[VRchat] April Chill & Exploration

– Naturally afraid of any spooks. Hunt is unamused.

(Note: Image heavy article; 126 images)

Even with my struggling to find time to play VRchat, every session is always worthwhile and awesome. Most I find I can hang around with my VRchat friends, some of which are solo, and the rest is just reflecting on VRchat & life as a whole. Similar to March I had almost as much free time to hop on, yet had fun whenever I did manage to hop on, especially with my buddy Hunt & Kobi. Just exploring, chillin’, catching up on things, and just admiring VRchat while also wondering how I should interact with the VRchat community as a whole. 

Every time I look back at what we’ve done it’s always like an episode of anime where it’s highly emotional, quite fun, and just full of emotional “feels” with the adventures we’ve been on. You can’t go back to “what was”, but you can stay with “what is”; Remember the past while living in the present. The various background music which gets stuck in your mind from the visiting many chill worlds, the feel, the vibe. It all sticks with you. You dream it, you think in a VRchat way… Taking pictures…. Laughing. I still praise VRchat while respecting it highly, even if there feels to be a bit of a “fade” within the community. Certain things are fading making it easy to spot the differences from “what once was” to “what is”, and “what shall be” for the future; Granted, we don’t know what the future holds. 

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I’m aware I share way too many images, but all these images hold something special to me, thus I’m having to share the majority of what I’ve taken. I’m sure I can prune a few images here and there, though feel that would ruin the whole purpose of the articles. I’m wanting to share the raw experiences of each month, maybe even posting twice a month to ease up on the size of each article posting. So many fun memories, lots of fun moments (as noted above). 

– (April 12th) A nice walk under the shine of the moonlight | Scathach – Queen of the Underworld.
– Growth – Seeing particles expand like frost on a window. It was beautifully trippy.
– Growth nearly complete. Jiiii~

Took a while to just chill, explore a few worlds before finding Hunt standing behind me, startling me heavily to where he laughed. He saw an opportunity, took it, and startled the crap out of me. In a silent world you’re not expecting anybody to then see someone standing behind you (VR making you see things in real world perspectives) just catches you off guard. It led to us finding out where another one of our buddies found their cute floofy foxy avatar, having them join us, some fun amusements, and to then venture to Matsix’s world to try and get a proper fan shot.

– Hunt & I in a pose. The fun is there, the professional image taking is not :P. Fun is what matters.
– Lurky Hunt is lurky heh. XD (Seagull noises heard from the distance)
– A little better! Close. Getting there. Just the sort of image I was going for.
– Tried for the silly anime gag of waving someone important. One of those comical gags. Semi-worked. 
– Blue! So adorable! Always finding the most adorable of avatars <3 I’m honestly glad I befriended Blue because so adorable <3
– The cute noises that cute avatar makes, the ? ! gestures. Highly adorable!
– Hunt had to go sleep so Blue & myself went on a bit of an adventure while I fiddled with a foxy public avatar trying to get used to it. I love how happy Blue is. So floofy~
– Alright, what is this?! That’s a safety hazard *laughs* I tried to give the foxy a shocked face heh.
– Lovely fireworks and plane shot 🙂
– Floofy~
– Floofy V V! 
– Moon seems to be calling out to Blue. Is she secretly a Werefox? 😮
– Went back the next day to try and get a proper shocked expression. That’s quite shocking! 😮

– (April 20th) Kon! Kon!~ 
– Hmmm?~
– That’s the sort of fan picture I was looking for. Beautiful 🙂
– *Teaseful Laughter* XD

In the above images with the Sakura trees (that Japanese shrine) I was hanging around with Koreans with them being chill and friendly. Curious, talkative in a polite manner having some nice bits of basic conversations between us. A few came up to me, curious, so I tried interacting with them in between these images. I didn’t really talk. I did laugh, never talked though. I gestured thumbs up, made sure to be interacting with them. They were cool, even befriending one of them. 

