[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories – P4

A lovely point of view from the month of February 2019. It’s not “that” long ago from when this was posted, yet far enough to note it with a hefty number of images to share. This article is also image heavy with 100 images containing images I honestly wanted to share with you guys.

– Don’t mind us, we’re just taking pictures while VRchat loads. 🙂

This blog posting covers the month of January by also overlapping with a few blog postings with photoshoots (linked below) having been used in other blog postings. I’m aware I’ve been oversharing, but that’s the point! I love VRchat, I love how friendly and welcoming it is to the point I’ve made a home there. I love the adventures we went on, the Patreon hangouts, and such. It’s awesome. We befriended nice sorts of people, and continue to do so. When I look back at the images I can recall the happenings clearly, I can recall the emotions, and how much fun we’ve had.

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[Neko Nights Nagzz | Feels like Home] – [VRchat Tag]

We start off with a lovely Nier: Automata chill world, something which contains heavy amounts of memories & personal pull from various angles. One of my ex-coworkers I used to work with recommended the game to me, thus I bought it. I loved it, we had fun talking about it to highly love the soundtrack. I went hype when I first saw it in VRchat in desktop mode staying in that world just listening to the music when Klaus & Whitewolf roamed that world freely back in 2017. It later became its own world, and even later (more recently) told it had eastereggs I was eager to solve. I was shown one only to find out there’s more. I of course cheated, learning what each easteregg is by both Googling & Youtubing it. I may not have gotten them all, but I am all the wiser now. It’s an awesome world 🙂

What was also freaky was how Nagzz21 timed his first Nier: Automata stream with mine because people suggested it heavily to him to play it. That was trippy. I had a good run finally reaching A2’s route. I honestly still need to play the game, but damn…. What a rollercoaster of emotions and craziness in that game.

– ‘The Tower’ from the OST rings strongly here.
– Shall you join me in under covering the truth?
– Purposely taken afar in an attempt to capture the flying bright pedals. The effects are best seen in VR with how fluffy and bright they appear over desktop mode.
– We’re proud of unlocking a few unlockables while also V’ing
– I love how we’re a happy bunch. It keeps gradually growing as time goes on. A proud Nier: Automata fan here 🙂
– We still have yet to uncover the truth of this reference.
– Maiya, Blue, Kobi, and Hunt all examing the uniquely interactive object. We struggled to make sense of it.
– Proud V 🙂
– D’awww!~ Blue looks so adorable <3
– *Melts from cuteness overload* XD
– Goofing off with various markers & swords. Maiya also couldn’t talk because of her dental issue. Felt bad teasing Maiya so I held back.
– Everybody else jumped onto the rocket to ride it while I stayed behind highly triggered by my fear of heights. It triggers easily in VR. My fear of heights simply won’t allow me to go anywhere near the towering beast.
– An epic Macross-esque concert of the century. 🙂
– Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
– This musical performance was truly out of this world. Loved it how we went on a ride through our solar system. 
– Stick waving to an awesome experience in space! 🙂
– The performance was out of this world with the awesome light shows. 
– A lovely Macross-styled performance. Love these effects. Even Blue joining in on the fun.
– Kobi’s proud light sculpture. 🙂
– Hunt laying down the law.
– D’awwww!~ Blue’s alternate form appears highly adorable hiding in deep snow.
– Kon!~ Kon!~
– Kon!~ Kon!~ All that’s missing now is an adorable fox pounce.
– Peekaboo!~ 
– Lovely group photo focused on the lovely Blue. A nice semi-belated festive shot 🙂
– Lightly decorating a snowman before forced to hop off to head to sleep for work. REE!~  I remember this night almost clearly because I was rushed to go to sleep to wake up for a morning shift at work.
– Hmm?……… Is there someone in front of the Christmas tree?
– Oh? It’s a curious Delta. Quite ominous and creepy, almost like an ant in an ant hill container.
– Oh? A Skryim room with a mini-Ryan hiding up top?! Awesome.
– Bunny-earing the Little Tomato with Kobi V’Ving in his Nagzz21 themed avatar heh.
– What a stunning view I gained from when I world hopped from another world to this one. I even jokingly raced around it keeping an eye on myself on this track. Was amusing.
– Took a picture of this only because of Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Sim. Would have loved to drive this around in this VRchat world. 
– Looky what I found here! You can race around a snowy track with these lovely rally cars. Brings back memories of the various Gran Turismo games I’ve played on both PS2 & PS3.
– Came across a very interesting world with a lovely multi-purpose weaponry able to switch from swords, spear, want, hammer, and such. Would love me one of these. The vibe also reminds me of the ‘Arns Nova: Arpeggio of Bluesteel’ with the style. 
– Spear! I love how fitting it is in concept matching the whole Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girl vibes. Even Scathach, a spear user.
– This ship reminded me of the Devastator from Star Wars Galaxies. Heavy Star Wars vibe while appearing to be something else. Also hung out with Blue exploring this lovely ship, among other lovely worlds we both explored.
– This map honestly caught me way off guard with how massive it is. It’s a naval base for some group with a nice amount of WW2 vessels, AA battery (above Renge’s head)….. It’s insane. My VRchat friend Blue also joined me on the journey… With how massive the world was we lost sight of one another to find both ourselves going to different worlds. It’s hard to rally ourselves back up once divided. 
– Pew pew!~ AA gun from a U-Boat. He also seems sad his bell doesn’t work. Can’t teleport? 
– Stuck around this submarine because it reminded me of my time playing Silent Hunter 3. I still love that game wanting to play more. I want to stream Silent Hunter 3.
– Even though it’s static, and somewhat simplistic, I love how detailed it is for VRchat. Love how “scenic” it is for shots like these, and more.
– I’m honestly waiting for a good mecha VR game to show up. Until then, just admiring the beauty of seeing mechas in VR while making use of them with the VRchat camera. Unleash the beast!
– War Robots VR Demo was awesome. I’m craving for an actual mecha VR game 🙂
– My buddy, Hunt is quite skilled with the piano heh.
– Taking a jab at the piano playing. 

