Happy (Belated) Canada Day ’16!

Heyo! A bit belated on my end because been having my ups and downs, as well as being busy. Can’t keep things nailed down to allow me post as I should, yet finally had Renge yelling at me to post up some Canada Day images, so I’ve done so. Also a little American touch with American Truck Sim for posting on July 4th.

– Happy Canada Day! If late, and on America day. Kohiru, Renge, & Materia hanging out.

Happy Canada Day! Well, America Day, but Canada Day in this article because everything just isn’t connecting as it should. Canada Day didn’t feel like Canada Day, sleep being impacted by stress, and just constant frustration with things. Work, backlogs, and just being frustrated with things, and then just feeling out of it the next. I however can now feel proud I did catch this year’s Canada Day at the least, and that I could enjoy Mother Nature giving us some natural thunderstorms for the nation’s capital on Canada Day. One quick-passing, if a heavy thunderstorm, yet on that tiny scale. Hours later, around 8 pm, or so, we had a much more severe one being far more tense, brighter, even causing the scenery to be dark as night for a good 30 min, or 1 hour. It was that brutal.

It’s also amazing how much Renge keeps “pestering” me to take images in whatever mood I am in. For someone whom might see her as an inanimate object she does constantly “nag” me to take images of various festivities and events.

– Renge being proud of that Canadian quarter. She saw that then wanted to pose.

Once Canada Day flew past you should have heard the:

Renge: “Hey! You did not take images with me?! Why? It’s Canada Day, the time you should be festive and proud. Why are you not having fun?! You should be out expressing your true feelings, regardless of what others believe or view you as.”

Me: “I’m trying to build this damn ‘Canadian Tower’ from Minecraft by bringing it into Rising World. It’s surprising me how resource intensive getting stone to put into this damn tower is being. The stack of stone I use gets used up instantly. That, and nothing feels like it’s connecting this year. Everything is just….not there. Non-existent. Disconnected.”

Renge: “Humu~. That still does not excuse you missing out on what made you….you. I miss the you would just let loose to have fun by taking images. Common! Let’s take some Canadian images with some flags because I hate seeing you this depressed. You have to also make note of this year on a happy note.”

Me: “How does tomorrow sound? I’m still no where near completing this damn second, nor even the third floor of this ‘Canadian Tower’ out. So much resources, yet only this much done….”

Renge: “Whatever makes you happy, just as long as you do not overshoot the time mark.”

Me: “If only I could build this quicker, even with your assistance, I’d be snapping images with you right now.”

Renge: “Humu~. When I gain compatibility to soul-dive into this ‘Rising World of yours. Minecraft seemed more complete than Rising World. Everything begins from something, thus judgement shall not be made.”

[What I was thinking, yet in a quick mental image manner. Somewhat exagerated to fit into context for blog purposes to read.]

– Happy Renge & Materia. (Half-displeased Materia’s expression been exaggerated into oddity.)
– Renge now appearing to be running away after teasing Kohiru in a covert & subtle manner. Kohiru caught up in Materia’s flag ^^;
– I am wanting to say ‘Sassy Renge’, yet it’s more of a ‘mischievous fox, Renge’ heh.

Rising World – Canadian Tower:

For Canada Day I wanted to build a proud tower being a symbol of my Canadian pride, yet in structured form. Basically a ‘gift’ to Canada Day itself to be festive about, something one would do for the Olympics and similar. Something I also wanted to keep alive by bringing from Minecraft over to the Rising World universe by having to heavily improvise using Rising World’s building logic. It’s gradually appearing to be far more glorious as more floors are being built, if at a snail’s pace.

With Rising World having the poster feature I can happily share any Canada Day image on the wall, or as a poster somewhere within the structure. Anything to be proudly Canadian.

– First floor being built with second being prepped up. New scaffoldings being put to heavy use.
– Two floors completed, third struggling to be filled with heavy resource consumption.
– Alternate view of two floors complete & third struggling to cover the second. Gradually taking form.
– What I’ve been waiting for the whole of July 1st being able to post up images of my Canadian Tower from Minecraft, two Busou Shinki images from July 1st from years previous, among anything other.
– Another set being with my lovely foxy [Varakitsu], as with Renge on the Hill. Even desiring to try and capture a ‘better’ image of Vara among more appropriate scenery.
– Alternate view with the furthest right being another POV of my Arcticu City with Canadian tower, incomplete city hall, and fireworks during Canada Day in that world.
– First floor of ‘Canadian Tower’ in Rising World still being under construction, awaiting appropriate furniture and decoration. That, and grand flooring.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 [Canadian Restart]:

I had to restart my Euro Truck Sim 2 profile once again because of computer issues and with ETS2 & ATS not having cloud saving for save files. Had to start from scratch again to regain my lovely Volvo truck with its proud Canadian skin on it, this time even backing it up as to not lose progress. Even happily making use of the ‘World of Trucks’ contract website to log my progress and make money in-game funds with.

