under the Royal Navy banner. I find that nonsense degrading……. How disrespectful.

1) Crescent – 2) Comet – 3) Cygnet – 4) Foxhound – 5) Fortune 

– List of Proxy-Canadians by Artimak

Over time I managed to retrofit all 5 of them, among others. Even the Australian ones, or at least level them a fair way.

How I desire to see HMCS Haida, HMCS Ontario, HMCS Uganda, their destroyer sisters, and even their belated aircraft carriers. If necessary, even their pre-WW1 companions of three Elizabeth-Class Battleships being HMCS Ontario, HMCS Acadia, & HMCS Quebec. They would be a blast to be sortie with.

– HMS Foxhound – A.K.A HMCS Qu’Appelle
– HMS Fortune – A.K.A HMCS Saskatchewan
HMS Crescent – A.K.A HMCS Fraser
– HMS Comet – A.K.A HMCS Restigouche
– HMS Cygnet – HMCS St. Laurent

BONUS: – HMS Leander A.K.A HMNZS Leander:

Bonus Round! HMS Leander retrofitted for the reason of researching HMS Neptune in the research facility. HMS Leander should actually be HMNZS Leander because of the Australians, though f*** the Australians with the Canadians. They mean nothing to anybody. We don’t exist. We mean nothing to the world……But yeah, my genuine respect to both my Canadian & Australians who admire their Canadian & Australian fleet. My Vampire is also playing a big part in my fleet. 

/Salute o7

– HMS Leander – HMNZS Leander (Australian)

The Tease – Maple Monarchy:

Who do we have to blame for this? HMS Fortune’s line which is being considered “flavour text” by certain folks. Mention desiring Canadians and you’ll be downvoted harshly on Reddit, mocked by moderators on Azur Lane Discord, and just outright thrown out the door. How rude…. Regardless, I’ll still push for the Maple Monarchy after having been teased because they need their time in the spotlight. No more cookie cutter games please. 

– HMS Fortune noting the Maple Monarchy faction. WHAT A TEASE!

– New Permanent map (2020) to farm materials to improve your weaponry. Would have been perfect to have a Maple Monarchy base The Northwestern portion of that ocean. I find it insulting how Eagle Union crest hovers over Canada….. Genuine disrespect.

I’m now honestly ready and waiting to welcome my Canadian Kansen (Shipgirls) into my fleet. Even though I may be severely struggling in 2020, I’m honestly ready and waiting to open up my fleet, my dockyard, and my dorm to level up HMCS Haida, among other of the awesome Canadian shipgirls. I can’t wait to see the two light-cruisers, the 1-4 aircraft carriers, and the various destroyers. I can’t wait for the Canadians to be genuinely recognized and officially added under the Maple Monarchy banner in Azur Lane, to the dismay of people wanting to keep Azur Lane sterile or oddly fearing it may “clutter the UI”. 

Azur Lane is supposed to be a game of fun and entertainment, THAT is why I picked it up. Maybe I’ll die and turn into a skeleton before Canadians are properly added into Azur Lane as ‘Maple Monarchy’.  That’ll be great. I can’t wait, even if it may annoy people. It needs to happen. I can’t wait to offically connect with my Canadian side, especially after having visited HMCS Haida in Hamilton back in September 5th, 2019. That was awesome. She made me see things in a new light.

– HMCS Haida – Panorama.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you guys around when Maple Monarchy is officially added into Azur Lane. I’m not the only one who wants her, so do certain Youtubers, and other curious folks. 

A Mari Usque Ad Mare