Frustrated Hobby Wise | Being Corrupted & Tainted

– GhostBusters classic. The fun times before forced narratives.

As reluctant as I am about posting this, still felt the desire in posting this. Felt it needed to be discussed because of how wide-spread this is causing people to either knowingly or unknowingly side with the SJW-Fake Feminists in a very tribal and lemming manner. Hobbies and interests are being ruined by these causing everybody to be vocal about every little thing in the world by falsely attacking things one shouldn’t while ignoring more important things in the world. 

I’ve known people who left the Busou Shinki community because of similar people disrupting the hobby zone, how I was told to stop watermarking my images because it made the images look “horrible”, among other craziness. Crazy people do crazy things. Even being asked to “wank” on my own Dollfie Dream” in a requested meet-up, something I’m unsure how to formally react to. When people see someone being “successful”, or simply having fun they always feel the need to disrupt whatever they’re doing to feel better about themselves. This is what’s being done to Ghostbusters, Batwoman, Anime (Sword Art Online), among others. Even certain video games and outlets. 

I still feel this is a necessary topic to bring up because of how everything is being degraded by people pushing political agendas into things we enjoy. It’s depressing.  I may not be the best at my wording, but I’ll try my best. I do hope you can understand what I’m trying to bring across as I try my best to make it coherent. 

Note: When I say the following I mean it as:
1) Real Feminists: They are the quiet ones wanting to simply live and not be harassed in any way. These woman (and man) are only vocal when being assaulted and harassed, nothing more. They’re as human as we are. These woman are off the radar doing their own thing by working, living, and raising a family. 

2) Fake feminists: Hijacking the feminist movement for their own goals and agenda. They’re constantly vocal about things not really caring about them, constantly attacking corporations, being fired from them, and just causing a stir. They don’t care about anything but themselves.  

– Goblin Slayer being attacked by SJW & fake feminists.


Anime in general has been getting a lot of flack by the western side of things lashing out from the SJW & fake feminists groupings because of how open anime tends to be to various concepts. Anime tackles everything on the spectrum because of how vast and creative the artists and creators tend to be to try and pull a profit. This causes fragile people to easily attack anime because of how it tends to even touch highly sensitive topics to tell a story, thus causing fragile & sensitive folks to call an anime either A) boring, b) poltically aimed to ruin it. These folks tend to also be both inside and outside of Japan. Japanese authors tend to aim anime in various directions making anime themed to just about everything from slice-of-life, drama, musical, space, mecha, incest, yuri, love triangles,vampire life, Star Trek-esque space travel with Macross, and etc. Anything. Anime tends to cover various forms of thoughts being as carefree as any Saturday morning cartoon to being highly philosophical to the point it tends to confuse any average viewer. You can even see how confused people were with ‘Death Stranding’ trailer on May 30th, 2019. People view Japanese Anime as “weird” because of how vast it is. That tends to trigger the weaker minded folks making it an “easier target” (people love easy targets) causing them to just attack anything they see fit. 

Anime News Network is also guilty of trying to force people to hate anime, to falsely claim they’re friends to trans people, woman, and etc, while constantly ignoring Anime itself. Every anime episode review tended to be highly negative going against every anime. Nobody seems to enjoy Anime at Anime News Network. They want people to falsely accept their garbage, and it’s been called out constantly by numerous people. You could see this with Shield Hero, and again with Slime anime. Even before these two animes as well causing me to completely forget about that useless site. Anime News Network always rubbed me the wrong way with how plastic they were, and it shows. Various people dislike them always for not being true to anime. Look at what happened to Crunchyroll Awards back a few months (of this posting; 2019) with people calling it “rigged”, “fake” and everything. Was a heavy outrage. 

Goblin Slayer:

The image above features a guy in armour fighting Goblins. It focuses on him as he gradually partners up with a Priestess (who wets herself during a Goblin attack) among other helpful friends. It becomes heavy in tone, yet still genuinely fun to watch. The anime was written from a very gory and highly sensitive manga (something dated much further back than both Cross Ange and the anime version of Goblin Slayer) causing people to be vocal about the whole Goblin assault thing anime side of things. They ignored the manga, yet vocal about the anime side. The manga version of Goblin Slayer is so graphic the characters are brutally violated, tortured, and mistreated that it may pass as a very hardcore hentai type of media. The Goblins were written in such a way that they would be feared by everybody, by skilled adventurers, while also keeping a very belivable generic RPG lifestyle allowing these people to weirdly semi-co-exist with these Goblin threats. 

