[VRchat] March Chill

March is the month of my birthday, and I had fun where able in VRchat. Had fun both in and outside of the game having nice memorable images to look back on. Posting contains 114 images.

– Hunt, myself, and Blue hanging around on a Kanna map doing various things finding out Hunt had a flu had that time. 

March was a quieter month than usual, even if it was a special month to me. Even though it was my special month (my birthday month) I had noticeably less hours in playtime, though managed to balance that out with some nice sessions in the “less is more” manner. Focused more on taking images, hung out with my friends, and even hung out in at least one of Nagzz21’s hangouts. I was also playing other (desktop mode) games while waiting on new Oculus Rift tangling cables to be shipped (slowly startled tangling on 3rd week again) before I could go into VR. I had work to deal with also, and just generally spaced out. As much as I try chewing Oculus for being stingy and cheap they just don’t listen. The cable is slowly starting to tangle again to the point I’m trying to keep it straight…. I’m gradually losing the war again on the tangling cables. 

Yeah, I’m frustrated with Oculus’s cheap behavious. You spend well over $500+ Canadian (plus extra for computer upgrades) and the shitty Oculus Cables tangles ruining it all. You buy a headset and it just tangles…. Common…. Braid the god damn thing to make them anti-tangle. Though, on the flip-side, because I obtained the new cable I gained a new POV on VRchat; A new perspective. I can now do things I haven’t done before, and it’s fun! I’m not trying to be negative though, I’m just trying to note my thoughts for that moment, and I do put up with the various frustrations because VR is worth it. Going VR is awesome because everything is different, you can do so much, and everything appears all so unique and welcoming. I love VR, I love VRchat, and I love the friends I’ve made in there making VRchat & VR awesome. 

Though, can’t always hang out with friends 100% of the time so I was also found spending my time solo’ing through VRchat. Just lone-exploring VRchat trying to take it chill. Also, if anything sounds “negative” or “whiny” I’m sorry. I’m just trying to note things. If it does do tell and I’ll try and further spin it into neutral or positive sounding words. Struggling to keep it neutral.

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– March 1 – Hanging out in an anime theater world “starting” to watch an anime. Hunt sitting, Blue snickering, me snapping an image. Good times, good times 🙂

March started off with the usual world hopping, something we do often. We still do, just not as frequently because of my technical difficulties. Fix one, and another random error pops up. Always fighting something, but we always had fun traveling worlds. The fun we have always over-rides any negativity because of how awesome these friends are :). From my new VRchat home (view previous blog posting), to an anime theater, Christmas world, and other fun worlds. “Chill” 🙂

– Traveling through a worm hole | Down the rabbit hole! | So, this is what it’s like in an Oculus Rift Cable 😮
– Water bubbles! Blue had fun spamming water bubbles 🙂
– Blub blub~
– This one is for Kobi because of the Teddy Bear. Kobi was “gifted” a Teddy Bear in some fashion for his birthday 🙂

I’m sorry I always do this, and I do honestly try being positive, but I was feeling “down” here in some light fashion. I blame my work for making me fatigue making me feel “semi-depressed”. I was just tired with the tiredness/fatigue probably being the source of my light depression. Even with that I still mostly enjoyed my time there, just felt….. “semi-sidelined”….. Even with that feeling I still had a lot of fun, I love looking at the images we’ve taken, and how much fun we had. Checking out surreal winter maps, avatars, yo-yo’ing, and all that awesome stuff. Even Lenn from SAO, among other fun amusements. It’s the fun which I love VRchat for.

Depression hits you when you least want it. I honestly want to be positive, just depression tends to be a pain. I however stayed on admiring the beauty of the yo-yo’ing, the secrets, and such. Even loved Blue’s adorable reactions <3. Seeing Blue snickering, seeing Hunt having fun…. It all warms my heart. Even the worlds we visit have that healing effect. 

