The Struggle Is Real (2020)

– VRChat – A foxy time at a foxy Japanese shrine.

Not a blog post I wanted to make, though one I possibly have to post just to fill people in on various things. Why the silence, weirdness, & etc. First off, as we all know is how brutal 2020 is being while shoving people the side as if they mean nothing. Coronavirus being one of them, COVID-19 safety protocols, limitations, among other silly things relating to that. Everything is being hammered down brutally by the COVID-19 causing weird cause-and-effect situations around the world. Its a weird ripple effect. Because of it I’m also twice as hesitant to say I’m sick because people will assume I have COVID, even though its more seasonal and stress related. Having blood come out where it shouldn’t, or just simply sneezing, feeling fatigued…. Been there before. Just a simple case of sneezing because the climate in a room is both hot & cold causing your body to sneeze….. AH! ITS COVID-19! Nah…. Relax!

Secondly, with how busy I was I wasn’t able to post my VRchat New Year’s stuff, even though people may say not to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and such. I’m way behind on my VRchat blog postings by a good portion. I’m way behind on VRchat while falling behind brutally on my blog posts. I need to eventually get chugging on those again when able, especially my HMCS Haida world…. Its stuck in Christmas mode making me seem I’m “lazy”….. Frustrating……

Thirdly, 2020 decided to rob me of my father by taking him away. My father passed away on May 13th taking him away from me. May he Rest in Peace. You were an awesome father. It wasn’t COVID-19, it was liver disease related causing the rest of his body to shut down. All the ups and downs we had…. He will be dearly missed along with my mother and my best friend, Sparky. My puppy was also a part of my family. My awesome and well behaved dog. His death caused everything to be flipped all around. I’m still in the middle of tying loose ends while also losing my housing….

Forthly, if that is even a word…… I’ll vaguely note that I found out how much certain people hate me while viewing me as something I’m not. Different lifestyles, views on the world, and such. On a related note to even that, I even noticed how a doctor was surprised how “calm” I was hearing about my dad’s condition finding how “resolved” I was. Its because I had roughly 1 month to digest the information constantly being told worse and worse information as time went on. Its because of what I was told I was “calm”… I started gradually preparing for the worse as each day passed…Not fully, though mentally. I’m assuming he (the doctor) may have assumed I was “evil”, sadistic, or something…. Nah, things were hinted well in advance. I had time to process that information. People have nasty misconceptions about me. And on that similar note on a third point I even had to listen to someone slander VR exclusivity and how Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a “trash” game….. No desire to be open minded at all. It frustrated me though I kept quiet this time. I tried nudging politely once though found out that person never cared at all. ……. 

– VRchat – KanColle world – Posing with a lovely floatplane made popular by Kantai Collection.

I still wish KanColle was an awesome game…… It still is, though doesn’t have that “fun factor” that games should have. Games were made for entertainment, something KanColle should have. I still observe it, though not as much as I have before. Its stressful, time consuming, and very salty causing people to bail, thus why Azur Lane became popular. Its why a fluke game like Azur Lane was able to take over because KanColle was “too complacent” and “too salty”.  Its why I even jumped ship (pun intended) to enjoy Azur Lane because it deals with things in more bite-sized pieces. I’m still however 100% pissed off I missed the Neptunia event, even though I have them on my Japanese account. I wish I could have them on my EN account. I’m frustrated with it going to be a constant thorn in my side. 

I wish KanColle would have a free-roamy game similar to Silent Hunter 3 on PC Steam. Similar to KanColle: Arcade, though on PC Steam. They refuse to evolve, thus eclipsed by Azur Lane.

– VRChat – Warship world with German vessels (& others)

Lastly….. To anybody lurking from VRChat side….. The going gets tough and the tough gets real…… I know I haven’t been much in certain hangouts lately, so much so certain people left my Discord from those said hangouts, and on Twitter. Other people also avoiding me while being in other hangouts, and etc. VRchat is a 50/50 zone right now. Life is real, life is busy, and things are the way they are. Can only do so much, now more so than ever forcing me to go radio silent at times. I’ve tried hanging with people to even be forcefully side-lined, though still admire VRchat. I still respect Nagzz21, I still love my friends I befriended, and I can’t wait to play VRchat proper once I settle back into a new proper home. I’m losing my “home” forced to find a temporary one to then hopefully find an actual one sometimes after that. Once I settle in to a new housing I’ll try to VRchat more often, especially in VR again. That shall be awesome. 

I missed out on Virtual Market 4 assuming there was more to it. I’m furious. There were worlds I wanted to visit, yet was unable to do so. I wish we could revisit those, or to have worlds up longer. I’m constantly out of the loop and its frustrating. I still love my time in VRchat. I hope to see you guys there “soon”.

When you catch me posting VRchat news you’ll find it highly surreal when I post a New Year’s posting mid summer, or in Autumn, and etc. That shall be me trying to close the gap. Its going to be a fun time when I get to that.

– Azur Lane (March 28th, 2020) – The time I was training Avrora finding out how special she was. She stuck around till a sliver of health before switching to my secondary fleet for boss extermination.

Until then, I’ll be playing Azur Lane and anything on my Switch until things are sorted. Simple games. I’ll be playing Azur Lane because its something I can just snap to easily and quickly while also multi-tasking when doing other things. Its a quick and easy game to play, I love it. 

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and catch you in the next posting.