These Goblins would go around stealing woman, raiding villages, swarming everything like vile rats from when the plague hit ancient Europe back in the day. These goblins would harshly violate woman to reproduce, not caring about their well being in the slightest. They would rape these woman to reproduce, starving them, beating them, carving them up, and even use them as meat shields…. These Goblins didn’t care because humans were their food, sex toys, and prey. They were written to be feared again, and people hated that. They allowed man to be savagely cut up and eaten, yet woman were the crying point for the SJW & fake Feminists. These woman in the show would often return defeated, empty, depressed, and with heavy PTSD. 

Goblin Slayer manga & anime indirectly brought up a point that woman should be trained and armed to deal with the goblin threat, not left out in the open for them to be harassed. Should be mandatory for them to be armed with swords and knives, be armoured in some way. This may have slipped the author’s mind, though is noticable that if woman are being violated that they should be in (someway) protected. Either way, woman were shown to be just as capable as their male counterparts dealing the same amount of damage as their male adventurers. They knew the threat, the risks, still willing to slay their goblin threats. 

It may be provocative, though something I view as a non-issue. It does spawn things for discussion, something ‘Shadiversity’ discussed on Youtube in a very detailed manner. 

 Cross Ange: 

– Cross Ange featuring mechas vs dragons and magical elements. Sci-fi fictional mix. 

Cross Ange faced its fair share of backlash from people easily triggered by the ending of the first episode because it showed a very sensitive scene of a female being violated by her own troops. Raped or medically examined… Publically humiliated (royalty pride vanished) without being assaulted, hard to say now with the passing of time.

The show featured a form of racism where the main character, a princess (or royalty) was seen as “unpure” being forced onto an island to be mistreated there as a prisoner. Before doing so, harshly medically examined to where she was seen crying on the ground. Her royal pride shattered. You would see people mindlessly trashing on these people throughout the show like brainwashed sheep. As the show progressed things loosened up allowing for more craziness to occur, in a more comical manner, for more of an entertainment value and less of a political statement, if at all. 

People were so wound up by this (myself included) where we hated the show. As the show progressed it became clear it was to simply stir a reaction (stir the pot) allowing the show to be noticed by a wider audience.  That stir, as crazy as it was, allowed the show to be watched by a wider audience causing them to thanks to the “outrage” or “buzz” it caused. It was a very goofy show with interesting characters, concepts, and entertainment. 

Woman were still shown to be able to take care of themselves, pave their own roads, make their own decisions while impacting the world in various ways. There was no “Man bad, woman good” narratives making this highly enjoyable. Both sides needed one another. Maybe by the villain named ‘Embro’, that’s about it. 

The villain was however a very idiotic type of villain simply wanting woman to be at the helm of the world in a very broken manner. Corrupted, broken, and twisted in a very weird backwards harem type of way. 

– Neptunia – Anime/Game/Manga/VN

Hyperdimensional Neptunia:

Neptunia is an anime and game series featuring game consoles in a form of girls in an economical war amongs themselves. Each one is themed to a game console (PS3, Xbox, Gamecube & etc) at war for ‘shares’ while eventually finding peace amongst themselves. The games have them fighting one another while the anime has them in a more lighthearted adventure, something that we should view as fine because everybody needs their fun and entertainment. 

Neptunia faced its fair share of crusades against it a very weird backlash by SJW & Fake feminists because of how “sexualized” they were made to be, something that didn’t sit will with the crazy minded folks. They viewed it as woman being exploited because you could see their bust, their sexualized body, and etc. In some way it makes sense, while on another it’s laughable because even woman love to feel pleasure from day-to-day stress. Woman were the ones who drew these characters because they wanted to be seen in these outfits. They wanted to relate with a certain female character, thus drawing these. Woman aren’t as ‘virgin-pure’ as people may assume them to be, or so these SJW & fake-feminists seem to believe. Though, Neptunia isn’t porn related either, thus fitting that fine middle ground making it ripe for easy attacks by people. Though, Sony has been guilty of over-censoring their games on the PS4 to the point Neptunia has faced at least one backlash in of the censoring sort. 

From my fair share of playing the game and anime these female characters hold their own, have their own fun, and rule their woman-dominated world quite nicely. There may be man, yet haven’t really seen any, or aware. 

