[VRchat] November Chill & Flatscreened

Belated posting of my sessions in VRchat during the month of November 2019. 

– Reason why I love VRchat is because of these overly gorgeous worlds. Seeing them in VR is the best thing ever. Seeing them in reverse is just not exactly the same.

The month of November was quite simple. Not as many sessions as I normally would have done, though still hopped on whenever nudged or itched to play VRchat. My VRchat friends would constantly nudge me, encourage me, among other ways to get onto VRchat. I really do want to hop onto VRchat constantly…. Life, work, other games, and etc keep getting in the way. Trying to do things in rotations. Doing such doesn’t really please people though, as I’ve notice. When I do hop onto VRchat I genuinely love the scenery in there to the point of taking “way too many pictures”, as people have noted. I’ve been called on on it, though its my way of remembering the past. I want to note things in an ‘I’ve been there’ manner. Meet the right folks and you’ll have the right proper time. Once certain people make friends in certain circles its hard being a part of that. I do hop on whenever I feel VRchat is awesome.

(December allows me to use Valve Index.)


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-My Experience With Oculus & Oculus Rift:

– Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

One thing that genuinely saddens me is how VRchat straight up purged the ‘Recent’ tab causing me to lose many awesome worlds. It gets purged every time you exit the client to start anew after. Friends list is borked for me as well. I can no longer go back to certain worlds unless they appear under ‘Random’. I have to rely on RNG to find those worlds again. I do favourite as many as I can, though that can only do so much. You can only save only so many.

– Hey! Its a Kobi!
– Surreal and gorgeous. Kobi looks like an amusing action figure just fiddling with that camera. Its amusing.
– V!
– Surreal.
– Stunningly Surreal. Somewhat reminds me of the exoticness found in Subnautica.
– Its but a dream.
– Once upon a full moon………
– “Now, lets see here…..”
– WIP work on HMCS Haida. Still WIP during this month
– What a weird world….. Also, “soon”! Mine would come in December.
– Random world hopping just exploring worlds. Found cool anime figures of VRchatter folks.

Moscow World – Love this world! It became my instant favourite because of how chill and cool it was. I saw when it was first updated giving me cool vibes. The tram alone reminded me of my trip to Europe many times to Slovakia, Croatia, among other areas. The music, the atmosphere, and even relatable memories of this world creator. Had a cool time here, especially with my VRchat friends. Cool place. Would constantly come back here for more fun and amusements.

– Pika! Pikachu!~
– Moscow Red? Odd. Having fun throwing snowballs among other amusements.
– #Maiyamoth be chillin’
– #Maiyamoth being chased all around Moscow by a Padoru Kobi. *Laughs*
– Only in VRchat is this possible. Cool chill view.
– Ooof!
– That’s lit.
– #$#@#$@
– Merlin
– Here, a drink for you. 🙂
– Dancing #Maiyamoth. SPLAT
– Maiya caught in the moment enjoying the crispy cold winter Moscow air. Ah, beautiful.
– Fuwa dance.
‘ We’ll be right back’
– BAM!
– The Force is strong with this one.
– VoooooOOOooOOOOoommmmm
– Pincer
– Ooof!
– Squeak Squeak!
– You hungry? Am I hungry? We both hungry?
– Squeak squeak!
– Squeak! squeak!
– (An cold drink to chug down the cheese)
– Delta full of hottish cold air.
– Maiya full of coldish hot air *cough cough*
– Bionicles, my childhood.
– Ah, the New Year’s memories.
– “Well, that one is a complete write off.”
– Nani?!
?! #@$#$@
– Lamp
– Dancy moth.
– Homework.
– Homework
– HALP?!
– Hey Maiya? Do you have the time?
– Floofy Red Panda. Floof~
– Fuwa Snuggles.

– Foxy Jutsu!~
– Kon! Kon!~
– Wan!~ Wan!~

Onto my favourite images because of the shaders and mood of this world. Used the public fox avatar to see my clone do the dancing. Kon! Kon!

– Kon!~ Kon!~
– Hey! Its a Wild Stampsteel surprising me. Cool. Thanks for the visit! 🙂

Thanks for the kind comments Stamped, and don’t worry about being weird on VRchat. This SHOULD be a game where you can let loose so do as you feel at the moment. I don’t mind whatever state you’re in, VRchat is a chill game 🙂

Weird events happens in VRchat to the point I even kissed random people in VRchat. It is what it is to unwind. You’re here to have fun.

– Chillin on one of my favourite chill worlds.
– Renge 1:1 scale. Muu~
– Kon! Kon!~ | Nyaa! Nyaa!
– Floofy Laffey.
– ?!
– Nyaaaaa~
– Hearts from the Stampysteel <3
– Bismarck caught in an intimate moment. Bismarck waifu <3
– Briefly caught Stamped on an WIP HMCS Haida before we both poofed for the night.

November was quite chill. I absolutely love the Moscow world that was made constantly going back to that a lot. I’ve also been dealing with my HMCS Haida world trying to get it accessible in time for November 11th. Failed. It was released a few weeks later while needing to be constantly updated. It was reported once for having a bad spawn though a decent amount of people visited it. Some even favouriting it. 

Day 1 stats. Visits reached up to 80. I haven’t abandoned the world, just no time to update it properly.

It would genuinely be nice to bump into HMCS Haida nerds, or simply those who admire worlds like these. I would love to talk to them on a casual note. None join my Discord so I can’t really exchange ideas with people. I’m also a rusty world maker so I’m doing my best. I do have many plans to update and expand my world. 

Until then, hope you enjoyed my blog postings. Hope you catch you in VRchat whenever our paths collide. See you then!