[VRchat] February 2019 VR Frustrations & VR Enjoyment

– Lovely cool world in similar style to ‘Scanner Sombre’, a must play game. World name is ‘Point Cloud Geidai‘.

VRchat constantly keeps amazing me with how stunningly gorgeous it is. People keep making lovely worlds, I keep exploring them while also hanging out with my lovely friends. How lovely the worlds are crafted, how they keep evolving, how people react in them, and what fun worlds there are just to enjoy with others and solo is what i love most about VRchat. VRchat was awesome, just the usual technical difficulties on my end preventing me from playing. The cable on my Oculus Rift tangled up so badly I had to order a new one at the beginning of March, and a driver updated basically locked me out from basically playing any VR games, or VRchat twice. First one was short while the second one was longer. 

I jokingly (in a loose manner) asked myself if I’m even allowed to play VR & VRchat, or if things are happening for a reason testing my resolve and desire in playing these games. The answer is obviously “yes”, just with how things presented however, it makes one wonder where one actually stands with VR, VRchat, and various communities. I’m constantly facing various technical difficulties, some Oculus side, some my side, and a light push back from the VRchat community. VR growing pains are “fun” to the point I’m even learning how to troubleshoot various types of errors. It’s making me wiser in squashing various ones while encountering new ones constantly. Either way, I’m still here in the long run for VR, as with VRchat, which you’ll have to simply deal with me. I love VRchat, and I miss playing it. Whenever I’m gone for more than a few days I want to honestly play more. I gain these very insane cravings…. VR withdrawls. They’re nothing to sneeze or laugh at. I honestly want to play more VRchat; It keeps calling me back. 

I do have noteworthy images to share, and I do admire each one. Even though I struggled with technical difficulties I still have awesome memorable images to note. Lots of fun memories to be had in and outside of VRchat.

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I loved exploring the ‘Scanner Sombre’ styled worlds in VRchat because they hold the same amount of charm as the games themselves. It’s all visually stunning in VR; Everything changes in VR.

– VR reality is what you make of it 🙂
– Casually hang out on some stairs. The further away something appears the more visually pleasing it becomes. It’s awesome.
– Hunt & myself casually world hopping while hearing someone being obnoxious with their mic. They were breathing heavily in it or even eating the mic…. We had fun though.
– Oh?
– Casually exploring a lovely Persona world while trying to stream VRchat.
– Renge may be adorable, but she will bite back! Fox Pounce! 
– Exploring a lovely Blade Runner themed world with some amusements to admire. Love how I can feel the nostalgia by also recalling Ghost in The Shell, Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam, Macross, and all those lovely fun anime. Even ‘The Girl with the Third Eye’ anime. 
– Thanks to that Lanfear incident I think I accidentally programmed Renge to be a bit of a booze hog. She did pose with a few real-world Sake bottles in figure form, so there may also be that. *laughs*. “MINE!~”
– Lovely retro computer for your amusement. I know someone who would LOVE these retro computers 🙂
– I kept coming back to this world to take extra images because of how gorgeous and scenic it was. It kept calling me back, thus I kept taking more images in this lovely world <3
– These worlds are so lovely. So lovely! So awesome to see this in VR!

From February 5th till the 14th I was honestly unable to play any VR games to the point I was streaming ‘Transport Fever’, among other games. I was fine with testing games I haven’t played which were desktop mode related. I was even nicely Twitch raided by CPU_Blanc from the VRchat community. Thanks!

The issue I noted in the intro paragraph was the whole Oculus Rift giving me a ‘No HDMI Connection’ error with the red dot on the headset icon in the Oculus Device menu. It was a driver update error caused by Oculus themselves, or even Nvidia. The error also happened slightly before the 5th with an Nvidia update allowing me to play for one night, and only that one night… Thus the images you see above from early morning of that 5th from 1-4 am in the morning. One night before, and a longer delay after that. Once I turned off my computer for that February 5th I wasn’t allowed to play VR until February 14th. Yeah.

Oculus tech support lightly noted in a reminder how one should keep graphic drivers clean and updated. Sure, but this seemed to be on their end more than it was on mine. They left me hanging. They were however swift in helping me, and I thank them for their response time and helpfulness. I provided them with as much information and detailing I could to prevent these headset lockouts when Rift is desiring for an Nvidia driver update. You know one is coming up soon with the ‘No HDMI Connection’ error appearing. 

– Desktop mode checking out VRchat finding out it hurts more to play desktop mode than it does to wait. I chose to simply wait.  

“Things are not as they seem.”