– Sword Art Online bent the knee to SJW & fake feminists

Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online is probably not the best example, yet is still one regardless. It’s constantly under flack for doing what it’s doing by making the first season’s arc rushed and disjointed, for making the second arc show Asuna as “damsel in distress”, and to just be a “joke” show. Regardless of what people said I still went with it enjoying what it had to offer, even the movie, because it showed numerous “what ifs”. The movie showed off both VR & AR in a Pokemon GO fashion (now Minecraft Earth) showing what is possible in the future. Alicization even continued to show how powerful woman are, even to the point that it’s already a woman-dominated anime series. Kirito was over-powered to a fault, you have a show with lots of powerful female characters, yet the show is still constantly being mocked openly. 

The creator of Sword Art Online however made a big “boo boo” (mistake) by bending the knee to the SJW & fake feminists by saying there’ll be even more female characters, even though the series is ripe with powerful female characters. You have all sorts of them.

SJW side simply wanted to see the creator to bend the knee without really watching it. They just want to watch the world burn, and they’ll admit it. They’ve done so elsewhere saying how they admire watching things burn.

SAO is genuinely awesome, such a shame to see it being influenced by SJW. Play-asia was able to fend them off, yet the creator of SAO was unable to. Too heavily influenced by “political Correctness” to a fault. Probably why people are put off with the show, even though it has genuinely interesting concepts paralleling those of VR & VRchat, among other VR & AR realities. 

– Ghostbusters – The Good vs The Bad

Ghostbusters 2016:

This movie irritates me the most because of how fake and “woke” it is while ignoring the lore it is based on. The only good parts of Ghostbusters 2016 was the trailer music, the mannequin chasing scene, and the Uncle Sam ghosts near the end of the movie. That’s roughly about it. I ranted and vented so much about this movie to the point people had to block me, and how one person couldn’t understand what I was saying, or pretended to say such to distance themselves from me. Barriers being put up into place.

The cast is using low grade humour, being fake funny, constantly attacking its audience members while just being cringy all around. Pussy fart jokes, attacking the audience both on and off the screen, pushing fake feminist narratives (not even real ones), treating the Ghostbuster license like some tourist attraction ride showing no respect, and even treating various man like trash. Earlier in the movie (before the whole ghost puking part) one cast member even openly bullied the Museum’s staff by harassing him with the keys when it was on the ground. 

Everything was fake about the movie, even the way Leslie Johns kept forcing stupid things. For being a comedian she’s fake funny a lot. Jillian Holtzmann (played by Kate McKinnon) was just too plastic and fake. Not even in a comedic way, just….Horrible. The scripting made them appear daft, dense, out of tune with reality and just very bad at jokes. 

Woman also claimed they couldn’t cosplay as a female Ghostbuster, as if there was some worldwide ban, or something. Girls and woman somehow weren’t allowed to cosplay as girls until this movie appeared on screen. What?! If a female Star Wars fan could dress up in an orange Rebel Pilot suit for an X-Wing by watching the movie in cinemas 20+ times, then so can you. This was also back in 1977! True passion wins here! 

When Ghostbusters 3 was announced the cast of Ghostbusters 2016 called them “sexists” while stirring up everything they could possibly imagine. Constantly being vile every chance they could get blaming everything on “man”. 

The movie isn’t even a 50% to me… More like 20-30% of 100%. They couldn’t even hold their own in terms of quality and everything else. They were busy constantly attacking people on Twitter & news sites, constantly creating bad blood while also encouraging their brainless fans to hate man by calling them “virgins” and etc in the most vile of meanings. You watch a movie to have fun, not to be insulted.

(Edit: December 2019)
The Ghostbuster 2016 cast constantly attacking the Ghostbusters 3 movie because it has kids in it, and allegedly no ‘female’ character, even though it has one. I find it sad how there is always this needless war going on when one should instead focus on the lore. View ‘Rogue One’ & ‘The Mandalorian’ for good examples on how well received those are compared to anything considered ‘woke’ by the vast audiences.

Star Wars Rogue One – Best Star Wars film. I LOVE this movie <3

Star Wars: Rogue One:

Star Wars: Rogue One has to be one of the best Star Wars movie out there. So much care and attention was placed into it making it the best Star Wars media out there. It will of course attract negative attention because of stupid people hating everything woman, friendly fire against SJW & fake feminists, yet this is a movie which is true  to the lore. It adds onto it, bridges between ‘Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars Rebels’, and even ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. This movie is where it’s at with how it focuses on the story and the pain of war without side-tracking itself. If you want to talk about feminism power, and etc, this is where it’s at. Why? Jyn Erso does what needs to be done while growing up from a child to a more mature state of mind. She’s constantly guided and assisted by like-minded individuals allowing them to achieve their goal, with great sacrifice. 

