Happy 2017 Foxy New Year!

Heyo! Happy New Year to one and all, and hope you’re starting off 2017 with a blast! I couldn’t miss the 2017 mark, thus these two images, and a swift view-back to the past.

– Vara, Bismarck, & Renge wish you a lovely 2017!

I have to say that 2016 wasn’t bad, just that it required so much of my time and patience that it ended up being highly “eventful” in its own manner. It’s been so busy that I basically have amnesia as to what has happened, yet can say that there’s been both good and bads with the year.

I’m looking back at my blog seeing how busy I was, and how much I’ve been digging myself out of a whole because nobody really wanted to assist me. People wanted to assist others in a ‘token’ manner, yet when push comes to shove I basically had to dig myself out of the hole I was. Not a whine, or anything, just that it infuriated me how ‘betrayed’ I felt that very high & specific conditions had to be met before people would consider helping you. Even so, I’m happy I regained my supply line to purchasing anime merchandise, gaming, and more. Glad I can do more.

Bismarck popping the cork exactly to the second for New Years. Was awesome how it popped literally to the second with New York’s celebration.

I’d have to say that I’m glad that the following stuff has happened for the year:

  • Nas gifted me Parfom Yuudachi, yet the manufacturer didn’t articulate her to sit: https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4716
  • Frame Arms Girl – Materia Normal Version: https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4720(Was nice to have reviewed & made her. She’s now a thing thanks to Konami’s brainless behavior.)
  • American Truck Sim, PSO2, KanColle chime-in: https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4731
  • TechnoHornist’s Yuudachi R18 doujinshi gift <3 – https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4739
  • Canada Day celebrations with Busou Shinki, Rising World, and even Euro Truck Simulator 2: https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4748
  • I married Bismarck in KanColle web, gained an R-18 package, and even had an AGP figure arrive: https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4756
  • Japanese ‘Pandoor Lover’ doujinshi Busou SHinki ‘project’ that I’m pleased to have been a part of. Thanks! – https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4762 – I absolutely love the art within. The skilled awesomeness. I even have a signature from ‘Yoshitzune Izuna’, one whom designed Renge. Nice!
  • Belated, yet glad I also managed to review & unbox the Bismarck AGP, even if her hand swapping pisses me off the most about the figures. Wish they went Busou Shinki & Frame Arm Girl manner. You can easily lose her hands outdoors. BAH – https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4769 – Such stupid hand articulation, yet a glorious figure with a lovely stern & ass cheek <3
  • Vara’s Christmas 2016 photoshoot! – https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=4779 – Simple, if to the point. Celebrating Christmas, and that’s it. Her tail is of issue though with how wire sticks out.
  • (Not shown) Figma Caster Fox & Frame Arm Girl Jinrai. I need to unbox & review them. Once I gain proper time I shall review them so they can wreck havoc in the figure photography side of things.
  • Twitch & Youtube Streaming. It’s been a long time coming, yet glad I’m now doing Youtube gaming videos, as well as streaming on Twitch. That’s been my goal, and I need to push it more.
  • Encountering the likes of Star Citizen again (funded since 2013), and even loving Astroneer.
  • I ordered many more figures, most of whom shall come in the receiving end of 2017.

Well, I say for a busy year that the amount I managed to list above is genuinely impressive. I had the most fun playing Euro Truck Sim 2, American Truck Sim, even constantly struggling my way back onto PSO2 with how tedious that is. Even now I have to find my way back into it.

A lovely New Year gift from the devs to celebrate 2017 with! You can eve see my favourite submarine kanmusu (I-26)!

The bad?

