Arcticu’s May ’16 Chime-in

Heyo! It’s been quite a long while trying to sort everything back out that I came to leave a quick mini-update for those that still care after seeing die out. I’ve been insanely busy that I couldn’t really tend to anything Busou Shinki, Varakitsu, nor photoshoot related matters. Neither with meet-ups, and the like. Either that, or people just didn’t want to have fun so everything was more focused on games, game events, and KanColle itself.

– My lovely ‘new’ W900 in American Truck Simulator.

It really pains me that I can’t keep up with real-life, gaming, & blogging. I’m so far behind on my KanColle logs, more so with figure related matters that I can feel it hurting everywhere. In a way, it has brought me peace, yet it makes me feel guilty for not being able to share more Busou Shinki related content. I barely got that ‘FA:G’ article out, yet nothing other. Having a new computer for a few months now should also makes sense I would start playing games I didn’t have access to previously.

I even missed Varakitsu’s birthday, yet made it up to her on ‘Phantasy Star Online 2 by giving her more accessories. Leveled her up in another class, as well as playing around with Renge on there.

– Happily with Lobby Action 44 & 61 <3
Trying to figure out if she’s better with short or longer hair. She looks awesome either way to me.

It’s been insane. So much distractions & ‘lost-in-thought’ that it was hard to keep up with everything. I even have a back-log of adding Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans to my ‘Canadian Pride’ article with Edmonton being proudly displayed in a brutal battle in that series. Lots of gaming events, starting new game profiles, streaming, and failing to tend to things appropriately. Just so many bases to cover.

It didn’t help that I even got brutally sick on March 7th that it knocked me out for a good week; Carrying over into the second as severe coughs. Getting so sick that I woke up with shivers that I had to hide under the bedsheets at 5:30 am in the morning (work). Came to work with insane shivers, coughing, fatigue, and shit that I still wonder how I survived. It was ‘fine’ at around noon so I didn’t head home to then scale up again at the three hours left that my shivers were serious. I came home, played a bit of KanColle, spaced out so hard that I chose to go to sleep at 5 pm….. I was so horrible that I couldn’t eat, nor could I see light as white, more like yellow. My eyes were red, nearly blood-shot. My coughs were severe that they woke me up. It was just dreadful.

I also have to thank my American Admiral (Technohornist) for sending me that package. A KanColle related package. Sorry, but I will get to it eventually. It’s still waiting to be photoshooted because I”m both a busy & easily distracted person. Thanks for the Poi!

– Kongo-desu!~ My burning love never fades for thee~

My love for KanColle still hasn’t died out. It’s still strong that I’m constantly (daily) trying to clear out the basic daily quests. The two 50’s attack, the 10 attack, 3 transports & carriers + the two blue (3 & 10) expeditions. Been trying to stockpile heavily for the KanColle event.

And as of this article I’ve been having fun clearing E-1 to E-3 (Spring 2016), just struggling to get onto E-4 thanks to the stupid KanColle catbombs. Every 5 minutes my account is spammed by abusive catbombs that I can’t even do anything. I can’t sortie much into the event map, can’t sortie in general, tend to quests, expeditions, or check. I can, just delayed so much. It pisses me off. I’m however happy I gained these two from E-3 as a drop from D Node <3 The rest I’ll share later in its appropriate article.

– Two times the U-511 from E-3 Easy D Node Spring 2016! Yatta!~
– I struggled for a few afters after to fish up Shioi, yet I gained her in the end from E-3 easy Spring 2016 D Node. Catbombs, and all.

I finally have the submarine girls! Yatta!~ I still rate Spring 2016 event a pile of shit with how much grief, stress, and agitation it gave me. Ever since the event dropped it constantly gave me catbombs assuming I’m a filthy bot [source]. Imagine not being able to partake in an event, even though it’s right in front of you in easy reach. Fuck this event, and fuck this constant ‘201 catbomb’ bullshit. That’s the biggest insult yet to us loyal gamers.

Also, for those who may have noticed, I have been indeed playing Euro Truck SImulator 2, American Truck Simulator 2, as well as ‘Rising World’. Those games I praise highly still with more goodies on the way. ETS2 is getting a France DLC, ATS is getting an Arizona DLC, & Rising World is working on a water update. My favourite games working hard in keeping their features awesome <3.

Lastly, I want you guys to check out ‘Victory Belles’ for being similar, yet expanded form of KanColle. It’s trying to add every nation within WW2 whom partook in the naval conflicts that it just might be highly interesting. It has HMCS Saguenay in there as a tribal-like persona with the game treating these ‘kanmusu’ as both KanColle + Arpeggio of Blue-Steel merged together. Interesting concept that I’m willing to seek it out. I’ll obviously check it out because everything needs to be given a chance. Even if it’s western, it might have some good in it still. Not many game developers consider Canada, let alone ALL the nations so I want to respect them. The same with those that made ‘Victory at Sea‘ game. Also why I respect Silent Hunter 3 because it doesn’t cloud up your point of view.

[Kickstarter page] – [HMCS Saguenay]

HMCS Saguenay

– HMCS Saguenay – [Canadian River-Class Destroyer] – She’s an awesome, tough, and dangerous little destroyer. She startled a German tanker to scuttle, survived a torpedo hit with a blown-off bow, as well as survived a ramming hit causing her stern to be blown off by depth charged. Respect!
Well, that’s my belated blog update to note I’m still around, if highly distracted. I’ll still keep trying to post stuff while being able to. I really do want to get back into Busou Shinki & other stuff, yet as noted that it’s like swimming up stream as a salmon. Everything working against me all around.

See you in the next article, Tumblr, Twitter, or whatever.