– Secret Yo-yo’ing skills. YO!
– BANG! Poof goes the cash, Hunt all shook up from that explosive surprise. Blue laughing heh.
– Chillin’ with Blue and her friends. Her friends were uniquely fun, and I admired that. They were awesome. Even when I idled a bit saving worlds to my favourites to check out later they would still include me in their grouping.
– I kept idling a lot so I figured I should take some neat images. MOON!
– Cool shot #2, or I hope it’s cool. Nyaa!~

VRchat is awesome in how people made it a positive platform. Even though I was fatigued, cursed at Oculus’s faulty cables (still the old tangled one during this session), I still stayed online being a part of various shenanigans. Even when I idled for a long while I was warmly welcomed back in by being nudged into various current shenanigans, whatever they would be. I would also later find Kobi lurking, even playing hide-and-seek in that tag manner; I was “it” having to find Kobi where he would take advantage of the map and hide in various ways. Even teleporting. We would do this for a good solid 10-20 minutes before I had to call it a night at nearly 4 am in the morning. 

Even though I was fatigued in a semi-depressive manner I still managed to stay on. I had fun, I lurked, I have fun memorable moments, and those memories are fun to recall. The “feeling” of the memories is strange, yet also nostalgic. It’s like a unique anime episode with how weighted it is while with its own “flavour”. Hard to put feelings into words. What you see is what you feel.

– March 15 – Kon! Kon!~  Shana’s lovely world. Love the music, loved the anime Shana loves, the view, and everything. This home feels warm making me happy I visited it another time; Second time.

March 15 – From the last session I had to wait a few days (a week/few weeks) to receive my new cable to partake in VRchat fun again. It was good to be back, and actually in standing posture manner. Glad to kneel, stand, and everything. I can feel freedom! A shame Oculus doesn’t know what freedom means with their cable. You can feel this freedom only as long as the Oculus Rift cable doesn’t tangle. I love how VRchat feels when you play it proper. The charm truly comes out the more you interact and have fun in various ways. It feels good exploring the unknown constantly 🙂

When I jumped in I eventually saw Hunt & Blue roaming about VRchat, yet decided to stay on the side for a bit without joining them just to see what would happen.Basically warming up and being a “Lurking fox”. Renge is a fox, foxes lurk, so I waited for the “right moment” to lurk. Renge is a robotic personification on a Japanese fox spirit from a shrine 🙂

– I LOVE this skyline. I wish I could travel towards it, explore through it, and etc. All in VR. I wish….
– Neat Kana world. Quite lovely. (This image leads into the first image)

When I met up with Hunt I could hear something was off with him, then he noted he was “sick”. Felt bad for him but we had our warm greetings, headpats for Blue, and we explored. We had fun though exploring, grabbing group photos, and solving mazes. Even teased a bit myself because I was supposed to figure out a maze on my own when I naturally suck at them. I kept going one direction when I should have gone another direction. I was even jokingly hinted to go a different manner. I’m not a puzzle person.

It was fun though, and I love the quoting below because VRchat also does unexpected things when you least expect them. 

“Things are not always as they appear to be”

– Hunt, Blue, and Myself having solved puzzles. The quote also is accurate. For them, they “re-solved” it. 
–  (March 15) World hopping while having fun. My first friend I made when in VR for the first time being Duskitten. Nice! He ended up showing his avatars, his world, and etc. Long time no see!
– Blue was having her awesome moment, Hunt with his awesome comedic comments, and Duskitten sharing his amusing avatars. One of his avatars being a Switch puppy *laughs*.
– Checking a few of Duskitten’s worlds. This one being simple to load into.
– Lost Blue; Duskitten left; Though Hunt & myself went into Suzuka to race around a bit. Quite fun! Can he even see past the dash?
– V V!  – Reminds me of when I used to play Gran Turismo a lot on my PS3 having fun racing around this map. 
– Swapped avatars to a size we could see past the dashboard. Amusing antics occurred.
– Drove around trying to find photogenic areas to pose at. Chose this place near the ending bits of the track heh.
– Anything to remember Suzuka with.
– Thumbs up! V V’ing, and general agreement this is an awesome map. 
– Can’t stop us! XD
– Couldn’t stop there! We teleported to other parts of the map for further photoshooting opportunities by using our favourite teleporting avatar.
– Hunt still sick, and the AI cars being deafening…. AI cars had to be turned back off so we could continue with the Suzuka photoshoot 🙂
– How many people have images from up here, let alone at Suzuka? 😛
– Yeah! Awesome 🙂
– Spooky underpass vibes. Lurking Jiiiiii!~
– Hunt wanted some snacks 🙂
– Trying to keep our balance on some thin walls. Surface was a bit slippery.