The following part is something I’ve been wanting to share for the longest time, yet had to go through my backlog to even get to it. I’m quite happy about these shots wanting to show them ASAP. I just love the moon with the moonlight hitting various parts of the map. Other images I share also needed to be shown in equal priority, yet wanted to show the following because of how unique it was for myself and my buddies. The “darker” vibe with the moon, the moonlight. I love the contrast and effect 🙂

These images then led to that one image you seen as the header image with the loading screen where I used it to try and troll people. It mostly worked out pranking wise 🙂

– Just chillin on a bridge next to a fancy gazebo. 
– Lovely moonlit bridge shot. A nice close-up on us. 
– *Lurks*
– Lovely moonlight night. 
– V!~
– Ominous aura present
– Just playing around with a teasing avatar with a coloured glass panel able to be placed in front of the camera. Love how we’re spoiled by these camera features in VRchat, something other games struggle to have. V-Racer Hoverbike seems to be the only game in tune with these VR photoshoots.
– Teaseful playing Test #2 with Hunt unaware of where the camera is. Still a good image with how “shy” Hunt appears.
– A lovely group photo trying to show off Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girl growth in VRchat. Kobi is in there probably in representation thanking Nagzz21 once again for his influence
– A left over fun memory from the VRchat New Years 2019! This big thing walked around Times Square when we were in the public world heh. This avatar is MASSIVE!~ XD
– KOBI!~ Delta looking at a whimsical Kobi having fun in his free way riding a flying Abysal unite from KanColle. People are probably aware of the Hoppu; Aviation Battleship
– Quite whimsical indeed. I love this image for how free-spirited Kobi is heh.
– Going back to the world where it all began. The fun memories. 
– We had so many fun times from October 21st, 2018 till now. (January 18, 2019 was when this image was taken)
– Testing out a public avatar as a cute white neko while recalling the fun times, among other fun memories & stories. 
– Admiring the beauty which is VRchat. Loving the snowy bubble this world is in with the outside part being untouched by snow. 
– Ooo!~ Eggs! Shall we snack on them? (Forgotten image a January blog posting).
– Blue both admiring the world while also running  around a lot. Love Blue’s curiousity, how she’s able to find secrets, and such. Love being around Blue always looking at VRchat’s small things, something others sometimes overlook.
– Engarde!~ Renge using her pointy tail in defense for any zombie threats within this world. She’s able to hold her own in hostile situations.
– A lovely winter wonderland best experienced in VR with a larger field of view. Love how the auroras move around, how shooting stars shoot. Funny thing is, my buddy Hunt also took an image from the same place.
– Kobi relaxing on the top luggage rack on an interesting tram ride through various places around the world. 
– Don’t mind me, just hanging around. 
– Hunt admiring the foreign European scenery while trying to figure out where exactly we’re traveling to and from. Good idea wishing it was done properly stretching across the whole front.
– Bloopers image with myself V-ing when I shouldn’t have on a lovely moonlit night on top of a traditional Japanese building 🙂
– Came back to this Nier-Automata-esque world with my Renge to take this lovely sword shot. 
– Scathach holding a sword sure is an “interesting” sight, even though she’s primarily a Lancer class Servant from Fate/Grand Order game.
– Scathach as a Saber class Servant? Lovely. I would dig Scathach as a Saber class Servant, such as that one fan game ‘Fate/Empire of Dirt’.
– Admiring the beautiful snowfall, something you see as orbs. 
– This time as Renge admiring the gorgeous snowfall.
–  Gorgeous snowfall 🙂
– This was a fun and flashy world…. A shame it crashed my VRchat.
– Renge in her natural habitat with her robotic personality themed to a 9 tailed fox spirit (Kitsune). 
– Going through the many gates similar to how many worlds there are in VRchat. Each gate most likely representing the world in VRchat.
– An extra image I did not share with this lovely avatar able to teleport around the map.
– An attempt at a moody image with Scathach’s moody desire to die in her immortal life. 
– Though, I wish we could teach Scathach the joys of life once again. She’s always gloomy wanting to die because of how immortal she is, thus the “moody” image.