  • The People: Oh, you don’t know how furious I am with people with how brainless they are. I’m not even saying this lightly, and not generalizing that it’s Twitter or Tumblr. I mean as a whole……. They managed to do so many stupid things that my view point of people in numbers is the same as the Man in Black quote of how people are smart individually, yet in numbers they become brainless. The social pressure, the greedy desire, the will not to follow traffic rules, and etc. It’s just constant stupidity everywhere. So many people I’ve seen arguing, being cheap asses, and being aggressive……….How……….
  • Patriot SSD: TWICE! Twice the stupid Patriot Hard drive fucked up on me that I was furious. May & Novemeber! Twice, I had to deal with the loss of variosu games, glad I managed to back up certain things, yet failed to do so on others. God fucking damn you budget SSD. I had to get a Samsung SSD.
  • Pissing Off Comrades/180 Personality Switch: Yeah, this one has hit me hard as I felt betrayed by them. They however have the right to seeing as I’ve been saying so many insulting things, yet if you see the core reason then one would understand as to why I vent as much as I do…… I’ve been venting on and on about how USA constantly hogs the spotlight that I’d love to see variety, constantly smacking on USA. Constantly on edge because nobody seems to know how to seek out the unique while sticking in familiar grounds. I don’t want to be rude, yet I come off as such. I’m constantly venting because I constantly have to weed wack, something I don’t see others doing. That, and certain comrades decided to do a 180 personality change that they are no longer who they were. Something flicked their switch and now they’re someone else that they forget who you are, and others. I’m hoping for 2017 that people who decided to ignore me for feeling offended shall warm back up so we can be buddies again. No more hiding as that just darkens ones’ heart.
  • Victory Belles Drama: Oh, this one was a mess that shouldn’t have happened, and I’m considered a true villain because of it. I’m sure they shall say I’m to blame, and I will take quarter of the blame, yet the rest falls on the community for constantly fanning the flames of bullshit while also being arrogant on the other half. Constantly fanning the flames of bullshit, seeking the podium for attention, and just constant bullshit. I know I stirred up shit, yet that now pales in comparison to the whole bullshit of being told that “I’m playing the victim” (I dare you to say that to a rape victim or a caner patient) that I’d rather lean away from Victory Belles & more into games that are genuinely fun. There’s been drama for things that shouldn’t have happened just because I was happy (not triggered) for seeing HMCS Saguenay, yet people assumed I was being a jackass. I wasn’t. They then created a ‘Voting Alliance’ because they assumed I wanted only Canadian stuff (also bullshit because I was seeking variety away from USA), yet insulted in the manner they disbanded the alliance once HMCS Saguanay popped up. I’m insulted all around, and they genuinely don’t feel then need to apologies. They rather flame the fires of war assuming there’s nonsense, when really there wasn’t. They pretend there’s drama where there really isn’t when they saw one of my tweet, trying to blanket apologise, yet didn’t really mean it. KanColle rejects, basically. I don’t even want to touch the game now with a 10 foot poll with how I feel insulted. Not playing the victim, yet there’s just so much garbage & bad blood that I’d rather go where actual fun is at. Yeah. It’s going to be a LONG while before that radiated mess manages to dissipate.  This left a very nasty after-taste that I’d rather stay away from this, feeling highly stressed out every time I see something associated with it pop up thanks to all the negative bullshit.
  • Lack of time for games & hobbies……….
  • Struggling to juggle PSO2 that I may be booted from the team again. PSo2 is a real pain in the ass to keep up with on my end. I’m lagging behind, more so with lacking time that it’s a frustrating game to handle.
  • Fate/Grand Order being a far more pain in the ass as it’s a constant timing trouble that if you don’t do somethign within a time limit that you’re basically a brainless jackass. Fuck having fun & enjoyability. I’m now waiting for Rising World to gain a ‘Play Model & animation’ update so I can start seeing & making NPCs inspired from FGO so I can have my Scathach. Fuck F/GO…I’d rather see Fate universe stuff as a mod for Rising World…………
– My glorious Scathach waifu needs to be rescued from F/GO & placed into an open world game, free from the shackles of F/GO bullshit. It’s own game, or as an NPC in Rising World……..

Well, I guesse Victory Belles was the worst of my year as people made something out of nothing from my excitement that there’s no fun there. I see more fun in Euro Truck Sim, American Truck Sim, PSO2, anime, Rising World, Astroneer, and my figure hobbies. I even enjoy Frame Arm Girls.

Well, seeing as how I want 2017 to be a year more about me I’ll try to spare time for more Busou Shinki & Frame Arm Girl fun. More for them, less for games, yet we’ll have to see.

Happy New Year, and hope we’ll have a great 2017!