Fate/Extella Link – Scathach Admiration

– The lovely Scathach roaming freely in Tama’s domain hunting down various targets of interests.

I desired sharing this blog posting to pay my respect to both Fate/Extella Link, and mostly to Scathach, because of how neat they both are. Desired for a lengthy period of timeto share this post about Scathach from F/EL which wasn’t advertisement material, though from my own collection because of how much I love Scathach as a character. This is mostly just a rambling blog posting similar to a ‘character shrine’ (waifu shrine) than a review, though if you want to treat this as a review, then be my guest. Desired to let some of my thoughts loose because they were just becoming backlogged needing a place to be shared, thus why I’m making this blog posting; Worshipping Scathach for being an awesome character in a neat game. There are also a few mini-memes (inside jokes) I’ll also post shared between my VRchat friends, and just general amusements.

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Fate/Extella Link Achievements:

I’m amused by these achievements of both CΓΊ Chulainn and Scathach because of how comical they are. They also lightly touch on nerdy things from other forms of media which amuses me, even if coincidental or not.

  • Rush Hour: Rushing everywhere he goes; Good sprinter
  • Who is the One that can Kill Me? : Not as funny, though Scathach related in an epic boss battle having to fight her to progress in the story. (More about this further below)
  • We’re Lancers on the Moon, We Carry a Harpoon: This one amuses me on many levels because of Moby Dick, and other whale hunting stories. Just imaging them in chibi form standing on the moon waving their lances around. It’s an amusing thought. I even think of Gran Turismo’s ‘Moon over the Castle‘ here. Multiple images & references for me.

Inside Jokes, Ramblings, & Amusements:

– Cute little Altera. Good Culture <3
– Some privacy is always good. Don’t over-exert yourself or you’ll become weak. This also goes to aiding in helping butterflies out of their cocoons making their wings weaker. Give everyone their necessary space. Sharing because Tama is caring to where her floofy tail becomes a helpful medicine πŸ™‚
Astolfo – “I’m as dependable as the Titanic!”  – The constant running joke in my public Discord group because we also don’t know how to react to this. The ship? The gods? Most likely a god. It’s fun thinking about the 1912 ship though.
– As elegant as the rose held up to a moonlit filled night sky. 

The Nero bit here with the rose is also being shared because I’m frustrated a perfect opportunity for a photo mode/Studio mode was neglected, or simply overlooked. The image is indeed neat, but it also could be MUCH better. Various games like Illusion made games (the +18 Japanese adult games) always releases with photo mode and people tend to use that for various creative photography related means. They always have photo mode in mind in various ways. Sure, perverted ones also, but the focus here is on photo mode. 

The Nero image could have been so much better if I could have properly moved my camera around to the point of centering it (without the hud) to get the proper angle and direction on things; Raise, lower, zoom in, and out. Even gamma, saturation, and etc. What I’m basically noting is having a similar photo mode similar to a game called ‘Euro Truck Simulator 2‘ and ‘American Truck Simulator‘ has. Dragon’s Dogma also has a photo mode, and same with the upcoming ‘Azur Lane: Crosswave‘. Any game adding in photo mode/studio mode is a good game. 

I’m just someone into photo mode so it’s a very big deal for me. I love taking images… Tons of them. I take way too many of them wishing Fate/Extella Link would have at least an inner (or exterior) feature of photo/studio mode to disable the HUD to take images properly with. I have to instead rely on Koikatu (limited), Miku Miku Dance (MMD), or even VRchat. I haven’t used MMD, though tempted in learning. Been wanting to for awhile now. Everything else anime related is done in VRchat through chance of finding the correct public avatar. 

– Not fond of the control scheme for Fate/Extella Link, though I do love how you get a hub to walk around with finding Servants hanging around. The image of Tama & the moon would have been perfect, if not for the HUD. Have to basically crop the images.
– Cute Little Altera simply admiring the scenery as she casually bops side to side in an adorable manner. Good culture.
– Alterra out during a windy night stroll. It’s Altera so it’s permitted. Good Culture πŸ™‚

Scathach Admiration:

– Motherly Scathach, though on the enemy side with cute little Altera.

Why do I admire Scathach?

As noted before in previous articles:
I admire Scathach because she was my proper non-provided rare Servant in Fate/Grand Order making her highly valuable to me. She was one of those rarely timed characters appearing every so often so I was simply lucky here. When I nearly lost my Japanese account I nearly lost it, yet glad I regained control of my account. I still do have it, though it’s on the sidelines still on my phone. It’s a shame I can’t play it on my PC to allow me to multi-task causing me to fade out from F/GO, as we could with Kantai Collection. I do however love how I have both Scathach & Skadi in F/GO. Both awesome gets! Ever since then I had to have her in VRchat as my own avatar. I also could not wait for Fate/Extella Link to release so I could team up with Scathach to learn more about her in various ways.