When we both felt we’ve explored all of Suzuka we headed over to Pac-man. Saw it played earlier, thus checked it out for ourselves to see what it was all about. It was worth the visit. I was amused how you had to hold assets to eat the dots while others would chase you, even the AI. You had a screen you would look at orientating you as to where to go. Nice implementation. 

10/10, would play again to eat dots. Wakka Wakka Wakka!~

– Had fun playing Pac-man. Was a fun game in VRchat handled in an interesting manner. Duskitten came to say hello.
– Interesting semi-surreal world for a wallpaper-esque image. Hunt went to sleep with Dusk left to wander the worlds of VRchat. 
– This world felt moody so I felt Scathach’s moodiness would fit the atmosphere.

Was asked if I was “having fun” when taking pictures. Of course! VRchat has one of the best picture taking capabilities making it highly prefered over anything else. A few VR games are able to boast this versatility, power, and fun. Konami killed Battle Rondo without making the Diorama Studio standalone, Illusion Game’s +18 requires heavy modding, and etc. I would have to use MMD, Source Film maker, and such. I would have to struggle heavily. VRchat makes things peacefully easy. 

If only other picture taking software was as easy and as powerful to use as VRchat with high variety of characters to choose from.

– Dusk roaming around somewhere in this image. Also a nice vantage point for a lovely selfie. Renge seems to be also enjoying herself 🙂
– Saw this world on Twitter so I came to check it out. “Less is more”, with the quality being a bit higher up here. Not quite 100%, yet close. Dusk, Delta, and myself had fun here.
– Ah!~ Lovely peacefulness of VRchat. Love it. (Duskitten)
– Had a Fate Home world favourited to check out, thus checking it out. Neat. Love the Fate universe, dislike F/GO, yet liking every other game. Fate is an awesome universe (except for the scummy F/GO nonsense).
–  1950’s American drive-in theater – Love seeing concepts like this because these could have been our future. Wish we could have seen these sailing around the ocean.
– Mmmm!~ Coke! I’m a coke person.

This second session of March also shows how much I love hanging in VRchat till the wee hours of the morning of 4 am. Thankfully, it was 1:38 am when I decided to hop off for that night to stay a bit sane. Again, loving VRchat for how warm and welcoming it is to play, thus why I blog and post about it so much. Lots of fun images to look back on while recalling fun moments 🙂

– Scathach hype! Hunt summoned me back into VRchat on the night of 22nd 

March 22 – Was having fun proudly playing Fate/Extella Link because I could FINALLY play as Scathach in Fate/Extella Link. Loved when I first unknowingly summoned her in F/GO (a crappy mobile game) where she is portrayed as an overly serious woman with the perfect voice style. She’s serious because she wants to die for being immortal for having fought humans, gods, undead, and all sorts between the living and the dead, thus her appearance. Her personality is “proud”, yet “dead” with how you can see she’s stuck in between realms with her immortality and her red eyes. Even if she’s understandably suicidal I still do love her seriousness because she’s not like any other characters. I love her style to the point she’s like Esdese from Akame Ga Kill, or Bismarck and Warspite from KanColle, or similar characters like those.  

For how she was my first special rare Servant in Fate/Grand Order (JP) side I admire her highly. Others may ruin her by crowding to her, yet I love Scathach’s style and art. While others may fake their love, I admire her not in an obsessive and yandere manner, but naturally. Well, what I basically view as “naturally”.  I don’t have a body pillow, nor do I highly obsess about her, but I do admire her awesomeness where I try and keep things balanced. Though, I am looking into getting a body pillow of Scathach, but that’s beside the point *laughs*. I loved my streaming Fate/Extella Link on Twitch because Scathach is awesome in that game. 

