Birthday & Animal Crossing New Horizons B-Day (2020)

Another year goes by with another birthday to make note of. Happy birthday to me, this time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons twist.

– Tom Nook announcing my birthday. Yay!~

Lately I haven’t made note of these birthdays because there really hasn’t been a need to. Depression, work, life, no games celebrating these moments, no anime moments…….Just life. What’s different now? Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the best games out there gradually giving back the boost all around. It obviously has certain flaws, it however does many things right in which New Leaf got wrong. It continues to praise you, among other things. It’s awesome. There is a reason why its selling insane amounts of copies, and why I love it. Villagers don’t sabotage what you build by settling wherever they please. They prompt you while you get to choose various areas. Big improvement.

In the real world I simply obtained Salmon sushi rolls, some Soju, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (digital copy for my B-day), and played VRchat for my birthday. Its cool. Though, at a cost of losing two semi-close people in VRchat. It balances itself out in certain ways. Leaves you with a weird feeling though. This year (2020) is insane though… I had to deal with a 2 day power outage during the winter, see Canadians encourage domestic terrorism by jumping in front of trains in protests (Canadians don’t know how to protest), then the Coronavirus nearly bringing Canada to its knees. Everything being shut down to the bare minimum. Its insane. Its one of those years where if it feels like it could go wrong it most likely shall. Because I’m a part of the ‘essential services’ crew I get called in more often to deal with things, also because I can’t seek other more sought out workplaces. More shifts, less time for hobbies & fun. I’m not to be negative, I’m just noting situations. I make note of and log happenings.

Everything positive happens to me in video games and in Anime. That’s my positive source of energy, thus that is where you should aim for positive energy from me :). That is why I hype up video games & anime because that is where my escapism is, where the real fun is at, and where peoples’ creative outlet tends to be.  On that note, I have yet to also play Half-Life Alyx. I have yet to play more VR games also, though still in backlog for me to play when I obtain actual proper time. So many VR games to play. 

I’m going to note that March 28th is indeed my birthday while sharing how awesome Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made it. I love how does birthday parties. VRchat was decent, though hit me on a sour note midway through with people assuming VRchat is a job and not a game. Play when you feel like it. Don’t hand in your job-like resignation. Just play or don’t play; Everything on a whim. 

– Happy Birthday! 🙂
– Scoot giving me a lovely present. May have been birthday glasses, or even a Nook Miles ticket to visit exotic islands. Either way, awesome.
– Blowing out the candles time! Woooo!
TO DESTROY! RAWR! ….. Scoot is awesome heh.
– Putting firecrackers & fireworks into the Pinata a “fire hazard” HA!
– Pinata is a fun mini-game. Glad its there 🙂
– I learned from Scoot.
– Delicious heh
– Nice! And thanks 🙂
– I’d bet.
– Must be from my workplace with the constant lifting of things 😛
– Its festive, indeed.
– Hopefully 🙂
– Nook mile reward for having a birthday. Awesome.
– It was fun, yup. A nice improvement over New Leaf 🙂
– YAY!~
– They even tell you this after the “event”. Jacob telling me this because he didn’t partake. Must be a limit, or something.

Having played Animal Crossing: New Leaf this ventured into both familiar and unfamiliar grounds. I knew it was coming, just didn’t see it how it was portrayed in the game. It was nicely done. 

As for a “child game”? Its more of a family game, though can be considered an “kids game”…. Its a chill and relaxing game (when played right) allowing you to unwind to some very chill moments. Fishing, tending to weeds, catching bugs, decorating, doing events…. All the small things eventually add up to a whole as you contribute to shaping everything up into a bigger thing. I aim for ‘chill’ games, basically Minecraft, VRchat, Tower Unite, PS Home (RIP), Animal Crossing, Rising World & etc. Anything which allows me to relax in a more bite-sized session I love it. 

There is a reason why Animal Crossing: New Horizon is selling insane amounts of copies. There is a reason why its keeps trending at #1 on Twitter. Granted, you have idiot players who time travel ruining the experience for themselves (and others through multiplayer sessions) while trying desperately to justify it by tanruming on social media. Constantly. If you can’t play Animal Crossing how it was intended then why did you buy the game? Go play Stardew Valley, or look into ‘Hokko Life‘ on Steam. Its weird. Because of the hype I’m assuming you attract the wrong crowd who simply want to do things the opposite way…… Not my place to tell them how to play, though they constantly keep whining and tantruming on social media. You’re bound to attract many bad apples to ruin things. I love Animal Crossing: New Horizons when played 1:1 scale with real time because that is how it was designed to be. Its fun, especially with the satisfaction of when something is around the corner. 

The whole catching bugs, fishing, setting things up, decorating, daily “chores”, among other things. It all adds up in a day, though still fun. There is that constant chill drive & vibe to it. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is best enjoyed when 1:1 scale because every day is special. There is a lot, even per day segments to do. Its awesome.

Busou Shinki – Renge Pattern:

I’m starting off with something overly simple to eventually work my way up. I’m not an artist so I can’t do complex things, though shall gradually add more and more Busou Shinki patterns into Animal Crossing to enjoy.

– Shinki Renge canvas middle right. Blurry, though a nice start.
– Shinki Renge – Sitting (Image cropped from VRchat Scathach avatar with Renge on top).

I used the following site to do the images because its easier for me. Again, I’m no artist.

Its a start. I’m now slowly starting to customize my town the way I want it on the island. I can’t wait to get other Busou Shinki patterns in. Even a proper town flag. There are lot of things I need to do in Animal Crossing, this time with me staying in for the long haul. 

– Nintendo Online App – Animal Crossing – Showing off my passport& current villagers as of March 28th, 2020.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the fun. Had some nice Azur Lane fun, some VRchat, lots of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fun, among other amusements. More VRchat blog postings are going to pop up among other types. Wanting to blog about Azur Lane Crosswave as well. Lots of backlogs.