She doesn’t preach the whole “Woman power”, she does what needs to be done. She also sees the Rebels fearing to attack ‘Scariff’, thus she does it herself. They re-steal an Imperial Shuttle (un-authorized access and of a shuttle to be scrapped) , give off a call sign named ‘Rogue One’, and head off to Scariff to do what needs to be done while others are fearful of the Imperial presence. Erso and her team head off to steal the Death Star plans because it’s their mission while others were afraid to do so. Many hear of their exploits, gain courage, and attack Scariff in assistance because of their persistence. 

Not ONCE was this about “woman power“, “I’m a woman“, or anything of that sort. It even pays respect to Star Wars Rebels by adding in the ‘Ghost’. 

With the whole thing about the ‘New Trilogy’ and ‘Rey’, Star Wars Rogue One is both a breath of fresh air, and a safe haven. Everybody dislikes Rey, people hate the ‘New Trilogy’ while you also have fake-feminists trying to push their narratives in Star Wars. It’s hard to enjoy Star Wars without bumping into these idiots on both sides. People forcing woman power on one side and people hating woman on another side….. Jyn Erso, you’re amazing. 

Woman have been known to be strong and powerful in Star Wars. The Force also works in mysterious ways to the point Rey could also instinctively tap into the Force to assist with her survival instincts. When you’re trying to survive you’ll tap into everything you’ve got, thus why Anakin may have also been as powerful as he may have been, while Luke was more pampered and carefree. It was until later Luke was more of a composed and genuine Jedi. 

1977 Female Rebel Pilot Cosplay

(Edit: December 2019)

Disney & J.J Abrams busy trying to discredit & gas-light any criticisms towards the ‘The Rise of Skyrwalker’ movie by calling legit fans “trolls”, or even ‘Russian bots’. Too much gaslighting, lack of respect, and care that they had to go on the offensive to defend themselves so consumers would mindlessly consume garbage. Look at ‘Rogue One’ & ‘The Mandalorian’ for how well it respects the lore and how people enjoy them.

Respect the lore and it’ll respect you right back. 

– Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Voyager:

The time when being a female captain was still a foreign concept Voyager was doing something fresh and new making it highly appealing. Voyager add in Captain Janeway, a female captain, to the mix making the show quite interesting. A female Klingon, and eventually a female Borg into the mix. I didn’t watch this for the females, I watched this for the good writing, the entertainment value, the dreams I had of the ship, and the expeditions they’ve went on beaming down to planets, and such. Voyager added in a female starship captain without going “I’M A WOMAN”, they added her in while allowing her to do her own thing.  I miss dreaming about Star Trek and Star Trek Discovery. Those were fun dreams of Voyager just cruising through space.

Star Trek Discovery claimed they were the ones who added in females first, that’s dead wrong. I heard that, found it stupid, yet still loved the show. Discovery was however trying to be “too hip” and “woke” that it didn’t quite interest me. It was fun, just nothing that would last.

Look, I don’t mind if the characters are male or female, as long as they have weight and do what needs to be done (look at anime & Star Wars Rogue One) you can see it being genuinely fun to watch.

The only Star Trek cast probably being a gimmick may have been Deanna Troi. She was written to be a “fanservice” character, admits as being such, was hated for being written as a “fanservice” character, while not using her ability to the fullest in Star Trek: The Next Generation. That’s the closest to ‘Fake feminism’ for Star Trek, and even Star Trek Discovery, even if I did 70% enjoy it.  

To note: I have yet to continue Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery to see how it continues on and flows. 

– Batwoman (2019)

Batwoman 2019:

This is just cringe to the max. The show “may” be “good”, though that’s highly debatable. The trailer was the worst part of this just showing how SJW & fake-feminists are pushing their naratives in the media space forcing things to be cringy, fake, plastic, and frustrating. This has nothing to do with me being a “virgin guy”, or anything. I’m not “misogynistic”, or anything like that. The trailer was trash, Ghostbusters 2016 was trash, and the Batwoman was written to be a condescending, arrogant, narcissistic jackass. It’s a teen story gone wrong. Again, the show may “correct” this as time goes on, it’s however as plastic as it can be. 

I’m A WOMAN!” 

