[VRchat] May Calm & Exploration

– V! Simple chill and fun 🙂

The month of May was a neat one, if a highly chill and somewhat in-active one. Still tried to have fun (where able) to explore worlds, to hang with friends, and to make due of my headset issue with the left ear piece having been snapped. It still barely functions, just a major issue when trying to hear in stereo. I can only hear from my right ear mainly while having to nudge the left ear piece in a specific manner to hear from both ears. 

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May 1st, 2019

– Jiiiiiiiiii~
– Simple fireworks, simple world, still made the most of it. 
– V-Renge Shark & the V’ing Hunt. V!

My friend Hunt wondered if we could explore past the invisible walls…. Yup! We slid down the mountain, we ventured as far as we could until we reached the very bottom. We explored every inch we managed to (in one direction) finding all the fun was at the top. 

– Being the curious crazy people we are, we wandered out of bounds to find ourselves at the bottom of the valley. Ominously beautiful scenery heh.
– Either Hunt grew taller, or we found a very tiny Japanese castle heh. 
– ‘Attack on Titan’ world eh? Neat! At least needed one image to pay our respects 🙂
– Gorgeous! Was led to this world by Hunt because our friend ‘Blue’ showed him around here. Lovely avatars, lovely Honkai Impact 3 avatars, among numerous others. I can now see where the Nagzz21 hangout people found their avatars, one which goes “BOOM!” across the whole map 🙂 It’s in a previous article of mine.
– Humu!~ This is indeed an overly gorgeous world. Would recommend you coming here, if you see something like this image in the world menu screen.
– Kira!~ 
– Cute little sisters heh.
– 😉
– Kira!~ 😉

May 02, 2019

– Starting off with some PSO Classic found in VRchat. Awesome stuff! Wish this was its own genuine VR game. 
– Renge Strong! Renge smash! XD
– Renge found a crashed craft 😮
– Glowy, glowy~. Look! There be something glowy at top right!
– V!~ (Kira kira; Sparkly)
– Monster? Monster? Monster? V V!
– EEeeeEEeEEee?! 
– Nuremberg Ring in VRchat 😮 Actual legit track in VRchat with actual functioning cars. I took a BMW…. Fancy~
– Mmmmm~
– Some for you as well. Stay awesome! 🙂
– Floofy foxy avatar deserves some gorgeous time at LoliSquad Fields.
– Foxy floofy “heh”. Kon!~
– Gorgeous world deserves more screen time. I highly approve of Lolisquad Fields.
– Humu!~

May 03, 2019 – Nagzz21 Hangout:

Was happy to finally hang out in another one of Nagzz21’s hangout. Another nice chill hangout to be at seeing what the latest VRchat memes and fads are; What new avatars people have found. The highlight of this hangout was Wolfmarine changing into a blue default robotic avatar just dropping and making noises. I also turned into it wishing I could save it. Couldn’t. However saw enough to make it worth it of everybody having fun, of Rexxy chopping people down, and lots of shooty-shooty.

My only complaint is I lagged too much forcing me to go exploring other worlds. Everybody was walking slowly in inches. People wouldn’t animate while walking as if teleport moving. It’s a common issue. It’s because of these lag issues I can’t talk to Nagzz21, nor Zentraya, among other cool folks. Even so, thanks for the fun. I have more memorable images to have fun looking at. V! 🙂

– Thunk!~
– Thunk! Thunk!
– Thunk!~ (Rexxy cutting people down)
– Thunk! Chop! Thunk!
– Thunk! WEW! WEW!~ *Enderman noises* – THUNK!~

– Chilled in this map for quite a while taking it all in. Took in the plane flying past, the fires, the floating islands,……. It’s something I’d love to explore in an open world VR game. It’s a lovely chill world.
– All them smokey fires, the surreal lighting. It’s a lovely world.
– I highly approve of this world 🙂
– Spooky noises, abandoned settlements…… Yeah, but no. Renge does not approve of spookiness (lore-wise), thus her blade in hand.
– Found a lovely (NPC) friend just chillin’ in an awesome chill world. Nicely set-up, nicely displayed. A nice festival showing off people’s various worlds from various event stalls. Can even take avatars (with watermarkings). 
– I dig this fountain. I love this fountain for how shiny and pretty it is <3
– Pretty water is pretty! Renge like! Would love to take figure photography here (my past hobby) 🙂
– Onto adventure we go! Let’s slay us some perverted Goblins! XD
– Spent a long time here loving what is displayed here. Onto the east market! 
– Hmm? Scathach?
– West end – You can find a lovely trumpet, one which speaks to my past. Used to be able to play a trumpet. Not well, just something from my past.
– Lurky Scathach~
– Trippy, surreal, yet beautiful. Reminds me of the anime ‘Summer Wars’, or something similar to that.  The portal from previous world brought me here.
– Nyaa? 