– Just cutely transitioning in-between realms. In a Touhou world with a lovely moon and a spiritual ghost cloud, fitting for a floofy kitsune.
– Renge also approves in her own indirect manner of acknowledgements heh.
– Hmm… Renge appears to have seen this timer before. Steings;Gate, or something close it it. 
– Love the view. What happened here? Why the overgrowth. Things seem abandoned. 
– Hey! Looky here! Hunt somehow managed to find me in an overly overgrown world with the friends list being insanely broken. We still had fun exploring.
– Just a little scratch 😛
– This one just needs a little tune up. 
– How’s the view up there, Hunt? 
– Hunt? HUNT?! Are you alright? He appears to be breaking! We tried looking for a functioning train track, or even a way back out…. Everything is run down to the ground. 
– (Few minutes later) Hunt revived when he came across a Cake truck shop. Alright, everything appears to be fresh. What do you want? Oh, that one? Cool. Good choice 🙂
– Having shelter for a brief while to snack on some sweets was a good call. Energized, and ready to venture on 🙂
– Choo! Choo!~ We stumbled across a lovely old ruined decayed train, yet still standing proudly in the scenery. It still commands respect. 
– Renge had a few things attached to her robotic skin, a bath was in order. Gotta be clean~
– Hmm?
– A certain floofy decided to drop by. Sadly not Blue because of the friend’s list, though still as gorgeous. 
– “Pweaaaaase?~”

The two floofy images has me chuckling because I can still recall Hunt dying laughing when these images were being taken. Just the whole silliness of it is what makes VRchat awesome. Just the thought of having heard Hunt laughing has me laughing heh. Fun times, fun times.

– Hunt in a Hamster cage. You trapped there now hahaha! I’ll take very good care of you, after that kitsune leaves 🙂
– Well, that was highly unexpected. Something which first appeared innocent, and as someone’s home, turned dark very quickly. 
– Well, that’s quite….. So much for privacy. 
– REEE!! Renge does not handle supernatural horrors very well, even though her personality is based on an ancient kitsune personality speaking in a very ancient way.
– Looky what we found! A Space X and Mars Rover 🙂
– Proudly Canadian <3
– Hunt getting taken for a ride by a hyper-active dog heh.

The friend’s list was borked on April 20th making things highly difficult because sad people had to DDoS VRchat (or so the rumour goes), among other technical difficulties. Safe guards and protections for VRchat were faultering, yet still more-or-less working. People wanted to see VRchat suffer so other people ended up suffering, but we still made the best of it. 

Was still lagging a lot from my own computer side (own technical diffiuclties) yet had my fair share of fun. Hunt wanted to meet Blue because his list was working, mine wasn’t, so Hunt went off and I followed him. Tried to headpat Blue, tried speaking to her (not sure if she understood my robotic voice from lag) and just re-explored the place. It changed. This world brings back a lot of memories from when I met up with HoloTheWiseVR & Maiya in this world, and even during the Christmas period

– FINALLY checking out the Loli Squad Fields loving it. Love the chill factor to this. 

Hunt had to go sleep, I lost sight of Blue and I was left alone in VRchat having said I would hop off as well… I looked at the world list, saw Loli Squad Fields needing to go there before heading to sleep. I spent a good 20-30 minutes alone there, just chillin’…. Reflecting. I was examining the map, exploring every little bit it had in it…. Admiring it. 

I reflected on my computer situation, on VRchat (community & etc) on how it behaves, what events I should partake in, thinking of what brought me to VRchat through Nagzz21’s & Oathmeal’s videos…. Just lost in thought allowing the music to carry me places. People come, people go; Memories are made, times change, and like the pedals in the image things move around you. You can be a part of that flow, or you can walk along the river banks, something I felt I’ve been doing while occasionally taking a dip in the river before coming back out.

If people enjoy my presence then that’s awesome. If not, that’s a shame. Not much I can do there. I am however grateful to have friends who try and make the most of the gaming fun we’re in, regardless of my lag stutterings or not. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made in VRchat, in Rising World, Busou Shinki hobby, and even briefly in Dollfie Dream Community, among others. Even if it may appear as I have forgotten you, I haven’t. As corny and plastic as it may sound, I genuinely respect people, even if I tend to flip from from stress. 

I’m genuinely grateful to the VRchat community, though feel I’ve over-praised the community as well. I may have over-praised the community making things appear plastic. Everything in moderation. Everyone is still human. I make mistakes; We’re all human.