VRchat side of things though…… My friend ‘Hunt’ teased an image of a chibi Scathach in VRchat causing me to instantly jump into VRchat to check this out. Was awesome seeing that mini chibi Scathach, yet wish they were animated in some manner. I was however happy he stumbled across this world though making me aware they had this. Thanks Hunt! 

– Waifu Scathach – Double the trouble 😛
– Curiousity killed the cat. I became curious to the point I explored the floating digital globe with giant hidden chibi Altera on it. Was awesome. If you don’t explore you don’t find things.
– The scale; Size difference between chibi & giant chibi heh. Delta hiding between Altera’s legs.
– Hunt & Delta having their Jurassic fun in a digital realm. Anything is possible in the realm of Extella.
– Nier Automata is one of my highly rated games to the point when I see it in VRchat I instantly go visit it! I noted Nier Automata would make for an awesome VR game and this proves it’s plausible. Wish we had a specific VR mode of this with motion gestures in mind.
– Two beautiful flowers <3. Still haven’t progressed to their point in the story, but they are lovely. 
– Hunt, Myself, & Delta posing with these lovely beauties <3
– Visuals were stunning. I loved what I saw. Glitch filter because “Nier Automata”.
– Delta spamming away. The beauty of it *laughs*
– RAWR!~
– *Spams more*
– Spam intensifies! (Hunt seen lurking on the right)
– It isn’t Nier Automata if you don’t have the Factory in your images. A good chunk happens in that factory. “Become as Gods!”
– “Become as Gods!” 

Was a lovely night. This session was one of the better ones because it was pure enjoyment without any fatigue or depressiveness tied to it. Hopping on because of my love for Scathach (My waifu, my avatar) while also checking out the Fate world, Nier Automata, and wrapping up on a Resident Evil map. Had fun hanging out with my friends in VRchat making it all so awesome just chatting, hanging out, and just admiring the beauty of heavily detailed worlds, thus three worlds that night. Delta hadn’t checked out the Resident Evil map thus we checked it out before we all hopped off for the night. It was one of my first maps when joining VRchat (and in VR) so it holds memorable moments for me 🙂

– March 25 – Chillin’ under the moonlight on a lovely patch of grass.
– Feel the power of Scathach’s might! 

March 25th’s session was an odd one. I should have joined Hunt & Blue, yet my mood prevented me from doing so because of the ‘fatigue’. Yup, the ‘semi-depression’ forcing me in ‘lurking’ mode. Foxes do lurk, yeah. Had fun exploring worlds though checking out various ones, such as this strange Star Wars one, while having fun admiring all the other ones. If I can take images in them then they’re awesome 🙂

– Batman! I know my older Batman, but any new ones are lost to me. I haven’t played Arkham Knight, or anything like that. Lost on me because of the way I float around. 
– Lucky Jervis (Kantai Collection) scared me when I first jumped into the world. Hearing that voice startled me because of how “player-like” it was. I wasn’t expecting it. Took me a while to ID the voice to find it was indeed Jervis, the lovely cute British destroyer being personified as a Kanmusu for Kantai Collection. Oh, how I miss KanColle. Cutie Jervis <3
– Something I found out is how much of a good dancer Renge is. Her appearance makes her visually pleasing to admire how she dances. I honestly wish I could dance so I could make Renge dance the way I’ve seen her dance with those preset dances. If anything, I would probably have to find a way to add her into MMD to have her dance to presets there.
– Devil May Cry fanciness. All to myself!
– Captured a few of these pesky Knuckles!  They humiliated me back in early 2018 causing the VRchat community back then to dislike my Twitter postings.  *Evil laughs at captured Knuckles*
– Round 2! This time with Scathach *Laughs*
– Trains in VRchat are always nice with how they bring you to places. Shame this one was abandoned. Did try balancing on the railing. 
– *lurks*
– With how late it was getting I was genuinely spooked out by this RP cave with spooky atmospheric sounds and visuals. The vibe genuinely creeped me out. Lovely Spooky Renge though 🙂
– Spooky Renge is Spooky! 
– Aoto Train – Saw someone from my friend list chillin’ here earlier so I went to check it out also to find a chill Russian enjoying the view to some nice music. Saw how chill he was allowing me to take neat images of his chill vibes.
– Chill Russian dude is chill. Loved the atmosphere, the music, and how the scenery passed. 
– “some” proof I was there. A bit of a memento, or similar.
– Typical goofy nature of VRchat unraveling before my eyes. Knuckles activated, among other amusements. 
– Something themed more towards Renge because of the torii gate, and how Renge is themed to Japanese shrines.
– Tried re-exploring PS Home because that is where I originally came from before VRchat. A tweet also thanked me “for the review”. When I tried going into the HUB world it lagged me out so bad I was unable to proceed any further. This is the only lovely image you’ll gain from that until I do a “nostalgic” posting.