Yeah, so? Do I have to commit seppuku now? Do woman have to go back to the kitchen to make a sandwich? I hope not. I’ve watched Youtube videos of woman trashing this show to bits so that should tell you how moronic this video is. Woman shouldn’t need a patriotic call-out of their own gender. They’re fine as they are, they’ll raise their own flag, and they’ll do what needs to be done. They’re strong, they’re independent, and they’re genuinely scary when they activate their motherly personalities. Spewing politic narratives isn’t the way to go, pulling your own weight is. You want woman to be stupid enough so they can be both raped without question and to accept whatever trash they’re fed to them without filtering it. I don’t agree with woman being forced to be raped, nor being forced into accepting garbage either. Same with myself, as a guy, being called “misogynist” when disliking trash that is Ghostbusters 2016, and any other fake garbage.

This has been said, it still however has to be noted to SINK IN so we don’t have a third repetition of fake narratives. 

I’m not about to let a man take a credit for a woman’s work” 

So, you walk into Batman’s cave, steal his tech and property, then take it as your own. If you don’t like it then make your own thing. I mean, if you want woman to have low standards by eating from a dumpster then you do you, just don’t force other woman to be trashy as you.  You have to make your own identity, earn your own respect, and find your own place in the world for people to accept you. Sure, it’s fine taking a few inspirations here and there, just don’t go plagiarizing other people’s work. 

I grew up on Spiderman and Batman in the 1990’s, I watched the 1980’s Spiderman. I watched numberous shows, some I can’t even note because they appeared at random on TV on Fox Kids, YTV, and Teletoon, among others. I genuinely fear Cat Woman from ‘Batman Returns’ 1990’s movie because she is unpredictable. She does take advantage of Bruce’s good side of attacking woman, using it against him forcing him off the side of a building.

This TV series however appears to be fake woman teen TV trash though. Watch it with your drunk highschoolers & college friends while you smoke drugs and bang one another, or something along those lines. Whatever you guys do isn’t my business, I’m just making an example. 

It’s a shame I’m going to constantly be called these SJW & fake-Feminist buzz words to suppress me and others. They want to make an impact in this world, they’re making it, and they’re hating how we won’t accept their trash by pushing back. If you want to eat from a dumpster then be my guest, just don’t force us to eat trash as well. Don’t force your fellow woman to do the same. Have some dignity, allow woman to have theirs, and think things straight. 

If you believe this is “against woman and Minorities” then you’re brainwashed. You’re lying to yourself and need a therapist. 

If you’re trans, a lesbian, or whatever then that’s fine. Just don’t ruin good series, shows, and games to push your narratives. Find a new avenue to do it. When we watch Batwoman we want to see Batwoman, not some political narrative forced down our throat. When we watch a history documentary about Rome we want to focus on Rome, not how Turkey was burned down, & etc. Examples. There are better ways of showing woman power (view Star Wars Rogue One & Star Trek Voyager). 

“Absolute power Corrupts Absolutely.”

– Trans Flag in Smash Brothers.

Trans Flags in Super Smash Brothers (Forced Politics souring gaming):

People are honestly going to hate me for this, and well….. We live in sensitive times where people aren’t allowed to live for simply being different. Been there, done that, been bullied. Nintendo banned Trans flags because it was becoming far too political, and they’re correct. Does it have a function in the game? No, then good. People were also spamming it causing people’s gaming experience to sour. People were making strawman type responses in news articles relating to this by posting paragraphs, upon paragraphs saying why Nintendo was wrong without getting to the point they wanted to make. Just be honest with yourself without resorting to tribal and lemming behaviours. If you’re trans then LIVE. 

There are people in the VRchat community who are trans and they’re living. Not ONCE have I seen them post “trans live matters” on any social media format. They focused more about themselves, their own enjoyment, and etc. They simply focused on their lives without worrying about needless things. Well, most of the time. VRchat is still quite needlessly dramatic……

Super Smash Bros is about fighting and making your own map, so make it fun and enjoyable. You’re just making yourselves more into a villain by telling people you’re far more obnoxious than you really are. If you start telling people they can’t have fun they’re going to hate you for it, and that’s what they’re also saying. If you guilt people they’ll hate you for it.

I don’t care if you’re trans or gay, just live. Be happy with yourself, be honest with yourself. Do what you must without tainting things. Find other avenues to have people accept you by hosting meetings, gatherings, host events and parties at a beach, or something. Allow people to get you to know better instead of making things needlessly more political than needed. 

Lastly, if your map was banned then it also had no function in the Super Mario map. Can you interact with the flag? Does it have any features? Can you make mazes out of it? No? Then yeah, it served no function. 