Once that Nvidia driver update arrived it was like Christmas. I finally received my present from Santa Nvidia (In February, and on the 14th) allowing me to play VR games and VRchat again. I played it till 4 am again testing both ‘V-Racer Hoverbike’ and even VRchat itself. 

– Loading screen again, eh?
– Look at the retro loading screen go! Go! Go! Go!~ 
– Lurky Scathach. *Lurk*
– Did a few celebration type images posing amongst the scenery to recall being back in VRchat. Matsix’s lovely world
– This is how Renge is supposed to be posed! She’s supposed to be 15 cm tall, yet struggled to stand on the lamps behind because they had no colliders to them.
– Renge is just taunting you into combat. She loves teasing people 😛
– February 15th (next night over) I was chillin’ in VRchat after a few more test runs in V-Racer Hoverbike. A good VR racing game with awesome photography feature. Kobi as a press duck as we both wandered around the world.
– We explored a few worlds. This one had some “interesting” shadow effects to it. 
– We decided to experiment with a funky Russian Metro finding ourselves loosing traction on the flooring when it moved. No seats…. Cool concept of moving realistically from station to station.
– The end of the line with Kobi.
– Lurky Renge be Lurking. We see you 😛
– VRchat’s world & friend list was updating very weirdly. Probably why we didn’t see others. Even so, we somehow managed to reunite in this lovely PSO2 world hub during a summer event. Brings back lots of fond memories.
– Kobi & I both be lurk-hiding behind some shop terminals. I was at this terminal frequently for some floating sofas, among other lovely stuff. I miss it!
– “If we go this way we’ll be able to slay monsters for a hefty amount of reward winnings” – Kobi
– Haven’t played in awhile. I wonder what I have left in this visaphone. Hmm….

I kept fading in and out of VRchat to the point I’d even struggle just playing VRchat. I made it in two Nagzz21 Patreon meet-ups (links above), and even trying out other games. Below, I was streaming ‘Welcome Above’, some other games, and such…. After streaming I jumped onto VRchat , trying to stream VRchat to only get black-screened midway through the Japanese ‘Doko’ map because of how tangle-happy the Oculus Rift cables are. I gave up and ended the stream on the night of February 21st. I have awesome images to remember the night with however, and I love these images. 

No pain, no gain.

– Doko?
– Halconfenix’s Bagel Spear was showed off, and happy about it 🙂
– Doko? *lurks*
– Bagel spear wave & a lovely anime poster hidden in the shrine monuments.
–  (February 25th) Perfect scale for Busou Shinki! Mini city! I should have shrunken to my smaller avatars, yet was just wanting to chill. I was exhausted. 
– Jiiiiiiii!~
– JIiiiiiii!~ (W/ Hunt)
– What time is it? It’s bagel time!
– Violin urban art? Hmm…..
Lovely tasty Frebch Fries! Much better than French & Freedom fries combined! 😛

A friend named ‘Blue’ (not full name) joined us for a bit of a horror walk in the forest when we tried figuring things out. Things went smoothly up until the point she appeared to full on crash. RIP. We made sense of the situation, scouted out a safer world, venturing to this Fallout themed shelter with a WW2 plane in it where we all united and ventures to other worlds. 

Off to adventure!

– Nearly getting stabbed by a screwdriver by Hunt. REE!~ 
– Padoru?~
– Trying out all sorts of helmets and accessories. Blue chuckling in an adorable manner heh.
– XD
– “Does this make me look chibi?” – Hunt
– Chibi V! V!
– YAY!~ We got lucky with F/GO’s RNG summoning an Angry Hunt! What are the chances of that?! XD
– BOOYAH!~ LUCKY!~ We summoned the awesome Len! Yatta!~ 
– And because this is F/GO, we also managed to re-summon Scathach! Quite approriate. RNG is quite generous this time around. Quite strange. What does F/GO’s RNG want this time around? 😛
– Slime summoning? 😮 (Delta as Rimeru)
– Slime anime my favourite anime. Rimeru?  (Delta as Rimeru, and with VR)
– Scathach feeling at home? 😮
– Group shot 🙂  | Myself, Blue, Delta, & Hunt. Any of my buddies could also photoshot themselves in if they desired to not be missed. They were there in memory 🙂

When it comes to mobages I’m highly wary of them, and their RNG gacha nature. I faded out from a couple of them. Still had my fun with one of them in VRchat 🙂