Had fun. Even if it was solo I still had fun by tuning more into the map, explored many more maps, and just admired things. Aoto Train was a nice map, and I still do remember it the most.

–  March 26 – Nier Automata inspired map being visually pleasing. 

March 26 – Was expecting to hang out with a buddy to only end up solo. I pushed this session into a more photo-shooting session, something which yielded many awesome photos to admire. 

– “Weight of the World”
– Renge stumbled across an interesting semi-surreal world. A world with Fairy entities in the Forest, a ruined cathedral, and a photoshooting chance for Scathach.
– Having spotted that ghostly Fairy near the entry point into this world both Renge & Scathach were on guard the whole time while examining the ruins. 
– A ‘Tree of Life’ failing to grow? Prevented from growing? 
– What could that be floating in the air? 
– Seeing these vines and roots makes one wonder how life was once here. How did people pray? Live? How where they dressed? Among other fascinating, if curious, ponderings.
– Fitting. The ruins however seems to fit Scathach’s lore vibes. 
– Vibe fitting for a free-roamy Fate game where one may also explore Scathach’s past? 
– Alter Scathach (public Avatar Scathach) in an older world revisiting the friendly neko girl.
– >Cool vibes here<
– >Cool Vibes here P2<
– Like with the past few images, this one also was taken with the perspective of how worlds appear in Fate/Extra, Fate/Extella, and even Fate/Extella Link in world style. All digital, old timey (ruins), and etc. 

–  March 30 – Finally checking out the VOLT  Club after so long. Quite a neat place, even if it may lag me like mad. Quality here is high, and I approve!

March 30 – A few days after my birthday, and a few minutes after a Nagzz21 Patreon hangout, I went world hopping for a few. I had fun celebrating my birthday wanting the hangout to be a part of that birthday celebration. Nagzz21’s hangout was neat, and more can be seen in the [Article itself]. 

To those who wished me a “happy Birthday”, I do thank you guys highly for doing so. It means a lot because you guys took a few moments remembering and taking the time to post the birthday wishes.  That means a lot to me. Thanks again! 🙂

Yeah, March 28th was my birthday having spent it playing ‘Don’t Starve Together’ because that’s how we set things up. With the way my computer behaves I couldn’t stream VRchat. Wanted to play a game with everybody, or tried to. It was a fun night. 

– Art designs are top-notch! Loving it! Pixiv Art level of quality hoping these images are at least sources, or made by the artist themselves. Neat though.
– YuudachiKaiNi! When I first saw this I instantly had flashbacks to the time we interacted in a Spongebob world back in 2017 where I “moterboated” him to hear Yuudachi soundeffects in his avatar. I have that moment recorded, I find int memorable, and I miss fun moments like those. I wish we didn’t have a misunderstanding about the Friend list bit. I was simply curious if I could be friended, something which led to a misunderstanding. I wasn’t forcing myself to be a friend, just asking if I could be friended. His friends list was noted as being full, so I accepted that fact and moved on. I admired how he even appeared in a Mirai Akari VRchat video back then. Awesome! Congrats! 🙂