– Rainbow~
– “Humu!~” – My thoughts run deep… So raw, gibberish, rambling…. You see half of it in my articles. It’s because I think too much I gain heavy amounts of anxiety and an easy target for depression. Everything is lovely though and I love the images I’ve taken, the adventures I’ve been on. I’m happy with the people I’ve met.
– I love taking nature shots 🙂

I had to call it a night with it being very late in the night during that session. I had work, I needed to sleep, yet took the time to fully admire the beauty of this lovely simple world. Nice and chill. 

– (April 24th) – Lovely Sakura tree, a working clock, and a lovely friend of mine (Hunt). 

While setting up for a shot Hunt startled the crap out of me (as in another session) because I was not expecting anybody to be 1) in the world, and 2) That close to me. It’s like seeing a Weeping Angel from Dr. Who being behind you ready to murder you. No wonder horror games are scary…..

Lagged a hell of a lot, yet had my fun. It’s forcing me to be a mute.

– “and on today’s news: You can’t find a single Shinki Renge figure on the second hand market in Japan. Everybody either owns one or it’s out of circulation.”
– A good image to hang up on the book shelf 🙂
– Hunt has been one of my best friends in VRchat always hanging out 95% of the time making everything awesome. I respect that. Thanks for being awesome 🙂
– There’s a room hard to get to with a washroom… Hunt exploting the exotic feature of a shower in VRchat 🙂
– The visuals when seen in VR is quite trippy. It works, but it’s so funky amusing. 
– Washy Wash~
– Fireworks! Our favourite! 🙂
– Don’t mind me, just fanning things again XD
– Humu~
– *Giggles*
– V!
– VV! 
– Wanted to take these simple Scathach images for the longest while from the last visit here.
– You dare try and provoke Scathach? XD
– If you really want to provoke Scathach you can always be a decoration on her Gae Bolg 🙂 (If anybody feels that’s in any way a compliment to their fetish needs to seek medical assistance)
– If we both Magi Masters I would hope I could summon Scathach. If not her, then Queen of Sheba (F/GO) version. Either of those two work. Goes without saying Scathach, though Queen of Sheba is also one I admire next to Scathach.
– Defensive V! 😛
– Scathach ready to send a boss to the underworld 🙂
Koribo Express taking us up towards the boss. That boss’s expression heh.
– V Posing while being carried upwards before a redacted fight sending the boss to the underworld.
– New Realm, new victory, new glory.
– Is there anybody who can challenge Scathach? 
– Bunny-Eared Hunt 😛
– Bun Bun! 😛
– Scathach’s new throne. Bow down before Scathach 🙂
– Heavenly glow to something divine as Scathach.
– Shielder’s Domain, or so I recall it as.
– Bunny-eared Hunt sitting on the throne. Pyon-Pyon~
– Scathach with her highly skilled assistant-in-arms. 
– Some Duck hunting before sleep. The nostalgia is real here.
– I remember owning the original Nintendo with this same gun to shoot ducks in Duck Hunt. Great times, great memories. Even with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mario Bros.
– Renge, Shinki Renge.
– No evil ducks shall survive! 

– (April 26) Quack! While casually exploring the balloon farm I had a very suspicious visit by Kobi-Duck. My Foxy senses tingled, I look back, and saw him running away. Quack!~
– Shall I cut Kobi up, or shall I leave this blade untouched? Decisions, decisions. It’s a pain having to clean it up all the time.
– Where be the Kobi hiding? Hmm…… He couldn’t have gone far. Where, oh where could he have gone? 
– See! Ducks can operate farming vehicles when you aren’t looking.
– Farmer Kobi.
– Sporting the lovely farmer’s hat, the lovely blade…. Time for some farming 🙂
– Humu!~
– “I’m with Stupid”ing his way up the barn wall heh. That’s our Kobi glitching things out heh. Get back down here! XD 
– “I”m with Stupid” – Note: This was meant in good fun and in no way meant to insult Kobi. He’s an awesome guy. This is just a VRchat joke taken for VRchat jokes. 
– Honestly though, Kobi is a cool dude. He honestly is. Could have used this sign on me as well for being Canadian during the winter. The puns! The puns! 😛
– Renge finding a hat more her size heh.
– “Honey! Honey! There’s a Skeleton sitting on the roof! On the cardinal directions looking east! Come quick! Mother of god…..”
– “Q… Quack?”
– Balloon Farm gains my high praise for being gorgeous and interactive. Lovely world. 
– “Shoo!~ Shoo!~ Nightly spooks. Focus on my beautiful charms heh”
– *Giggles*
>Padoru Padoru<
– ^_^
– Kobi & Renge inside SCP-3008 in a more sparse location. 