– My lovely Volvo FH Sleeper in the southeastern part of Sweden. Love the scenery so much.
– Lovely POV among some rock facings reminding me heavily of the Ontario scenery. SCS Software can easily make Ontario inspiring heavily from Sweden. Loving Sweden on its own, as well as it being fairly ‘Canadian’ in its scenery manner.
– Best part about driving my Canadian Volvo through Swedish highways seeing these gorgeous plane monuments displayed proudly. Swedish pride hidden, yet it’s there.

If curious, my [World of Trucks] profile is linked. I’m going to be waiting ages, yet can’t wait to see if SCS Software includes Canada & Ontario in American Truck Sim. Game is fun in its own right, and am enjoying trucking through America, yet going to wait an eternity for them to reach British Columbia, more so with them heading towards Ontario to make my base at Ottawa. That, and seeing as how you have the option to change your plates I’ll happily change my plates to Ontario plates. My Euro Truck Sim 2 taking care of any Slovak pride with the Slovak plate.

American Truck Simulator:

I guess nothing relating to Canadian pride, yet something my American followers can be proud of in some manner or form that I’m enjoying their scenery & trucking. I guess you can consider this some July 4th love that I rarely give because I’m always frustrated wanting more Canadian content when Americans keep hogging the spotlight. I’m highly proud of loving the Kenworth W900 with the deep engine roaring & the fearsome characteristic of it. Even seeing them locally that I can be proud that I can recall seeing a triple-tinted brown W900 delivering goods. Everything you see in American Truck Sim is what you’d indeed see in both American & Canada. It’s glorious.

Sadly, I can’t really give my W900 any paint jobs because of how the neat ones are hidden up in higher levels. I haven’t reached those levels yet. Anything neat is further away that I really have to play the game for a while to even get to them. That’s fine, yet something at DLC level would have been handy. A Canadian skin, something scenic, or something fun. Something to fill the void in the paint jobs. My truck is stuck being dark white that I have to keep waiting, even for a plausible Canadian scheme.

– My proud W900 showing its American pride, yet awaiting for a Canadian Paint job for some Canadian love.
– Trucking through Arizona in their mini-Grand Canyon, or similar.
– Arizona being awesome to truck through in the mesa biome of theirs. Loving the W900, American Truck Sim, & the scenery.

The older American trucks seem to be the best because they have actual personality to them. The new ones? I guess you have to break them in to be of any use in personal attachment. They don’t show signs of personality, or that they’re “too plastic” that they’re just generic from our current ‘present’ point of view. I can’t enjoy any of the Kenworth or Peterbilt in the modern era. W900 all the way. Same with the Volvo VNL [VNL link] because Volvos are always nice. It’s a nice truck I’ve seen locally, as with it in queue in being added into ATS in both DLC & in model render. The other modern & modeled truck being the license-plagued & highly-shy [International Lonestar] truck. Find a way to navigate to the ‘Lonestar’ truck for International and you’ll see how awesome it is. One even came to my city, and I’m assuming many more. W900, Volvo VNL, and Lonestar being the only proud American trucks I’ve come across that I enjoy highly, and can respect highly. Can’t wait to see the latter two joining the game once license issues & American trucking shyness subsides.

Americans are indeed proud, and I respect them for that, just that it seems ‘International’ for the truck Lonestar isn’t. Truck companies are hesitating so hard that there’s issues getting truck variety into American Truck Sim. The truck companies are worried about their image that the trucks are polluting, gas-guzzling, or something stupid like that. If anything, I feel not partaking in American Truck Sim is just hurting their image more because of how ‘over-protective’ they’re being. Americans, as I’m used to seeing, are “built for tough”. American enjoy being tough, yet these truck companies are being weak minded

And back to some Canadian fun in ATS: Similar to Sweden, I’ve seen parts of America which can simply be done for Ontario, such as the highway, and how the trees line the road. I can only imagine how SCS software could try adding in the Niagara Falls for the Toronto area. Driving next to the CN Tower. Similar with Ottawa by going on the Ottawa Parkway, the Parliament Hill, and just dropping the cargo off in either the Kanata, Gatineau, or Ottawa’s ‘east side’. I can only imagine. Ottawa would be a tricky one because everything trucking would have to be on the outskirts. Trucking in tight roads being a nightmare in Ottawa roads. That, or how wooded British Columbia would be. How windy (twisty & turny the roads are, forested, and such are. Very mountainy that it be an adventure in its own. Even venturing from Vancouver into Victoria, if allowed. That, and into the Maritime islands. What about New York? Oh, I can’t wait for those. They’re obviously coming. I’m expecting everything American that I can now jump ahead a tiny bit in anticipation. Curious about Florida when seeing Vice City. That, and everything in between.