F/GO is quite frustrating with how everything was timed, and I was on the Japanese side of things unable to read up on her lore. Fate/Extella Link allows me to see more about her personality, something which is easier to connect with than something running super fast to the point you miss out. Scathach’s voice is something I can also admire because it’s not squeaky, it’s not “fake cute”, it’s just Scathach in a moody serious tone. When someone behaves “fake cute” (it’s not even moe) I become highly agitated to the point I strongly desire genuine proper female characters in anime. I side with Scathach, Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand), among others similar to their character style. I tend to gravitate to serious mature characters in anime. Granted, I can still admire moe done right, such as Tama in the Fate Universe. It’s  matter on how they’re done and portrayed. 

On a slightly morbid side-note I even subconciously connect with Scathach’s desire to find peace in death only from my school days on a more subconcious way of things. I wanted to “perish” with the amount of bullying I gained in Ontario, Canada finding Canadians a bunch of arrogant, insanely jealousy, & trashy people. People always assumed they were better than everybody else denying me from various things. On the flip-side I’ve also found warm and kind people to balance that out, so there’s also that. The desire to “perish” is lessening, though I still can’t really forgive people in Ontario for how vile and toxic they were constantly belittling and berating me, shocked as to why I can’t let it go. They were shocked noting “you haven’t let that go?!”… The pain goes deep….. Cause & effect…. PTSD level type mental damage which you carry with you throughout life. Wrinkle up a paper and the lines are still there, type thing. I don’t openly note this because people would take this the wrong way, even though I’m “mostly” fine. If you see me acting up, thank Ontario for being vile, vicious, and berating….. Scathach however wants to die because she’s immortal needing to find peace eventually.

– Scathach gaining her proper boss-battle level. Sensei Scathach.
– Fight with humour and a smile, not words. If you’re thinking of the Joker, then still no πŸ˜›  | Scathach teaching her pupil how to fight on the battlefield like a real warrior.
– Scathach unlocked! Nice! Took two play session, finally happy I could finally team up with Scathach after unlocking her in the story mode.
– Basically being brutally honest saying I’m unskilled & etc. I need training, among other things. (1/2)
– Average skills, great potential. Sensei Scathach! (2/2)
– This is the part which always gets me because life is precious. Scathach is immortal, yet she wants to die having faced various warriors, gods, demons, while living in the realm between the living and the dead. This is where her ‘Gate of Skye’ comes from.

Not to be depressive, or anything, but this (below image) is where I also subconsciously connect with Scathach with my school days having been treated like trash since Kindergarten all the way up to the end of Highschool. I haven’t even graduated highschool properly with how traumatic, exhausting, and painful it was for me. I graduated, but not formally. I got my diploma indirectly and f***ed off out of there. I always wanted to “perish”, yet always had some slighty connection to my trip to Europe, certain friends, and games to keep me interested. I hated school…..

Scathach’s request to find someone to kill her is something I view heavily because I want Scathach to live. I want to show her joys to life, to see her smile, to be the tricker type person (think Japanese fox spirits in folklore), and to just “live in the moment”. That in itself would be viewed lightly from her perspective because she can’t die. She’s cursed having been “corrupted” by living between realms fighting things which we can’t naturally comprehend. I want to refuse her request so she can continue experiencing various things……. It’s a heavy request. Maybe she’s right though. Maybe we should “eventually” find someone to slay her to find peace in death.

Question then is: How long has she been alive?

– And her tone, personality, and dead personality reflects this.

I feel for Scathach hearing those things. I was once asked why I had a grim handle (nickname) on the internet during my highschool days. I was sapped, demotivated, bullied, and treated as if did not belong here. I felt like I was living between the living and the dead with how my mood was. Whenever I’m silent, that’s me either observing situations, or just being “moody”, so to speak. Thanks to VRchat & social interaction that has been gradually fixed with mending. I do have my anxiety attacks though. 

People probably don’t care about my moods, and I don’t blame them. I’m however just explaining why I admire Scathach and why we connect. At times it simply feels like I wear multiple masks; Two of which are Kitsune snarky trickster & Scathach Gloomy. You may know of others when around me, even ones I may be unaware of.

And no, I’m not seeking pity. If you read it as such, it was unintentional. I’m trying my best to simply clarify a few things to show how & why I admire Scathach. If people claim that I’m playing the victim (the scars left behind by other people) then that’s where we shall have friction. This is why I seek “chill” games to relax. Fate/Extella Link is still a surprisingly “chill” game. 