I honestly wish I was far more familiar of SCP universe far sooner being far more aware of the worlds I’ve visited before. They were far more interactive than I assumed they were to be wishing I could have seen proper entities trigger when they needed to. Visiting them now they’re either scuffed or >Redacted<. REEE!~

One world was scuffed (SCP-093), SCP-087 was removed (one of my favourite ones), and others were just a shell of their former self. It was depressing we could no longer properly play with SCP in ways I had back in 2017 & 2018. 

Only one remotely interesting being roleplay worlds & SCP-3008. 

– SCP-087 – Seeing things which aren’t; Scuffed. Hunt joined us briefly while Kobi & I explored this world to see if ANYTHING functioned. RIP SCP 087. Please update so I can revisit you!
– Kobi nerding out in a Halo world. Was shown a meme animation by a random person, explored this world. Told Kobi all I was familiar with was the enemy aircraft. 
– Only thing I remember from a Halo demo long LONG ago. I hated Halo. I hate following hype trains because people ruin everything because you struggled to see things as they are. I’m not allowed to say “Poi!” and I never felt attached to Halo. Each to their own. 
– I admit this world is awesome, has cool things. I can see mutliplayer set-ups here having played other FPS. I honestly wish more games were like Perfect Dark though with AI personlaity types. Perfect Dark needs to go on PC!
– Kobi sitting in the tank, me standing out front. This map is indeed awesome. You can even see a weird camera effect with Scathach’s silhouette to the right of image.
– Kobi nerded out here, amused to see him being happy with what he enjoys. I honestly love seeing people being honestly passionate about what they enjoy instead of following others like lemmings. If you honestly enjoy something do what Kobi did and just praise it naturally. Don’t be shy, don’t hide it. Express what you enjoy even if you’re shunned for it 🙂
– Pew Pew!!~ Lovely smell of gun powder and a gorgeous view to boot. No corpses on the ground making things far more enjoyable on this vicious battlefield.
– We ready 🙂
– “Take me closer! I’ll slash them!” (Bonus points to those who get that reference)
– O_o o_O
– Such a shame to see such a mighty beast fallen, decayed….. A shadow of its former self. 
– “What are you doing?! Defend the trenches! Enemies inbound!”
– At the ready! 
– Some cool shots for Kobi because he’s such a Cool Dude. The sun view, artillery flying overhead, and “someone” peaking over the trenches to be shot. (Avatar influenced by Nagzz21)
– Trench warefare assassination.
– Mobster Kobi & Scathach, The Queen of the Underworld

I honestly love the last three shots from our April sessions. They really look like some game cover image, or something along those lines. Wallpaper worthy. If I knew photoshot I would touch it up to also be used on Wallpaper Engine, and etc. I love those images because everything just feels “right” to me. April was a fun month still having my fair share of fun. Struggled to play, finding myself having in-game issues when playing on April 20th with the friend list issues, and such. I have no real complaints this month because it’s been genuinely fun with everything just being on my end with my own computer. I’m working my way around it thankful I have friends who are trying to help me around it by still making sure we all have fun. 

I’m still honestly thankful to have met cool people from VRchat interested in just casually hanging around, having fun, and just being chill. It is what keeps bringing me back to VRchat. 

– This made me smile seeing people wanted to headpat Renge in the VRchat official Discord. Something small like this makes me smile 🙂
– Hunt’s image showing him amused by my quick photoshoot taking moment.
–  (Hunt’s image) And annoyed because I was taking too long for comical effect 😛

Thanks for reading, for viewing, and hope you enjoyed the contents within. 🙂