An Apology To American Followers:
[Also some Canadian mods to note.]

Lastly, I want to apologies to any American followers I have insulted & alienated over my frustration of finding lacking Canadian content in WW2 games. Just that I’m feeling far more alienated when trying to seek any Canadian content that it’s too far & few that I’ve insulted people in the progress. People getting in my crossfire, and me pointing it at them also. I become highly riled up when I see on KanColle & Wiki forums that my fellow American comrades throwing the same tantrum as myself that they want their destroyers & kanmusu in a game when others are wanting to do the same. They throw such a nasty fit that I myself absorb that energy to then do the same, and I feel absolutely horrid about that that it’s a vicious circle. I feel horrible that you had to see me pissing off my American comrades.

I simply want to see more Canadian content, just like how I’ve seen it in Silent Hunter 3, Victory Belles [HMCS Saguenay], Canadian Forces mod for ArmA 2 [mod link], Rise of Nations with their [Canadian mod (replaces Russia, sadly)], ‘Victory at Sea’ with Canadians under the British Flag [Blog review], and etc.  Hearing of how ‘War Thunder’, and even [‘World of Tanks’ paying the  respect to the Canadians with some Canadian emblems]. Even seeing fanart from Myuto with HMCS Haida & her sister ships. It’s however insanely hard to come across anything Canadian that it depresses me. Even frustrates me. Even despair at times. Something at least for Canada Day to have fun with as a ‘content creator’. I’m thankful for all the links my comrades sent me dealing with Canadians, as well as putting up with my bullshit in response to bullshit. I know it’s horrible, and I apologies for. I’m sorry. I’ve lost comrades, and it frustrates me.

I genuinely feel horrid that I threw a major tantrum in frustration, of wanting SOMEONE to pay respect to the Canadians to fill in a much needed void. Just at least one game with where I can play as the Canadians without restriction in an open world. Just one game as a simple faction, regardless of variety & strength. Same with lacking WW2 naval games by Silent Hunter 3 that it needs more Silent Hunter 3 type games. It genuinely pisses me off I have to weed wack to get anything for Canadians, yet Americans have everything handed to them on a silver platter. I do apologies for all my insults, degrading comments, and my outbursts when pissed off by the Canadian void in the progress, yet I do genuinely apologies for any insults. I’m sorry. I’m now trying to tone down my hostilities, frustrations, and such, yet I can only tone it down so far when I have to keep stating the obvious. Yet, I shall keep trying as much as I can. I apologies for constantly insulting my American comrades in comparison. Been told I also guilt trip so I had to make sure none was in this paragraph. Please let there not be any guilt trips because I’m also oblivious to my own.

I will however note (not as a guilt trip) that I shall be waiting an eternity for HMCS Haida, HMCS Ontario, & HMCS Uganda to appear in KanColle, yet I have HMCS Saguenay to enjoy in Victory Belles this coming March 2017. If I don’t do anything stupid between now & then, or any form of sabotage between now and then. Let’s just be chill & have our fun from now till….whenever.

I’m trying to be chill also by reflecting on my words spoken, actions taken, and how to be ‘neutral’ with my information. Have fun playing American Truck Simulator on America Day, as with treating Iowa in KanColle with respect! Have fun pampering your Iowa. If KanColle summer 2016 has her, I’ll try aiming for her seriously this time. The Spring 2016 event was outright bullshit & garbage.

– I’m amused that ‘American Truck Sim’ added an SCS race track to Tucson. A city that pops into mind also because a fellow comrade is from there, yet also serving as a well-known & obnoxious easer-egg in the ATS Multiplayer side of things.

[I’ve also been emotionally ruined by ‘Re:Zero’ ep 13 & 14 that I also feel like Subaru. Feeling more of an attachment to him in personality similarities, yet not that outbursty in public manner. Just that constant feeling of despair & defeat.]

But hey, Happy Canada Day & Happy America Day!