[RIP] Paying Respects to Sparky

It’s around that time of the year where I’m once again mourning the death of my precious dog named Sparky. A “man’s best friend”, also a part of the family that I must post it while it’s still January 29th. I never did post up a proper mourning & respect posting of Sparky, yet shall do so now while I’m focused solely in remembering him.

– Sparkly resting in his usual spot. One of many.

Yeah, something different from all the anime and such as I still can’t forget about Sparky. I don’t even want to forget, yet it’s that time of the year where I pay my respects to his proud & toughness as he died on January 29th, 2015 between the 2-3 pm mark. As he suffered a heart attack it began to snow outside, as if mourning or paying respects by welcoming Sparky to the after-life. It did so again in 2017 in respect.

Sparky lived for a healthy 15 years, yet the final two were a bit rough on him as his heart began to fail. Poor guy, yet he was strong, he was tough & he enjoyed every moment of life. He saw lots, he enjoyed lots. Everybody welcomed him, found him cute, and even saw him as part of the family, as I have with him. He even knew how to cleverly beg for food by standing (sitting on his butt) as he pawed for food, barking if you didn’t obey his demands.

– Sparky staring at a treat, thinking about barking.

He was fun to play with, and he loved to play. Maybe not with sticks, yet throwing balls & treats were his fun times. Running around also. He loved running. Was even amusing when he would bark for cheese. He LOVED cheese that he would literally demand you give him some, and he knew if you were hiding some also. Every time you opened the fridge he would be there, waiting. He had a habit of overeating.

Was fun hearing him jumping up on a bed, even hopping down. That unique hopping sound as he hopped then tapped his way anywhere. The way he waddled his rear end, that tail.

Yeah, he was an awesome puppy. Neighbors, strangers, classmates (yet strangers) wanted to all pet him. They all loved him.

Sparky however had a fear of loud noises. He hated when someone raised their voice, heard thunder, or even fireworks that he would hide under the bed, or even in the bathtub. A true fear. When my friend would joke-punch me Sparky would try to protect me by guard-barking at my friend. Was nice to see he had my back. When he was down I had him cuddle with me, and he did stay with me a few times when feeling quite sick. Breathing problems, and such. His heart.

– If there was a trick he knew, it would be jumping onto a bed, a chair, and such for treats. When he wanted treats he would be cute & clever about it.

He really did love going for walks at the afternoon mark. Any time, that even when sick I was forced to walk him outside for 20 minutes. He would bark, beg, & push that you 100% had to walk him, even when sick. 2, 3, & 4 pm were his time.

Sparky also appeared to be a ‘Canadian Dog’ trying to brave the cold for as long as possible. He wanted to stay out in the freezing -20*C weather for hours that he would then be bundled up in towels & blankets to warm back up. Crazy brave puppy. He loved the snow that he was once frozen that he barked at me when I tried picking him up. He wouldn’t let me take him home that one time that he barked at me, freezing. Shivering…..He was seen wrapped up in a blanket for a few hours.

– He also was a quiet puppy. Just relaxing, chilling. Just admiring the scenery, or pondering to himself.

He LOVED exploring the area. He loved sniffing everything, exploring everything like a child’s pure untouched curiousity. He wanted to know everything that he even jokingly had the nickname ‘Spy’, or ‘Spion’ (Slovak). He had to know EVERYTHING. Even the food. He knew when you were playing with food.

Again, he was intelligent & clever, and that’s why I love him and miss him. He was a part of the family.

– His face when he would get bored of my teasing with treats. He was also camera shy that I had to tease him to take images of him.

Sparky also traveled quite a bit. He loved taking a ride in the car that he would smear the window with his nose. I had to hold him tightly so he wouldn’t smack his head into anything. The furthest he traveled with us was to ‘1000 Islands’. I had an image of it, yet lost it in a hard drive crash. He enjoyed it at first, then it was too hot for him we tried to keep him cool.

Sparky was also fine with my Anime stuff. Didn’t really say one or the other. He cuddled Azunyan, as well as slept on Varakitsu’s legs a few times.

– Sparky sleeping with Azunyan.

I also associate Sparky with this ‘RimWorld’ music named ‘Moving On’. Just as ‘chill’ as Sparky was:

Sparky, you’ve been awesome & I greatly miss you. You were a great friend & family to me. 15 long years, and you were brave & clever puppy. RIP, Sparky.

I also want to truly blog about Figma Caster & Frame Arm Girl Jinrai. Trying to find the time, yet struggling. Even a Busou Shinki related posting. Struggling a lot to manage my time. Constant stress & annoyances.