I was feeling a bit down from not hanging out in Nagzz21’s hangout that night so I felt a bit reclusive. I was surprised to see my friends hop in on this world so I kept hiding. I chuckled when I heard various variations of – “I see Arcticu on the map, I can’t find him. Where could he be?” – while observing them being both near and far from my position. Eventually, they found me. 

They were persistent enough they eventually found me. 

– Cowbouy, Delta, and bouy’s SO all came in through the front door. They made themselves at home XD
– Checking out my borrowed avatar’s expression now that I’m no longer hiding. Had to hide my camera lens not to give myself away with it being fine now.
– Cowbouy and his precious SO.
– RAWR!~
– Spooky!~ Had a lurker behind us spooking us (not shown in image). Was genuinely freaky. 
– Delta checking various avatars within the TV set. 
– Cowbouy presenting more of his “exotic” avatars. Quite awesome, exotic, and highly surreal. They’re fun to look at. “Trippy awesome” XD
– Cool effects in the world once we figured out the fun easteregg/function.
– Preettttty~
– Humu~. Quite beautiful! 

May 30, 2019

– Beautiful. Hanging around with Delta.
– Delta’s cute pose. Nyaa!~ 
– Happily checking out a lovely Minecraft world in VRchat. (Optifine)
– Lit stuff 😛
– Whatever you do, don’t pull those switches.
– V!
– It’s easy to mock Minecraft; It can be a fun chill game to admire.
– Blub~ Blub!~ (Fisheye effect)
– I’ve got ‘You’re favourite beer‘ here, if you’re thirsty. Come join in and let’s chill 🙂
– Which one should Renge get? They all look awesome. Decisions, decisions. Hmm……

VRchat is always fun to play with both and without friends to hang with. Obviously it’s better with friends, just it’s neat either way always making me happy that VRchat always exists because of the cool worlds to explore. There’s always fun moments to be had, if you know (or are lucky) to stumble across them. Things are of calming down a bit for various reasons, yet loving what we still have because everything is still gorgeous. 

I keep thinking back to how much VRchat has changed everything, changed me, while allowing me to meet cool friends to hang out with. It may have taken awhile, still highly thankful for what Nagzz21 has done, the friends I have befriended, avatar model supplied to me in a “one time only” happening, among other cool happenings. I’m thankful to everybody wishing we can keep these cool moments going for as long as possible. So many fun times, so many fun memories, lots of memories…. TONS of memories. So much I struggle to look through it all. For those following me, I thank you kindly.

Sorry about my moody attitudes, those are just me frustrated with my technical difficulties. Also natural fatigue, yet still grateful to those still deciding to stick with me through thick & thin to experience VRchat together through the months & years. Cool people in cool places. Thanks for befriending, thanks for being awesome.  Thanks for the fun 🙂

I’ve also been looking into purchasing the Oculus Quest (was an inch away from doing so) because of how hot summers can be preventing me from being on my PC. Gets too hot and humid; Not healthy for computer. My downtime on Twitch streams and everything else is related to that. Even so, I thank you guys for supporting me in all my hobbies I’m interested in (Busou Shinki, Frame Arms Girl, VRchat, Rising World, & etc).


Friend Images (Hunt & Cowbouy’s Images):

Some cool perspectives from my friend’s side of things. It’s fun seeing things from their POV because they catch things from what I miss.

– Tall Hunt; Tiny Renge.
– Great things come in pairs? 
– Renge owns this house. Do not interrupt Renge’s precious moment! XD
– YAMERO!~ This is Renge’s Fox Den! Out! 

Once again, I thank you guys for reading my VRchat articles hoping you enjoyed the images. I had so many fun times, so many memories, and lots of fun that I wish we can keep having this sort of fun when playing VRchat. The VRchat community itself trying to self-harm itself. For when you guys want to have fun just stare at any images you’ve taken and learn from those images. I love how things have changed from November 2017 till now. Lots of fun memories thanks to Nagzz21, my friends, and the community. 

Thanks for supporting me. 🙂