Dart board was also neat. When I don’t lag I need to try playing this with darts again. It had neat mechanics. 
– Fancy! Mandatory car picture taken.
– Volt! 
– Looky what I found here! Havana Club! Brings back memories of when me and my friend would drink this in memory of Cuba itself. Led to some stupid times we can laugh at. Even appeared in an episode of Jormungand.
– Came here hoping I could pilot mechas. Taking pictures with them instead is also acceptable. Someone tried photobombing my image. Also reminds me of Muv-Luv anime.
– It appears I was dropped onto a unique planet. From the looks of it….. the name is ‘Planet 66’, eh? Quite an interesting planet with various suns and moons in orbit. 
– *Tries hard to reach the moon*
– Loving the view! Foreign indeed, and gorgeous. A giant moon, an egg-like mount, and what appears to be an alien settlement or fortress (Off screen). 
– Obi-Wan & Anakin trollin’ one another in VRchat. Silly buggers…..
– Beautiful! This hitting more of Renge’s style.
– *Tries to gently touch flower*
– Heh. Renge still appearing adorable, even while holding that blade of hers.
–  Scathach seeing beauty between two realms. Lovely floofy flower pedals to touch and admire. 

– March 31 – Beautiful! Absolutely visually stunning! I love what you can see in VR, which you can’t see in desktop mode. 
– Lovely floofy moment of VRchat, why I love playing this game heh. More adorable moments in VRchat. The amount of floofiness in Blue’s tail was unreal. So floofy! So cuddly! So warm! I’m in love! <3

March 31st – It’s just fun hopping into VRchat to see what new worlds people had made. Like the night sky with the shooting stars, the Fox World Kemono Friends, and such. Glad to be hanging out with my friends again.

The below images with the lamp is in respect to our friend Maiya. We call her Maiya Moth because of a merged Rising World & Twitch joke/meme reference of Maiya seeking out lamps. We went with it; Maiya went with it going with the full lamp-moth meme to the point we call her out on it when we see any references in VRchat or other games. 


– Lamp! #Maiyamoth
– Lamp! #Maiyamoth
– Lamp! #Maiyamoth
– I honestly had to note this world with an image or two because of the detailing within. Less is more with everything standing out in the middle with the fencing, decorating, Sakura trees, and water. It’s a lovely scenic chill world.
– *Lurks on the other side of tree*
– Had an overly curious, if shy, Hoppu skittishly walk up to us before running away. We tried to follow them as friendly (and jokingly) as possible. This was until Duskitten joined as a funky Knuckles meme. 
– We explored Duskitten’s Knuckles ship world with many things happening on there. Racing, Ebola, Futurama jokes & references, among others. 
– >Futurama references here.<
– Trying to take as many images as I could for memory purposes. Time capsules, and such. 

Was still fun even though I was stuttering every few moments because of computer overheating, or something. The constant stuttering of my computer made me apparently sound like a robot so I was nicknamed ‘Mr. Robot’. Seems fitting seeing how Renge is a robotic fox spirit, though Renge is a female, not male. Technicalities.

The Oculus Rift cable from earlier in the month is fine, and I’m happy it’s mended. Even if it wants to curl up and tangle again. This time it’s my computer overheating causing me to lag-stutter badly to the point I would lag when streaming, and it’s baffling me. May be a cooling issue on computer so I may have to focus on that next. Also noting this because I was given the nickname of ‘Mr. Robot’. Always something, I’m sorry. 

Even through any troubles we still find ways to have fun, and that’s what I love about hanging out with my friends with. Just hanging out, having fun, and admiring the beauty all around. That’s how we get these images <3.

– Tried for a fancy group shot image. Mostly fits. We’re however too bright. 

March was an interesting month, even if there were fewer sessions to play VRchat. It was however balanced out with the number of images I had taken during the session I could manage to play, thus I’m happy. 114 images to share, and that’s not including my friend’s images. No complaints. Had fun hanging out with my buddies, Nagzz21 Patreon hangout, among other things. Even for having fun while having memorable moments during my birthday month.

Again, to those who wished me a Happy Birthday, I thank them highly. Thanks for noticing my birthday and wishing me a Happy birthday! 

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed contents within. See you next article! 🙂