Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! I wanted to keep things simple once again, yet just share enough that there could be a nice round of foxy & Bismarck Christmas wishes.

– A Merry ‘Foxy’ Christmas to you all from me & Vara! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

It sure was a busy year that I really couldn’t blog as much as I desired, even with or without my gaming in the mix. I’m glad games weren’t used as a weapon against me for the time I could have blogged, or something like that. Also, seeing as how I have time now for Christmas festivities I can happily share some lovely images of my lovely Vara, Renge, Bismarck, Kohiru, & Materia (Frame Arms).

– These Canadian Olympic gloves was suggested for Vara by Salica, and I finally have them in possession for Vara to keep her hands wear. Nicely warm & patriotic.
– Those mittens look nice on Vara. Wondering how they would appear when Vara isn’t as teaseful & outdoors.
– Tried to get Materia in the shot, yet she appears a bit shy.

That reminds me that I also have to review Jinrai (Frame Arms Girl) & Caster Fox Figma. I also have a KanColle inspired accessory pre-ordered, as well as another tease on March. Quite a queue.

– Focus alternative between Vara & Materia.
– Bismarck & Renge hanging around on a tree. Find it amusing how Bismarck actually blends in, yet her hand drove me nuts with how they won’t stick Shinki or Figma style.
– Another lovely alternative of my lovely Waifu (Bismarck).
– Kohiru adorably trying out Caster Fox’s (Purenemo) winter outfit. Adorable little Kohiru .
– Merry Foxymas!~
– Bonus Image 1: Bismarck taking a nap, something that happened on a whim. She wanted to nap in the tree.
– Bonus Image 2: Bismarck napping slight alternative. Find this adorable. (those hands drive me nuts to change.)

The next image both puzzled me and has me frustrated when I saw a wire sticking out of Vara’s precious foxy tail. You should know how precious fox tails are to fox spirits/kitsune, and this one would send the actual Vara in a frenzy. It frustrated me for that very reason. Yeah, I guess Vara’s tail has shrunk from probably a combination of brutal dry winter & humid summers that it wrecks havoc on her tail. Trying to figure out how to mend the issue…..

– That’s a good 2-4 inches worth of wire.


Extra Images – Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator:

What I’m loving about Euro Truck SIm 2 & American Truck Sim is how it tunes in with the months by giving you festive events to deal with. Christmas has us delivering 10 presents to various cities while logging it via the ‘World of Truck’ contracts to unlock a Dragon themed DLC with paint jobs & steering wheel. It’s an interesting pack. Wish the game had snow though.

– Delivering presents from Rotterdam to Bourges while traveling through a toll station.
– Traveling through France during a sunset while delivering presents.
– A combination of a WW2 Tiger tank monument in France and trucking some gift cargo around France.
– Amused by the native wordings & my gift trailer.


– Loving how they’re treating bridges in the game now (France)
– Loving my Kenworth W900 while transporting gifts around Arizona in ATS.
– 7/10 presents delivered while AI traffic sabotaged me during my trips.

Also have two favourites from KanColle side. Not going to share it all.

– Loving Kuma the most when it comes to the Santa art as she’s more ‘expressive’. Ku-MA!~
– I’m loving Commandant Teste’s festive wear the most because she appears the most formal, festive, proud, royal, among other things. Such that bright French Santa pride <3

A shame I don’t have any PSO2 images to share. Maybe later, yet it seems highly unlikely. I had Vara’s Santa outfit waiting so I may force it swiftly before New Years’ end.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!