Just be honest with yourself and people shall be honest with you. Not even games are safe. Look at Ubisoft & Ghost Recon with how SJWs want Ubisoft to be on one side or the other so they can choose a side with them. They want Ubisoft to lead people like lemmings off a cliff. 

Pied Piper is how I view today’s drama. Everybody wants to stir up trouble while having some “impact” and “influence”. People get drugged up by the feeling of having some influence against attacking various people, companies, and corporation. It’s like a gaming high.
– Relating to Ghost Recon, Ubisoft & Etc. One side doesn’t equate to the other, this is just a SJW thing to threaten people. They can’t even do math, nor translate language properly. Woman & minorities need to have weight in the media they’re in, not treated as “tokens”. 
– Twitter image mentioning wise words. We should honestly be honest with ourselves while praising people who are genuinely happy with their own hobby. We should encourage people who love their hobbies and interests to keep loving it, and more. I’ve seen my fellow Busou Shinki friends drop out of their hobbies for various reasons. 

I honestly felt the need to cover this because I feel my hobbies are being harshly threatened both directly and indirectly. Only certain people are allowed to have fun in these hobbies and I’m genuinely being highly frustrated. Only the “Woke” can enjoy certain aspects while the others are shunned.  Only certain people are allowed to have fun in Busou Shinki, Frame Arms Girl, Dollfie Dream, VRchat, and anything…. Certain people are shunned, others are praised…. It’s a weird and frustrating experience. There’s obvious biases in places stunting people’s creativity. If people enjoy something they should genuinely be encouraged, something I’ve also been trying to do. I may have done it poorly, but at least I’ve tried to encourage people….

Again, people telling me I shouldn’t watermark my Busou Shinki images, I shouldn’t be interested in the Titanic, certain hobbies, try to respect Canadians in a WW2 setting (games & anime; KanColle & Victory Belles game) and etc. I’ve of course shrugged them off just sharing things openly while calling idiots out. I’m still frustrated, yet still openly enjoy what I enjoy. If you hate what I enjoy, it sucks to be you. Just don’t ruin my anime, my games, and my hobbies with your narcissistic ego madness. 

Grace O’Malley 

On the topic of Woman, and fearing them…… I genuinely respect Grace O’Malley after finding out she forged her own path to be a pirate queen. She was highly persistent & forceful about wanting to be on a ship and captain it. Her desires became realized allowing her to be recorded in history as a well known woman figure after having been taught how to command one to the point we now have records of her doing what she felt needed to be done. She didn’t steal anybody’s gear, she did her own thing. She forced it to happen. 

Similarly, vibe wise & regional, we have Scathach from mythology being just as brutal as O’Malley, if not more so. She defeated numerous undead, ghosts, monsters, and etc between the realm of the living and the dead. It’s quite an interesting mythology/folklore to note that it empowers woman, something SJW & Fake-Feminists won’t acknowledge. They would much rather watch the world burn. She fought BEASTS! Slayed them, became immortal. 

You also have the Russian WW2 ‘Night Witches’ having terrerized the Germans. They knew the risks, yet sacrificed themselves to fight an enemy any way they desired. Their slow planes allowed them to avoid any higher speed German planes because of faster speeds & wider turn radius. Fun reading up on them, and even Russian woman snipers. Great reads.

You then have Chinese woman pirates from ancient times, even Jeanne D’arc forging her own path without being whiny about it. Why do we remember Jeanne D’arc? Why can I search up Grace O’Malley? How do I know about the Chinese pirate? They took up the blade and fought! They pulled their weight doing what needed to be done. Also, there’s honestly numerous female in anime who are special and awesome. Numerous! So, why do I hate Batwoman 2019 & Ghostbusters? Because they’re fake and plastic. No purpose. 

Our hobbies are being corrupted to the point you can’t enjoy superheros, comics, anime, or anything.

Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

I genuinely do apologize if my ramblings kept jumping from one side to the next.  Tried my best to keep it coherent, on point, while focusing on the major points. I’m still going to enjoy what I enjoy (if I’m allowed; If people won’t get violent) while sticking to my path. It’s a shame we live in such a picky world.  This was just too heavy to keep within needing to be forced out.

This honestly isn’t about me, though I’ve already suffered a severe depression back in 2017 because of these issues, work stress, friends betraying you, among other things. It’s all just a big pile of nonsense.

Please be honest with yourselves. From this point on I’ll be going back to my hobby article postings. 

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in future VRchat blog postings! I won’t blame you if you didn’t read this