[VRchat] Nagzz21 Patreon Hangout | Birbing Chill

Another Friday, another fun VRchat hangout to enjoy by Nagzz21’s community. I missed out on a lot wanting to see what was new, what was happening, and where everything was at.

– A nice hangout where I got to talk to a few buddies, meet Thelv, among other cool folks. 

Been a long while since I’ve last been in a Nagzz21 hangout because of a 1-2 combo hit. The first issue I had was my Oculus Rift cable tangled from use since December 2017. The second one was work, and I’ve seen I missed out on a lot of fun ones. Glad I could catch whichever ones I can, such as this one, where I was able to say “hello” to Thelv, Wolfmarine again, among other cool folks. Just chill and have fun observing things. 

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– Loading man dance.
– Cute combo | Foxy and bomby.
– Thelv observing & interacting with everybody, PJ & Egg standing on the wall egging people on, some firing gunshots, floofiness, and etc. 

Thelv was an awesome guy to interact with being highly curious. Awesome dude. I love his curiousity, the way he went up to everybody just trying to be a part of the community. Awesome seeing him questing how many fox tails the avatar had (9) when assuming it was 7 *laughs*. 

Funny part was when I was closing tabs on my Chrome was how he came up to me noting how he heard me putting my headset back on. Yup, wanted to minimize the stuttering I was having by closing the Chrome tabs. Smoother performance than before, but loved that curiousity of Thelv talking to everybody in the game trying to learn what was going on 🙂

Curiousity killed the cat, or so they say. Makes them all the wiser though.

– The little fluff-ball exterting their floofiness while having the ability to expand the floof heh.
– “All rise for the gamer national anthem* – *C418 – Minecraft music plays* – *Stormtrooper getting punched in the head*
– Titanfall mecha drop was awesome <3 Delta (from my circle of friends) tried to show this, and I now get to see it proper. Saw it actually in action, moving around, and etc. 
– Walking about to pick up a co-pilot. Would make for an awesome mecha VR game <3
– Set being displayed. Ready for some images?
– Even if people may not care what that sign says, I do. I care about that sign because I’ve missed on a LOT of VRchat chances and opportunities and I’m frustrated I had. So many good golden moments, EVEN in this meetup.  Even the week previous to this meet-up. It feels like you’re swimming up a stream constantly against the tide…… Loved the amusement happening here, of Poptarts falling from the sky shortly after.

It was roughly at this point where my session went wonky. Even though I make it out to be a big part, it wasn’t a major thing. Felt weird though because I wasn’t sure what was what, what was glitchy, and what was normal. Hangout wise it didn’t effect me that much, just couldn’t take me pictures during that point because I couldn’t swap between avatars. I tried swapping avatars to something else, couldn’t. I was stuck as my mini Renge. I kept trying and trying, and trying, and trying…. Was unable to swap. I eventually went back to the main grouping to find this……..

– A migrating summoning circle with a fox in the middle and poptarts falling from the sky….. What.  What did I witness……. 

I roamed around for another 5 minutes cursing, unsure if everybody was actually active and I was the only one seeing a surreal experience. Can’t tell if I unknowingly publicly embarrassed myself by cursing and gesturing in frustration to restart the client. Either way…… That scene with the migrating summoning circle shall now be stuck in my mind with how surreal that felt. 

– When I restarted my client I saw people gathered on the stage. Mr. X roaming about, speakers being brought out, and etc. Strange.
–  It slowly evolved into Blacksmiths going Super Saiyan. Was quite an avatar heh.
– Nordic Godly face with a Titanfall mecha ready to fall nearby.
– Super Saiyan Blacksmiths gradually expanding into the world……..
– Contains very lengthy animations that when one plays it long enough they get these…… Lewd.
– On a whole different plane of existence. Also, love the mecha musume avatar in green.
– UPS meme still living strongly and proudly, I see. Nagzz still being pestered about the UPS side of things XD
– This one felt genuinely good because I was finally out of my comfort zone actually pestering ‘NothingButafun’ by using a Hoppu themed as Marill mouse squeaking openly. I kept squeaking to the point ‘Nothingbutafan’ commented about hearing “something”, eventually finding out it was the avatar I was using. (Feelssogood). I even had Link’s sword pointed at my face, but felt good having tripped him out. WIN! 10/10, would Squeak again.  It’s moments like these I enjoy VRchat <3

I still remember when Nothingbutafan came up to me in a previous hangout to poke my nose, then I’d poke his nose. Chased him a bit…. Glad we got a loose theme going 🙂

– While Birbing around I noticed giant hands & guns in the nighty sky……
– Jumped into a Bongo cat-birb avatar to find Peanutor and others were joining me. We tried syncing up with slight delays here and there. I kept lagging seeing the buffer screen. We were close at one time. 
– Seeing the Birb thing happen made me happy because they were having fun, they loved the cuteness, and I was finally out of my comfort zone <3
– Birbing around Kizuna. *tweet tweet*
– Swapped back to Renge so I could head-pat them, pet their ears for how adorable they are. So adorable <3
– *Insert Birb noises here*
– Birbing Noises
– Mini-Floof. Reminds me of giant & tiny Rexxy. 
– Wiz sitting up on a wall, me standing on the wall, and others just hanging around the pong table. 
– I made it snow catching PJ’s attention about 2 minutes later. They noticed, they tried sending emotes at me. I win! XD
– Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Make it a jolly time of the night 😛
– Snow! XD
– This one was one crazy avatar. Even if you don’t see the insanely bright effects in both the ground & in the sky, you can at the very least hear it for a very long distance. There’s no way you’d miss the sound with how booming it is. It’s loud, it’s bright. Fun avatar.

I had my fun in the hangout. I was still chill, but when I could reach out of my comfort zone it became far more enjoyable. I did have that weird avatar surreal moment (that was weird), but I still had fun. I was glad to have met Thelv, though wish I could talk to everybody without so many odd issues. Fix one and another takes it’s place……. I feel so horrible constantly pointing out technical difficulties…….. I know people don’t want to hear that, and it would bore people hearing it constantly. Even so, even with those, I still managed to have fun. I have images to prove it with the Birb moments onward because that’s where I really had my influence spread with how I was able to finally interact with people. I say “influence”… The best experiences come when people acknowledge your existence when you’re able to converse, and everything. It was fun seeing people reacting to what we were doing, and in previous meet-ups also. I’m wording things horribly, just trying to say when you interact with one another that’s where the fun comes out during meet-ups. A simple conversation goes a long way.

But seriously, opportunities are like sunshine. The longer you wait the less likely you’ll be able to take advantage of them. I love that quote.

– Group shot 1. V!
– Group shot 2! V V! 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope you’ve enjoyed the content. 🙂

thanks for the birthday wishes! Means a lot. <3