– Scathach following me around while having the most beautiful model I’ve seen yet! Her unmasked face, those purple lights behind her…. Needs proper photoshoot mode to bring the best out of her <3
– Gate of Skye – 
– Perfect mood for a dark mooded Scathach showing the hidden beauty of her character. Nightly mood with shiny bright lights. 

Scathach in her ‘Asssassin’ attire seems to have more of a cheerful personality than her standard ‘Lancer’ personality, though that may be an F/GO thing for various mobage lore purposes. The Scathach wishing to die should simply tap into her ‘Assassin’ side of things, something which this game may loosely be tapping into by simply providing outfit DLCs to fit your fancy.

– That’s quite a sight for sore eyes. Amazing detail, jiggly physics, and just beautiful. I’m honestly glad she has a ‘sarong’ wrapped around her waist or it would honestly be a guilt trip playing her casually. Makes it all the more tasteful.
– Admiring her beauty so much loving how outgoing she is. Something I love about this Scathach is how you can customize her to even use Skadi’s skills of ice unifying her type as one.
– *Laughs* That serious stare of hers from her Lancer class side. I’m sorry! I would take you to a beach if I could! Developers did not allow us to take you there. Closest we can get is Nero’s watery domain of Rome ^^;
– Something I admire about Scathach’s special Priestess outfit is how logical it is. Sure, it’s teaseful, but tastefully teaseful in a way it’s still ‘safe for work’. She honestly appears elegant here. 
– I honestly prefer this over any other costume DLC (so far) because of how classy it is for Scathach. The jewels, sleeves, the thighs. It fits while nodding to Skadi in certain ways.
– Just roaming about with other Servants relaxing. One by the fountain to the left, Tama to the right of Scathach’s head, and a camp with Archers. Neat.
– Now, if only they could run around on their own that be awesome. Would feel immersive. Would love to see them roam about doing their errands, even if gimmicky.
– Honestly a ‘Good Culture’ here πŸ™‚ 
– I seriously want to headpat both of them for being gorgeous & adorable XD
– “This entire territory is ours. I assume you have no complaints, Master.”   | Nope! None. Good work! πŸ™‚
– Graceful pose. Full of pride.

The above image is taken from the victory screen shortly before the result screen pops up. This is what I also mean when I wish we had a photo/studio mode for Fate/Extella Link so we can gain these types of quality images by panning towards the character to gain these sorts of shots. I love these shots, and you can also see a tastefully teasing side to it. Scathach’s pose is something I also something I highly admire in this game.

– Pirate Queen & Teacher Scathach. Interesting comrades in arms.
– Flowers signaling a perfect photographic opportunity. Attempted. Still admiring the beauty held within this beautiful shot.
– Intense cropping continues! Gorgeous idle pose of a beautiful warrior & teacher. 
– Dusk view. 
– A beauty so bright…….. 
– Scathach & Tama, two partners in crime during my battles. Tama used to be my waifu before I jumped ship fully towards Scathach for reasons noted above. 
– Silly Tama, itchy ears again? Want me to rub them for you? 
– A moodier side to Scathach tapping into her ‘darker’ side, yet beauty still shining through. 
– City night sky.
– A nightly stroll wondering why Scathach is as teaseful as she is. Not aiming for a lewd punchline, more of a scenic perspective. (Head out of the gutter!)
– Scathach – Still as deadly in her swimsuit as she is in her Lancer side. Like poisonous plants, the more colourful you are the deadlier you are.
– Teaseful, yet deadly. 
– Looks can be deceiving. The glint in her eyes is only but an illusion to her deadlier side. 
– Scathach – As proud as Nero’s Roman Empire. 
– Chibi (Lil) Scathach. Such a comical sight.
– Lil Scathach standing next to a stream of flowers.
– Runny Lil Scathach is runny~
– Sergeant of the shadowlands DLC outfit making Scathach appear both elegant and cutesy with the way she stands. The sleeves, the thighs, all tease-fully elegant.
– Elegantly basking in the moonlight glow of the glowing flowers. Beautiful~ <3
– Such beauty! Such refined, composed, and on the regal side of things

Even though I play casually, I’ve been having way too much fun playing as Scathach happy I could finally connect with her in another game other than F/GO. Was nice seeing the various costumes, the various skills, and how she was treated as a boss character in Fate/Extella Link. It’s a fun game. Just that one major issue which constantly frustrates me because I have to constantly crop my images to bring out the beauty within. I also wish Scathach also had her own dedicated musical theme so I could sense another side to Scathach through that.

I also haven’t unlocked the teacher outfit of Scathach, though may sneak that in within an edit later. Similar with the ‘Gate of Skye’ side of things. Maybe. Just wanted to share some thoughts admiring the beauty which is Scathach. 

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the contents within.