– Jet Blue!~ >Insert CSI Miami Meme<
– Swimming with the fishes with my constant talk of KanColle, Azur Lane, and such.
– Lick-a-Blue! (Lickitung Pokemon)
– Deal with it! (Renge edition)
– Renge eyes motherf***er! Heart Eyes MF! V eyes MF! 😛
– NO!
– Testing out a new attack inspiring from Kohiru’s Chopstick attack from Battle Rondo game.
– Well….. That’s lit?
– Lit? Funky, and wild? Hmm……
– Lamp
– Hunt & Blue make for a great couple 🙂
– Lamp armour to battle against the moths! Uni-blue!~ 
– “Deal with it, Bruh!”  
– “Get out” – Len/Delta
– Floofy!~
– A bone for the MIA Gabrine. Renge wants to headpat you while treating you to a treat 🙂
– Rainbow room. Raiiinbow!~ 
– Renge on guard. 

I had fun in this Blue Island with Blue. Fits her name nicely while also having a plot of land. Scenic. Even a nice boat ride, a nice bar, and scenic higher areas. Fireworks. I once again struggled with technical difficulties later in this world with my headset going blank thanks to the cable, but I did have fun. Nice amount of images to share, one of which is here. I was later pushed away by a group of friend’s of Blue whom were swarming around Blue making me a bit sad, but it is what it is. It was very early in the morning (4 am) so it was VRchat’s way of saying “GO TO BED!”

I briefly ventured to a few different worlds solo to where I hopped off for the night. I already stayed up longer than I should of so it may have been VRchat’s way of telling me to go sleep. 

– Lovely highly detailed floating city reminding me of Subnautica, Anno 2070, and the like. The aura from other games was felt in this one. 
– Tried for an eerie images fitting Scathach’s dark nature 🙂

Well,….. I’m not trying to be negative, whiny, or whichever…. Things are just working against me to the point I note things this way for when it’s time to blog things. When things are positive I note them as positive, and vice-versa. I’m logging them similar to a historian, and such. I suppose you may even  compare the situation to a Salmon fighting the current trying to join the rest of the grouping one level higher while fighting various obstacles heading upstream. Maybe there’s rocks and leaves being thrown into that river, or even getting caught in seaweed. Whatever analogy you want to come up with, February had me crippled VR wise causing me to be far more silent than I desired. Driver update twice (second being lengthy), Oculus Rift cable finally worn out from self-tangling causing blackouts & visual feed errors, and such. Even with those frustrations I was still able to more or less make the most out of my situation. I had my fun, I made my proper home in VRchat, and I have nice memorable moments to note, even in February. It was awesome 🙂

I had two awesome Patreon hangouts to be in, one of which Nagzz21 allowed (invited) us to play Beer Pong with him. I even showed him HalconFenix’s Bagel Spear while lagging horribly. It was awesome 🙂 I’m counting my blessing being happy with what I managed to achieve. I even went and purchased a replacement Oculus Rift cable waiting for when I can VR again soon. 

Even if things are working against me (technical and general VRchat interest) I’m still trying to have fun Twitch streaming, playing in VR, having fun in VRchat, having fun with my buddies & friends in VRchat, making worlds, and etc. Out of all these negative experiences I could have simply gave up on VR, yet here I still am. I could have walked out, but I’m here. 

Does VR & VRchat want me though? I’m sure I can answer that in a loose manner with my friends in VRchat wanting me present in VRchat with the feeling being mutual. I treat whoever pops into worlds with warmly, or try to. Furious Seas developers have welcomed me on the general VR side of things, yet still rough seas all around. Future is still rough and uncertain. The VRchat community also loves being dramatic so you’re always seeing people behaving like school children, or even high schoolers. Makes me a bit sad when seeing all those awesome nostalgic Nagzz21 videos. I wish people in the VRchat community were mature. There are those who are, and many who aren’t. Wishing for VRchat to be awesome again, and I have that through my friends side. 

I’m still here though, take advantage of that while I’m here. If not me, then those you hold dear; Keep them close assuming they would perish at any time. Give them as many memories as you possibly can before the sand in the hour glass disappears for whatever reason. 

Teaser Image For March Blog Posting | Arcticu’s VRchat Home:

–  Bright Blue being the only avatar lit up. Working on my actual new home for VRchat.

I’ve been busy working on my new home for VRchat gaining positive feedback from my friends. They noted no lag, or barely any. May have been rough on the CPU with how I set the images up, yet otherwise fun. Few more things to add and it shall be ready. Can’t share it just yet in a public accepted manner, but people [can visit it if they so desired]. It’s ready when it’s ready. 

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed. Let’s see what March shall contain. It’s a special month for me 🙂