While on the topic of Scathach,…. I still admire my Scathach avatar even if she’s a dated avatar. Even if she’s masked, I do enjoy my Scathach’s masked personality. I even had Renge added on top of Scathach’s head to celebrate one of Renge’s anniversary for releasing on October 25th, 2010. I can’t share the avatar because the author doesn’t want to be nudged, though still on the look out for any other public Scathach avatars just to be aware of my surroundings. If I do see another Scathach avatar similar to the one I use I simply have to continue making mine further unique. 

Been thinking of pulling the avatar from the upcoming ‘Fate/Extella Link’ game with the various DLCs, and such while also making it my “own” in certain styles.

– As nice as this avatar is, I hate how the person ruined this public world Scathach with a lewd emotions….. It also lacks the Gae Bolg, nor does she Renge on her head. It doesn’t speak “me” 🙂
– Exploring some other roomy worlds trying to make use of the Youtube feature. Came across this world with a bouncy bed with anime posters posted on the wall. Delta with me there.
– Oh? Who do we have here? We have an Einz roaming around showing off an avatar similar to the character on the monitor in this homely world. 
– Exploring a lovely sci-fi-ish world with lovely particle effects. Would love to go back to this world, even recommending it. Forgot the name.
– Renge appears to have outgrown her shrine in VRchat. 
– If Renge could roam about VRchat on her own, this is what I would expect her to do by reaching for various things, examining things…. Being her curious foxy self.
– Hmm….. What is Renge seeking? What book does Renge want to read? Hmm….
– Licky, licky. The girl in white avatar was smooch-licking people in randomness making me laugh. I was amused with how random it was. 
– Smoochie-smooch!~ I believe both were Korean with the girl able to speak Japanese. The girl in white chasing around the guy in white Squirrel avatar. Even freaking out the person in Unity avatar.
– “Please! Don’t come near me! No! Nooooo!~”  XD
– Love this shot giving it a slight filter in photoshot. Wanted to have Prinz Eugen’s face shown. Simple, yet awesome image. This image led to me experimenting with VRchat’s image filters of placing one image ot the next, something I’ve posted [IN this blog posting].
– Hunt floating on some floating pillows. Surfboarding! Loved this world, the choices of music, and the Nier Automata reference at the bottom of the map.
– Blub! Blub!~ V V!~ 
– A proper V 🙂
– A bit more of a playful (intimate) gesture for a very lovely simple picture.
– Floating about in space in a SAO world. 
– “Hi!~”
– Chocobo!~ We had fun being and mounting Chocobos while also mini-raiding other worlds having other people clone our avatar to ride us. It was amusing. It sounds lewd, yet was fun. 

Been quite a fun time. Many fun nights, many fun happenings, lots of randomness, and just hanging out with my buddies making things awesome. These memories simply growing, more to note, more to share, and constant amusement wanting to simply chill with my buddies over anything in VRchat and the Discord group. I’d understand if people were frustrated with me oversharing VRchat, just that I love the positive vibes making me want to share them with other. Whatever I find fun I want to share with others so they can also find some form of happiness. I find positivity hard to come by because you have to be the “best” in everything while VRchat allows me to chill. It’s more forgiving, more fun, and you can travel to whatever world you want. You can chill, and I love that.

Do hope you love what you saw, what you read, and much more. Nearly caught up with my VRchat back log nearly restoring it to the proper timeframe of when it should be posted in the appropriate months. 

Thanks for allowing me to have these awesome memories to share with you all, to those lurking, and to those within VRchat itself. The month of January was awesome, you can see this in the massive 100 image posting.